Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 5


Chapter 5 - Confrontation

               Yuan Shuai's phone was ringing on the sofa.
     He opened his eyes and realized that he was sleeping in Jiang Jun's arms. She was asleep, and her body emitted a nice fragrance.
     He moved slightly and she was slightly disturbed and her legs clung onto him, causing him to unconsciously moan.
     The phone continued to rumble and vibrate. She grumbled in dissatisfaction in her sleep, turned, and covered her head with the quilt. He patted her butt that was not covered by the blanket and covered it.
     A series of numbers flashed on the phone screen. He looked into the bedroom, walked to the balcony and closed the balcony glass door, and answered the phone
     He said softly, "Hello, Chief!"
     When she woked up, the sun had gone down, and she had a surprisingly good sleep, except. . . . she was sore.
    Yuan Shuai was jogging in the fitness room in the neighboring room. This guy's physical fitness was really good.
    She felt something was wrong, but couldn't pinpoint what it was. After she took a bath, she heard Yuan Shuai on his phone. Then, she realized that her phone had not rung for the entire day, which was very weird.
    She rummaged through her bag but could not find it. She sat on the sofa, thinking carefully about where her phone would be and recalled that she probably left it in DU's car.
    She didn’t have a landline with her but also couldn’t just use Yuan Shuai’s phone. She hesitated a while, wrote a post-it note, and stuck it at the door, took her purse, and went to borrow a phone downstairs.
    DU was sitting in the coffee shop beneath her house. There were 2 mobile phones of the same model and color next to his laptop. Jiang Jun recognized one to be hers.
     She walked over slowly and sat across him.
     He smiled at her and passed her phone to her. "Silly, you almost missed an important business worth millions. Don’t you think you should treat me to dinner?"
            "Next time..."
     "You slept all day?"
     "That’s good, you should take a break. Your security here is really good. He wouldn’t tell me your unit number despite me asking him a few times."
     "What's wrong, you..." He paused suddenly, his eyes hovering behind her.
     She looked back and saw Yuan Shuai walking to her with her purse. He was wearing a white turtleneck sweater that has the same style as her’s, and dark blue jeans. That was too obvious. She sighed. Even a fool would notice that he and she were wearing a couple shirt, not to mention that he was holding her limited edition embroidered wallet she got during the company’s anniversary. She could still remember DU mocking her expressions after she got the wallet as a prize on the anniversary.
     "Hi DU, is Juno busy on the weekend?"
     "Yeah, I have something to discuss with Juno, what a coincidence to meet you here."
     "Please continue discussing, I’m going to leave. DU, let’s find a day to play golf!"
     "Okay, I was afraid that you were busy"
  "My friends are waiting for me. I’ll go first. Juno, you and your boss can come and join us." He patted DU's shoulder and took the coffee he ordered from the waiter, paid, and left. "Zeus (Yuan Shuai) live here as well?" DU asked.
     "Are y’all close?"
     She laughed, "Yeah, we were from the same province"
    "What a coincidence!"
     She shrugged and smiled. In this society, everyone can be an actor, and everyone needs to act to survive.
     "Can I contact you in other ways? If something like this happens again, I need to find a way to contact you."
     "Not yet. I will try to get a new phone as a backup plan."
     DU sighed and reached out to stroke her face, but she moved away quickly.
     He looked at her quietly, as if smiling. His expression was complicated.
     She dodged his gaze, embarrassed, and at a loss for words.
     She heard him say, "you didn’t change!"
     She said, "of course."
     This world is too realistic. It's still more economical to simply be his work partner. Even if your feelings were hurt, at least you get the money. People would be throwing themselves at you if you got money.
     He said goodbye and insisted on sending her to the lift. She casually pressed on a random floor number and said goodbye to DU.
     As soon as she entered the door, she was pulled into a familiar hug as Yuan Shuai kissed her violently.
  After coming back from dinner, she detoured to the Starbucks downstairs. The waitress greeted her with a warm smile. While waiting for her coffee, the waitress chatted with her randomly, “that gentleman seems to be attracted to you. He waited for the entire day and asked me about you. He’s so masculine. But Mr. Yuan is also very handsome and has a good figure. You’re so beautiful! So many men are attracted to you. I envy you so much.”
     JiangJun smiled and did not answer. She asked the waitress, "which cake do you like?"
     "Ah? Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, it’s delicious"
     "Then I’ll take two of that, plus a warm drink"
     The little girl prepared the two pieces of cake and gave it to JiangJun. JiangJun took it and handed it back to her, "thank you for remembering my fixed order, to put less caramel in my Caramel Macchiato drink. This is for you. "
     JiangJun then pointed to the person outside the cafe and said, "You are also a lucky woman, ask your friend to come in for a drink, it's cold outside."

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