Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 - What I Most Wish to See (2)

    "Can you go upstairs yourself?" She remembered that the female dormitory building of the School of Computers was next to her dormitory building, so she directly brought Zheng Wenrui to the entrance.

    "Well." Zheng Wenrui began to giggle again. The laughter sounded like a hen an hour ago, but now it sounds like a witch.

    "Then go upstairs, see you soon."

    "Luo Zhi..." Zheng Wenrui leaned on the entrance door and called her with her eyes narrowed.


    "I won't let her succeed for the second time. No one will succeed, not just her."

    Luo Zhi didn't speak, controlling not to make her expression look too distasteful

    "I know you think I'm despicable. Hey, everyone is a liar, no one is more noble than anyone. But if you think I'm trying to make him fall in love with me by stopping them, hehehe, you're wrong .. I know he will not like me, even if there is only one woman left in the world, and he would rather become GAY than to like me," Zheng Wenrui smiled, her eyes flashed for a moment, and then dimmed, "but, what I hope is not that he will like me, but-- "

    She swipes the door card and pushes the door half open.

    "What I want to see most is that he can't like anyone." The door locked in front of Luo Zhi's eyes. She watched Zheng Wenrui's crooked body disappear in the corner of the hall.

    Zheng Wenrui had such a terrifying wish, she thought.

    In the eyes of jealous people, happiness lies not in getting, but in others not getting.

    Luo Zhi hurried back to the dormitory, Baili was waiting for her at the door.

    "You smell like barbecue."

    Luo Zhi nodded and took out the key to open the door. Baili put a letter on her desk when she entered the house.

    This is one of her good habits. She likes to write letters and postcards, so every time she looks at the public mailbox, she will also bring Luo Zhi’s letters. Although Luo Zhi has never received any letters, most of them are from advertisements from unknown online bookstores or shopping malls.

    There is no mailer address. The addressee column is well written with a good handwriting.

    It could only be Ding Shuijing. She was either in the studio or in the class, rarely had the opportunity to surf the Internet, and naturally wrote letters----although Luo Zhi could not understand why she did not send text messages. She knew that most of the letters were just random drawings when Ding Shuijing was in class. She might feel lonely, or maybe just to pass time. There are no important topics in the letter, be it long or short.

    "You know, today the teacher actually printed out the regional land remediation part of your geographic notes and sent it to us. What a disregard for intellectual rights."

    There is only one sentence.

    Even if the stamps are cheap, she should not waste it like this. Luo Zhi smiled bitterly.

    When Ding Shuijing was attending the freshmen semester at the famous Z University International Political College in the south, she suddenly decided to drop out and retake the college entrance examination, and she wanted to be an art specialty student. This decision shocked almost everyone.

    Ding Shuijing is one of the few acquaintances in Luo Zhi senior high school.

    They were familiar, but she didn't know much about her. When she was in freshman year, they basically stopped contacting each other. If it was not because of a letter from Ding Shuijing, Luo Zhi, who was isolated from the world, might never know about her dropout.

    She is always so ignorant and ill-informed. Even big news like Zheng Wenrui likes Sheng Huainan until "the whole school reads my jokes", but she also did not know.

    In fact, she would rather not know for a lifetime. The encounter tonight made her stomach uncomfortable.

    She opened the drawer and put the letter with other envelopes.

    Despite not knowing the details of others, Luo Zhi feels safe that other people don’t know details about her----if she was not absolutely certain about this, tonight’s encounter with the crazy and smiling like the stepmother of Snow White, Zhang Wenrui, she too may be so scared until she loses her soul.
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