First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 2.3


Chapter 2 - Love, like a fire burning in the heart, sometimes warms you, other times hurt you (3)

        After a while, Xiong Yifan led two shy girls to the teacher, Tang Tang, and Ding Ming. Tang Tang was the exercise lead.

   The teacher was very satisfied and asked Xiong Yifan to accompany them to supervise the freshmen, leaving Qi Xiaosong holding the basketball and watching them. He sat at the side complaining and waiting for her.

  Those high school freshman has just finished their compulsory military training, and their Sports Rep also needed to follow them to learn the exercises. Therefore, Xiong Yifan had to help supervise. In fact, looking at this group of schoolmates and schoolgirls who have been tanned like black charcoal balls after their military training made her feel slightly better about her complexion. Her complexion remained tan ever since she completed her military training in her first year, which made her distressed.

   A boy caught Xiong Yifan’s eyes. Perhaps it was because the young boy in the line was fair, or that he had an outstanding appearance. The obedient man’s features looked like a painting, piecing up a perfect face.

  The teenager in front of her seemed to unfold her many years of dreams on prince charming. Everything around her started to become surreal, hazy and filled with mist. Xiong Yifan indulged herself in overwhelming feelings because he was so dazzling.

  It was just one glance, that made her fall for him.

  Her heart raced like a stray sika deer, not knowing what was lurking behind, or whether there is a fierce beast chasing behind her but it ran wildly.

   Peng, peng. She can hear her heartbeat.

  It was as if she became soulless as she felt pink balloons floated in her mind, then burst quietly, emitting a mellow sweetness scent.

   it was love at first sight and she never thought she would be in this kind of situation.

   She will slowly learn, that even if she was asked to re-select her romance again, she would never have changed her decision because it was the first time she had experienced such a feeling of ecstasy upon seeing a person. Not even the most handsome man in the world would give her the same kind of happiness.

   She started at him and the teenager noticed her eyes and turned his head to look at her. She was startled for a moment. He smiled at her, but the smile was strange. It was as if the smile has a certain meaning to it or as if he was holding his laughter that made his expression seem so misleading.

   She couldn't read the intentions behind his smile and she tried to look away. Remembering her job, she continued to supervise the freshmen as they did the exercise.

  In spite of his weird smile, she still believed that the teenager’s smile was intentional to seduce her. Therefore, no matter what happens afterward, the teenager must be held responsible for what he did.

   She suddenly wanted to be the main protagonist of her life, even if has to experience a bitter romance.

  Xiong Yifan always believed that it is always better to be remembered by the person she liked than to have an unrequited crush. This will make her love more meaningful.

  The decision was made, and she walked towards the teenager that has caught her eyes.

  Xiong Yifan stood behind the boy and she was about the same height as his chin. She thought: It’s a fairly good height difference, he is still young and would probably grow even taller in the future.

   She poked him on his back with her finger, and then tried to stay serious, "raise your hands a little higher."

  The back of the boy stiffened abruptly, and his movements began to become unnatural. The stranger's touch made him slightly uncomfortable and he could not help frowning. Before he reacted, Xiong Yifan had already moved on to correct the movement of another chubbier boy. The movement of the chubby boy was very strange, which gave Xiong Yifan a tough time to correct him. She guided nicely and the chubby boy tried to do the movements as he was told, but the harder he tried, the more the people looking at him and some laughed as his odd movements.

   Xiong Yifan raised her voice as she tried to silence those laughing at the boy, "Anything funny? Stop laughing! If I catch anyone laughing at him again, I will give you a chance to demonstrate and lead the exercise on the stage!"

   She directed the chubby boy to the end of the line and stood next to him as she guided his movements patiently.

  As Xiong Yifan turned, she caught a glance of the handsome young man again. He was looking at her too. His charming eyes seemed to be able to see through her mind, which made her fluster. She pretended to be calm as she lifted her chin, straightened her back, and continued to supervise, acted like normal. But her heart was overwhelmed with extreme happiness that not even a heavy rain would diminish.

   The young teenagers’ eyes glanced at Xiong Yifan from time to time in a slightly cunning way.

   She didn’t look at him in the morning. Did she just recognize him? But yes, if she hadn't seen him, how could she notice that he didn't get into the bus? But her impression of him should probably be a familiar stranger. She was just a passer-by and their life has never crossed.

   After thinking to himself for a moment, the teenage boy finally decided that he should stop thinking about her and continued to learn the movements of the exercises.

   It shall not bother him again.

       When the gym class ended, Xiong Yifan dragged Qi Xiaosong on the way back to the class. Qi Xiaosong, with a height of six-foot-three, was actually whining like an eight-year-old child in the stadium and to avoid making the rest in the stadium feel disgusted about his childlike behavior, Xiong Yifan has to take the initiative to drag him back to the classroom.

   "But what about our basketball match!" Qi Xiaosong said reluctantly. Xiong Yifan held his arms, and Qi Xiaosong’s body arched, just like a bow and arrow ready to launch.

   “We will find another day."

   "You will keep up to your promise?"

   "Since when have I ever lied to you?" Xiong Yifan was impatient and raised her voice. She had a naturally loud voice, and now it sounds even louder.

   Qi Xiaosong stopped persisting and immediately smiled.

  Xiong Yifan went to walk beside Ding Ming. On the way, a few girls were chattering about Tang Tang.

        "There was a freshman boy who asked Tang Tang for her phone number right after class. We’ve stared at him for so long but he never even looked at us!"

   "Tang Tang is just slightly fairer than us, what’s the big deal? Her family is just normal like us, doing milk powder wholesaling business!"

   "Really? I thought her family was wealthy! Is it because Tang Tang drinks milk every day that makes her complexion so fair?"

        The girls then started chattering about how to whiten their skin. Xiong Yifan listened to them talk and heard about a brand selling whitening mask which raised her interest. "Does that work for the skin as tan as mine? Where can I buy it?"

   Hearing Xiong Yifan, there was a sudden silence.