Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 14.3

Chapter 14.3 - Parents (3)

    Entering the inner room, Su Jinbei saw the Old Madam Huo’s figure behind the table from a distance.

    Mrs Huo was named Huo Wanjun. When she was young, she was a famous lady of the imperial capital. She was noble and reputable, but she was not just a rich young lady who was just a spoiled wayward young lady. At that time, she was not only beautiful but also talented.

    Later she married the Zhou family but did not stay idle. She was not just a young mistress in the Zhou family. She organized the entire Zhou family for her husband in an orderly manner, and personally entered the kitchen. She was indeed a virtuous wife.

    Su Jinbei followed Zhou Shiyun up, and Huo Wanjun's figure became clear. As Su Jinbei thought, Huo Wanjun in her later years still had the calmness and grace. Her innate temperament only increased by the years.


    "Grandma." Su Jinbei followed with Zhou Shiyun.

    Huo Wanjun put down the brush in her hand and looked up at them, "JinBei is here."

    "Yes, grandma." Su JinBei looked back and did not flinch under Huo Wanjun's habitual stern eyes. “It is impolite of Jinbei to only come and visit you now. Is grandma in good health?"

    She was a smooth talker.

    "I'm fine, it's you. I heard that you have been admitted to the hospital a while ago. Is it okay now?" Huo Wanjun asked.

    "The body is all well, I’ve let grandma worry."

    Huo Wanjun nodded, her face still solemn and stern, "Let Shi Yun take good care of you."


    Huo Wanjun finished talking to Su Jinbei, then looked at Zhou Shiyun, "Shi Yun, how long have you not been back."

    Zhou Shiyun, "half a year."

    "Half a year, if you don't say so I would have thought it had been years." Huo Wanjun said this sentence with dissatisfaction, but Su Jinbei can hear a sense of indulgence towards Shiyun in her words.

    And Zhou Shiyun listened and his face turned very serious, "It's really only half a year, but it seems like grandmother's memory has deteriorated. Have you done a medical checkup this year?"

    Su Jin laughed from the corner of her mouth.

    Huo Wanjun glared at him, "You can rest assured that your grandma is in good health."

    Zhou Shiyun uttered, "Then, I am relieved."

    "Don’t be relieved, there are many things waiting for you to complete," Huo Wanjun said, "When do you and Jinbei plan to have a baby?"

    Su JinBei's dazed face turned red, why did things suddenly go so fast?

    Zhou Shiyun was very calm, "Grandma, we are not married yet."

    "Oh, don't use a bunch of excuses. I asked you before, you said that you haven't gotten engaged. Now that you got engaged, you say you haven't gotten married. If you get married, What other excuse do you want to use?"

    Zhou Shiyun turned to Su Jinbei . "What other excuse do you want to use? "

    Su Jinbei: Ah, don't throw the question to me.

    Huo Wanjun, "You still dare ask people for help, huh?"

    Su Jinbei coughed, "Well...grandma, we are still young, we’re not in a rush."

    What do you mean, have a child, She was still at the peak of her youth, her graceful figure….she doesn't want to give birth now...

    "Young people these days, sigh."

    Zhou Shiyun and Su Jinbei glanced at each other.

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows. If she read it correctly, was that Zhou Shiyun's satisfied expression? Satisfied that she blocked the topic?