My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8 - Where the truth is, even if there are thousands of people against me, I will continue to move towards it (1)

Cong Rong was lost in her thoughts the whole time. When all the visitors were sent away, she questioned Zhong Zhen anxiously: "I remembered you wanted to study under a very old professor, why did you suddenly become a student of Shaoqing Wen?"

That time, she had taken the extra mile to check on the information of the old professor Zhong Zhen admired and therefore she would never have expected the "boss" mentioned by Zhong Zhen would be Wen Shaoqing.

Zhong Zhen suddenly stopped his hippie smile and said solemnly: "I was an undergraduate at that time, and I was not familiar with Teacher Wen. In recent years, the doctor’s relationships with their patients have become very tense. Sometimes there will be patient’s family members coming to us, finding troubles for the doctors. Many teachers would be doing surgery in the day and only some of my classmates and I would be there to take care of situations like that. I was very scared the first time I encountered such a thing. 

At that time, Teacher Wen just came out of the operating room and had performed surgery for almost ten hours. He came to our rescue in a hurry and I could remember there were large bloodstains on his surgical gown. He stood in front of us and spoke to me, telling me to stand behind me. He really protected us from the situation. 

Later, when he was selected as the youngest professor, he came to our school to give a lecture. I went in late, and it was almost over when I arrived. I heard him saying that a doctor must be sincere. He also said that those who study medicine should learn to be a good person first before studying medicine. 

No matter what the situation is, doctors should always put in their best efforts for their patients and not leave regrets. He told us that ‘where the truth is, even if there are thousands of people against me, I will continue to move towards it. (Chinese idiom: 道之所存,虽千万人吾往矣)"

Zhong Zhen's face was filled with admiration for Wen Shaoqing when he mentioned him as he repeated the idiom: "where the truth is, even if there are thousands of people against me, I will continue to move towards it.” He continued “Cousin, studying medicine had never touched my feelings before but when I heard him say that, I was so inspired by him and I wanted to be a good doctor just like him. So I signed up for his master class that year."

Cong Rong listened quietly and suddenly recalled what her father told her when she first came back from abroad to work. "Rulers succeed because they rule by violence. Lawyers succeed because they are trusted by people. Most lawyers are blindly working on cases, but a good lawyer works on becoming a better person. The difference between an ordinary lawyer and a good lawyer lies in their moral values. The lawyers do not represent justice just by wielding the sword of the law or holding the balance of justice. Lawyers are human. I hope you would not get hurt when you stand on the side of justice, but if you are capable of doing so, you must."

"Where the truth is, even if there are thousands of people against me, I will continue to move towards it." This sentence also applies to lawyers?

Cong Rong didn't speak for a long time, she stood on the balcony, watching his car gradually disappearing from her sight, and then asked Zhong Zhen: "did you fight that day?"

Since young, Cong Rong was with him all the time. She watched him grow up and taught him in her own ways. She had always protected him and Zhong Zhen never went into a fistfight before since childhood. It’s a pity that he did not have such an experience before.

"No." Zhong Zhen patted his chest, feeling the lingering fear. "They were forced to retreat by Teacher Wen's silver tongue.

Cong Rong laughed, "Wen Shaoqing is good, learn from him."

"I also think my boss is very nice!" Zhong Zhen saw Cong Rong finally smiled which brought up his courage to ask her something about Wen Shaoqing. "Cousin, did you know my boss beforehand?"

Cong Rong immediately became serious, her brain thinking rapidly for a few seconds, and asked the key question, "your boss has moved house, did you know?"

Zhong Zhen nodded, "I know, he used to live here before, sleeping on the bed you were sleeping on every day. He rented it to me after moving away."

When Cong Rong heard of this, she controlled her beating heart and tried to remain calm and look normal. "He is now my neighbor and lives next to me."

Zhong Zhen's eyes lit up when he heard it, and he danced with excitement, "What a coincidence?! Such a great fate, cousin, you have to grasp this opportunity!" Before Cong Rong could answer, a look of frustration appeared on his face, "Oh, no! My boss said he has someone he likes."

Cong Rong's heart skipped a beat, "He... has someone he likes?"

Zhong Zhen nodded sadly, "Yeah, he told me."

Cong Rong felt that her heart suddenly went empty, but it wasn’t exactly sad about it. She only felt empty, and then it struck her that it would be normal for Wen Shaoqing to have someone he likes.

Zhong Zhen was struggling, "Who do you think he likes? Would it be a doctor in our hospital? Dr. He is for the group of small nurses. It couldn’t be Dr. He. Would it be Dr. Qin?"

Cong Rong heard him muttering to himself and couldn't help asking: "Who is Dr. Qin?"

Zhong Zhen coughed lightly and began to introduce solemnly: "Prof Wen's surgical skills are absolutely one of the best in our hospital. He’s ranked top in the leaderboard for using lancets. There is the saying "one Qing two Chu" in our hospital and the Qing is referring to Wen Shaoqing. Prof Wen has a nickname called Belle Lancet. His lancet skills are superb and elegant. He does incision so skillfully that no one would be able to replicate the stitches. It is a pleasure to see him do surgery."

Zhong Zhen always admired Wen Shaoqing every time he talked about him, and Cong couldn't bear to interrupt him: "What about the two Chu?"

"Qin Chu from the Department of Oncology and Chu Qiu Ming from the Department of Cerebral Surgery, Dr. Qin Chu is really a beauty!"