My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 13.2

Chapter 13.2 - Victory at the very end (2)

Cong Rong looked up at him, "Do you believe in love at first sight?"

Wen Shaoqing smiled, "Why not?"

Cong Rong shook her head without answering.

"I was originally planning to get a bordie collie ... When I saw Rang Yi Rang, though it wasn’t a bordie collie, I loved it at first sight." Cong Rong repeated in a low voice, her face without many expressions.

Maybe that is how love is like.

He believed in love at first sight. Like is like, dislike is dislike, so were they fated?

She hid her disappointment beneath her indifferent look and a mixture of feelings overwhelmed her suddenly. She blurted out, "So... you said that you liked someone, was it because of love at first sight?"

Wen Shaoqing was stunned, "What?"

Cong Rong continued, "Zhong Zhen said, you told him that you have someone you like."

"Oh, you're talking about this." Wen Shaoqing suddenly laughed, and then shook his head for a while before answering, "No."

Cong Rong did not give up, "Why was that the case?"

Wen Shaoqing no longer answered, but threw a question to her, "What about you? What do you like about me?"

Cong Rong was finally annoyed, and her eyes burned like fire. What did he mean? Why was he treating her like this when he already had someone he liked?!

Cong Rong stood up angrily, ready to leave.

Wen Shaoqing watched her turning from expressionless to angry and then glaring at him. He sighed. No matter how sensible and calm the woman is, after all, she is a woman. Then he patted Rang Yi Rang, "Stop her from leaving."

Rang Yi Rang Rong quickly rushed to the door and stood in front of Cong Rong, showing his fierce look.

Cong Rong was afraid of it, and now she dare not go forward. She took a few steps back and glared at the calm and relaxed Wen Shaoqing sitting on the sofa, "Is that what your pet is for?"

"Would you like to have one too?" Wen Shaoqing suggested seriously, "Let me think of a pet without hair... Ah, yes, pigs! You can get yourself some pigs!"

Cong Rong glared at him, "Hurry, tell it to go away!"

Wen Shaoqing looked at her, laughed and said coolly: "You tell it yourself."

"Wen Shaoqing! This is an illegal house arrest! I will send you a lawyer's letter!"

"Why are you so irritable every time we talk about you liking me?"

"I am not!"


Cong Rong took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her emotions.

Attorney Cong calmed down. When she quarreled with others, not being calm is a taboo. Don't be angry. Don't be angry. Your quarreling experience is way more than Wen Shaoqing's. He is just a layman, and can never win you.

She looked back quickly, smiled at Wen Shaoqing, and spoke, "At that time I was too young and thought that the feeling was love. Looking back, I realise it was just my heartbeat that was being abnormal. You, Dr. Wen is a professional doctor. Occasional irregular heartbeat is not normal, isn’t it. This should be a physiological reaction? Anyway, after so long, it feels like nothing already. Dr. Wen also has someone who you like. Shall we be good neighbors next time?"

After she finished speaking, she deliberately relaxed the smile on her lips, and then looked at Wen Shaoqing quietly.

Wen Shaoqing lowered his eyes and Cong Rong couldn’t guess what he was thinking. After a while, he lazily lifted his eyes and looked at her, and suddenly laughed.

Cong Rong felt that she had nowhere to run when he saw the smile in his eyes. It was still the same face, and the curvature at the corner of his mouth did not change much, but she read that “slyness” and “evilness” under the gentle smile that she once thought. These days, she gradually realized that he was not as gentle and simple as she thought.

He spoke quickly this time: "Rang Yi Rang, let her go."

Rang Yi Rang shook its tail, and really let the door open.

Cong Rong opened the door quickly and walked out quickly. When the door was about to close, Wen Shaoqing suddenly stopped her: "Cong Rong."

The corner of Cong Rong's eyes tensed. "What?"

His sight fell on her face for a long time, and finally, he said in a soft voice, "The next time when you want to tell someone you don’t like him, remember to say it while looking into his eyes instead of his philtrum. It looks more... sincere that way."

He triumphantly smirked at her in that playful way again. Cong Rong felt blood rushing to her head again. Without thinking about it, she shouted, "Wen Shaoqing, you bastard!"

Rang Yi Rang barked after hearing her yell and Cong Rong immediately closed the door and fled, not forgetting to provoke him in her own way, "Is that what your pet is for?"

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Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 18.2

Chapter 18.2 - Turn A Blind Eye But Desperate To Save Face (2)

    Zhang Mingrui glanced back. At that time, Luo Zhi just came in through the back door, with a grey-blue checked shirt and simple ponytail, expressionless, ignoring the empty seat in front, and sat straight at the corner of the last row.

    He discovered that Sheng Huainan was also looking back.

    After sitting down, Luo Zhi looked around the amphitheater casually and glanced over them, but didn't stop even a bit, treating them as a stranger.

    Zhang Mingrui suddenly felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

    He is a bit accustomed to sitting in the corner with her in the law introduction class without saying a word. Reluctantly, they now have another senior who also took a double degree in law. They met on the basketball team and happened to meet him this morning. This senior helped them to reserve a seat and asked to sit together. Zhang Mingrui declined, saying the seat was too far forward. The brother just grinned broadly: "I do morning exercises. I came early and just nice reserved these seats. It's okay, no need to thank me."

    No thank you. He had no choice but to sit down with a smile.

    During the class, from the corner of his eyes, he saw Sheng Huainan turn his head and look behind several times, and a smile appeared from the corner of Zhang Mingrui's mouth.

    "Want to go to find Luo Zhi?" 

When class was over, he asked Sheng Huainan while keeping the books in his school bag.

    "What?" Sheng Huainan was slow to react.

    "I asked, do you want to go find Luo Zhi? I think your relationship seems to be going well. You always look back when you are in class. Do you want to develop it?"

    Zhang Mingrui's simple smiling face was the same as any other day until he heard Sheng Huainan smile and said: "What's the matter, you are suffocated and want to sit over there?"

    "I just don't want to be next to the senior brother," he looked at a table of waste paper left by the brother just after he left, "You are not sitting next to him, of course, you can't smell the sweat on his body." Zhang Mingrui said sternly.


    "Also, I heard the second brother and them talk about it, but because you are busy, I always forgot to ask, did you both go to the amusement park together?"

    And avoided the others and went to play alone by yourselves. Zhang Mingrui just wanted to say, and swallowed the sentence into his stomach. He didn't mean anything, but it sounded a bit jealous.

    When he came back from eating the ice cream last time, Sheng Huainan smiled and asked him how the battle situation was. He told him seriously: "Don't overthink, I really am just apologizing, I don't want to chase her."

    Zhang Mingrui felt that he had a clear conscience. While thinking, he glanced at Luo Zhi who was packing her school bag in the distance.

    "It happened by chance." Sheng Huainan said lightly.

    "Can you f**king be a man? In the whole dormitory only you are like this, have a motive but try to hide it from us." Zhang Mingrui grinned.

    "What hidden motive do I have?"

    Zhang Mingrui suddenly felt anger rushing to the top of his head, but for a moment, he was afraid of what his eyes would reveal, so he immediately turned his head and then recovered calmness.

    "Come on, shall your brother give you some help? " Zhang Mingrui immediately turned and shouted, "Luo Zhi, let's have lunch together!"

    Seeing Luo Zhi tilting her head and frowning in doubt, he wanted to laugh.

    However, he went up the steps and found that Luo Zhi had packed her schoolbags and stared at himself, but she didn't even glance at Sheng Huainan who was following him.

    "Scream so loudly, are you treating?" Luo Zhi hadn't always had a good temper with him.

    "I have no money," he turned to look at Sheng Huainan, "please."

    Surprisingly, he found that Sheng Huainan agreed happily and easily, but behaved a little uncomfortable.

    Luo Zhi looked down as if thinking about something, then nodded and said: "Okay."

    Luo Zhi stepped out of the classroom and met Gobi and Baili in the corridor. She greeted Baili and was about to walk away when she suddenly heard Gobi shouting "Sheng Huainan".

    "Brother Xu asked you whether the money has arrived in the account. If you want to them to reimburse you, you must get it before next Tuesday afternoon." Gobi asked.

    "Reported on Thursday morning. Don't worry."

    "Let's have a meal together. It just happens that there is something important for the League Committee to ask you."

    "Together?" Sheng Huainan glanced at Baili with her head down.

    "Just us. It's twelve o'clock, find a quieter place. If I don't ask you, it will be too late."

    Baili kept her head down, including when Luo Zhi greeted her just now. Now she nodded slightly, walked forward desperately, and was stopped by Luo Zhi decisively.

    "Let's go, eat together." Luo Zhi said, turning around and waving to Sheng Huainan and Zhang Mingrui and said, "Another day, today we don't need you to spend money on us, we’ll go first."

    Only Zhang Mingrui stood alone.

    You two are a perfect match. For the first time, he showed a vicissitude of smile.

    This morning, Zhang Mingrui finally sent a short message to Xu Riqing. After all, he was still worried about her.

    "It's been a long time since I contacted you."

    "Yeah, how are you?" Xu Riqing's text messages did not change at first glance and did not change from usual.

    "I’m okay, how about you?"

    "I’m not bad.... Are you all doing well?"

    Us? Who are “you all”? Zhang Mingrui turned off his phone irritably.

    She should really learn from Luo Zhi who is so desperate for face.

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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.3 - Guilinggao/ Tortoise Jelly 龟苓膏 (3)

Fang Kexin glared at him, "Eat your food, don't find things to say if you have nothing to say!"

    He Suye laughed, "It seems to be that I haven't made it for a long time. It's been over a year, right, since Zhang Yiling left?"

    Fang Kexin was surprised. It was the first time in two years that she heard He Suye mention Zhang Yiling. She always thought it was his taboo. The scars buried in the deepest part of his heart that would not be easily revealed. She did not expect him to be so casual about it now as if he was discussing the weather conditions.

    It took a long time for Kexin to react, "Big Brother, your attitude towards senior sister now..."

    "It has been two years." He Suye smiled, "Why make life difficult for myself? It was her choice, I have to respect her, and she walked away so resolutely, I can’t catch her even if I miss her, so it’s all in the past.”

    He Suye’s eyes are pure and calm, without sadness, without grief, totally different from the rainy night two years ago.

    He has let go and is willing to part with it, but he himself, like everyone in the world who is trapped in the past, doesn't know when he can let go, if he can't let go, how can he be happy in this lifetime.

    After eating, the two said goodbye, and He Suye looked at the specimens in the study alone.

    These were all touched by Zhang Yiling, saying that she has to touch it in order to learn Chinese medicine. She has always been a strong and ambitious woman who never allows herself to fail. She has the best grades, the most unique clothes, and even her boyfriend she has to look for the best, but is she the best?

    Because her exam results are always not as high as him, especially in Chinese medicine.

    Such a strong and ambitious woman finally chose a road of no return. 

He still remembered that it was a little cold in the autumn. The dean called them to the office and said seriously that there was a quota for the government to send students abroad. The school voted unanimously to be one of you. As for who it is, you can discuss it among yourself.

    He knows that it is very difficult to go abroad, especially since they learn integrated Chinese and Western medicine, with more emphasis on Chinese medicine. Then he was a little sad, because he saw Zhang Yiling's eyes full of desire and yearning. He immediately relented, he always gave Zhang Yiling the best, and this time, he was no exception.

    But he was wrong. He thought Zhang Yiling would come back to discuss with him. He thought she would persuade him to give up. If she really asked him to do that, he would agree to it, and he was willing too. He would let her go, who told him to love her so much.

    However, she didn't come back for three days. On the fourth day, he saw her standing in front of his bed and said, He Suye, I'm leaving, the department issued a notice and sent me to study in the United States.

    He smiled and said congratulations. In fact, he was very sad. 

Suddenly he saw the bruise on Zhang Yiling’s neck and immediately reacted. He grabbed her hand and shouted, “How did you get your placement? Tell me!"

    Zhang Yiling pushed him away coldly, "I trade it with myself, okay! He Suye, I know that as long as your grandfather speaks, the dean will give you the placement, so I had to strike first and gain the upper hand” 

Every hope turns to dust, but now, what else could he say, he told her, “If you say you want the spot, you know I will give it to you, why do you have to degrade yourself!”

    She looked at him calmly and said to him, "I don't want to owe you favour, because I have to leave without care!"

    He could only ask, "Zhang Yiling, have you ever loved me?"

    He did not immediately get her answer, but he waited and finally got the answer.

    On the rainy night before Zhang Yiling left, she said, “I wanted the best, the best grades, and the best clothes since I was a child. At that time, I told myself that I wanted the best boyfriend and the best husband. Therefore, He Suye, I did loved you, but what I have fallen in love with is the best of you. When I go abroad, I will meet better, so I will stop loving you." 

The truth is clear, this strong and ambitious woman, All she wants is a man who can match her, not He Suye.

    He sighed, sorted his thoughts, began to tidy up the kitchen, then opened the refrigerator to look at the ingredients for breakfast tomorrow. There were no eggs and bread so he got dressed and prepared to go to the supermarket in the community to buy some.

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My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 13.1

Chapter 13.1 - Victory at the very end (1)

Rang Yi Rang sat next to Wen Shaoqing as he rubbed his furry head against his legs. They hadn't seen each other for some time. Cong Rong watched Wen Shaoqing caress Rang Yi Rang, and suddenly pointed to Rang Yi Rang and asked, "How come it feels that it has suddenly gained weight after you return?"

"I just bathed it and blew dry its hair with a hair dryer, I guess it is the fluffiness that made it look chubbier." Wen Shaoqing said and pushed Rang Yi Rang forward. "Are you not afraid of dogs now? Try touching it."

Cong Rong shivered. "Actually, I'm not exactly afraid of it. It’s just I can't stand the feeling of touching hair with temperature. It's an inexplicable fear and I will get goosebumps."

Wen Shaoqing suddenly took her hand and patted Rang Yi Rang's back a few times. "There is nothing to be afraid of, right?"

Cong Rong's breath was stagnant for a second and her body stiffened again. It took a long time for her to remember to draw her hand back, but when she wanted to retract her hands, she couldn’t. It was tightly held by Wen Shaoqing. She glanced at Wen Shaoqing. There was nothing to be afraid of yes, it is you that I am afraid of. You are more terrifying than hair with temperature.

Wen Shaoqing suddenly suggested: "Let's take a photo together. We haven't taken a photo together even though we know each other for so long already."

Exactly, she didn't even have a picture of him, let alone a picture of them together. Sometimes Cong Rong feels that she really can retain her crush on someone for a long time even without contact, photos, or news of that person. She had fell in love with a person who she had hurriedly met and hadn’t had encounters thereafter for so long.

Having said that, Wen Shaoqing did not leave her time to refuse. He quickly raised his phone, quickly adjusted the angle, pressed the shoot button. He nodded in satisfaction and showed Cong Rong the photo.

In the photo, the two of them were bending over, caressing Rang Yi Rang’s back. The photo was taken so sudden that Cong Rong didn’t even have time to look at the camera. The soft light softened Cong Rong’s jawline, and made her side profile more beautiful. She was lowering her head and two hands caressing Rang Yi Rang were overlapping. In the photo, Wen Shaoqing wasn’t looking at the camera too, he carried a light smile on his face, with the corner of his mouth raised, and it seemed like he was looking at her? Only Rang Yi Rang Rang was looking at the camera very cooperatively.

Cong Rong quietly looked at the photo for a while, then suddenly remembered that her hand was still being held, and withdrew her hand. This time, she finally got her hand out of Wen Shaoqing’s tight hold, but at the same time... there was a lot of dog fur on her hand.

She looked at the white fur in her hand, and then looked at Rang Yi Rang, stiffly patting Rang Yi Rang’s hair back on to its neck, carefully apologized, "Sorry... sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally." She then wickedly turned around and complained to Wen Shaoqing: "It touched the porcelain (碰瓷 peng ci - metaphorically refers to a behavior or trick when someone pretends to be knocked down so he can ask for money.)!"

Wen Shaoqing smiled uncontrollably at her series of actions and said, "It's okay, it is molting recently, so hair loss is normal."

The winter wind at night was very strong, yet in a warm, spring-like room, Cong Rong looked at the smiling face in front of her, and remembered the side profile of the man’s gentle smile in the photo. She suddenly realised that this was the type of feeling she had been craving for. Despite knowing Wen Shaoqing already had someone he liked, she was still craving for the warmth he gave, again and again.

Wen Shaoqing saw that she had been staring at him, raised his eyebrows, and asked deliberately: "Look, you don't have to hide from me, we can live together peacefully, chat and joke like most neighbors."

Cong Rong looked at Wen Shaoqing and nodded with a complex look. The word "neighbor" lingered in her mind.

She considers herself not to be a greedy person, the most greedy idea she ever had was to have Wen Shaoqing. That idea had been planted in her mind the first time she saw him. Even after so many years, when she took a closer look at her heart, she found that the thought was always there. Every time she realised that the idea was still there, her love for him deepened.

Cong Rong thought that she had no more feelings for Wen Shaoqing, but every night before going to bed and in the morning before waking up, the feeling of wanting to possess him was so strong that she would be shocked. She knew it clearly, that regardless of how long it has been, the feeling will never disappear, and her feelings for him had never reduced.

But he mentioned that they were neighbors, of course, because of Lin Chen, they probably could not even be friends.

The warmness in Cong Rong's eyes cooled down slightly. 

In fact, Wen Shaoqing did not think too much about calling her neighbour. His actions tonight was to reduce the awkwardness between them, so that she would no longer avoid him. Giving her the name of the ‘neighbour’ was his first step for them to become friends. He expected their relationship to turn easily from neighbour to good friends. And making a move on her from friends will be much easier in the future. 

Wen Shaoqing grew up with Xiao Ziyuan, and his actions were deeply influenced by this older cousin. When Xiao Ziyuan dated Sui Yi, there were several "Shi Xiong" (male senior) appearing out of nowhere from time to time, and Xiao Ziyuan would be pissed every time he heard her mention it, but Wen Shaoqing felt that Sui Yi having “Shi Xiongs” are perfectly fine. As always, the relationship between “Shi Xiong” and “Shi Mei” (female junior) always develops beyond that. Sui Yi was hinting Xiao Ziyuan that she had a lot of pursuers.

It can be seen that Wen Shaoqing is probably less outwardly kind but inwardly evil than his cousin, but he is definitely more direct Xiao Ziyuan.

Rang Yi Rang was quiet for a while, and then it started rubbing itself against Wen Shaoqing and started playing with him. Cong Rong looked at Wen Shaoqing with a smile and watched Rang Yi Rang and Wen Shaoqing play. A guy who can be so good of a pet owner must have a pure heart, Cong Rong thought.

She turned to look at the photo wall at the entrance. The wall was covered with pictures of him and Rang Yi Rang. From the time when Rang Yi Rang was still a puppy to now. Pictures of him smiled and held Rang Yi Rang or with Rang Yi Rang jumping next to him or with him and Rang Yi Rang playing, or with him bullying Rang Yi Rang, the wall was covered with them. She noticed the photo wall the first time she came here, and when she entered the door today, she found a new photo there. Judging from the clothing, the photo was taken today.

She stared at the picture in the corner and asked softly, "Why did you decide to have a pet? Shouldn’t doctors be clean freaks and dislike small animals?"

Wen Shaoqing looked up at Cong Rong, and he noticed that her mood was a little abnormal tonight. He looked down at Rang Yi Rang, and answered very seriously: "In the beginning, it was because it was boring to eat alone, I thought of having a pet so that I could have someone accompany me while eating. I was originally planning to get a bordie collie since they are smart and easy to take care of, but I went to the pet store a few times and couldn’t find one I liked. When I saw Rang Yi Rang, though it wasn’t a bordie collie, I loved it at first sight. It’s also very smart. It’s not picky with food and is very obedient. It looks after the house during the day, walks with me at night, and can be used as a footpad when I read. It’s nothing bad.”

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Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 18.1

Chapter 18.1 - Turn A Blind Eye But Desperate To Save Face (1)

   On Sunday afternoon, Luo Zhi was invited to attend the parent-child carnival held by the international school where Tiffany and Jake were studying, and watch the performance of the two children. The finale is "Alice in Wonderland Stage Play", Tiffany acted as Mr. Rabbit with a pocket watch, and Jake... acted as a tree stump.

    After eating dinner, she returned to school only after eight o'clock. The conference centre near the north gate was brightly lit, and the open window burst into laughter and applause from time to time. In the night, she turned her head to carefully identify the writing on the red banner hanging at the door.

    It turned out to be the semi-final of the debate, the Biology School vs. Law School, a bold debate about whether the school should give high school students free condoms.

    Luo Zhi raised her head and stared at the bright yellow light on the second floor. In the debate team of the School of Biology, Shen Huainan is definitely inside.

    But she suddenly realized that she didn't even have the desire to go up to take a look. Of course, due to reasons like to avoid embarrassment and maintain self-esteem, but more because she seems to be able to easily trace the appearance, expression, posture, speech of that person on and off the stage... vivid as if right in front of her eyes. She was so familiar with him, it seems that she has mastered the source code, if you give her any scene and object, she can fit the person in her heart perfectly into the scene, without any violation.

    Perhaps because of this, although they rarely meet, she never missed him.

    He is always there.

    She turned around and left, on the way, she met a few boys, who staggered towards her, blocking the path tightly. She lowered her head and moved to the left side, and suddenly got a flick on her forehead.

    "Oh, it's you!"

    Luo Zhi raised her head: "Oh, it's you."

    "Are you going to see the debate? We just finished eating, now we’re going to cheer for Sheng Huainan."

    "Stop pretending, you’re obviously not there to see the fourth brother, aren’t you going to see the beauty of the law school..." Before the fat boy finished speaking, Zhang Mingrui strangled his neck with his arm.

    Luo Zhi fixed her eyes and found that Zhang Mingrui's face was not shy, but embarrassed when he made such a move. She remembered the unexpected love affair he had mentioned when they ate DQ (ice cream brand), and it immediately became clear. Perhaps compared to these brothers who are beside him day and night but are unaware of his inner thoughts, the person who understands Zhang Mingrui best at this moment is her, this unfamiliar person.

    Just as soon as her compassionate mentality was inflicted on her, some boys turned their attention to her. The fat boy shouted like he discovered New World again: "Ah, wasn't it you, The girl that day in Happy Valley!" 

The other two boys also came over: "Yes, fourth brother followed you to take care of kids and ran away with you afterwards! That's too much! Say, what's the relationship between the two of you?"

    Luo Zhi silently swallowed this ambiguous accusation and looked up to see Zhang Mingrui's bright eyes with a look on his face that she couldn't understand. Maybe the night is too dark.

    “I’m not familiar with him, but I just conveniently helped him. He felt like a light bulb if he followed you, and he left as soon as you left and didn’t continue playing with us” she explained with a smile, “I and Him only saw each other a few times in the law introduction class. I also came to know Zhang Mingrui there.”

    Perhaps Luo Zhi’s tone was too stable, which made a few boys feel that they were not interested in going on gossiping, so the artillery turned to Zhang Mingrui. After questioning his purpose of going to the law introduction class, the topic returned to the beauty of law school. Luo Zhi was about to leave, suddenly she heard Zhang Mingrui yelling provocatively: "Luo Zhi, are you really not going to watch Sheng Huainan compete?"

    A fire in Luo Zhi's chest ignited.

    She turned her head back and said softly, "By the way, when you cross the road, pay attention to Zhang Mingrui and don't let him get hit by a car."

    "Why?" The fat boy looked blankly.

    "It's too dark, I'm afraid the driver can't see him."

    She continued to move forward, Zhang Mingrui's face was hidden in the night, and the boys' earth-shaking laughter was also left behind.

    In the fourth law introduction class, Luo Zhi sat down straight in her usual corner, a little unexpectedly, Zhang Mingrui did not sit beside her. In the first two weeks, he had been sitting in the last row early to greet her, saying that he had reserved a seat for her—in fact, this position never needed to be specifically reserved.

    After sitting down, she looked around and saw Sheng Huainan coming, but sitting in the third row far away with Zhang Mingrui. At this moment, the phone vibrated, showing the name --- Sheng Huainan.

    "Are you always late so you always sit in such a corner? Next time I’ll help you occupy a seat in the front?"

    She froze for a moment.

    "No need. I like to sit here, thank you." She replied.

    After disappearing for three weeks, he asked such a harmonious and indifferent sentence to try to ease the relationship, she felt frustrated. She likes him, but he definitely does not like her ---- this is not her undervaluing herself. After holding her hand, disappearing for three weeks, and then arbitrarily pulling the string of the relationship to break the ice, in any case, this is not a sign of falling in love. If this is the case, time to let go, she must let go, and not brood over the holding hands incident anymore.

    Luo Zhi read this idea silently three times as if reciting a political textbook.

    "Do you like any animated movies? Short stories are fine, those kinds with around thirteen episodes. I don't have time to keep up with the updates of long-form cartoons episode by episode. I want to watch some movies." He asked.

    She thought about it seriously: "Old film, "The Fairy Tales of the Years". Watch it if you have time."

    He replied in a strange tone: "You mean, "The Fairy Tales of the Years"?"

    Luo Zhi put the phone back into the phone case and didn't want to say anything more.

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 25


Chapter 25 - Resign

     She was early, and DU hadn't arrive yet, she felt a little lucky. . . She opened the purse and took out a cigarette, asked the waiter to bring the cigar cutter, and waited anxiously. She needed the comfort of tobacco to calm her down
     Hearing Yin Zhe’s voice, Jiang Jun stood up and knocked her knees to the coffee table, falling down with numbness and pain.
     "I haven't seen you in a few days, why do you greet me in such a manner?" Yin Zhe laughed and helped her up, "Is it all right"
     She pushed him away "What are you doing?".
     "DU was busy with someone, so I came and see you first." He asked someone to bring ice cubes and wrapped them in a towel to de-swell her knee. "Why are you still clumsy, you can hurt yourself even when you move." He stopped her from snatching the towel and raised his head and says "but your complexion is much better"
     "Okay, I'm okay." She moved her body away from him and said in an irritated tone, “Why are you here?"
     "I just want to see you" he put the towel that wrapped the ice cubes aside and said gloomily, "I miss you so much"
     "Okay, Yin Zhe. I don't have time to talk to you. Is DU in the office? I have something to talk to him about." She interrupted him, got up, and walked out. Yin Zhe blocked the door. "You want to resign and go to Yuan Shuai? ...Do not be silly"
     "Does it have anything to do with you?"
     "Jiang Jun, do you that he had taken so many cases that were supposed to be ours? Sally and the others are working under him too. Someone in MH is taking the opportunity to cause us trouble. If you leave, then what about DU and the department?
     "What does it have to do with DU?" She froze. 
     "Are you our of your mind?" He stared at her. 

     "Yin Zhe" She reminded, "I'm still your boss now, please pay attention to your attitude"
     He let out a soft cry, ignoring her struggle to embrace her, "Jiang Jun, stay away from Yuan Shuai, he is more ruthless than anyone else."
     "Have you met him?" She looked at him, finally understanding the situation. No wonder.
     "He will really hurt you, trust me."
    . . . . . . . . . .
     When DU arrived, Yin Zhe was in a heaty argument with Jiang Jun over her smoking cigar.
     He prepared a cup of tea for himself, "JAY, go back to the office and help me deal with those people, I have something to discuss with Juno"
     "Oh... okay" Yin Zhe hesitated to leave and shook his head at Jiang Jun before going out, suggesting that she should not act rashly. Jiang Jun ignored him and put the cigar in her mouth. "You just recovered, you can't smoke." DU smiled and took the cigar away, putting it in his mouth 

     "If I’m not smoking, don't think about doing it in front of me." She pulled the cigarette away from his mouth and tossed it in the bin. She continued, “Why are you making me wait for so long knowing that I am a patient."
    DU shrugged innocently and smiled, "You still have that bad temper, but you look better".
     "The doctor asked me to rest for 2 weeks. Don't even think about making me work." She raised her ears and said vigilantly. "Am I so unkind? Besides, I am the one who will be the most upset one if you died of exhaustion." He exaggeratedly and stroked his chest. 

     "Got you." She laughed, thought about it, and said "I want to take a good rest for a while."
     "Yes, don't tire yourself so much in the future, you said that your body is the most important asset at times of a revolution."
     She took a deep breath and said simply "I mean, I want to resign"

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