Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 10.2

Chapter 10.2 - High-Grade Nanny (2)

    The call just now was from the United States. Tiffany's mother asked if she could take her two children to Happy Valley tomorrow. Luo Zhi refused. There must be a lot of people in Happy Valley during Holiday. The two children have played in Disneyland in Tokyo and Hong Kong. They shouldn't have much interest in Happy Valley. Not to mention security, she is afraid of accidents. Luo Zhi felt a little strange when she repeatedly requested on the phone.

    "Auntie, has something happened?"

    Luo Zhi felt awkward every time she called her auntie. She looks too young to be mortal. But the two children call themselves sisters, and she can't mess up the seniority

    "Luo Zhi, actually Jake got into trouble. He was preparing to run away from home and was discovered by us. He has always been very fierce to his classmates and his sister. Initially, I said you don’t have to come over these days as I want to bring them to the United States, but he wouldn’t go with me. Now only Jya is watching them at home. I am sorry to trouble you every day. Can you accompany them to play and relax tomorrow, please? They have been in Beijing for a year, but they haven't gone out much yet." 

No matter how strange Luo Zhi felt it was, she felt bad to refuse.

    "Then tomorrow morning, 8:00 alright. I remember Happy Valley should be open at nine o'clock, it is better to go earlier, or else there’s nothing to play, can only queue up."

    "Well, tomorrow at eight in the morning at the east gate of your school, Xiao Chen will pick you up. He shall accompany you and can help take care of them. In fact, Jake doesn't want to take his sister with him but just wants to come out alone with you. They are always quarrelling now, do help me to persuade them."

    "I'll try my best, don't worry."

    Luo Zhi stood dazedly at the east gate and blew in the cold wind. She just went to bed a little too late at night. She was looking through the "Thirteenth Story" she just bought. She didn’t expect that her old habit came back and she became obsessed. She didn’t go to the bathroom until I finished reading it, much less skipping lessons.

    The car lights flashed twice, and Luo Zhi opened her slightly closed eyes and saw Tiffany's small hand waving on the back seat.

    "Juno, here!!!"

    Luo Zhi had no intention of accepting the eyes of everyone outside the east gate, and hurriedly lowered her head to get into the car door.

    She tried her best along the way, trying to find out what the two children were disagreeing about. No matter how she probed at it, Tiffany would give a mischievous look just like normal, while Jake was silent and very rarely replied.

    "Juno, Franzisca said that the red bean double skin milk is very delicious, next time you come and make it for us? Brother likes to eat it too, right?"

    Jake looked out the window and mumbled vaguely.

    Without traffic jams, you can see the tall rockery and various high-altitude amusement facilities of Happy Valley from the window in less than half an hour. Xiao Chen went to the car, Luo Zhi took the two children out of the car first, and told him to wait for him under the red balloon at the main entrance. Jake suddenly said loudly, "Uncle Chen, if you follow us in, I won't play."

    Luo Zhi knew that taking Xiao Chen was originally the result of a compromise between the two children and the adults in the family, but he turned hostile. Anyway, Xiao Chen is not their mother, so he was at wit’s end. He coaxed left and right, but Jake still did not let go.

    In the end, Luo Zhi winked at him-it was enough to follow them slowly in the distance, anyway, they most likely will spend most of their time in the queue today.

    After entering the door, Luo Zhi took them straight to the Ant Kingdom, where there are relaxing rides that children like, as well as a children's restaurant and a 4D cinema.

    Children seldom complain about each other like adults. The two kids screaming at Disneyland are still very excited. Jake's interest is also high. Tiffany sits on the little frog happily and screams, waving her hands to make Luo Zhi Take pictures of them underneath.

    Time was spent this way until noon, after watching a 4D children's movie called "Ant Kingdom" that made Luo Zhi laugh and cry, they sat down in the small restaurant and prepared to have lunch.

    Luo Zhi left them in their seats, picked up her wallets and went to line up. Jake still yelled in the back, the ice cream should be mixed with vanilla and chocolate!

    "Damn, you really want our big group of people to squeeze in with the kids to eat, what a way to destroy humanity!"

    Luo Zhi, who was in the line, turned back to look at the yelling person with some impatience. She didn't expect to hear a familiar voice.

    "Is there any other way? There are fewer people here than there just now, and there are more types of lunch. You are so temperamental. Didn’t you whisper and say you want to try playing the ant train when your younger brother and sister said that the ant train is cute?"

    Everyone is creating a disturbance, many parents have already watched the group of young people who suddenly broke in with their guarded and surprised eyes.

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Jealousy

  Back in Hong Kong, their relationship seems to have changed significantly. Yuan Shuai calls her countless times every day, and he will send messages relentlessly asking her where she was or what she was doing when she missed a call.
     Every night he madly makes love with her, demanding it without a limit.
     She searched on the Internet, it is said that this happens for people who have just fallen madly in love. She smiled and secretly wanted to go home as early as possible and accompany him to do everything he wanted to do with her. She liked the way he was in her body, like a suckling beast, greedy and cute.
    She shifted the focus of her work to domestic businesses. The preparation of GT China branch reached a critical moment, and he needed to stay in Beijing very often. He begged for her accompany, so she kept going to Beijing for business trips but unexpectedly sealed deals with several big businesses there.
     The work in Hong Kong did not allow her to be distracted. The new employees were about to be brought in, and she must make sure that all the arrangements were well managed. Airplanes became her home as she travels back and forth between Beijing and Hong Kong.
    DU thought she was trying her best to help him conquer the world and depended on her even more.
     She felt guilty, she just wanted to stand behind Yuan Shuai as Juno to help him realize his ambitions. As for DU, she admired him, was grateful to him, and could only help him seal more businesses diligently, hoping to arrange everything as soon as possible so that she could leave MH with a peace of mind.
     Yuan Shuai asked her to resign several times. Even if she cannot work in GT, she can stay with him.
     She refused. She didn't want to be idle. Only work could enrich her and make her feel that she is a part of this society. She hated emptiness and loneliness, so she wanted to be a hardworking bee.
     She told Yuan Shuai that once the new branch is settled, she would resign immediately, but before that, she would continue her work in MH. She promised DU to help him form the best team. She is a person who keeps her promise.
     She didn't understand why Yuan Shuai had a cold war with her. He didn't say so she didn't ask. They had always been like this before. They gave each other space and respected each other's privacy.
    DU showed her gossip news of the title [GT executive and high-ranking beauty caught holding hands while dating, the first foreign branch in the mainland has a bright future] attached with photos of Yuan Shuai and a woman entering and leaving a restaurant.
     "What do you think?" DU looked at her.

                She replied, "why are you still sitting here? Hurry up and book a plane ticket to Beijing. No more girls will be left for you if you are late."
     "You are really a talent, how dare you force your boss into a badger game?"
     "On behalf of my colleagues at MH Future China Branch, I thank you. This is an honor. Not everyone has the potential to play this role."
     "Thank you and next! Okay, let's talk about real business, it seems like we have to take action soon. New employees will come in next week. The documents are here. You can look through it if you have time. If not, SALLY will help you confirm it."
                "Shall we have a meal together?"
     "Nope, I am meeting someone."
     She returned home and threw the magazine she bought on the floor. Yuan Shuai's smile on the cover page was disgusting. She cooked a bowl of noodles for herself, thinking that she hadn't spoken to him for 4 days, should she take this opportunity to vent?
     She dialed his private phone with a vicious smile. He only answered after a long time, and his background noise was noisy.
     "What are you doing?" She asked loudly.
                "Chatting with friends" he was also yelling. 

                "Are you coming back soon?"
     "I'm not finished yet, are you coming over?" He seemed to have found a relatively quiet place. "I can’t leave yet, will you be back on the weekends? I bought a lot of vegetables."
     "I try my best, have you eaten yet?"
     "No, waiting for you to eat together!"
     "Silly girl, you..." "Here you are, who are you talking to so sweetly?"
     Suddenly a woman’s voice sounded on Yuan Shuai's end, and Jiang Jun subconsciously matched her voice to the face in the magazine, "My wife, I will be back soon…” she heard Yuan Shuai reply. He continued, “... Let’s talk later. Have a good meal and I’ll call you again."
               She threw the phone down after hanging up, squatted by the magazine with the noodle bowl, and looked at the cover of the magazine again. "Here you are, who are you talking to so sweetly~" Jiang Jun pinched her nose and mimicked the way the woman talked. "We are sweet together so you better get lost."
       Jiang Jun lost her appetite.

        Yuan Shuai called her sometime later.
     "I still have some arrangements tonight, I will be back tomorrow." He said.
     "It’s okay, it's too tiring for you, I have to work overtime tomorrow too" She replied.
    "....... ."
     She continued, "focus on your work, don't worry about me."
     She hung up the phone, pondered for a while, and called the secretary in.
     It was almost midnight when she walked out of the airport and when she turned on her phone, a call came in immediately.
     "What's the matter with you, why did you turn off your phone?" Yuan Shuai was worried.
    "..." She didn’t reply.
     "What are you doing? Your background is noisy, are you still outside?"
    "........." She still didn’t reply.
             "Where are you?"
    "... Xiaoyunqiao please." He heard her say after she got in the taxi. 

                "You are here to find me, aren't you! The address is XXXXX." He laughed.
     She hung up the phone, looked down at the text message she had just received and was in a good mood.
                "Why are you wearing so little?" When the taxi stopped, Yuan Shuai greeted her, "let’s go in, hurry!" He paid the fare and brought her in. 

               "HI, Juno, haven't seen you for a long time" She was immediately recognized as soon as she entered the place with people greeting her.
     Yuan Shuai took her to the place he was at.
               "Even Juno is here. Zeus, you are influential..." LK's executive director said in a half-drunk manner. "Let me introduce some new friends to you." Yuan Shuai had an arm around her. "This is Liu Dan, the beautiful department head of the XX department."
     The woman smiled and hit him on the shoulder. The real person looks better than in the magazine. She looked at Liu Dan, "Liu Dan, this is Juno Jiang, the Juno they always mentioned."
                "Hello" she stretched out her hand, but Jiang Jun just nodded slightly and turned her face to take a drink and gave a pat to the LK director. "No wonder DU asked me to come over and help him reserve a seat. He won’t be left with any drink if he is late!"
     She smiled as raised a glass of whiskey at the two female accompanies who had totally different styles.
     "Who dares to snatch things with you..."
    Everyone was chatting happily, and Liu Dan suddenly asked "Yuan Shuai, let’s go dance."
     Who are you talking to so sweetly? It turned out to be her. Jiang Jun took a sip of her whiskey again, Red Label tastes good but the lemon flavor was a bit too much.
     She slipped to the bathroom and smoked a cigarette. When she came out, she saw Yuan Shuai standing in the safe passage diagonally opposite the door smirking at her.
     "You gangster!"
     She walked over to the sink.
     When she came back with her makeup done, she heard Liu Dan asking him, "Why don’t I see your wife here?"
     "She is in Hong Kong" He replied.
                  "She is not afraid of you finding other girls? She is so confident?" Liu Dan seemed to be slightly drunk, "they said you were "the beauty and the beast", how long have you been together." 

                Jiang Jun looked at them uncomfortably. She walked to him and Yuan Shuai put his hands on her shoulders, and glanced at Liu Dan, " I am afraid to bring her out as it can undermine your confidence." 
     After Liu Dan leave, Jiang Jun pushed him away as she said, "chatting with beautiful women is much better than chatting with you"
     "Seriously, just tell me if you are jealous." He showed his white teeth, reached for a match, brushed his arm across her chest, and looked at her brightly.
     "I miss you so much." He sucked her tongue and teased her with his fingers. The stairwell was dark and yellow, she stroked his raised desire, "me too..."

Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3.1 - Huo Xiang 藿香 (1)

After eating, Shen Xifan originally planned to go to bed earlier and sleep away all those damn memories. But the foreman suddenly ran all the way to find her, "Manager Shen, something happened!"

    She immediately jumped up, twelve minutes of vigilance. "What's going on?"

    "A guest from Villa No. 7 in Area C complained about Room Service!"

    Her temples began to hurt again for no reason, "No. 7 in Area C, No. 7 in Area C, Ling... something right?" 

The foreman nodded his head.

    "Let’s go and see." 

It was extremely cold at night in the winter. Shen Xifan only wore an ordinary suit. The thin fabrics couldn't keep out the cold. Area C was surrounded by water and the wind was strong and cold. She was so cold that she sneezed several times in a row.

    Seeing the door of Villa No. 7 opened wide, Ling Yufan leaned against the door, only buttoned one button on his shirt, playing with his glasses, smiling low, and standing next to a waiter with messy hair and shaking shoulders, taking a closer look, tears were streaming down my face, messing up her makeup.

    She can probably estimate what happened, but still tried to pretend to be an idiot in front of this young master, Shen Xifan asked cautiously, "Hello, Mr. Ling, what are your dissatisfaction with our Room Service?"

    Ling Yufan squinted his eyes, looking at Shen Xifan, he said slowly, "Your hotel’s Room Service items are more than expected. I didn't expect it to include sleeping with guests?"

    She was inwardly angry, but still kept a calm tone, "May I ask Mr. Ling to please clarify, we will correct if there is something we’ve done wrong!" 

He snorted coldly, "Can't Manager Shen see what happened?" His unbuttoned shirt was blown up by the wind, showing a well-sculpted figure.

    Shen Xifan explained patiently, "I think there must be a misunderstanding, really sorry Mr. Ling, I did not manage my subordinates well, and caused you such a big trouble, please forgive us!"

    "Misunderstanding? How could it be a misunderstanding? Hehe, Manager Shen really likes to joke, I just ordered supper, and your Room Attendant treats me as a delicacy. How do you explain this?" 

In Shen Xifan's heart, she does not believe that the room attendant throws herself on him. "Mr. Ling, we will take this matter seriously, and we will give you a satisfactory answer tomorrow morning. In order to express our apologies, I will send someone to present to you a VIP card. You can also use the golf course once and become a Member for free. For the accident caused due to our negligence in work, please forgive us!"

    Ling Yufan smiled, but to Shen Xifan his smile seemed to be provocative and disdainful. Suddenly, he approached Shen Xifan and exhaled an ambiguous breath, "Will Manager Shen be willing to personally compensate me?"

    Shen Xifan ignored him, with usual expression, and bowed to him, "If there is nothing else Mr. Ling, I will leave first. For the handling of this matter, we will notify you tomorrow, good night!"

    Ling Yufan stared blankly for a moment before he put on his glasses and gave a playful look at Shen Xifan. He found that her eyes were firm and fearless. He was surprised, glanced at the waiter and the foreman, and stomped in. After he went in, she finally heaved a breath of relief.

    The three of them did not say anything. They left the C area and walked along the trail. Shen Xifan asked, "What happened?" 

The little girl sobbed, "Manager, it's really not me. I just sent supper in, but he, He wants me and him to do that..."

   She raised her eyebrows, "I'm afraid it's not that simple? It was him who took the initiative, and you took the bait. Unexpectedly, you got bitten back, didn't you?" 

The little girl did not make a sound and bit her lips and still wanted to argue, "Director Shen, I..."

    She lowered her face, “Let's decide, do you want to take the initiative to resign or let us expel you?"

    "Manager Shen!" With a cry of voice, the little girl begged, "Please. Don't drive me away, please?"

    She rubbed her temples helplessly, her voice sounded a little weak, "I will go to the Finance Department to settle the salary tomorrow. I don’t want to say anything else. You have disappointed me because sometimes people make mistakes that are fatal, and once they make that mistake, there is no correction. I will not mention this in your appraisal. You can resign.” 

After a pause, she sighed, “Sister Zhang, you take her back first. I’ll go and check elsewhere. Don’t cause trouble again.”

    Walking along the path in the woods, her thoughts were a little confused. She remembered that she had been dismissed from the Student Union because of a mistake. At that time, she ran to Dai Heng crying, and Dai Heng told her that some mistakes had been made. There is no chance to make corrections, so it is best not to commit a crime for the rest of your life. She still couldn't understand it at that time. She didn't understand it wasn't killing, fire prevention, or robbery, why couldn't she be given another chance? Now, she understood that Dai Heng was right, and mistakes in principle and value cannot be forgiven.

    Dai Heng, Yan Heng, there was something stuck in her heart, moody, she had to look at the moonlight to divert her thoughts.

    Originally, she planned to go from Zone C to Zone F, and then back to A and B, but when she remembered that the man lived in F3, she stopped at the gate of Zone F, asked the foreman to check for her, and then reported to her by phone.

    Inadvertently, she caught a glimpse of F3. It was brightly lit and familiar. 

Dai Heng did not like to go to study rooms or libraries. He liked to turn on all the lights whenever he studied in the dormitory. He said this was his habit for many years. When his mother was not at home when he was young, he was scared and turned on all the lights at home, so that he felt at ease.

    At that time, She felt that Dai Heng was just like a lamp, and she felt at ease by his side.

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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 4.2


Chapter 4.2 - Who to show your sadness when unrequited love was the choice you made (2)

  When returning the mobile phone to Yan Ke, her hand was shaking slightly, and Yan Ke could easily feel her nervousness from deep within.

   He did not take his phone from her and gazed at her.

   In the quiet office, only the gurgling noise from the water dispenser could be heard. The two faced each other in silence. His eyes were scrutinising her, while hers was dodging his. She thought he was angry and finally couldn't help but explain: "If you think this is a prank, then I'm sorry, I just wanted to know your phone number."

   There was another silence.

  Xiong Yifan finally raised her courage to look at him but saw him turning his head to the side, rubbing his earlobe with one hand, and he seemed a bit embarrassed. He was very fair but he had a suspicious blush on his skin. He did not have many expressions usually but now, an uneasy look was visible on him. This made Xiong Yifan's heart skipped a beat.

   He is shy!

   "Since you gave me your phone number, then key in your name too." Yan Ke finally spoke and returned to his usual calmness in the very next second, as if the shyness was just a beautiful accident.

   After hearing this sentence, she widened her eyes in surprise. Her shocked expression was probably too obvious, and it made Yan Ke laugh. The smile resembles that when she saw him in the gym, his smile was enchanting, luring her deeper and deeper.

  Her finger tremblingly as she finished entering her name, she hesitated for a moment, and then entered her birthday and her home number. After typing, she glanced at Yan Ke's phone book and found that there were very few names in it, definitely not more than twenty. She was fortunate to be one of them.

   She handed the phone back to Yan Ke, and he reached over to take it. Their fingertips touched accidentally, and his fingers were cold. The moment their finger touched, it seemed to like a match stick, creating a burning flame on her hands, and the warmness traveled to her heart, bewitching her.

   "Xiong..." Yan Ke glanced at her name and couldn't help laughing, "Your surname is weirder than mine."

   "No, my surname seems a bit macho but your surname sounds very elegant..." She immediately regretted what she said as she realized that she had made it obvious that she knew his name.

   He looked up at her, his deep eyes burning into hers, making her guilty. Then, an imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He nodded, said nothing more, and walked out of the office while putting his phone in his pocket.

   Xiong Yifan hardly remembers she even got back to the classroom, her head was dizzy, filled with erratic happiness.

   When she returned to the classroom, the class was filled with a repressive atmosphere, and Xiong Yifan felt it despite her dizziness. At this time, there is a weird situation in the classroom. Students were not allowed to leave the class, but they can chat freely, or go to the toilet if they need.

   Xiong Yifan first gave the medicine to Ding Ming, helped her take a cup of warm water, watched her take the medicine, and then returned to her seat. She turned to ask the student behind her, "What is the situation now?"

   "I heard there were people fighting outside, and they were chased around by the police. Some of them came into our school and the teachers were afraid that it would be unsafe for us to go out."

   Xiong Yifan nodded. She knew that the cell phones were returned to the students after seeing that there was another student holding her cell phone in the classroom. So she took out hers and immediately saved Yan Ke's number.

  The campus turmoil ended in the afternoon. On the first day of the exam, there were three subjects to be tested, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. After that, they would need to go back to their classroom for a self-study session.

   Xiong Yifan has been immersed in joy. When she was putting her head on the desk she scratched the desk excitedly and it attracted the attention of everyone in the class. Ding Ming still did not know that her cramps had indirectly helped someone.

  After school, she returned to her dorm. Xiong Yifan lay on her bed and put on a sheet mask. She was holding her mobile phone in her hand, staring at Yan Ke's phone number in a daze. She is really tempted to send a text message to Yan Ke but was afraid that she would disturb his night revision. She hesitated for a long time and finally pressed the send button.

   Her SMS was very random: "What are you doing?"

   She stared at the phone for ten minutes, her body fidgeted, but the posture of holding the phone had not changed as she waited for his reply anxiously. The phone has been very quiet, the screen went black but she turned it on again. Unfortunately, there was no incoming reply but her anticipation was not annihilated. The longer she waited, the more stressed she felt. Her time is like the sand gradually accumulating in the bottom half of the hourglass. Every sand that moved down meant an increase of frustration for her, to a point that almost made her cry.

   Humans are always hypocritical creatures, they always want to find some psychological comfort, even if they deceive themselves for their humble yet weak self-esteem. So she slowly sent a second text message: "I sent it wrongly."

   It wasn’t a question anymore. Even if he didn’t reply, it would be understandable.

  The very next moment, her mobile phone vibrated with an incoming text message, saying: "I'm reading your text message."

   Such a reply, though perfunctory, filled her heart with excitement. This is the first text message he sent her. It was worth commemorating and represents a big step forward in their relationships.

   She soon forgot about the second text message she sent him and replied Yan Ke "All the best for tomorrow's exam!" She didn't realize how lovely and abnormal her tone is.

   This time, the text message came back quickly, and there it was a short reply on the screen: "Der!" (slang interjection used to characterize a comment as stupid or obvious)


Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 - High-Grade Nanny (1)

 The 11th Golden Week is approaching quickly. Luo Zhi did not go home and stayed in Beijing to continue working as a part-time tutor to make money. 

On the evening of September 30th, She stayed up all night until 9am on October 1st and completed a 10,000 words translation. The translation became even more concise in the second half, she finally made it to the end and mailed it to the designated mailbox in a daze, and immediately collapsed on the bed unconscious.

(illa: The Golden Week, Mainland China, is the name given to a semi-annual 7/8 days national holiday)

    She woke up at six o'clock in the evening. She was so hungry that she had a stomachache. While she was struggling to open the packing of the bread, her phone ringed.

    It's Tiffany's mother.

    She has been working as a tutor since the first semester of her college degree. This role of a tutor is a bit special. To put it bluntly, she is the little nanny who looks after her two Chinese-American children, a pair of siblings, the elder brother is in the fifth grade, and the younger sister is in the fourth grade. they just returned to China two years ago and studied at an international school in Shanghai for a year, and now studying in another international elementary school in Beijing.

    She was sitting in the BMW X5 that day and it took an hour to get to Tiffany's home from school. She never knew that there is such a villa area in the suburbs of Beijing, like a small manor in the movie, exquisitely like the fairy tale cardboard puzzle that she ate when she was a child, and the candy house was made by the fairy tale cardboard puzzle with the Orion Chocolate Pie. As soon as she got out of the car, she saw a boy holding a beautiful golden retriever open the white fence of the yard and running towards her. A little girl chased it out behind him, looking like a cute loli in a Japanese cartoon.

    Then they stopped in front of her, and the girl showed deep dimples when she laughed.

    "I'm Tiffany, and who are you?"

    In Luo Zhi’s mind, everything was broken and in disorder. All of this in front of her is simply a Taiwanese idol drama with no cannibalistic fireworks. Maybe she is lonely and ignorant, but with all the living things in front of her eyes, who can't help but twitch the corners of their mouth.

    No matter how shocked, she still pretended to be calm on the surface, lowered her head, smiled sweetly and kindly, and said to her in her pretty confident voice, "I'm Juno."

    Then she raised her head and turned towards them. A beautiful pale mother standing in front of the rose wall nodded her head.

    For the first time in her life, she saw three Filipino domestic helpers. For the first time, she saw her child’s full-time piano teacher play a pull concerto in front of a pure white grand piano. For the first time, she threw a frisbee on the big grass with the Golden Retriever. It's the first time she sits in a yard with a BBQ...

    It turns out that the days of the children of high-ranking cadres and rich people in the novel are really true.

    But it was not too outrageous, at least she hadn't seen the manor castle and the British butler.

    In the afternoon, she spoke to them in Chinese and English, corrected their composition grammar, and helped them understand what the Tang poems required by their mothers to be memorized every day means. She accompanies Tiffany to practice her little marriage proposal. The most important thing is, Play with them.

    In fact, she is not close to her children. She has a phobia of babies, and she can't handle any other children younger than three years old. She is not good at teasing intimately, and she doesn't know how to mingle with them. In fact, the children liked her very much, but they only liked her instead of being close. They would look at her with timid and curious eyes, carefully hand her a piece of fruit, listen to the story around her, and then pounce on others acting like a baby.

    But she had to work hard to please the two children, hoping they would like her. This is a high-paying job, but the technical content is not high. She hopes to get this job, so she has to "unintentionally" show her talent and affinity to the mistress who has been quietly observing at the side.

    Later, it is said that she defeated more than 20 candidates and became a glorious family tutor...

    More than half a year passed, she and Tiffany got closer and closer, and she didn’t have to pretend to be particularly lively and outgoing in front of them like the first day. She slowly returned to what she was before, still trying her best to teach them, but she always seems absent-minded when playing with them.

    Now she has become accustomed to the gap between the world in that small villa and her own world, so that every time she returns to the dilapidated dormitory from Tiffany's house, she feels lost and sighed with emotion, as if she had just travelled back in time.

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Gain and Lost

   At 10 o'clock in the morning, the phone was ringing like crazy. The doorbell too.
    Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai looked at each other sleepily... "Oh crap, oh crap" Yuan Shuai draped a towel across his shoulders and whirled at the door with his phone by the door. "Shit, shit" Jiang Jun walked around barefooted looking for her clothes that were left everywhere. She jumped into her pants and mouthed, "who is it?" Yuan Shuai mouthed back," the secretary". She jumped into the bathroom and threw Yuan Shuai a bathrobe as she murmured"don’t say I'm here, I'm not here..."
     Soon, she heard a sound the sound of the lock "open the door, they are gone."
     She opened a tiny gap of the bathroom door and peeked her head out "What's the situation?"
    He hung her bra around her neck. "The important members of the government are waiting to meet us at the villa, let's go hero!"
     "They for sure will force us to get married" She twisted her fingers hard and he glanced at her. "Then we shall get married, are you not happy with that?"
     "Then what about your Beijing branch?"
        "Who cares"
     "But not now, let’s settle the branch first."
    "..." He didn't speak and tightly held his hands on the steering wheel.
     He wants to ask her if she love him.
     But he dare not because he is afraid.
     Even when she shows a slight hesitation.
     He can't afford to lose… He really can't afford to lose.
     At the gate of the villa, he kissed her, "Don’t be afraid, I’m with you."
     She smiled reluctantly, held his hands firmly, and walked into the door...
     She carefully helped Yuan Shuai soothe the bruise around his eyes.
     "Uncle Yuan was too ruthless, even your eyes are red"
     He chuckled, and gently touched her face, "He hit me on behalf of your grandfather, didn’t I ruin your innocence? Tss… softer."
     "I think they did it on purpose. Why did they ask us to sign the blank form? It won’t make us legalized."
     "In case you get pregnant, we would be able to shift our marriage in advance for a year or half, once there’s the official stamp on it, they won’t lose face."
     "Jun, we will be couples in the future..."
     They took turns to accompany their family members like a newly married couple. When he went back to the city to work, she stayed in his apartment in the city, helping him organize his documents, complete her own work, prepare a meal and wait for him to return. After the meal, they would either go for a walk or a movie, make love at night until they are exhausted, hug and fall asleep together.
     Jiang Jun has never lived such a leisure life. She has always been busy, busy studying, busy working and socializing. When the pace of her life slows down, she suddenly finds her private life very boring. She has no brothers or sisters, and she no friends that she can talk in a heart to heart manner, even her relationship with her family members drifted slightly apart after the incident years ago.
     She picked up the phone, there were thousands of contact numbers in the list, none of which she could call. When she walked on the street, watching other people in pairs, or in gangs, she could only think of Yuan Shuai.
     He is her brother, her close friend, and her lover. There is only him in her world.
     She suddenly panics. . .
    When DU called her, she was staring at the phone in a daze.
     "You didn’t have a good rest, you sound so restless. You partied with your friends too much." He commented
     "SALLY asked to be assigned to your group, what do you think of that?"
    "Are you ok?"
     "I’m fine, DU, I found that I am really suitable to be a workaholic"
     He laughed, "Okay, then when you come back to work, you'd better work for 24 hours."
     "You are insulting me, I am Banker, more cold-blooded than capitalists"
     "If you are not happy, come back, shall we go skiing in Davos?"
     "In your dreams, I will be doing labor for you again."
     "Hehe, go to the mailbox to see our photos in Beijing, you were beautiful."
     She chatted with DU for a while and was in a good mood. She turned on the laptop and went online to look through the photos.
     When Yuan Shuai came home that night, he saw her lying next to the laptop sleeping soundly, with a smile on her mouth. He walked over. He wanted to carry her back to the room but when he accidentally pressed onto the keyboard. He saw Jiang Jun and DU's happy smile on the screen.
     He coaxed her to go to bed and went back to the study. He looked through the pictures one by one. DU had an arm around her waist and they leaned into each other tightly. They looked at each other and smiled. It’s all about them, them and only them.
    Where am I? Yuan Shuai asked himself, what am I in her heart?
     She once said to Yin Zhe, "It turns out that this is love, then I will never love again."
     She was lying in the snow, the wound on her head was bleeding with the blood of bright red oozing out from her wound, seeping into the snow. She pushed Yin Zhe baway and looked at Yuan Shuai, "Brother Yuanyuan, take me away"
     She never wants to love again.
     She never loves again.
     Is this God's punishment for Yuan Shuai?
  On the early morning of the New Year’s Day, Yuan Shuai took her to an ancient house in Nancheng. Under the century-old ancient tree, he knelt on the bluestone slab and worshipped devoutly. She didn’t know what he was praying for. She looked at the red silk thread hanging on the trees and kneeled beside him, begging for happiness, they must be happy.