Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.4

Chapter 17.4 - Shopping Mall (4)

“Miss Su, are you paying your card or…” At this moment, the attendant approached and asked.

“Card.” Su Jinbei was about to take out her wallet, but there was already a golden card in front of the attendant. The attendant took the card with envy, “Sir, please wait a moment.”

On the other side, Xia Lu looked at Zhou Shiyun in surprise. If he was just an ordinary doctor, how could he be so generous? The high heels bought by Su Jinbei ranged from a few thousand to tens of thousands, and ordinary people would not pay for it without blinking.

Su Jinbei was not surprised, this money was nothing in the eyes of the Zhou family’s second grandson.

“Zhou Shiyun, you made a special trip to pay for me, how sweet.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her. He was the one who brought her over this time, he thought he had an obligation to ensure her safety, so he came to her.

Zhou Shiyun felt a little helpless. Did this person not understand that she was easily recognisable and was even easier to surround?


The bodyguard had two more bags in his hand.

Su Jinbei was in a good mood after buying her beloved high-heeled shoes, “Xia Lu, there is a new coat in the store in front, let’s go.”

Xia Lu coughed, “Uh, Jinbei, Mr. Zhou is here to find you, how about we stop shopping for today.”

Su Jinbei paused and looked back at Zhou Shiyun, with a look that says “I will be devastated if you don’t let me continue shopping”, “Can I still go shopping?”

Zhou Shiyun should have said she couldn’t. He came to take her back. But looking at her pitiful eyes, he suddenly lost the desire to say no.

Quiet for a moment, he averted his eyes, “Up to you.”

Su Jinbei’s face lightened immediately, and she patted Zhou Shiyun’s shoulder with satisfaction, “I just know you are the best.”

Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, ignoring the strange eyes of the bodyguard behind him, and went straight forward.



“It really is Su Jinbei!”

“This was the exact location the blogger mentioned. I told you it was right.”

Su Jinbei and Xia Lu had heard the whispers behind them before they could reach the clothing store. Xia Lu glanced back and whispered, “You’ve been recognized.”

Su Jinbei followed her eyes. Sure enough, there were several girls holding their phones up to take pictures of her. Su Jinbei silently put on her sunglasses. She didn’t wear makeup today…

“Jinbei jie, can, can I have your signature.” Finally, a girl came forward boldly. However, she was blocked by two bodyguards in front of Su Jinbei before she approached.

The girl was so thin and frail that the bodyguards nearly toppled her over. Su Jinbei quickly stepped forward to grab her arm, “Be careful.”

The girl looked excited, “Thank you, thank you, I really like you.”

Su Jinbei smiled at her, and her heart was always soft for such a cute little fan, “I didn’t bring a pen, do you have any.”

“Yes, yes!” The girl quickly took out a pen from the bag, and then handed over the notebook again, “Sign here.”

Su Jinbei nodded and signed quickly. The girls behind them quickly stepped forward, “I want a sign too!”

“Me too, me too.”

“Jinbei jie, you are so beautiful up close.”

“Thank you.” Su Jinbei coughed lightly. Her face was completely covered, how would they know.

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Yuan Shui & DU

Yuan Shuai had expected such a result a long time ago, how could DU let go easily?
     The origin of his relationship with DU. When he and DU were still in the GT IBD department a few years ago, he and DU were both fledgling and struggling to fight.
    His subordinate LINDA, when he was about to be promoted to DM, took his big client to DU. He was implicated and became hostile. He tried his best to disrupt those businesses and attacked LINDA through various channels. Until she was forced to turn to be behind the scenes, she never dared to show her face and swagger publicly.
     Even though his boss persuaded him tactfully at the time, don't do things too hard, LINDA is DU's mistress after all. He was too lazy to pay attention to it. To be kind to the betrayer is to be cruel to himself. He firmly believes that. The most important thing is that he wants to give DU an unforgettable memory.
    Until DM was officially appointed, the next day he was in charge of FID's business, he called DU to play ball, and DU invited him back to dinner.
     Since then, he has worked with DU several times in private. After all, the two sides have different business concerns, and there is no direct conflict of interest. Instead of using multiple powerful opponents, it is better to use each other and get what you need.
    DU is an old fox who has only a thousand years of knowledge. He knows the rules of the game well, so he can decisively and calmly overturn in MH.
     They are very similar in some respects. They are unscrupulous about what they want. There is nothing that cannot be used or sacrificed.  
    Apart from. . . . . . . Jiang Jun has long been rumored about the ambiguous relationship between DU and Juno. There is a serious imbalance between men and women in this circle, especially the few people who have seen it are pitiful. Although she is deliberately low-key, she is a charming and charming beauty. The appearance attracted the attention of interested people in the Quartet. Coupled with DU's undisguised special care. Rumors spread. . . . . .
    At the beginning, Yuan Shuai suspected that DU was deliberately provoking the fight between Jiang Jun and LINDA. As long as the mediation is wise, the disagreement between employees will always be the most desirable thing for the boss to see.
    Neither DU nor LINDA would think of it. Jiang Jun is a person who has always struggled with evil forces to the end. This little girl's surging means is beyond ordinary people's ability to deal with, coupled with his deliberately raising points and provocations nearby, the situation is far beyond DU's control.
     "There is her without me, there is me without her." Jiang Jun angrily stuck his waist like a two-ear porcelain vase.
     Yuan Shuai knows that Jiang Jun does not care about this job and salary, just want to fight for his breath.
     Although LINDA can't beat Jiang Jun, after all, he has years of investment banking experience and has been desperate to help DU fight the world. How can DU not help her? But if DU helps LINDA, Jiang Jun will resign immediately.
     Her aptitude is very good, but her personality is too stubborn, such a person will not be manipulated willingly.
     If he is DU, he must choose LINDA. It is not easy to support a confidant. Every step on their chessboard is set after careful consideration. The uncontrollable pieces must be completely abolished. DU understands this truth earlier than he, and is familiar with it.
     When he was shocked to hear that DU had destroyed the woman who had been with him for many years for Jiang Jun’s time bomb. He began to doubt DU's motives.
    Unless DU knows about Jiang Jun’s real family background and wants to use her to do something, the probability of this is zero. So what could be the reason why a man is willing to take such a big risk for a woman?

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.3

Chapter 17.3 - Shopping Mall (1)

Xia Lu, “Who is it?”

Su Jinbei mysteriously replied, “A really cute guy.”

“Oh.” Xia Lu rolled her eyes at her, “Which one is it, is it Xu Jiawei?”

“Tsk, why are we talking about Xu Jiawei now?”

Xia Lu laughed hard, “I’ve been keeping up with the news lately.”

Su Jinbei shook her head helplessly and continued looking around. What she didn’t know was that Zhou Shiyun asked the butler for her bodyguard’s phone number after hanging up her call.

“Just these three.” Su Jinbei gave the bags to the attendant, and the attendant happily went to get the bill. These bags were exorbitantly expensive, the attendant treated customers who bought them like they were gods.

After paying the bill, Su Jinbei politely handed the bags over to the bodyguards standing outside, “Sorry to trouble you.”

Then, she turned around and took Xia Lu into another store.

When Zhou Shiyun arrived, Su Jinbei and Xia Lu were eagerly trying on high heels.

“Su Jinbei.”

“Ah?” No one can pull Su Jinbei’s sight away from the high heels, not even Su Jinbei’s current beau. So she didn’t say a word, but pulled Xia Lu next to her and said, “This looks so good, this color is absolutely amazing, isn’t it?”

She asked for a long time yet Xia Lu didn’t respond. She depressedly followed Xia Lu’s line of sight and froze after realizing who had come. “Zhou Shiyun, why are you here.”

Xia Lu pulled Su Jinbei’s sleeve, “Who is this guy, you know him?”

Su Jinbei coughed slightly, “The really cute guy I was calling just now. Did you forget?”

Xia Lu was speechless, so there really was a cute guy… She had thought Su Jinbei was just joking.

But… Xia Lu seriously looked at the man in front of her, his face was clear and exquisite, and his height was more than 180cm. What’s more important was his icy aura, it was an ingrained coldness. People who didn’t gravitate towards it would be blind.

Who is this? Someone in the industry? Impossible, she had never seen or heard of him.

“Are you done, come back with me.” Zhou Shiyun’s eyes were faint, kept on Su Jinbei’s body.

“Of course I’m not done.” Su Jinbei wore different shoes on both feet and walked to Zhou Shiyun. “Tell me, which of the two pairs looks better.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced down casually, “Not good.”

Su Jinbei smiled, and suddenly stared right at him, “Oh, I forgot that you have bad taste, it’s no use asking you.”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

Su Jinbei called the attendant over, “Excuse me, wrap these two up.”

The attendant hurried forward, “Okay, Miss Su.”

Su Jinbei changed back to her original shoes, and said, “Oh, I forgot to introduce you, this is my good friend Xia Lu.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her and nodded politely.

“Xia Lu, this is my… friend, his name is Zhou Shiyun.”

Xia Lu smiled, “Hello, Mr. Zhou.”


Xia Lu pulled Su Jinbei and asked in a low voice, “Who is he.”

“An ordinary person.” Su Jinbei said, “He was my attending doctor last time.”

Xia Lu’s eyes widened, she silently gave Su Jinbei a thumbs up. She could even pull this off, Su Jinbei really was Su Jinbei.

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Uneasy

     Jiang Jun vaguely felt something was off and DU's attitude was too abnormal. \He was like an old mother repeatedly telling her to ignore the company's affairs and take a good break. She joked, "Then I will give you the phone to completely cut off contact with the outside world and be a primitive person."
     He was stunned, nodded. To her surprise, he said, "That’s good, then it won’t delay things."
     It's not that she thought too much, she clearly felt that the atmosphere was really weird.
     "What's wrong?" She asked anxiously, "No, I'm worried about your body." He smiled and asked, "Can you tell me your private number?"
     "Huh? How did you know I had one?" After asking, she regretted it secretly. Had her question clearly meant she had a private number?
     He knocked her head mockingly, "Ever since you accidentally left your phone with me last time, I haven't heard you made a private call on this phone"
     After telling him the number. She threw her mobile phone to him. "If something goes wrong with the case I handed you, you should be aware of my knife!" she made a throat slash gesture.
     "You are really generous," he muttered and put her phone away, "Shall we have dinner together? Recently, Ritan opened a new private restaurant, very authentic Huaiyang cuisine, I have already reserved a seat."
     She made a crying face, "No, I'm going home to take medicine."
     "Fine then, I'll send you home, we will go there after you take your medicine. They sell herbal and nourishing soup there." He called the driver to drive over, "I am not eating that. I am having chicken soup and fish soup every day. I can't stand it anymore. When I have rested enough, I will treat you instead."
     He picked up her purse "Alright, you rest early, I will send you back."
     "It’s okay, I live in a hutong(Beijing alley), the company car is too big to drive in. I can go back myself"
    She left the teahouse and went to wash her face in the restroom. DU called again. Maybe something really happened. She picked up the phone with wet hands, "HEY, forgot to warn you, but don’t play too wildly until you forgot to contact me. Phone , Email, MSN are all fine. Keep me up to date"
     "take care"
     "Well" she drew a tissue. Wipe off the water droplets on the chin "..."
     "I get it, I will"
     "Also" he paused and said hesitantly "Be careful of Zeus"
     "What's wrong with him?" She instinctively asked, "It's nothing, I'm afraid you will be swayed by him to resign, then I will lose you. Anyway, take a good rest and come back to work for me soon."
     "Okay, take care too." She knew that even if she continued to ask, he would not disclose any information.
     There must be something happening! She remembered Yin Zhe telling her, "Do you know how much business he has taken away from us recently? SALLY and the others are under him now. Someone in MH is taking this opportunity to create trouble. If you resign and go to them, DU will be in deep trouble."
     She leaned on the sink and thought about it, but decided to call Yin Zhe to ask for more information. She took out her mobile phone and found out that there were only a few phone numbers from relatives in the phone book. She regretted giving her work phone to DU so quickly. Forget it, whatever! Jiang Jun thought about calling Yuan Shuai casually, his voice sounded, "Done talking?"
     "Yea, come and pick me up"
     She sighed, looked at the mirror and mimicked how Yuan Shuai talked in an angry tone, "Wait and see what I will do when we get home."

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17.2 - Shopping Mall (2)

“Xia Lu, darling.” Su Jinbei gave Xia Lu a big hug as soon as she entered the room. The two had not seen each other for a long time because they were busy.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, come, come, I ordered your favorite foods.” Xia Lu pulled the chair and affectionately sat her down.

Su Jinbei looked at the dishes, “Sigh, I’m going to gain weight again. I ate too well at the hospital last time and gained a few pounds.”

Xia Lu rolled her eyes, “Don’t say this, if you’re fat, then what are people like us.”

Su Jinbei glanced at her, “What do you mean people like you. Look at yourself. You lost so much weight filming one movie.”

Xia Lu shrugged, “This… I can’t help it. It was tough there and I stayed there for so long.”

“So you have to make up for it by eating more.” Su Jinbei threw most of the meat into the pot, Since He Di’s not here, let’s feast.”

The two of them sat at the large table full of dishes and happily chatted as they ate.

After eating, Su Jinbei’s shopping addiction reared its ugly head. It is quite true that “when women get together, they either eat or shop”. Speaking of, Su Jinbei hadn’t gone shopping for a long time.

Because the place where the two ate was near a shopping mall with a few well-known brands, at the time they felt they should go there to shop.

Although Xia Lu was an actor, she wasn’t that popular. People on the road would only think she looked familiar if they ran into her. Su Jinbei was different. “Delicious Sunday” was viral these days and coupled with her numerous scandals with various male celebrities, it was impossible for people on the road to not recognise her.

Fortunately, she wore a lowkey outfit today, and she had no makeup on. It was even harder to recognize her since she wore a mask as well. Moreover, because the mall was relatively pricey, there weren’t usually many people shopping there.

Arriving at the shopping mall, Su Jinbei and Xia Lu walked into a bag shop, Xiao Zi accompanied them, and the two bodyguards of the Zhou family were waiting outside the shop.

“Jinbei, is He Di not here, did you hire those two?”

Su Jinbei was happily trying on a shoulder bag, “Ah, He Di, I told her to take a break since it’s the end of the year. As for the two outside… It’s always safer to go out with bodyguards.”

Su Jinbei knew she shouldn’t say too much about the Zhou family to other people. Not that she didn’t trust Xia Lu, but there was really no need to mention that place with cumbersome rules and traditions.

“Buzz.” Just then, Su Jinbei’s cell phone rang.


“Where are you.” At the end of the phone was Zhou Shiyun’s voice.

Su Jinbei smiled, “What’s wrong, did you miss me?”

“… Don’t run around alone.”

“I’m not alone, I brought people, I am shopping with my friends.”

Zhou Shiyun, “Shopping, you?”

Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, “Yeah, me.”

Zhou Shiyun paused for a while, and finally hummed, saying, “Stay safe.”

He hung up immediately after. Su Jinbei looked at the dark screen, just like that? She snorted and threw the phone into her bag.

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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7.3 - 中蜜 Honey (3)

     She blushed strangely, and Li Jie said bluntly, "Miss Shen has been discussing the topic of my senior brother just now, could it be that you like my older brother...”
     She quickly shook her hand, "I, no, I just... I was curious, so I just..." The more guilty she was, the more she couldn't explain clearly, and her embarrassment was obvious in Li Jie's eyes. 
     Li Jie blinked, “It's okay, do you think my big brother is a very good person? Don't worry, he doesn't have a girlfriend yet. If you are interested, I can help you! ”
     Shen Xifan was a little puzzled. There is no reason why she would like a doctor whom she has only met a few times. In total, they have spoken for less than an hour. It's just because he is very handsome, very kind, and very good. Is this considered liking someone, she is a bit frivolous, right? 
     She had no choice but to explain, “Li Jie, I just think He Suye is very nice and wants to be friends with him, just as I also think you are very easy-going and nice, so I really want to be friends with you too. ”
     Li Jie was embarrassed, “I misunderstood, Miss Shen, don't be angry, so I will treat you to dinner as a gift? ”
     On the contrary, Shen Xifan secretly scolded herself for treating a gentleman with the heart of a villain, and laughed, “Just call me Shen Xifan. If you call me Miss Shen, I really don't know how to be friends. I'm hungry. Let's eat! ”
     The two looked at each other and smiled, and they both felt that they hit it off with each other, but as a couple, not a chance! 

    They went to eat northeast cuisine, as business in the shop was very good so there was no private room, they could only sit by the window near the door. Li Jie was afraid that Shen Xifan would mind. Who knew that as soon as she sat down, she pointed to the crowd coming and going outside the door, narrowed her eyes and smiled, “Li Jie, it feels really good to see that others are busy, but here we are eating leisurely. ”
     He found her very easy-going and comfortable. 
     She ordered three dishes, all of which were signature dishes. Although not a lot of dishes, they were of good portion and good taste. The two of them had a lot of fun. Halfway through the meal, Shen Xifan felt that someone seemed to be looking at her. She raised his head and blurted out, "Doctor He? ”
     Li Jie immediately raised his head and saw He Suye pushing the door, entering quickly. The first thing he said was to Shen Xifan, “Why didn't you go get the medicine today?" Did you forget it again? I just reminded you yesterday! ”
     Shen Xifan had no choice but to smile, “I forget, I will go tomorrow, it won’t expire right!" ”
     Seeing that the two people finished their meal, the waiter delivered the bill. The two of them reached out for their wallets at the same time. Li Jie was faster to pay the bill. Shen Xifan said naturally and generously, “I will invite you to dinner another day! ”
     She got up and went to the bathroom, and He Suye finally uncertainly asked, “How did you two meet?" ”
     Li Jie’s chopstick knocked onto the bowl and said, "Big brother, by the way, this blind date was planned out by my mother, and we met as a result. We hit it off quick well but there is no personal male-female relationship involved.
     After a pause, he added kindly, “I think I came on a blind date for you, what a strange feeling! ”
     He Suye was stunned, immediately said, “Me? Blind date, what nonsense! ”
    Shen Xifan and He Suye live in the same small neighbourhood. The three of them parted in Times Square. The two of them went all the way back together. Shen Xifan was in a very good mood today. He Suye saw her looking around non-stop, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, and he also felt infected. 
     People are coming and going about on the street, and it was Christmas in five days, and then the New Year. There are Christmas trees in the shops, colourful lights, and MerryChristmas and HappyNewYear sprayed on the windows. The musical fountain on the square was colourfully decorated. 
     Suddenly, he felt someone pulling the corner of his clothes, looking down, and a girl selling flowers said to him, “Big brother, buy your girlfriend a bouquet of flowers! ”
     He was a little at a loss, Shen Xifan laughed “puff”, "Little friend, he is my dad, you made a mistake! ”
     The little girl looked at them in disbelief and walked away suspiciously. He Suye looked at Shen Xifan and snickered. She was really helpless. She was wearing a red and black plaid cotton-padded coat, a ponytail, and big eyes with high spirits. She didn't look like a 25-year-old professional woman at all. I'm afraid some people believe that she is a high school student. He sighed, “Sure enough, I am old. ”
     Shen Xifan comforted him, “Dr. He likes to eat jelly, old in appearance but your heart is not old! ”
     When she walked to the supermarket in the community, she rushed in. He Suye waited for her at the door. After a while, she came out, carrying a large bag of things, Shen Xifan asked him, “He Suye, do you like sweet food?" ”
     This was the first time he heard her call his name. He couldn't tell the feeling. He just felt that when she uttered the word “Su Ye” with a soft accent, it felt special. It was a bit like the medium honey used by his grandfather when he made honey pills when he was a child. Sweet and sticky. 
     He nodded, “I like it, what's the matter? ”
    She took out a piece of Dove chocolate, “In return for the jelly, He Suye should decoct the medicine well, take this as a thank you gift from the patient to the doctor! ”
     He took it with a smile, Shen Xifan's face was a little red, and she probably regretted her boldness. With his clear eyes, he could see through this lass’s idea all at once. 
     However, this is the first time that he has not rejected someone's straightforward affection for him, he was not like this even towards Zhang Yiling.

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 26

Chapter 26 - Heaven or Hell

     "I am resigning," Jiang Jun said, DU looked at Jiang Jun with a smile, his expression unreadable.

     "I am better than everyone in the IBD department" was the sentence he said to DU 4 years ago when she was still an innocent little girl, with neat short hair, pink and upturned ingot-shaped lips, clear eyes, and a clean looking face. What a pity! He amusedly looked at her pointed ears protruding from her black hair.
    They chatted for a few hours, not about her academic qualifications, but her reactions to situations, understanding of things, and clear expression all surprised him. How old is this girl again?
    She is excellent, but what he wants is the best.
     She is a beautiful diamond, and he is the best diamond cutter.
    He kept suppressing her, moulding her impatience away, training her endurance with the most boring and trivial work, and letting her work overtime until late at night. He secretly watched her from behind, listening to her crying in the stairwell, viciously cursing him. He laughed while thinking that the venting mechanism of this little girl was so simple and direct.
     He likes to listen to her Beijing accent she inadvertently brings out, so delicate, crisp and sweet.
     He likes to see the brilliance of her eyes, even if her eyes are red and swollen, they still showed confidence and persistence.
     He was bewildered and broke the rules for her time and time again, giving her strength but at the same time looking forward to her improving. He longed that one day, they can stand side by side together on the highest peak, smiling at the achievements they made.
     At the moment when she was promoted to the President of IBD Asia Pacific, he felt unbearable excitement. He knew that her wings were already fully grown and their dream was about to be realized.
     But she just said "I am resigning"
     "Little kid Juno! What do you want?" He has never felt so powerless. "I... I really need a rest, I feel exhausted." Jiang Jun anxiously looked away. "Okay, rest! Half a year? A year? Turn off your phone, don't think about anything, leave it alone. Rest enough, then come back!"
     She looked at him in amusement, "I will lose my position in MH in just 2 months if I rest like that, let alone half a year."
     "As long as you take a good rest and keep your body healthy, don't worry about the rest, I will take care of it." He held her hand and his eyes were firm, "If I am here, no one can replace you.”
     "DU, actually I..."
    He placed his fingertips on her lips, "Stop, Juno, stop saying things like that... Please"
     He gave her wings but she was about to fly out of his sky.
    Where is she going to fly to? GT? There has been news in the industry that Juno will become the vice president of GT China.
     After the management shifts in MH, many of the employees who have left MH are all working in GT, which resulted in MH losing a lot of business. Now, a new rumour about Juno leaving MH spread. She will also resign and go to GT. Even the president has personally approached DU and asked him to investigate the matter carefully. He knows the whole story well. He believes in Juno. Even after seeing the letter of recommendation she wrote to Zeus, she still trusted her. She just couldn’t bear to ruin SALLY’s future. She helped SALLY while pushing herself into the storm. If MH is going to put the blame on her, her future might be ruined.
     The man with a pleasant appearance and cold dark eyes appeared in his mind. Why is it Zeus? They battled against each other in the past, this man is unreadable and shady, the means he took to win was way unexpected that even he needs to call defeat. How could Juno fight him?
    Jiang Jun looked at DU, and felt his anxiety and fear. She remembered DU standing at the door 4 years ago and telling her, "It’s up to you to decide if IBD is heaven or hell"
     2 years ago, DU opened the door for her, smiled and stretched out his hand "Welcome to heaven"
    The current DU standing in front of her became so lonely and sad. He said, "Stop saying like that... Please"
    He picked her out of the 400 interns, and forced her to become strong in the shortest time and trained her like a devil. He arranged everything for her. The only thing she had to do was work hard and persevere. Without him, there would be no Juno today. He drew her a barrier and he is her shield.
    DU her boss, teacher, and a friend.
     There were tears in her eyes, she bit her lip, and nodded, DU took a long sigh of relief, and he knew she doesn’t have a heart of a stone. He knew where her weakness was. Hitting the snake seven inches below will result in a fatal blow.

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