First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 2.4


Chapter 2 - Love, like a fire burning in the heart, sometimes warms you, other times hurt you (4)

        The crowd on the way back class suddenly slowed down and came to a halt. Xiong Yifan stopped too and turn to look at them, puzzled. What caught her eyes was unbelieving faces and eyes staring at her. She looked around suspiciously but failed to find out the reason for their expressions. What is so abnormal. She looked down at my school uniform and then touched her face. Her face has nothing weird on it, its the kind of face where everyone would find it average looking.

   "Xiao Xiong..." Ding Ming hesitated. She was best friends with Xiong Yifan, and knew her very well. From every small gesture, Ding Ming would be able to guess what Xiong Yifan was thinking. She suddenly glared at Qi Xiaosong's back view and scolded, "Did the kid finally made a move on you?"

   Ding Ning’s question made Xiong Yifan more perplexed. She put a hand on her waist and smiled,  "why are you acting so weird, I just asked a normal question."

        "But, Xiao Xiong, you have always scoffed at the topic of cosmetics! You said that it was a waste of money, and you have always been using promotional cosmetics that are placed in the most prominent position in the supermarket. And now that you are suddenly interested in whitening products, how can we not be surprised?"

   Xiong Yifan realized that she had inadvertently changed her view on cosmetics after falling in love with that man at first sight. She suddenly began wanted to beautify her looks for him. She wished that her looks could match up with his and didn’t want him to look down on her appearances.

        She began unintentionally care about details that she has never cared about before.

        She was shy to talk about her budding love and tried to cover it up, "ah, I found out that those freshmen were fairer than me even after the military training they just went through. I was frustrated. I more or less represents the class image as the Sports Rep! I cannot embarrass the class in any way, so I would definitely want to slightly improve my looks."

   Some girls were skeptical and some believed Xiong Yifan. Ding Ming stared at her for a while and ran to Qi Xiaosong walking in front. Qi Xiaosong was easily recognizable from a distance as he was tall as a flagpole in the crowd. Ding Ming tugged on his sleeve and dragged him aside, saying something to him. Qi Xiaosong was shocked and retreated slightly at first, then quickly touched his nose and tried to cover up his over-reactions. Ding Ming was staring at him, and then he waved his hands repeatedly as if explained something. He then ran away in a panic, his body wobbling awkwardly like a penguin.

   Xiong Yifan looked at them from a distance, wondering when the relationship between those two people became better.

   Ding Ming returned to Xiong Yifan’s side and upon seeing her confused expression, she dispelled the doubts in her heart, stretched out her arms to hold her arm, and began to recommend whitening products to her. Xiong Yifan listened carefully. She was afraid that she could not recall Ding Ming’s recommendations and said, "accompany me to buy them on the weekends."

   The students were living on campus, and they could only go home once a week. Seeing Xiong Yifan’s rare obsession for beauty, the girls in her class also began to recommend their secret remedies. Some even suggested her to get a perm. Xiong Yifan had short-hair, to the length of her ears. Since she had a small face, short hair made her look clean and neat… and slightly tomboyish? No wonder the boys in the class always call her "Brother Xiong".

   The so-called perm amongst students was more discrete. It would at most be a slight change in shape on the crown and make the hair more voluminous. Of course, hair powder and hair wax would also be needed to maintain the hairstyle.

   Xiong Yifan did not understand this kind of thing.

   Xiong Yifan had always been too casual.

   Actually, Xiong Yifan is not ugly, she is just not pretty. Her facial features looked normal and when combined on her face, it looked pleasing to the eye. A fairer skin tone would definitely compliment her facial features but she was quite tan. Plus she always dressed too casually, which made people thought she looks very average.

   Looking down from the hallway of the school building from the second floor, she saw that teenager walking with his friends.

  Under the sun, his brilliant aura was like a mirror, reflecting thousands of magnificent colors as he stood out from the others. He is enough to brighten the dullness of the early autumn and which made Xiong Yifan's heart pound fast. her inexplicable love is like a wanton fire, warming her heart her sole, but may also hurt her.

   As long as the love is there, the fire will not be put out.

   If her love did not get a chance to develop, then it would leave the heart will leave fiery scars that would remain forever.

   Xiong Yifan gently raised the corner of her mouth and smiled.

   Since the fire in her heart has ignited, then she would let it wreak havoc. She is about to battle for her budding love and there is no turning back.