Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 - 2nd Stop: The sound of heartbeat * Air On G-string (2)

After Mu Cheng left, Guang Xi and other team players continued to practice. He held a hockey stick and slammed back and forth on the ice. He was so fierce that his teammates were scared by him. Finally, Jacko couldn't hold it and kneel to beg for mercy.

[Please, take a break, Guangxi.] He gasped for breath. [My stamina is not as good as you, still can practice after a date.]

[Yeah, rest for at least five minutes, captain.] Other teammates also begged for mercy.

[Don’t be lazy, don’t forget that we have another practice match with G University next week? Come stand up and practice!] Guang Xi gave no mercy.

Everyone looked at each other, aggrieved. [Captain...]

[A bunch of useless guys, get up!] Guangxi swings violently, and an ice hockey rushes straight towards a row of teammates who are on the ground.

Everyone exclaimed in horror, afraid of being hit by the ball, and when they were trying to avoid one by one, a shadow flashed quickly and caught the ice hockey beautifully.

Who? The people were dumbfounded, staring inexplicably at the figure who broke into the stadium inexplicably. What is more incredible is that it was actually a girl, wearing skates, but did not have any protective gear on her body.

[Who are you?] Guang Xi asked loudly. [Why did you budge into our stadium?]

[Saw injustice, came to help, I just can’t stand a team leader bullying his team members.] The girl said. [If you have the ability, take back the puck from me!]

Where did this crazy woman come from?

Guangxi's mood became even worse, too lazy to talk nonsense to her, and ran towards her. Before she hit the ball into the goal, he intercepted it first.

The girl seemed to be hit by him, fell to the ground, with a painful expression.

Guang Xi took off his mask impatiently. [Now do you know how dangerous the ice hockey rink is? Don't budge in casually in the future.] With that, he reached out and tried to pull her up.

Unexpectedly, she pretended to stand up and intercepted the ice hockey, went straight to the finish line, scored handsomely, and even cheered victoriously.

Guangxi raged. [Hey, where did this crazy woman come from? Do you know that for non-university students who budge into the ice rink of the school, I can always ask the guard to drive you out?]

[Huh, so impolite!] The girl listened and just shrugged. [Let me tell you, although I’m not a student of Sheng de now, but I will soon be.] She looked at the court in a certain direction. 

Guangxi followed at her sight and saw his mother Fang Derong standing side by side with a strange man.

[This is my dad.] The girl introduced with a smile. [He came to discuss with the principal about my transfer.] She paused. [I’m He Yiqin! Captain, what’s your name?]

Guang Xi curls his lips. [When you transfer to this school, you will know.]

[Really?] He Yiqin smiled and slid gracefully towards her father.

[What do you think of this place?] Director He petted his daughter's head lovingly.

[It’s okay, the captain is quite skilful but he needs to work on his manners.]

[Really?] Director He turned his head to look at Fang Derong and smiled. [My child never praises people easily, looks like your son has made quite an impression on her.]

Fang Derong smiled and said nothing, her eyes fixed on her son thoughtfully.

* * * *

For the Sheng De Hall, you should date Yiqin!
What a joke?! What does that damn old lady think of her son? Is he a male prostitute?

Guangxi stepped on the accelerator in a murderous manner, and the sports car drove through the streets of the night.

Let’s not talk about the bento girl who played him with her first-rate acting, now even his own mother took part in it, saying that there was a financial crisis in the school. If the school is unable to raise money in time, they will have to sell off Sheng De Hall.

[Fortunately, Director He’s daughter seems to be very interested in you. If you can please her, maybe her dad would be willing to give us a little help.]

This is Fang Derong's argument.

After hearing, he just wanted to swear hard. Such a cold-hearted woman is not worthy of being a wife or mother. He didn't listen to her. From the day his father left, he vowed to hate her forever.

However, she cunningly took Shengde Hall to threaten him. She knew that he didn't care about anything, but he couldn't lose Sheng De Hall, because it was full of the best memories of his childhood.

That is, it is a holy place for him and his father…

[Shit!] Guangxi couldn't help but swear. After a day of accumulated emotions on the verge of bursting, he gritted his teeth hard and felt a sudden pain in his brain.

I have a headache again. When the hell is this damn headache going to trouble him until?

Annoyed and angry, he drove to the side entrance of the school and slipped into Sheng De Hall. 

The room was empty, and a piano glowed in the moonlight.

Dad, play the piano for me, okay? Play the song "Air on G String".

Okay, I will play for you when you learn to roll the inline.

Wait and see, I will learn immediately…

[Dad.] Guangxi who caressed the shiny piano, murmured, his throat turned sore, his head hurt even more, so much he could hardly bear it.

He tremblingly retrieved the pillbox that he carried with him, grabbed two pills and swallowed it, then lay down in a row of seats, waiting for the pain to pass.

He doesn't know how long time has passed. In half dream and half-awake state, he was confused to hear the piano sound, and the song “Air on G String” was being played, the saddest and memorable tune.

Is it dad? Has he finally come to see him in his dream?

Dad, I miss you so much, do you know? I want to see you again, I want to skate with you. I am not only a good skater, but I am also the captain of the ice hockey team. You definitely will praise me…

[Dad.] Guangxi woke up dreamily, tears remained in the corners of his eyes. He sat up and was at a loss.

The gentle sound of the piano still echoed in his ears, and he froze for a moment, only to realize that this was not a dream, but a reality. Someone was playing the piano in the Sheng De Hall, and that person was not his father.

He stared at the girl sitting in front of the piano, the slender figure, so familiar, he felt angry...

[Who allowed you to touch the piano?!]