The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 10.2

Our Zhou Xiao and Fanzhou officially becomes a couple in this chapter, in the most hilarious way

Chapter 10.2 - Sprinkle the World Net (2)

The 4th net: Walk right into the trap

Broken Zhou 22:33:08
Hungry? Would you want me to buy you supper?

Zhou Xiao 22:33:17
I'm not hungry, but I have no problem if you want to buy it for me?

Broken Zhou 22:33:26
What do you want to eat ?

Zhou Xiao 22:35:36
Wait, I'll chat with my roommate.

Zhou Xiao is in a daze in front of the computer, what should she do? He treat her so well, and that that time he told her that the beautiful girl named Jia Yichun was his neighbor, not his girlfriend, but he also didn’t confess to her after so long, could it be just her wishful thinking?

Zhou Xiao 22:36:45
Xiaolu, Xiaolu

Xiaolu 22:37:29
Are you calling a ghost

Zhou Xiao 22:37:33
Don't you be so fierce

Xiaolu 22:37:35
What are you calling me for, we are in the same dormitory and you still must Q me

Zhou Xiao 22:37:37
I'm feel embarrassed to say it out for everyone to hear

Xiaolu 22:37:39
Are you thinking of lustful things?

Zhou Xiao 22:37:42
That... Zhao Fanzhou asked me what supper I want to eat

Xiaolu 22:38:08
Doesn’t he have a girlfriend?

Zhou Xiao 22:38:12
He said it was only his neighbor, not his girlfriend

Xiaolu 22:38:32
You sure? Men always say so, everyone is just a sister.

Zhou Xiao 22:38:35
You are really resentful towards men, oh, but this is not the point

Xiaolu 22:38:43
What is the point?

Broken Zhou 22:39:08
Have you thought about what to eat?

Zhou Xiao 22:39:33
The point is, Zhao Fanzhou seems to be very good to me, I seem to like him a little, what should I do? But he didn't tell me anything, really annoying, is he even a man? Does he like me or not, can't he make it clear with me, leave me to keep on guessing, this is so exhausting!

Broken Zhou 22:39:45
Um... I am Zhao Fanzhou, you seem to have sent the wrong message

Zhou Xiao 22:39:53
Ah~~ Xiaolu, kill me! I sent my message for you to Zhao Fanzhou, in the message, I confessed it and even swore at him, shit, shit, shit….

Broken Zhou 22:40:05
Hmm... I really don’t want to tell you this, but... you made a mistake again.

Xiaolu 22:40:25
Why did you stop talking?

Zhou Xiao22:40:36
I'm going crazy. I don't care who I send it to any, just give me a bit of release.

Xiaolu 22:40:39
What are you talking about? What happened? How come I don’t understand?

Broken Zhou 22:42:00
Ten minutes later I will wait for you downstairs. Let's have supper together?

Zhou Xiao 22:43:07

Zhao Fanzhou laughed all the time while sitting in front of the computer, he liked her even more, and she seemed to help him solve the most troublesome stage, the confession, how should he thank her?

5th net: Closing the net

Ten minutes later

Zhao Fanzhou smiled and watched Zhou Xiao rushing down the stairs, "Be careful, I won't run."

Shit! Can his mouth be even cheaper, she was about to glare at him, but then when she looked at his smiling eyes, her ears suddenly recalled a song by Christine Fan: "Your eyes can smile, bent into a bridge ......"

What happened later, Zhou Xiao couldn't remember anything. Anyways, she remembered that her face was hot and her heart was beating fast from the beginning to the end. (illa: She obviously got kissed <3)

After that, she somehow became Zhao Fanzhou's girlfriend.

After a long time passed, she felt very strange in retrospect, as if she had amnesia, all she could remember was his smiling eyes.