Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1 - If There Was No Huang Rong (1)

Illa: Huang Rong is a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong

They became quite a tacit brother and sister. The two people's schools are very close. Luoyang often goes to Luozhi when school is over. The two of them wandered around the nearby barbecue stalls and small shops and sat on the riverbank to eat and talk.

    A younger sister who had no childhood feelings, she was three years younger, but he did not feel the estrangement and generation gap at all. Luoyang feels magical every time he thinks about it, maybe it is really because boys mature later than girls?

    Luoyang has always known that under the calm appearance of his sister, there is an extremely powerful and rich inner world—even though he doesn't know what this world looks like at all, and he is not interested in exploring. He has always had very little worries. When he was a boy, he was a good obedient boy, honest and kind, and it was common for Luo Zhi to tease him for nothing.

    For a while in high school, classmates who didn't know they were relatives speeded rumours that Luoyang had a childhood sweetheart when together they looked like Guo Jing and Huang Rong. Luoyang told Luo Zhi jokingly, but he didn't expect the other party to stick out her tongue.

    "Is your classmate tactfully expressing that you are stupid?"

    Luoyang was angry.

    He has been very popular since he was a child, but the good old man Luoyang always knows that only his parents and Luo Zhi can be trusted in the world. He treats others well and defends himself well too. It can even be said that he has a good temper, just because there is not much that he really cares about.

    Although Luo Zhi seemed indifferent, she was absolutely real and natural in front of him. When she was with him, he was able to relax and eat, make jokes, laugh when she wanted to, and kick him when she was upset, which was pretty unreasonable.

    It's just that he racked his brains, and he cannot remember much about whether this sister had said anything about herself to him. All he knew about her came from the traces of the years. But Luoyang didn't dare to say that when he grew up watching Luo Zhi ----- he always felt that before meeting him, Luo Zhi was already formed. What he participated in has never been growth, it's more like polishing.

    Until one day, Luoyang, who was nearing the college entrance examination, and Luo Zhi, who was near the middle school entrance examination, were preparing for the exam together in the university study room. He raised his head from the pile of books, looked at the sunlight outside the window, and remembered the upcoming college entrance examination, and his mother and father who were quarrelling with each other because of the factory restructuring and they were on the verge of being laid off. For the first time, he was a little sad and confused about his life. He stared at Luo Zhi for a long time. The little sister who was kneeling in a row with him but did not shed a single tear, is now slim, but she has never revealed the melancholy that a girl of this age often has—she is indeed far better than many people have been qualified for depression.

    However, she sees the future so clearly and absolutely, as if everything is under control, just need to move forward unhurriedly.

    Somehow, a question came out.

    "At the funeral, you stared at your grandmother, did you thought of something?"

    Luo Zhi also looked up from the simulation volume, seemingly not surprised at all, and didn't take the time to think about it. She immediately smiled indifferently and said, "Nothing Ah. It was just a bit strange at the time, why people are more likable after death than when they are alive."

    Luoyang asked in surprise, "Why do you need to...consider this?"

    It was rare for Luo Zhi to be impatient, and still calmly said: "All the people I want to hate are either dead or far away from my life, so alive people pity them from the perspective of the living, thinking of their goodness, only I still hate, only I can’t forgive the dead, so I just feel a little lonely.”

    Luoyang was speechless, and the piles of review materials under his hand made a blaring sound in the wind, but Luo Zhi lowered her head unchanged and continued reading.

    Who are you hating? His question drifted away with the sound of the wind, and never returned to his mouth.

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