Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 22


Chapter 22 - Afraid

     Yuan Shuai walked swiftly in the empty corridor of the hospital. He gently pushed open the door of the ward. There was someone in the waiting room outside the ward looking at him. They stared at each other, and their eyes were like burning flames.
     When Jiang Jun woke up again, she found herself on the plane. She tried to sit up but found that she was firmly tied to the hospital bed. In the dim light, she called out weakly, "Yuan Shuai"
     "Are you awake?" A big hand leaned forward and placed it on her cheeks, making her shiver in cold. She turned her head to look at Yuan Shuai. He was hiding in the dark, and he didn't turn on a night light. 

     "Where are we going?" She asked confusedly. 

     "Home." He freed her from the hospital bed and hugged her with a blanket. "Let's go home", he pressed his face against her hair and said gently. 

     "Where is the plane from?" She grabbed his ears, "Traitor, did you tell Grandpa?"
     "No." He was forced to lower his head and his eyes were dark, "He don't know about it yet."
     "What's the matter with you?" She held his hand, "Why are you so cold?"
     "Are you cold?" He hugged her tightly, "Why am I feeling so cold?"
     "Are you having a cold?" She reached out her hand to touch his forehead but he grabbed her hand. "Junjun, hug me, as long as I am in your arms, everything will be fine." He childishly buried his face in her neck, "just hug me." "
    Who is the one that was ill, she smiled and thought and held him tightly.
     When they arrived at Xiyuan Airport, she got into the ambulance that had been waiting for them, accompanied by the doctor from the health care office. Yuan Shuai did not follow her. He looked very worried for the past three hours. He got off the plane and explained to the doctor. He left without saying a word to her.
     She was groggy and was being pushed around by the doctors and nurses, taking blood tests and body scans.
     She felt someone using a cotton ball gently wiping her lips, she pouted and croaked sarcastically in a rough voice, "You still remembered to come and visit me."
     Yuan Shuai smiled and pecked her lips, "Aren’t I here now? I’ll take care of you for the next week."
     "Promise?" She opened her eyes tiredly. 

     "Yes." He patted her head and coaxed her to sleep.
     Her phone kept vibrating in Yuan Shuai’s pocket. When he walked out of the ward, he picked up the call from DU. He told DU that Jiang Jun was picked up by his family to rest in Beijing. 

     The doctor advised her to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks to be under observation and he answered DU questions about Jiang Jun’s condition.

      "And you are?" DU asked.

      "Her brother," he said, "Thank you for your concern, we will take care of Jiang Jun." He hung up the phone and walked to the doctor's office. When he walked back to the ward, the phone began to vibrate again. He looked at Jiang Jun sleeping peacefully on the bed and hung up the ringing phone in his pocket. He kissed her cheeks, carefully pinning her hair behind his ears. 

     The phone began to vibrate again. He was a little irritated, walked out of the room, and the screen message read: Does she know those things you did? 

     This was also what he told him while he walked past him earlier in the previous hospital. He cursed and smashed the phone against the wall. The phone shattered into pieces.

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