Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 - 2nd Stop: The sound of heartbeat * Air On G-String (1)

What is he doing?

Mu Cheng was shocked, the ice ball in her hand fell to the ground, and there was a crisp sound. Her mind was blank, only her lips, and she clearly felt his temperature, a cold kiss, but it scalded her chest.

Her heartbeat accelerated, and then she saw a boy standing on the side of the court, holding a camera in his hand. Obviously, he had just taken a photo of this scene.

[Awesome! Guangxi, you are amazing.] Jacko applauded and whistled. [In less than a day, you kissed this proud bento girl.]

[What... what's going on?] Mu Cheng was so confused. She looked at Guangxi, he looked apprehensive and said nothing.

[Don't you understand? Bento girl.] Jacko smiles with pride. [Guangxi bet with us that he will kiss you within a day, and he did.]

So, he kissed her for a bet? It turns out that everything he did to her today is just a game?

Mu Cheng was shocked, and finally a slight good impression of the bad playboy turned into nothingness. She hated herself, that just a moment ago, for being intoxicated by the ill intended kiss…

[So, it turns out we are on par] She tried to force the coldest voice from her lips.

[What do you mean?] Guang Xi's face sank.

[What a coincidence, didn;t you know I also bet with other students? The prince of this school will ask me out in a month and kiss me in a week.] She looked up at him, but there was no smile in her eyes. [If I win, they will buy our restaurant’s meal plan for a month, I really should thank you for letting me make such a big business.]

Guang Xi heard the words, his face changed greatly, half-loud, and the corner of his mouth sneered. [I should have known how could a bento girl who wash vegetables and fish every day have heard of Bach? Just for a little money, you sold yourself out? Don’t you feel like you’re very lowly?

His disdainful sarcasm hurt Mu Cheng, but she clenched her fist desperately to prevent him from seeing her fragility.

[What about you? You play this betting game with your classmates because your life is boring. So what if you’re rich? Don’t you think your life is meaningless?] She fought back sharply.

Guangxi was furious, but for a moment he did not know how to refute.

Mu Cheng raised her head proudly. [In short, we are all playing, no one owes anyone anything, That was nothing more than lips and lips contact, you don’t have to mind too much.] She took off her skates and threw them at him. [ Let's end the game here, it's meaningless to continue playing.]

After saying, she naturally and unrestrainedly turned and walked away.

Guang Xi stared at her straight back, his eyes sullen and clear. [Liang Mucheng, I decide when the games ends!]

* * * * *

[Why are you home so early? How was your date with the chairman’s son?] As soon as she got home, little aunt chased Mu Cheng and asked.

Mu Cheng didn't speak, she suppressed her humiliation in her heart, and went to the bathroom silently, turned on the faucet to wash her face, but she couldn't wash away the smell that Guangxi left on her lips.

[Why don’t you say anything? What the hell? I know, could it be that you irritated him and mess up the date? You stupid girl! He is a rich young master, can’t you just yield to him and let him be? Be coquettish with him! Men love it, don’t you understand?]

Yes, she doesn't understand why a tall rich man should trick and play with a weed girl like her!

She bit her lip. [Auntie Xiao, don't say anymore. Besides, we will never see each other again in the future.]

[What?] Listening to her being so clear with her stand, little aunt’s face immediately became ugly. [Why do you think I help you dress up so carefully? Why did I spend so much effort? You don’t even want to help me catch a golden turtle son-in-law. So that our family of three will live a better life in the next half of our life. You brat, you even ignorantly offended him, go apologize to him tomorrow!]

[I don't want to.] Mu Cheng refused stubbornly.

[You don’t want to?] Little auntie was raging. [Stop putting on airs. The son of the chairman who can kick us out with just a few words. You should be getting into his good books, but instead what kind of temper are you showing? Do you still think you are the little princess like before? Even if he tells you to sleep with him, you even have to say thank you...]

[Okay, Lixia, don’t say so much.] Uncle A Cai on the side saw that they were stiff and came to persuade. [We are poor, but we still have a backbone, how can we send our daughter out to get played? Isn’t that a pity... No, I mean, Mucheng is too pitiful.] Then, the thief’s eyes turned to Mucheng’s slim figure.

Feeling that he had an ill-intended gaze, Mu Cheng felt uncomfortable, remembering that Uncle A Cai occasionally peeped at her when she was bathing during the past two years, and she couldn't help getting goosebumps all over her body.

[She's pitiful? No, I am the pitiful one!] Little aunt is very upset. [Then her dad died just like that and threw this oil bottle to me, I didn’t turn my back on her and even worked hard to raise her up, and now you see, how is she treating me?]

Mu Cheng heard the words and felt a headache. [I will repay you, little aunt.]

[Repay? How do you repay?] Little aunt sneered. [Are you still dreaming your childhood dreams, thinking you can become a pianist? ]

[I am not.] Mu Cheng turned pale and subconsciously pinched her rough hands. She knew very well that she was not worthy of having the dream of playing the piano. [When I pass the general exam, I will make money to support you.]

[What is the general exam? You now have the opportunity to repay me, as long as you are willing to serve the rich young master...]

[I’m going out for a walk….] Mu Cheng can no longer continue listening, eager to escape from this house.

[Where are you going? I haven’t finished speaking!] Little aunt shouted sharply. [Stop right there!]

[Okay, don’t be angry.] Uncle Acai persuaded. [It’s so late, it’s dangerous for a girl to walk around outside alone, I’ll go find her…]