My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 8.2

Chapter 8 - Where the truth is, even if there are thousands of people against me, I will continue to move towards it (2)

"Oh." Cong Rong lost her curiosity all of a sudden and went back to continue sleeping. 

While walking back to the bedroom, she suddenly recalled Zhong Zhen's saying, “he slept on the bed you were sleeping on" Cong Rong stared at the bed for a long time, she sighed and decided to start packing up. Zhong Zhen heard the noise in the room, ran in and asked, 

"Cousin, are you leaving?"

Cong Rong answered while putting in her clothes into the luggage, "well, I will need to go to the law firm later. I will stay at home after that. You can move back to your bedroom and sleep."

Zhong Zhen was confused. "Why do you not want to stay here anymore after Prof Wen came? You two are neighbors. Are you hiding from him?"

Cong Rong nodded and said to him, "Yeah, I was hiding him. I secretly fell in love with him and he found out. I see him almost everyday and it makes me embarrassed. So I stayed here with you to hide from him. You saw through me?"

Cong Rong generously admitted but Zhong Zhen felt unbelievable, "Hahaha, how is it even possible, how did you fall in love with him? Besides, how long have you known each other?"

Cong Rong was startled for a moment before continuing the packing of her stuff. In her heart, she silently repeated Zhong Zhen’s question “how long have you known each other?” She thought: regardless, I know him before you know him.

Cong Rong was carrying the suitcase and was about to leave. Zhong Zhen stood by the door, pulling her suitcase back without letting go. Cong Rong placed a hand on the shoe cabinet and looked at him. "What do you want to say?"

Zhong Zhen looked reluctant, "Cousin, I will miss you."

Cong Rongman was disgusted, and she saw through Zhong Zhen’s intentions. She smirked, "say the truth!"

Zhong Zhen immediately changed his expressions and asked pitifully, "Cousin, will you still buy me the air conditioner?"

Cong Rong rolled her eyes silently, "ya!"

"Then what about paying half of my rent for me?"

"Ya, I will!"

Zhong Zhen immediately opened the door for her with a smile, "Then you can leave."

Cong Rong turned her head with a despised look and dragged her luggage as she heads to the law firm.

When Cong Rong arrived at the law firm, she met Tan Size at the door of the office. Tan Size is her Shi Xiong (male senior), and she kept in contact with him for the past few years. When she returned to China, one of the founders of the current law firm was leaving. Tan Size asked if she was interested to join them, and she agreed.

Tan Size stared at her suitcase and asked, "are you going on a business trip? But I haven't seen you pick up a case that requires you to go on business trips lately?"

Cong Rong changed a hand to hold the suitcase, "I’m not going for a business trip. You have anything for me?"

Tan Size suddenly looked serious, "yes, it’s about work. A big customer!"

He handed the documents to Cong Rong. She flipped through it quickly and threw it back into Tan Size's arms, "No."

"Why," Tan Size held the documents and flipped it to a certain page and put it in front of Cong Rong’s face. "Take a closer look. The price this customer is willing to pay is impressive!"

Cong Rong pushed open the door of the office and took a sip of water. "I don't take cases on medical disputes. You don't know it. If you want it, go for it yourself!"

Tan Size looked at it with pity, "I want, but the other party specifically named your name to handle it."

Cong Rong sat at his desk and turned on the computer. "If that's the case, then decline it."

Tan Size glanced at the offered price on the document again and didn't say much. He just sat across from Cong Rong and looked at her trying to guess her thoughts, "lawyer Cong, why do you never take cases on medical disputes?"

Cong Rong gave an answer, "because most medical cases involve life and death, I'm scared of that thing."

"Hah, as a lawyer who is in charge of criminal proceedings, you have seen everything under the world!"

"Because a medical dispute requires going to the hospital, I hate the smell of disinfectant water."

"But don't you hate the disinfectant smell of the morgue even more? Give me another reason."

"Because my cousin is a doctor, and doctors know each other. I am afraid that he will be in a difficult position if I need to sue people he knows."

"I would tentatively accept this reason." Tan Size looked at her, skeptical. "But you have pushed away such a large piece of meat, you would have to take a few more cases to compensate me!"

Cong Rongbai glanced at him, "Shi Xiong, I met old uncle Zhao in the court a few days ago. Make a guess what he said about you?"

Tan Size was interested, "about me?"

Cong Rong replied imitating his tone, "he asked me ’Cong Rong, is your business partner planning to change a career path to become an accountant? I think there is potential for him for his meticulous budgeting.’ I have helped you to correct him. I told him, ‘Mr. Zhao, Tan Size doesn’t have to study accounting. He is born to be an accountant. He switched half-way to become a lawyer’” Tan Size was ridiculed by Cong Rong and he left with blackface. He stopped at the door and joked fiercely, "Yea right, I intend to be an accountant! I will go and register for the course now!"

Cong Rong made an ‘if you please’ gesture which made Tan Size even more furious.