My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 12.1

Chapter 12.1 - Febuxostat (1)

Xiao Ziyuan didn't seem to plan to let him go, "Think about your future life, it's going to be uneasy for you. What is a lawyer best at? Catch loopholes, step on your point of pain, know your tipping point and best at protracted warfare. Know how to advance and retreat, her words can attack like real guns, and they are never perfunctory. I wonder if Dr. Wen’s medical skills can hold up her attacks. You have met a difficult opponent."

Wen Shaoqing thought about it carefully and realised when Cong Rong was with him, he didn't have any of these issues with her. But he could always easily make her blush and frown. He smiled thinking of his effect on her.

Xiao Ziyuan saw Wen Shaoqing filled with joy, and he couldn't help teasing him: "I can’t believe you can smile so happily even during your quarantine. I really don't know what you are happy about."

Wen Shaoqing didn't care, "Xiao Ziyuan, you are too old to understand the state of mind of people in love."

Xiao Ziyuan teased, "Love? Is it your unrequited love? The lawyer drew a strict line, mentioning you as her neighbor and nothing else."

Wen Shaoqing didn't take it seriously, "Didn’t Sui Yi say that you were just a Shi Xiong(male senior)? But you managed to get together with her."

Speaking of Sui Yi, Xiao Ziyuan's face lit up with joy and love. Wen Shaoqing glanced at him and couldn’t bear his disgusting expressions and drove him out of the ward.

Lawyer Cong, who was discussed by the two for a long time, was sitting breathlessly on the bench in the neighbourhood with Rang Yi Rang. They glanced at each other. She shook the yogurt bottle she just bought from the supermarket. "Do you want to eat it?"

Rang Yi Rang barked happily, Cong Rong tore the packaging open, put it in front of Rang Yi Rang and watched him sigh, "Your owner is quarantined, and yet you are still having such a good time."

Rang Yi Rang ate the yogurt up, and some of it got onto the fur around its mouth. Cong Rong stood up after seeing it finish the entire bottle, "Okay, let’s go back!"

Cong Rong sent Rang Yi Rang home, left it with water and some dry food, and then planned to go home. When she walked to the door, she remembered something, "Do I need to turn on a light for you?"

Rang Yi Rang barked but Cong Rong didn't know what it meant, "Is it a yes or a no?"

Cong Rong turned off the light and turned it on again quickly, trying to see Rang Yi Rang’s reaction, but the dog just looked at her quietly.

Cong Rong thought for a while, "Then I will turn off the lights to save energy and save the environment. See you tomorrow."

When Cong Rong sat on the sofa and watched TV at home that night, she finally realise why  Wen Shaoqing's cousin whom she met in the morning looked so familiar. He was the person being featured in the news!

He got into such a high position at a young age. Needless to say, he must be from a decent background. Then as his cousin, Wen Shaoqing also should not be a child from an ordinary family.

She suddenly noticed that she didn't know much about Wen Shaoqing except his name and his job. She knew nothing more. This realization gave Cong Rong a sense of loss.

She opened WeChat and clicked on the voice message that Wen Shaoqing just sent. The familiar voice soon was heard. His voice was deep and his tone doesn’t sound sad. Seems like the quarantine did not make him depressed.

She listened to it several times in a row and thought of going through his WeChat moments. He hardly sent any posts, most of his posts are about Rang Yi Rang. Her fingers kept scrolling downwards and then stopped suddenly.

His first post caught her attention. The time posted was a few years ago, just four words, with a picture.

Not without missing her (Actual words: 非不思她).

The picture has a blurry figure, barely able to see that it’s a girl. It was a candid photo.

Not without missing her, Wen Shaoqing's WeChat name is Febuxostat (same pronunciation as 非不思她 in chinese), a very strange name. It sounded like the name of a medicine, for which Cong Rong has clarified with Zhong Zhen. Zhong Zhen told her that it was indeed a name of the drug, which was used to treat hyperuricemia with gout symptoms. She didn't really think deeply about the name at time, and felt that it was normal for a doctor's WeChat name to be a name of a drug.

Now, it seems like his WeChat name did have a meaning. She recalled Zhong Zhen telling her that he had someone he liked. Was it the girl in the photo?

Cong Rong's suddenly felt a sense of loss.

Christmas is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the temperature has been falling. Cong Rong went to feed Rang Yi Rang every morning before going out, and took it out for a walk every night after work. She will occasionally send WeChat messages to check on Wen Shaoqing, often worrying if he would be infected. The days passed quickly, and Cong Rong thought her life had gone back to the days without Wen Shaoqing.

Friday was an extraordinarily busy day for her. Cong Rong was busy for the entire day, talking until her mouth got dry. When she finished sorting out the documents and looked around, she found out that she was the only one left in the law firm. In the large office area, only her room light was lit, and suddenly a feeling of loneliness swept through her, and fatigue followed.

Cong Rong drove out of the law firm garage, opened the window and swiped her parking card when she passed by the parking lot gantry. She coughed when she felt the cold wind rushing into her car. The security guard at the door of the law firm looked at her with concerning eyes. "Lawyer Cong, are you okay?"

Cong Rong gestured that she was fine, raised the glass window, and drove towards home.

The night was cold and there were far fewer pedestrians than usual. When she passed by her neighborhood, she remembered that she hadn't eaten dinner yet. She glanced at the 24H supermarket. She had no appetite and sighed and went straight down to the parking lot.

As she stepped out of the lift, Wen Shaoqing’s door suddenly swept open, and Wen Shaoqing appeared at the door, holding a steaming corn on the cob in his hand. Rang Yi Rang was following him, looking at her with a corn cob in its mouth. 

Wen Shaoqing smiled and waved the corn on the cob in his hand, "Want to eat?"

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Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 8.3

Chapter 8.3 - 8th Stop: Recalling The Painful Memories (3)

What was going on?

Yiqian stood outside of the house and was shocked to see her fiancé eating at the same table with another woman and a little boy. They were happily chatting while they tucked in.

He was rarely this happy even when he was with her. Most of the time, he was just depressed and blue.

The most shocking and scary thing was; she recognised who that woman was; it was Liang Mucheng.

6 years ago, Guangxi went against the school board because of her. 6 years later, he’s now going against Huanyu Constructions for her sake…

Did their passion re-ignite? Has Guangxi regained his memory?

Yiqian clenched his fists. She had heard about Guangxi going against her father and she had specially made a trip down from Taipei to question him about it. But she was shocked, worried and lost as she didn’t expect to see something like this at all.

She knew about Mucheng’s existence 6 years ago and yet she worked with Fang Derong and kept Guangxi in the dark about it. She knew that was the only way to make Guangxi hers.

She liked and admired him. She fell for his daring attitude after the first time she saw him playing ice hockey. She never cared so much for someone before. She wanted to be part of and share all of his feelings.

Was this her retribution for being selfish back then?

Yiqian was rooted to the ground. She was lost and didn’t know what to do at all. Then Guangxi turned around and saw her.

“Yiqian, why are you here? Is there something wrong?” He walked out of the house and asked.

“I came… to see you. I heard from the village head that you’re staying here.” She answered him while still in a daze.

“Yes, I’m just living with Mu… I mean Miss Liang temporarily. That’s because there isn’t any motels here in this village.”

Was he embarrassed? Or perhaps he was feeling guilty?

Yiqian stared at her fiancé. She wanted to see if he showed any signs that he had regained his memory but she couldn’t seem to get any clues from his face—perhaps, she still had a chance.

“Guangxi, I heard about you wanting to sue Huanyu Constructions on the villagers’ behalf. Dad is very angry about it.”

“I guessed so too.” Guangxi couldn’t help about giving her a weak smile. “But Huanyu Constructions is really too much this time and I can’t leave my hands out of this.” He tried to explain to his fiancée but she just shook her head.

“It’s okay. I understand.” She paused and looked into his eyes. “I’ve decided that I’ll try to help you convince Dad to give up on owning the land here.”

He was doubtful about Yiqian’s suggestion. It was good news for him but he wondered if a sly fox like Director He would give up so easily.

“Dad loves me the most. I’ll try my best to convince him.” Yiqian promised him after she saw his doubts about her suggestion.

“That’s great. Thank you for your help then.” Guangxi was elated.

“But you must promise me something.” Yiqian stated her terms.

“What is it?”

“Let’s get married right away. I can’t wait anymore.” She immediately leaned forward, placed her arms on his shoulders and gave him a long kiss.


He was going to get married!

She didn’t hear the news from him but rather from the villagers. It was rumoured that He Yiqian had spoke to the village head and explained to him that she had already persuaded her father to give up on the ownership of the land. He also promised to help with the pollution problem. At the same time, they’d be ordering flowers from Huatian Village for their wedding as a gesture of apology.

He was finally going to get married.

Mucheng didn’t know if she should be please or upset about the news. She just felt emptiness and loneliness in her.

The villagers were over the moon because of the news. They thanked Ren Guangxi and looked upon him as if he was a saviour of the world. They also planned a farewell party for him as they wanted to send him off happily.

Everyone in the village was happy, everyone except her. She felt like a deflated balloon; wobbly and helpless. She drifted around and wasn’t sure of what she was supposed to do.

“What’s the matter with you? Brace yourself!” Tuoye knew what Mucheng was upset about. He was both jealous and worried. “Look at you. How are you going to take care of Xiaole like this?”

Yes, she still had Xiaole.

Mucheng braced herself. She had almost forgotten that Xiaole would be depressed to know that Guangxi was leaving soon.

She knew she couldn’t do this anymore. She had to be strong so that she could comfort her son.

On the eve of Guangxi’s departure, Mucheng specially whipped up a feast for him. Mucheng prepared the dishes that Guangxi liked too other than the Braised Beef Rice that Xiaole wanted.

“Uncle, my Mummy’s Braised Beef Rice is the best! You must have some.” Xiaole recommended it to Guangxi. He still had no idea that Guangxi was leaving tomorrow.

Guangxi couldn’t bear to bade him goodbye too so he pretended as though that nothing was wrong and even joked with Xiaole. He then tucked into the Braised Beef Rice. The taste of the Braised Beef Rice was food.

“Is delicious, isn’t it?” Xiaole asked proudly.

Guangxi didn’t answer him but he felt that this Braised Beef Rice tasted really familiar. It seemed like it was a taste he missed after having tried it for once. “Who did you learn this dish from?” He stared at Mucheng.

“It’s from a recipe that my mother left for me.” Mucheng noticed that he was staring hard at her and her heart raced. She was worried that he would recall something.

But Guangxi just nodded. “It’s not too bad. It’s pretty delicious.”

“Oh.” Mucheng felt disappointed. On one hand, she was worried that he’d recall something but on another hand, she was sad that he couldn’t recall anything.

She was distracted throughout the entire meal. After dinner, Guangxi invited Xiaole to take a bath with him. He then tucked him into bed and told him a bedside story.

She stood by the doorway and looked at them. She felt that this was really a bittersweet moment.

They really look like father and son like this…

“Your son is really picky.” He said to Mucheng, smiling, after Xiaole went into slumber. “I must perform too while I tell the story. Otherwise he won’t go to bed. I bet you were the one who spoilt him right?”

She didn’t reply him. She just looked at him and gave him a weak smile.

They just looked at each other quietly. Guangxi noted that she seemed to have a lot to tell him.

“I’m going back to Taipei tomorrow.” He said hoarsely after a while.

“I know.” She nodded and tried to avoid his eyes.

“Please give this Xiaole on my behalf.” Guangxi passed a box to Mucheng.

Mucheng opened the box and was stunned to see a wristband lying in it. It was the very same one that she had given him.

Guangxi heaved a sign. “Do you know? I’ve been dating Yiqian for 6 years already. But I’ve been delaying our marriage plans. It’s not only because of the fact that the two of us are busy with our careers; it’s also because of the fact that I’m afraid.”

“Afraid?” Mucheng was lost.

“It’s because I couldn’t remember the past. I was afraid that there might be one day, something or someone from the past might look me up again. That was why I never dared to go ahead with my marriage plans with Yiqian. But…” He paused and smiled slightly. “You were right. I can’t keep thinking about the past. I must learn to grasp the present… This wristband is like my past memories, it has been clinging onto me and therefore I must let go of it.”

That was it. It was really over for them.

Mucheng held onto the wristband and was on the verge of sobbing.  She didn’t tell him that there was a memory card in the wristband when she gave it to him 6 years ago. That memory card contained the memories of them together and today, he told her that he’d be letting go of them…

But, it was time to let go. It was not only for him but also for her.

“I thought I might as well give it to Xiaole then. He can take this as the communicative device he was talking about the other time. He can call me anytime if he needs my help.”

“No problem. I’ll hand it over to him.”

Mucheng promised. The two of them looked at each other and they saw a look of dismay on both their faces. This was wrong. They were just very ordinary friends.

Guangxi raised his hand and he wanted to stroke Mucheng but he stopped when he almost touched her face. “You can call me too when you need my help, Mucheng.”

“Okay.” She said, nodding, with tears welling up in her eyes.

But they both knew; she’d never call him. It was highly possible that they may never meet again—


The villagers held a farewell party for Guangxi the next day. Everyone in the village was there, including Tuoye. But Guangxi just couldn’t seem to find Mucheng and Xiaole amidst the crowds.

“They won’t be coming.” Tuoye knew what he was thinking about and decided to answer his query for him. “Mucheng has gone to pick Xiaole up from school and they’d be heading straight for home. She said that Xiaole would create a din if he knew that you were leaving.”

“That’s good in a way too.” Guangxi smiled bitterly. Frankly speaking, he was afraid to say goodbye to Xiaole too. After all, he had developed feelings for that little boy during his period of stay here. He’d be so embarrassed if they were to break down in front of the other villagers.

It’s best that Mucheng and Xiaole weren’t present.

But even so, Guangxi still couldn’t stop his feelings from pouring out from him. He knew that he shouldn’t let that happen but he really hoped to see the mother and son for the last time. He didn’t mind even if he had to do it secretly.

Thus, he slipped away when the villagers didn’t notice and arrived at the kindergarten.

The compound was empty and almost all of the children had already gone home. Guangxi loitered around. He suddenly felt that what he was doing was extremely stupid and silly.

It’s definitely not of a man to be so wishy-washy.

He turned around and wanted to leave. Suddenly, he heard someone playing the piano. It wasn’t very clear but it had mysteriously touched his heart.

He traced the source of the music and then he found that it was really clear to him now. He was stunned and that melody was so familiar that it made his heart ached.

It was the “Air on the G-String”.

He didn’t know how he had managed to know the name of the tune immediately. He hummed along with the melody.

Then, he began to recall certain images. His head ached… What was that? Why were there those images? He seemed to see a girl who resembled Mucheng and she was playing the piano.

I’ll play the piano for you every day after you knock off from work.

He seemed to have recalled something…

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Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1 - If There Was No Huang Rong (1)

Illa: Huang Rong is a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong

They became quite a tacit brother and sister. The two people's schools are very close. Luoyang often goes to Luozhi when school is over. The two of them wandered around the nearby barbecue stalls and small shops and sat on the riverbank to eat and talk.

    A younger sister who had no childhood feelings, she was three years younger, but he did not feel the estrangement and generation gap at all. Luoyang feels magical every time he thinks about it, maybe it is really because boys mature later than girls?

    Luoyang has always known that under the calm appearance of his sister, there is an extremely powerful and rich inner world—even though he doesn't know what this world looks like at all, and he is not interested in exploring. He has always had very little worries. When he was a boy, he was a good obedient boy, honest and kind, and it was common for Luo Zhi to tease him for nothing.

    For a while in high school, classmates who didn't know they were relatives speeded rumours that Luoyang had a childhood sweetheart when together they looked like Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Luoyang told Luo Zhi jokingly, but he didn't expect the other party to stick out her tongue.

    "Is your classmate tactfully expressing that you are stupid?"

    Luoyang was angry.

    He has been very popular since he was a child, but the good old man Luoyang always knows that only his parents and Luo Zhi can be trusted in the world. He treats others well and defends himself well too. It can even be said that he has a good temper, just because there is not much that he really cares about.

    Although Luo Zhi seemed indifferent, she was absolutely real and natural in front of him. When she was with him, he was able to relax and eat, make jokes, laugh when she wanted to, and kick him when she was upset, which was pretty unreasonable.

    It's just that he racked his brains, and he cannot remember much about whether this sister had said anything about herself to him. All he knew about her came from the traces of the years. But Luoyang didn't dare to say that when he grew up watching Luo Zhi ----- he always felt that before meeting him, Luo Zhi was already formed. What he participated in has never been growth, it's more like polishing.

    Until one day, Luoyang, who was nearing the college entrance examination, and Luo Zhi, who was near the middle school entrance examination, were preparing for the exam together in the university study room. He raised his head from the pile of books, looked at the sunlight outside the window, and remembered the upcoming college entrance examination, and his mother and father who were quarrelling with each other because of the factory restructuring and they were on the verge of being laid off. For the first time, he was a little sad and confused about his life. He stared at Luo Zhi for a long time. The little sister who was kneeling in a row with him but did not shed a single tear, is now slim, but she has never revealed the melancholy that a girl of this age often has—she is indeed far better than many people have been qualified for depression.

    However, she sees the future so clearly and absolutely, as if everything is under control, just need to move forward unhurriedly.

    Somehow, a question came out.

    "At the funeral, you stared at your grandmother, did you thought of something?"

    Luo Zhi also looked up from the simulation volume, seemingly not surprised at all, and didn't take the time to think about it. She immediately smiled indifferently and said, "Nothing Ah. It was just a bit strange at the time, why people are more likable after death than when they are alive."

    Luoyang asked in surprise, "Why do you need to...consider this?"

    It was rare for Luo Zhi to be impatient, and still calmly said: "All the people I want to hate are either dead or far away from my life, so alive people pity them from the perspective of the living, thinking of their goodness, only I still hate, only I can’t forgive the dead, so I just feel a little lonely.”

    Luoyang was speechless, and the piles of review materials under his hand made a blaring sound in the wind, but Luo Zhi lowered her head unchanged and continued reading.

    Who are you hating? His question drifted away with the sound of the wind, and never returned to his mouth.

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 23


Chapter 23 - Fight

     "I’ve told you, I don't want to spend the whole day at home" Jiang Jun looked at Yuan Shuai helplessly and stood up. "Can you put yourself in my shoes?"
     "Then what do you want me to do?" Jiang Jun asked him with a tough tone and expression, trying her best to stay patient. "You can quit your job and rest at home immediately. Then take a good rest for a while, and the rest can wait."
     "I'm too lazy to explain to you now," notification for a new email sounded, and Jiang Jun ignored him walking into the study to deal with work-related matters.
     He followed her and closed her computer forcefully, "It's useless to talk to you nicely?"
     "Don't go too far, we had come to a consensus previously." She glared at him angrily. "The situation is different now, your health is at stake."
     "The doctor said it's okay, and I will take note to rest more in the future"
     "Can't you just listen to me?" He sighed. 

     "Yes if it is reasonable... But don't force me to do what I don't want to do"
     "What do you want to do? By overtiring yourself every day? Are you happy to be sick?"
     "I'm happy!" She was completely angered by his sarcasm. "Zhong Jiang Jun, I'm saying this for you!"
     "I don’t need it!" She shouted. 

     "You are my wife!"
     "Your wife?" She said to Yuan Shuai coldly, "I don’t think so!"
     "You bastard!"
     The huge sound of the door closing made her frustrated and she fumbled around looking for cigarettes. Just as she turned on the fire, her phone rang and she looked at the screen. It was Yin Zhe. She picked it up, "What's the matter?"
     "Jiang Jun, I have arrived in Beijing, is it convenient to come and see you?"
     "I need to talk to you about UST's CASE."
     "If you have any questions, please contact DU directly, or I will arrange someone else to help you."
     "You... nothing happened to you, right"
     "Where are you now, let me come and find you? Okay?"
     "I'm tired, I need to rest" she hung up directly, [I just want to see you, is it OK to be concerned of you as a friend? ] She deleted that texted message and ignored it.
     She called DU. "find someone to help JAY for the UST’s CASE, I’m afraid he is too impulsive when doing things."
     "Understood, I will help him personally. Are you better?"
     "I called you many times before, and your brother picked it up. Do you still have a brother? Doesn't the mainland have a single child policy?"
     "DU, I'm very tired now, and I don't have the strength to explain this with you. I have arranged my work. If there is a problem, send me an email." She leaned on the glass door of the balcony and stared at the garden downstairs.
     "Do you know that the few people that left have all entered GT?" His words made Jiang Jun take a sharp breath. "Ask them the reason behind it. It's not convenient for me to come forward." He slowed down, "I want to see you, I will go to Beijing the day after tomorrow, tell me your address, and I will visit you!"
     "Keep me in touch." She put down the phone.
     Those 5 ex-coworkers were senior analysts. Their experiences were enough to support an entire department, what a gift.
     She lit a cigarette, suddenly remembered of something and dialed. "SALLY, I’m Juno"

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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 5.3

Chapter 5.3 - Fennel Fruit 怀香 (3)

    Turning to leave, she saw a car parked in front of Villa No. 2, and a beautiful woman with a super-spicy figure got out of the car. She took a closer look, and she seemed to be a supermodel.

    Shen Xifan sighed secretly, Ling troublemaker, you really are a monster, but it's a pity that too many people in the world are willing to accept your kind. Then she thought, if she took pictures of this situation and brought it to the gossip society would she make a fortune, and then she would be kicked out, and in the end, she would be prosecuted, and she would be locked up, and her parents would take turns to visit her in prison ------ Forget it, she could only walk away silently.

    When she inadvertently squinted again, she saw Ling Yufan leaning on the door and smiling at her. His eyes were full of electricity without glasses, and Shen Xifan immediately pulled down a bitter melon face, and carefully shook her head.

    She calmed down, folded her hands together, and silently said that there are no dead ends in the road, and she can exchange RMB when she is back.

    After checking all the floors, Shen Xifan nodded in satisfaction, "The sanitation is very good, I am satisfied, and thank you all, for your hard work this afternoon!"

    Then she was going to go back to the office to pack her things, passing by the Chinese restaurant accidentally, and then came back. The nose sniffed exaggeratedly, and ran to the back operation room to find Xu Xiangya, "Xiangya, are there fennel dumplings tonight?"

    Xu Xiangya jumped, "You have a dog nose! You can smell it from so far? Hey, what do you want to do? It was so hard to find such tender fennel in winter. I finally found it and it’s not for you! Give up!”

    She was unhappy, “Is it for Yan Heng? No, just give it to me. He actually prefers to eat celery dumplings. "

    Xu Xiangya's eyes lit up, "Really, don't lie to me!"

    "I didn't lie to you, I didn't lie to you!" She stretched out her hand to grab the delicate dumplings in a blue and white porcelain bowl. It looks so good, the food fed to the VIP is indeed different.

    Chef Li Shu laughed, "It doesn't matter, Manager Shen just packs it home if you like it. There is still more than half of it, and I can make it in time. Ah, Manager Xu, should I make celery or fennel dumplings now?"

    Shen Xifan replied on Xu Xiangya's behalf, "Celery dumpling, give to Mr. Yan, put a little more sugar, he likes it sweeter,  vinegar should be aged vinegar, he doesn't eat balsamic vinegar! The remaining fennel is wrapped together, and add some cabbage, distributing the reminding to each department. The winter solstice is coming soon. Let’s celebrate, and everyone has worked hard for this conference.”

    The little girl who delivered the food next to her packed the dumplings and added a bowl of noodle soup for Shen Xifan.

    Xu Xiangya was extremely depressed, "I, the catering manager, is a failure, should we exchange our roles?"

    Shen Xifan shook her head quickly, "No, I'm afraid I will take the lead in corruption and bribery. You know I can't resist Uncle Li’s cooking the most. Are you not afraid that I will eat the hotel until it becomes broke?"

    Everyone laughed, except for Yan Heng, who was standing not far away, with a lonely expression.

    He still remembered that Shen Xifan was a glutton, not as picky as he was, but she loves delicious food.

    The first time he saw her was a law elective course during sophomore year. The winter morning really torments people's will. Generally, everyone will rush in due to oversleeping when class is about to start, bring milk and bread and the likes, and then eat in class. Because it is an elective course, the teacher just smiles when encountering this situation. There are also unreliable teachers who borrow money from classmates to buy breakfast during the break. He himself has been borrowed several times, and he has been repaid twice the amount of money. In short, winter is an excellent reason to be lazy.

    Shen Xifan sneaked in through the back door ten minutes after class, carrying a lunch box, and sitting carelessly in the second-to-last window in front of him, then she opened the lunch box, and a gust of steam and rice noodles rushed out. He was surprised that she was so bold to pack the steamed dumplings from the cafeteria and even take them to class.

    The original smell of steamed dumplings didn't matter, she even added some vinegar, and immediately a classmate nearby turned to look at the source of the smell, smiled and turned back, acknowledging her breakfast. But she was also conscious, raised from the bench, and squatted on the ground by the window to eat. After she took the first bite, he smelled fennel dumplings.

    At that time, he was suffering violently. His empty stomach began to betray him because of the smell of dumplings, and his brain started to fly around because of insufficient blood supply. He really wanted to tell her, can you stop eating it, it smells too fragrant, it really affects the class too much.

    She just sat up and took a drink of water. He poked her back gently with a pen, and then said quietly, "Classmate, can you go out to eat dumplings?" But he didn't know what she had heard. She froze for a moment, stretched out her hand to pick up the lunch box, shook her head, and took out half a pack of digestive biscuits from her school bag. "There is still half a dumpling. If you are hungry, eat this first!"

    Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, so he had to take it, for a long while he dared to move and was about to return it to her when class was over, but she jumped up and shouted, "I'm eating, go grab a meal, or there will be no food left to eat!" 

He held half a bag of biscuits and was at a loss. It was not until later that he knew that Shen Xifan heard what he said as, Classmate, Can you give me dumplings?

    Yan Heng thought she hadn't changed. She likes to eat dumplings, when she eats it she needs to add a lot of vinegar, and until her lips turn white, and then she drinks a big mouthful of water.

    He suddenly realized, three years had passed, yet it was like three seconds. He had never modified his memory. The days of youth and frivolousness were gone forever, but he would never be able to return to those days to make up for his mistakes.

    She should hate him very much, right?

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My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 11.2

Chapter 11.2 - Going the extra miles to “save the country” (2)

Zhong Zhen replied, "Every female staff in the hospital has the booklet! Those female doctors, nurses, and those who want to chase Prof Wen all have it. Of course, they would want to know about Rang Yi Rang to get to know about him!"

Cong Rong took note that Rang Yi Rang liked yogurt. It seemed that she and Rang Yi Rang really had similar tastes.

Zhong Zhen asked: "Cousin, do you plan to “save the country” by going a further mile?"

Cong Rong was speechless to Zhong Zhen, and broke his imaginations bluntly, "No, I plan to abandon the country and flee."

Unexpectedly, Zhen Zhen replied approvingly: "True, protect yourself so you will have more chances to save the country in the future."

Cong Rong hung up the phone, opened WeChat, hesitated whether to contact him but stopped. At night, when she opened the door to feed Rang Yi Rang, she saw it squatting at the door, and when Rang Yi Rang saw the door opened, it suddenly ran out and squatted in front of her. It stared at her with cute puppy eyes.

Cong Rong asked, "Do you want to go out to play?"

Rang Yi Rang was still staring at her, Cong Rong said: "It's so late already and It’s cold outside. Shall we stay at home instead? You are from Siberia, but I'm not, I'm afraid of the cold. "

Suddenly, Rang Yi Rang ran back home, rubbed against the cabinet near the door and ran back. It crouched in front of Cong Rong with a collar and a traction rope in his mouth, and placed the things on the ground. It stuck out its tongue and watched her insistently. It was not giving up.

Cong Rong didn’t know what to do. She took out his phone, took a picture of it and asked the dog owner what she had to do. When she was taking the picture, Rang Yi Rang suddenly crooked its head while looking into the camera.

Cong Rong looked at the cute thing with a smile on the photo, and it touched her heart. She used WeChat to send it to Wen Shaoqing with a sentence attached: "Your cousin has entrusted me to take care of it. Do I have to take it out for a walk?"

Wen Shaoqing replied quickly, it was a voice message, "It has grown into a habit and needs to go out to solve physiological problems. There is a newspaper in the cabinet of the entrance. If it shows signs, you can put the newspaper on the ground and then throw it in the trash. "

Hearing this, she imagined how she was going to clean its poop, and Cong Rong's softened heart hardened again. She typed angrily.

"Why don't you train it to use the toilet?"

"I’ve tried, but it couldn't learn."

Cong Rong treplied.

"I will charge you hourly, pay me according to the standard lawyer's consultation fee!"

In the winter evening, the temperature was low, and the wind was blowing again. Cong Rong opened the window and felt the outdoor temperature. Wrapped in a huge jacket and scarf, she went downstairs with Rang Yi Rang.

When she stepped out of the building, Cong Rong immediately regretted it. It's not her walking the dog, it's the dog walking her. It hadn't come out to play for a long time and it ran for three rounds in the neighborhood. Cong Rong was so tired while holding the leash. She took out her phone and sent a voice message breathlessly.
"I was wrong, you will pay three times the consultation fee!"

After hearing the voice message, Wen Shaoqing smiled. Her voice blended with wind, unlike her usual calm and reserved tone, but she sounded like she was saying with clenched teeth. At the end of the voice message, he can hear Rang Yi Rang barking happily. They seemed to get along well.

Xiao Ziyuan put down the fruit and glanced at him, "Why are you still laughing at this time?"
Wen Shaoqing put down his phone, "Why are you so free to take care of me?"

Xiao Ziyuan chuckled twice, "Don't overthink, Sui Yi is on night shift today. I brought her soup and thought of checking on you."

Wen Shaoqing rolled his eyes: "hur hur."

Wen Shaoqing held the fruit knife and played it in his. He suddenly asked, "What do you think of her?"

Xiao Ziyuan's eyes turned from the TV screen to his face, "Who? Your neighbor? Didn't pay much attention, my attention is only on Sui Yi."

Wen Shaoqing was so sour that he threw an orange over, "You knew who she is."

Xiao Ziyuan took the orange, but this time he tried to recall the girl he met in the morning very seriously. "She is a judiciary, intellectual, independent, objective and rational, and cool. Her way of viewing things is different from ordinary girls. Is she a litigation lawyer? She has a smart mouth. You will have a good time quarrelling in the future."

Wen Shaoqing smiled, "We will not quarrel."

"Don't be overconfident." Xiao Ziyuan glanced at him. "Does Lin Chen know that she is your neighbor now?"

"I want to tell him but he doesn’t give me a chance." Wen Shaoqing frowned, "Why do you always mention Lin Chen to me?"

Xiao Ziyuan peeled the orange and he replied slowly: "Lin Chen and Sui Yi have known each other since they were young. Sui Yi always misses the good old days. Although she knows that feelings could not be forced. But Lin Chen has been abroad for so long already. She is a bit worried."

Wen Shaoqing wondered, "Your wife misses other men and you are okay with it. You are so generous."

Wen Shaoqing was pure and harmless when he was a child, but unfortunately, he was influenced by his cousin. At a glance, they seem to be kind and elegant people. But if you got to know them, they definitely are devilish at heart.

Xiao Ziyuan was not annoyed when he heard it, and smiled slightly, "Yeah, my wife has always treasured friendships. Not sure if your neighbor and Lin Chen have a friendship between them. Take note. She is a neighbor, not your wife, or your girlfriend."

Wen Shaoqing squeezed a fruit knife in his hand and shut his mouth.

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