Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 14.2

Chapter 14.2 - Parents (2)

    "Brother, why are you..." Zhou Shiyun stepped forward two steps and squatted in front of him, reaching for his leg.

    Brother? So it was Zhou Zhengxian.

    "Somewhat uncomfortable lately, I'm too lazy to walk." Zhou Zhengxian said and turned to look at Su Jinbei, "Jinbei, it's rare that you’re here, don't be polite, if there is something you need just inform the housekeepers."

    Su Jinbei nodded at him. , "Mr. Zhou, nice to meet you."

    "You don't have to be so polite, we’re all family." Zhou Zhengxian said, "You must be tired after arriving here so late."

    Su Jinbei shook her head, "Not at all."

    "Have a good rest once you get back to your rooms." Zhou Zhengxian smiled. "But Grandma knows that you are back and definitely wants to see you."

    "We will see Grandma right away." Su Jinbei said

    Zhou Zhengxian nodded and beckoned to the man who was pushing the wheelchair behind him. “ Have someone take the second young master and Miss Su to grandma." 

The man said yes, and called two more people.

    Zhou Zhengxian said, "Shi Yun, Grandma has been copying scriptures at the newly built “Fish Viewing Platform”. I'm afraid you don't know where, and i’ll let someone take you there."

    Zhou Shiyun stood up, "Okay."

    Su Jinbei and Zhou Shiyun walked in the other direction. Su Jinbei looked back casually at Zhou Zhengxian. He was sitting in a wheelchair and kept looking at their direction.

    Su Jinbei did not expect that Zhou Zhengxian whom her mother described as a resolute and vigorous leader who controlled the large Zhou family in his hands, was so gentle, and it seemed to be in poor health.

    "Zhou Shiyun."


    "Are your brother's legs alright?" Only after listening to Zhou Shiyun's tone just now, she guessed that Zhou Zhengxian's legs should have been normal originally.

    Zhou Yun, "His heath is normally quite poor, but he rarely sits in a wheelchair." Speaking of it, he looks towards the people leading the way, " Has my brother recently been like this?"

    "The young master said that he felt a little weak these days, so he took the wheelchair."

    "What did the doctor say?”

    "This...I don't know very well."

    Zhou Shiyun hummed and stopped talking

    Su Jinbei didn't ask anymore. She doesn't know why. After entering this house, she has continuously become quiet. Probably there is a suffocating atmosphere here? Su Jinbei looked at the dull Zhou Shiyun, for someone who comes from such a traditional family, he was able to become a doctor who loves Western medicine. This should be considered successfully escaping?

    At the "Fish Viewing Platform", only Zhou Shiyun and Su Jinbei entered, and now idle employee stayed outside.

    "Fish View Platform" was built in the centre of the lake, a chic and elegant timber structure building. The winding bridge stretches from the lake to the house.

    When approaching the door, Su Jinbei stretched out to tug the sleeves of Zhou ShiYun. Zhou Shiyun stopped and looked back at her, "What's wrong."

    "Your grandma, is she fierce?" Su Jinbei asked tentatively.

    Zhou Shiyun froze for a moment, a smile flashed in his eyes, "Are you afraid?"

    "No, I am not afraid, just preparing myself mentally."

    Zhou Shiyun gave her a meaningful look. "Even if grandma is really fierce, but you are the granddaughter-in-law that she personally chose, what do you think she will do to you?"

    Su Jinbei thought for a moment, that is true. It was their Zhou family who insisted on her entering their family, not the other way around.

    "Let’s go in."

    Su Jinbei nodded, "Okay."