Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 14.1

Chapter 14.1 - Parents (1)

 Zhou Shiyun was waiting outside. When Jinbei came out, he was looking at a medical report sent by Lin Qingwei.

    "Young Master." The butler on the side leaned over to remind him only then did Zhou Shiyun turn to look at her.

    The waiting room was silent and the staff on the side and the butler looked at Su Jinbei as she approached slowly. The woman in front of wore a high collar, which was revealing yet not, showing her slim swan-like neck. There was a slit at both sides, revealing pale and slender legs as she swayed seductively.

    The restrained and gentle cheongsam is matched with the beautiful and magnificent Su Jinbei. For a moment, she was both enchanting and dignified. Every breath she took radiated unparalleled elegance.

    Speaking of it, both the designer and the makeup artist did their best, but Su Jinbei's misleading figure and face were not suitable for dressing in the direction of a refined and reserved woman.

    "I have never worn a cheongsam before, I feel pretty good." Su Jinbei said to Zhou Shiyun, "So are you satisfied?"

    The women of the Zhou family often wear cheongsam. Zhou Shiyun was used to seeing it. But at this moment, he actually somewhat bewildered. Conservative? He had miscalculated, Even traditional clothes could not cover her figure. And such a cheongsam more vividly shows her feminine beauty, thin waistline, and then her toned and voluptuous curves... Zhou Shiyun is helpless, this woman is really an enigma.

    "Hey, are you satisfied?" Su Jinbei asked again.

    "It is alright, let's go." Zhou Shiyun turned around and walked out of the door.

    "Just alright?" Su Jinbei squinted slightly, turned to the butler on the side, "Eh, tell me, just alright?"

    Suddenly asked, the butler stunned for a moment, bowed his head in a respectful manner, not looking at Su Jinbei.

    "Does it look bad?" Su Jinbei didn't give up and asked again.

    The butler, "...Miss Su looks very good in it."

    Su Jinbei nodded. She patted the butler's shoulder. "I knew it, your young master has a problem with his vision."

The butler, "..." 

After changing clothes, the car finally drove towards the Zhou residence. About half an hour later, the car stopped.

    "Master, Miss Su, we have arrived." The butler respectfully said.

    Su Jinbei looked out through the car window. She always knew that the Zhou family was unique, but she didn't expect it to be so unique. The antique mansion, like the giant courtyard of an aristocratic family, does not have any modern element.

    Zhou Shiyun got out of the car first, then he went around to her and opened the door for her.

    The butler led the way for the two of them, and upon entering the door, several people who looked like domestic helpers said respectfully to Zhou Shiyun. "Second young master."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded gently and did not speak.

    After entering the door, a long wooden corridor appeared in front of her eyes. Several people walked on it with light steps Da Da Da Da…..Su Su Jinbei suddenly felt that this is the world a hundred years ago.

    She looked around quietly, people in the corridor wearing the same clothes came and went, stopped quietly when they saw them and continued to do their own things after they passed.

    After walking through the promenade, there is a hall. In front of the hall, there is a big yellow rosewood trestle table. On the table, there is a pile of calligraphy, painting and name plaques. Beside, there were pen and inkstones and several red sandalwood stands... The atmosphere is akin to that of a family of literary reputation, unlike this generation of the Zhou family which is mainly based on business and commerce. People who don't know may think this is a scholarly family’s residence.

    As soon as they stepped into the hall, a slight whirring sound of wheel turning across the floor rang from the corner. Along with the sound came a man in a wheelchair. He looked like Zhou Shiyun by three points, but he looked gentler than Zhou Shiyun. He was gentle and refined, and gold-rimmed glasses rested on his face. “Shi Yun, Jin Bei.”

    Su JinBei was a little surprised. She hadn’t paid much attention to the Zhou family before, so she didn’t know who this man that suddenly appeared was. Who is the man in the wheelchair? However, he called her Jinbei, with a tone like how the seniors would address her ...