My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 - How can I survive? (2)

Cong Rong covered her face, unwilling to face reality. She asked helplessly, "Why are you here?"

The door was opened from the outside, Zhong Zhen and the group of students appeared at the door, and she cheerfully introduced her, "cousin, this is my teacher, Wen Shaoqing. I borrowed his car when I first picked you up. Do you remember?"

Zhong Zhen continued to point at the students behind him, "Cousin, these are my classmates. She is my cousin, Cong Rong."

A group of boys and girls said obediently, "Hi cousin!"

Cong Rong responded with difficulty, looked at Wen Shaoqing, then Zhong Zhen, and Wen Shaoqing again, and was stunned.

It turned out that she was not hallucinating, and the car was really Wen Shaoqing’s. The "boss" that Zhong Zhen mentioned so many times was actually him. No wonder Zhong Zhen would rent this house for such a low price. It turned out that everything was linked, but she had overlooked the evidence...

Her memory from a few moments ago rushed in...just now… when she just got up from the bed, her hair is not combed, her face is not washed, her makeup is not on, and even her clothes are crumpled. What did Zhong Zhen say when she was sleeping? Whose head did she pat? Whose hand did she hold?

Jeez! How can I survive!

Even though there was an enormous mixture of sensations in her heart, Cong Rong's face stayed expressionless. Experience told her that she could lose nothing but not composure. She quickly pulled out a smile and greeted Wen Shaoqing: "Professor Wen." Then she turned and waved to the group of children. "Hi, Zhong Zhen's friends."

Cong Rong was still wearing white clothes and black trousers when from her work. The simple and elegant style made her figure tall and lean. Though wearing slippers, her brows and smiles looked serious.

A group of students twittered and entered the door.

"Zhong Zhen, your cousin looks so cool!"

"It just happens to be my favorite type of girl!"

"Is she a lawyer? If I get beaten by my patient's family, can I get millions of dollars as compensation?"

Zhong Zhen thought about it very seriously, "My cousin is in charge of criminal defense. Such as murders and robberies, kidnapping, drug theft and drug trafficking, corruption and bribery, etc. If you kill or mutilate a patient, she can probably help you!"

"That is so cool!"

"Of course, she does work on other cases too," Zhong Zhen raised his chin proudly. "In short, as long as I have my cousin, I have nothing to be afraid of!"

There was a lively discussion among a group of children over there. There was no longer any abnormality in Wen Shaoqing's face. He took out his phone naturally, "Can I have your WeChat."

Cong Rong frowned, "Why do you want my WeChat?"

Wen Shaoqing said, "I wish to keep a connection with my students' parents and discuss my students' psychological dynamics with them so that he can learn better."

Cong Rong expressed her disdain and contempt for this clumsy excuse, "Is Zhong Zhen attending elementary school? He is already old enough to take responsibility for himself."
Wen Shaoqing motioned to Cong Rong to look at the walking emoji in the living room, "Are you sure?"

Cong Rong took a deep breath. The business card was taken back by her last time. This time, she has no place to hide.

They exchanged their WeChat, marking Cong Rong and Wen Shaoqing's restoration of diplomatic relations.

After the meal, a group of energetic students played the werewolf game in the living room. The two “elder ones” were washing dishes in the kitchen, and one was standing in the kitchen door, watching the other wash dishes. The scene in front of her resembled her first encounter with him.

Cong Rong watched as his beautiful hands cleaned the dishes in the running water, and brought her sight from his hands to his side profile.

His appearances did not change after so long, except that the calmness and gentleness that settled between his eyebrows is more and more obvious. The face in front of her is exactly the same as when she first saw it a few years ago. His face is sculpted with no trace of what age has brought. It is still incredibly handsome and gentle, as gentle as jade.

Wen Shaoqing noticed her glance, and when he had finished packing it up, he looked up at her. He seemed to be in a good mood and asked with the corner of his lips forming into a smirk, "I've been too busy recently, so I slept in the law firm?"

Cong Rong looked at this face, and there was a sense of aggressive interrogation under his humble and polite tone. She was speechless, just like years back, he asked her in the same spot with the same position: Cong Rong, we have met before. (This scene is in the prologue)