My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 10.2

Chapter 10 - You are not counted as ‘other people’ (2)

Wen Shaoqing scooped up the fried yogurt in a small bowl and handed it to Cong Rong with a smile on the corner of his lips. "Sorry, I'm used to listening to many excuses and I’ve concluded it."

Cong Rong looked at his hand holding the bowl in the air.

Wen Shaoqing's hands are beautiful, clean, and slender, with clear knuckles but not like women's which would seem more delicate. It looks slightly rough, probably because of his job. 

She felt that she should no longer be tempted by food. Wen Shaoqing's scheme of “hitting her than feeding her with sweet jujube” succeeded all the time. If it wasn’t that the “jujube” matched her appetite, she would not have fallen into his trap.

"You are not eating anymore?" Wen Shaoqing moved the bowl in front of her eyes. "It's nothing shameful to be a foodie. Food and lust, it’s humanity"

Wen Shaoqing was still holding the bowl up.

Food and looks, she had to admit that Wen Shaoqing had them both.

Cong Rong frowned and took the bowl with the fried yogurt from Wen Shaoqing’s hands.

Wen Shaoqing cooked another bowl of fried yogurt, bent over, and put it in front of the Rang Yi Rang as he washed the ice whipping machine, and then washed the chopsticks that Cong Rong did not manage to wash.

Cong Rong held the small bowl and spent a good time eating it. When she saw him washing the chopsticks for her, she quickly put down the bowl, "I’ll do it."

Wen Shaoqing stopped for a moment and looked up at her very seriously. "Most doctors have OCD you know?"

Cong Rong replied, "I know."

Wen Shaoqing pointed to tableware and chopsticks, "most of them will clean the cutleries again if the washing job is done by other people, do you know?"

Cong Rong put down the bowl and wiped her hands, "it seems that I have heard of this before..."

Wen Shaoqing smiled with satisfaction when she saw her obediently standing at his side, "but I’m doing this not for this reason."

Cong Rong was confused, "what?"

"You are not counted as ‘other people’." Wen Shaoqing's dripping fingers drew a circle in the air, including Cong Rong and Rang Yi Rang into the circle he drew with water. The dripping water from his fingertips got onto the back of Cong Rong’s hand. Cong Rong lowered her eyes to see that droplet. The water dripped across the back of her hand and touched her heart.

Cong Rong clenched her fists violently, not knowing what she wanted to catch, only to feel the wetness in her palm. She didn't know what to say, but she understood what he meant. Her heart pounded.

For the first time, she didn’t get angry when he placed her and his dog in the same circle. She looked down at Rang Yi Rang who was eating yogurt happily. She was probably gulping down the yogurt-like Rang Yi Rang just now.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward, and both of them stopped talking. Wen Shaoqing finished washing the dishes, slowly wiped his hands, and looked at Cong Rong.

Cong Rong took a deep breath. Does this person know what the awkwardness is? Why didn’t he wash the dishes slowly to avoid it?!

She felt Wen Shaoqing’s burning gaze, and changed the topic stiffly with a smile, "do you also like fried yogurt?"

Wen Shaoqing raised his chin and pointed to the pet lying on the ground, “Rang Yi Rang likes to eat and I often make it for him."

"..." Cong Rong held the small bowl and didn't know whether she should continue to eat. He probably regarded her as the second pet?

Cong Rong felt a mixture of feelings with Wen Shaoqing's half-hearted flirtations and returned home after eating yogurt.

After spending a few days in peace, Cong Rong found that being a neighbor with Wen Shaoqing was actually pretty convenient.

Occasionally, she would meet Wen Shaoqing who just came back from the morning exercise in the lift. When she wakes up late, she would meet Wen Shaoqing who came back from the night shift. At night, she would sometimes meet Wen Shaoqing who came back from work. When she ends work, she would also meet Wen Shaoqing who went to walk with Rang Yi Rang. She would meet him in the supermarkets or occasionally see him when going out on weekends. Every time she went out, she would subconsciously glance at the opposite unit, wondering if he was at home or would suddenly open the door and walk out.

They acted like normal neighbors... with elusive feelings.

Habits are a scary thing and it takes only seven days to form. When you are used to seeing someone all the time, when the person suddenly disappears, your heart will panic.

Cong Rong hadn't seen Wen Shaoqing for several days and hadn’t heard from him for a while. She was not comfortable to ask Zhong Zhen directly, so she simply suppressed her curiosity.

However, she missed Wen Shaoqing’s dishes.

On the weekend, Cong Rong was prepared to go downstairs to buy food, and suddenly found that the door from the opposite unit was open, and she vaguely heard Rang Yi Rang.

Without thinking, Cong Rong knocked on the door, and then gently pushed it open. He saw a man and a woman sitting next to Rang Yi Rang and fed him. Rang Yi Rang seems to know them as well.

The man and woman sat quietly together and they looked like a harmonious pair.

Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2.2 - 2nd Stop: The sound of heartbeat * Air On G-string (2)

After Mu Cheng left, Guang Xi and other team players continued to practice. He held a hockey stick and slammed back and forth on the ice. He was so fierce that his teammates were scared by him. Finally, Jacko couldn't hold it and kneel to beg for mercy.

[Please, take a break, Guangxi.] He gasped for breath. [My stamina is not as good as you, still can practice after a date.]

[Yeah, rest for at least five minutes, captain.] Other teammates also begged for mercy.

[Don’t be lazy, don’t forget that we have another practice match with G University next week? Come stand up and practice!] Guang Xi gave no mercy.

Everyone looked at each other, aggrieved. [Captain...]

[A bunch of useless guys, get up!] Guangxi swings violently, and an ice hockey rushes straight towards a row of teammates who are on the ground.

Everyone exclaimed in horror, afraid of being hit by the ball, and when they were trying to avoid one by one, a shadow flashed quickly and caught the ice hockey beautifully.

Who? The people were dumbfounded, staring inexplicably at the figure who broke into the stadium inexplicably. What is more incredible is that it was actually a girl, wearing skates, but did not have any protective gear on her body.

[Who are you?] Guang Xi asked loudly. [Why did you budge into our stadium?]

[Saw injustice, came to help, I just can’t stand a team leader bullying his team members.] The girl said. [If you have the ability, take back the puck from me!]

Where did this crazy woman come from?

Guangxi's mood became even worse, too lazy to talk nonsense to her, and ran towards her. Before she hit the ball into the goal, he intercepted it first.

The girl seemed to be hit by him, fell to the ground, with a painful expression.

Guang Xi took off his mask impatiently. [Now do you know how dangerous the ice hockey rink is? Don't budge in casually in the future.] With that, he reached out and tried to pull her up.

Unexpectedly, she pretended to stand up and intercepted the ice hockey, went straight to the finish line, scored handsomely, and even cheered victoriously.

Guangxi raged. [Hey, where did this crazy woman come from? Do you know that for non-university students who budge into the ice rink of the school, I can always ask the guard to drive you out?]

[Huh, so impolite!] The girl listened and just shrugged. [Let me tell you, although I’m not a student of Sheng de now, but I will soon be.] She looked at the court in a certain direction. 

Guangxi followed at her sight and saw his mother Fang Derong standing side by side with a strange man.

[This is my dad.] The girl introduced with a smile. [He came to discuss with the principal about my transfer.] She paused. [I’m He Yiqin! Captain, what’s your name?]

Guang Xi curls his lips. [When you transfer to this school, you will know.]

[Really?] He Yiqin smiled and slid gracefully towards her father.

[What do you think of this place?] Director He petted his daughter's head lovingly.

[It’s okay, the captain is quite skilful but he needs to work on his manners.]

[Really?] Director He turned his head to look at Fang Derong and smiled. [My child never praises people easily, looks like your son has made quite an impression on her.]

Fang Derong smiled and said nothing, her eyes fixed on her son thoughtfully.

* * * *

For the Sheng De Hall, you should date Yiqin!
What a joke?! What does that damn old lady think of her son? Is he a male prostitute?

Guangxi stepped on the accelerator in a murderous manner, and the sports car drove through the streets of the night.

Let’s not talk about the bento girl who played him with her first-rate acting, now even his own mother took part in it, saying that there was a financial crisis in the school. If the school is unable to raise money in time, they will have to sell off Sheng De Hall.

[Fortunately, Director He’s daughter seems to be very interested in you. If you can please her, maybe her dad would be willing to give us a little help.]

This is Fang Derong's argument.

After hearing, he just wanted to swear hard. Such a cold-hearted woman is not worthy of being a wife or mother. He didn't listen to her. From the day his father left, he vowed to hate her forever.

However, she cunningly took Shengde Hall to threaten him. She knew that he didn't care about anything, but he couldn't lose Sheng De Hall, because it was full of the best memories of his childhood.

That is, it is a holy place for him and his father…

[Shit!] Guangxi couldn't help but swear. After a day of accumulated emotions on the verge of bursting, he gritted his teeth hard and felt a sudden pain in his brain.

I have a headache again. When the hell is this damn headache going to trouble him until?

Annoyed and angry, he drove to the side entrance of the school and slipped into Sheng De Hall. 

The room was empty, and a piano glowed in the moonlight.

Dad, play the piano for me, okay? Play the song "Air on G String".

Okay, I will play for you when you learn to roll the inline.

Wait and see, I will learn immediately…

[Dad.] Guangxi who caressed the shiny piano, murmured, his throat turned sore, his head hurt even more, so much he could hardly bear it.

He tremblingly retrieved the pillbox that he carried with him, grabbed two pills and swallowed it, then lay down in a row of seats, waiting for the pain to pass.

He doesn't know how long time has passed. In half dream and half-awake state, he was confused to hear the piano sound, and the song “Air on G String” was being played, the saddest and memorable tune.

Is it dad? Has he finally come to see him in his dream?

Dad, I miss you so much, do you know? I want to see you again, I want to skate with you. I am not only a good skater, but I am also the captain of the ice hockey team. You definitely will praise me…

[Dad.] Guangxi woke up dreamily, tears remained in the corners of his eyes. He sat up and was at a loss.

The gentle sound of the piano still echoed in his ears, and he froze for a moment, only to realize that this was not a dream, but a reality. Someone was playing the piano in the Sheng De Hall, and that person was not his father.

He stared at the girl sitting in front of the piano, the slender figure, so familiar, he felt angry...

[Who allowed you to touch the piano?!]

My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter is 10.1

Chapter 10 - You are not counted as ‘other people’ (1)

Cong Rong saw Wen Shaoqing’s expression, slowed down, and tried to explain, "Actually... Did you recall I had a toothache some time ago? I’ve been drinking porridge for a long time, plus I can't cook, so I have tasted almost every takeaway from nearby, and I’m so tired of them. It’s rare to taste home-cooked food again, that’s why. Hope you don't mind.”

Speaking of a toothache, Wen Shaoqing suddenly remembered something. He put down his chopsticks and said solemnly: "We have known each other for a few years already. Shouldn't we be more harmonious than regular neighbors?"

Cong Rong put down her chopsticks. "We just met once in the past and lost contact ever since. The number of times we met can be counted with one hand. In fact, we are not familiar with each other at all."

Wen Shaoqing concluded, "then why are you always avoiding me?"

Women are never born to speak what they feel, and Cong Rong subconsciously retorted, "I didn’t avoid you."

Wen Shaoqing continued "because you knew that I’m aware that you like me? I’m unmarried and you also. I don't think there is any awkwardness between us regarding this matter..."

What Wen Shaoqing said was like a knife stabbing into Cong Rong's softest part of her belly, and she immediately retaliated, "Shut up! Don't mention it!"

Only now Cong Rong realized that this was a Feast at Swan Goose Gate.

Wen Shaoqing ignored her anger and started speaking nonsense in a professional tone, "generally speaking, patients will go through five psychological stages after knowing their illness, just like you accepting the fact that you love me."

Cong Rong blushed, "I don't love you!"

Wen Shaoqing raised his eyebrows and concluded, "The first stage, the denial period when patients refuse to accept reality."

Cong Rong was anxious, "You bullshit!"

Wen Shaoqing was very satisfied with her response. "The second stage, the angry period, mainly manifested as exasperation, venting emotions to those close to him."

Cong Rong raised her hands, "well, I take back what I just said."

Wen Shaoqing nodded, "The period of compromise. The patients who accepted the fact that he or she is ill will become kind."

"..." Cong Rong covered her face and couldn't say a word.

Wen Shaoqing continued, "yes, fourth is the depression period. The patient will have a strong sense of loss, with reactions such as sadness, depression, and silence."

Cong Rong took a deep breath, raised her head and looked at Wen Shaoqing listlessly, and stood up. "Whatever you say, I'm full and tired. I'll leave first."

Wen Shaoqing looked at her and continued to sum up: "In the final stage, the patient basically accepted the facts and liked to be alone."

Cong Rong turned to stare at him, "are you done?!"

"Several patients will momentarily recover to the second phase of being angry."

A feeling of powerlessness was felt in Cong Rong’s heart. She had always been clever at work and had a silver tongue. When she went to school, she was also the main force in the school debate competition, with a sharp mind and brilliant arguments. She was responsive and logical but why is she at a loss of words with a professional butcher?

Wen Shaoqing was right on one point, she had to calm down so that he wouldn't be interested to flirt with her. Whether it was Rang Yi Rang or Wen Shaoqing, this holds true for both of them.

After thinking about it, Cong Rong quickly returned to the table and picked up chopsticks to continue eating.

In the following time, no matter what Wen Shaoqing said, she no longer retaliated and she smiled and remained silent throughout.

Wen Shaoqing also knew that the stag at bay is a dangerous foe, and he finished his meal without persisting.

The plate spicy pork ribs with hot peppers were eaten up by Cong Rong, someone who "doesn't eat spicy food." After gulping down a whole glass of water, she still felt spicy as she stuck out her tongue for relief.

Wen Shaoqing looked at her then looked at Rang Yi Rang. He couldn’t help to smile and teased her. He turned to Rang Yi Rang and said "Rang Yi Rang, stick out your tongue."

Rang Yi Rang stuck out its tongue immediately, Wen Shaoqing looked at it, then looked at Cong Rong, and laughed, "you resemble each other."

Cong Rong turned her face and rolled her eyes. She has lost her mien as a calm and ruthless lawyer. Seeing that Wen Shaoqing got up to pick up the chopsticks to bring it to the sink, she quickly stopped him, "I'll wash it. You treated me to a meal and it's right that I wash the dishes for you."

When Cong Rong was doing the dishes in the kitchen, Wen Shaoqing washed and cut some fruits. Cong Rong thought he was making fruit trays. But he took out a tray-like thing from the cabinet, plugged it in, and poured the yogurt into a cup. He then placed the washed fruits into the yogurt, sprinkled some raisins and nuts, and poured it into the tray.

Cong Rong stopped and looked over, "What is this?"

Wen Shaoqing spread the yogurt with a shovel, "Have you seen this before? It's an ice whipping machine."

Cong Rong's eyes lit up, "Fried yogurt, I always wanted to try it, but in winter they don’t sell it."

Wen Shaoqing waited for a few seconds, and the yogurt quickly agglomerated. He sprinkled some sesame seeds into it. "In the future, instead of buying fruit yogurt, you can make it yourself."

Cong Rong absently replied, "Oh."

Wen Shaoqing debunked her slowly, "I bet your ‘Oh’ means I shall continue explaining it to you but you would never try it on your own’?"

"Uh..." Cong Rong coughed lightly, "I don't like fruits."

"Generally speaking, most people who say they don't like fruit are too lazy to wash or cut them."

Cong Rong was dumbfounded, what a trenchant man!

First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.4


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (4)

   The monthly exam was much anticipated by Xiong Yifan and she swears that it was definitely the first time ever in her life that she looked forward to an exam. Staring at the seat number she had randomly picked up in her hand, she began to look forward to the exam day, hoping that she could be in the same examination room as Yan Ke.

   Ding Ming was like a fluffy little mole when she crawled into Xiong Yifan's arms, coquettishly saying: "Let me guess, someone, must be looking forward to seeing someone?"

    Xiong Yifan can guess at one glance who was this so-called someone and someone. These days, she became almost numb when Ding Ming teased.

   "I wish I could be in the same exam room as him. If we are not in the same exam room, I would pretend to go around other classes to ask about the test after we finish to to find out where he is."

   "It’s my time of the months and it hurts terribly..." Ding Ming was lying in Xiong Yifan's arms. Xiong Yifan looked down and found Ding Ming's face pale as paper and drops of sweat formed on her forehead.

        Xiong Yifan sat up, helped Ding Ming to her seat, took out a tumbler, and poured a cup of warm water on the table for Ding Ming. She blew at it hopping to cool its temperature, and a hot mist emitted from the cup, forming cloud-like structure.

   Xiong Yifan squatted beside Ding Ming, one hand on the edge of the table to balance herself as she asked: "Is it very painful? You should ask for leave!"

   "No… not today. If I take leave this time, I would have to take a makeup exam." Ding Ming said, and patted Xiong Yifan’s head.

  Every time Ding Ming felt uncomfortable, Xiong Yifan would be very worried. Xiong Yifan was too fond of taking care of people, to begin with. Ding Ming knew her character and did not want her pain to affect Xiong Yifan.

  One after another, students with unfamiliar faces came into the exam venue. They were all students from year one class (2), but Yan Ke was not amongst them. Xiong Yifan's attention was totally on Ding Ming. She even forgot her previous anticipations to see the boy she liked. She ran out ten minutes before the exam and went to the medical clinic to ask for a heating pad from the teacher.

   Xiong Yifan ran back to the exam room breathlessly when the teacher was about to distribute the papers. The teacher urged her to return to her seat quickly, and she nodded. She passed the heating pad to Ding Ming and Ding Ming signaled to her to look at one direction with her eyes. At first, she didn't understand and thought Ding Ming had severe cramps that have affected her eyes as well. When she returned to her seat, she glanced and saw Yan Ke sitting at the window seat, staring out of the window, his skin was so fair like crystals.

   Her footsteps became messy and she almost tripped herself. Luckily she was sporty and quickly held onto the chair as she slammed down on her seat with her buttocks to prevent herself from falling.

   Ding Ming chuckled as she saw her clumsy behavior and Xiong Yifan glared at her. Her frantic heartbeat made her oblivious to the other things, and she made herself sit properly.

   The test papers were distributed, Xiong Yifan started writing the essay.

  The ticking sound of the clock signaled the passing time. The classroom is filled with the sound of students flipping through the test papers, as well as the sound of the pen tip scratching the paper when students answered the questions. The students are either thinking deeply or scribbling on their papers.

  After finishing the paper, she unintentionally looked at Yan Ke. Sure enough, in this classroom, Yan Ke was the most attractive person.

   He was sitting upright at his table obediently, holding a pen in his hand, reading the test questions, and filling in words from time to time. The tip of his nose was almost transparent because of the sunlight shining on it, it reflected light and looked brilliant. His eyelashes were very long and casted shadows covering his eyes.

  Yan Ke was checking his script, it seemed that there were a few questions that made him hesitate for a long time. Looking closely at him, Xiong Yifan realized that he has the same habit of writing the essay question first before moving on to the rest of the paper, just like her. 

   She licked her lips, and she was enchanted by him.

   Suddenly, he raised his head and met her gaze.

   Their eyes met, and she was caught unprepared.

   Xiong Yifan was startled, a little overwhelmed, and even laughed at him silly. Yan Ke wasn’t in the mood to smile. He frowned slightly and even seemed a little disgusted. Then he adjusted his posture so that he could back face Xiong Yifan. He even supported his chin with his right hand and held his pen with his left hand.

   At that moment, Xiong Yifan didn't feel disappointed. She was amazed that Yan Ke was able to write with both hands. Then she sat on her chair and random thoughts flew into her head. She wondered if she disgusted him. He didn't seem to like being stared by her.

   Remembering about something, Xiong Yifan looked at Ding Ming worriedly. Ding Ming was lying on the table, her body curled up. She was holding the heating pad in her arms, her brows made a tight frown, her cute little face was pale like a pitiful baby afraid of coldness. The sight of Ding Ming caused Xiong Yifan’s heart to tighten inexplicably. She knew that Ding Ming's period cramp pain would be overbearing. For Xiong Yifan’s period, she would not experience such pain. But because of this, she would always accidentally stain her bedsheets without knowing it as it never comes on time.

   There are students in the classroom handling up the test papers. Xiong Yifan handed in her papers as well. She wanted to go to Ding Ming, but was stopped by the teacher. The students were not allowed to wander around in the exam room. Xiong Yifan had no choice but to sit in the classroom and wait for the teacher’s further instructions. In the past, the students should be allowed to leave the classroom, but today's situation was a little special. No students were given permission to leave the exam venues, and the teacher in charge of Xiong Yifan's examination room did not want to be the first to release the students, so he has to could not let anyone leave.

   One after another, all the papers in the class were handed in, and students from other classes were still not out of the classroom. The invigilator peeped out of the classroom to see what was going on. He walked out of the class with the exam scripts. After a while, another invigilator teacher couldn't hold it anymore. In the hallway, he caught a young teacher to invigilate the class as he went to the toilet. A series of things happened, the students in Xiong Yifan’s exam room were like a group of abandoned children. They were left with the new and young teacher sitting in the class and to watch them.

   The beasts were not ferocious enough to care for a group of restless small animals. Gradually, students began whispering and talking to each other to confirm the answers. The young teacher closed one eye, and allowed them to chatter.

   Ding Ming raised her hand suddenly and the teacher walked over, Ding Ming spoke in pain, "teacher, I’m having cramps, I want to go out to buy medicine."


Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 - 甘草 Licorice (1)

    Sure enough, once Shen Xifan entered her house door, the phone rang, and she could guess who it was without thinking. She took off her high heels and lay on the bed lazily, waiting for the phone to ring impatiently, before picking it up.

    When she picked it up, she pulled the microphone far away and on the other end, she was abused roundly, "Shen Xifan, you dead thing, you dare say, you are sick, I think you are mentally sick and crazy!"

    She sighed, honestly admitted, "Yes, I'm mentally sick!"

    At the side, Father Shen persuaded, "Stop scolding her, your daughter doesn't want to go on a blind date, then don't force her, stop worrying about this all day. How old is she now? Yet, you are still treating her like a child!"

    Mother Shen got angry. "Am I wrong? I am just doing the best for her. You one old and one young come together to accuse me. I am doing things with good intention. Why are the things I do not according to your wishes? Do I still have the right to speak at home? Am I still human?"

    Father Shen didn't say anything immediately, and Mother Shen became more aggravated. "Shen Xifan, I tell you, you better forget that stinky boy Dai Heng, stop thinking about him and forget him. Who do you think you are? Wang Baochuan?"

(illa: The legend of Wang Baochuan of the Tang Dynasty is of a woman whose perseverance and loyalty has touched the hearts of many. She waited 18 years for her husband who went to the battlefield)

    She picked up the microphone and explained, "Mom, I have not contacted him for a long long time, don't mention him, OK!"

    “Don't mention him? Even if I don't mention him, you will still talk about him, I tell you, you quickly find a boyfriend, or sincerely go for blind dates, if you do what you did today again, believe it or not I will disown you, this heartless and thoughtless daughter! "

    Shen Mother continued scolding for a long time before hanging up the phone.

    Shen Xifan froze for a moment, sighed, turned out of bed, and began to heat the Chinese medicine, which exudes a medicine smell from the microwave, deep and rich, with a gentle scent of fragrant and sweetness.

    She picked up a little with a spoon and tried it. It was slightly sweet. The amount of Skullcap Root may be small. The sweet taste of licorice and jujube masked the bitter taste. She pinched her nose and hurriedly drank down the bowl of medicine and quickly rinsed her mouth with a bowl of plain water.

    Lips and teeth had a lasting scent, after the bitterness came the sweetness of licorice. Slowly, she feels slightly her body become slightly warm, the heat caused her to be a little drowsy, and the sleepiness accumulated over the past few days kicked in, or it may just be a psychological effect. Anyways, once her head hit the pillow, she fell into a sweet and deep sleep.

    The next day she went to work full of energy, feeling that she was truly alive. It was almost winter, but the air was still stuffy and humid, but she was in a good mood.

  She first went to walk around the Jing pavilion, checking everything was well. Then she entered the back door and saw the lobby manager Ding Wei, with a haggard complexion. She wondered, "Ding Wei, what happened?"

    He shook his head. “The issue is big but not really big, small but not really small. A man suddenly broke into the lobby last night and grabbed a female guest. The security guard immediately took him away, but the female guest refused to forgive and let go of the issue. I got tormented throughout the night, barely managing to calm the female guest down."

    Shen Xifan felt the same way, "Fortunately, nothing happened in the guest room, otherwise it would be even more troublesome."

    Gunan Hua Ting is not the most luxurious hotel in the city,  but it wins in its very distinctive rooms. The guest rooms are divided into Jing Pavilion and Xin Pavilion. Jing Pavilion is a Chinese style guest room, suite and villa, and Xin Pavilion is Western style.

    No wonder Shen Xifan was under such pressure, and it is not without reason.

   Right at this time, the intercom rang, as soon as she heard it was the general manager’s  secretary, "The general manager wants you to go to his office."

    Shen Xifan was a little uneasy, Ding Wei looked at her happily, "Eat more in the afternoon, let it out!"

    She complained, "Ding Wei, believe it or not, I will find some gangsters to come and make trouble. Like this, you can have your supper!"

    Cheng Dongqian waited for her in the office, Shen Xifan knocked on the door and found the manager of the public relations department, security department, engineering department were all present, and then President Cheng motioned to her to sit down. "This time I gathered all of you specifically because of the VIP booking. I hope you all understand the situation first."

    The secretary sent out the information, and she picked it up and turned it over. It turned out that the hotel was going to receive a VIP attending the IT summit.

    No wonder so much fanfare, a rich guest is the boss.

   Pity her weak mental state, which will be tormented again.

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First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 3.3


Chapter 3 - Having a crush, is a solo waltz, so lonely yet so beautiful (3)

  To keep up with the progress of the piano class and get a decent score, one has to practice at home. Tang Tang's family could make ends meet but the burden of good piano lessons could be heavy. However, learning dancing would be a lot more affordable. As for Yan Ke, it is not difficult to imagine that his family should be quite well off. At least Xiong Yifan didn’t know many people who have pianos at home.

  Today, Tang Tang gave Yan Ke notes she made in her first year that she had put in her schoolbag on the weekend.

   After reading Ding Ming’s note, Xiong Yifan dazed. Were Tang Tang and Yan Ke childhood sweethearts. At least, their friendship had a long history.

  But they had known each other for so many years. If they liked each other, they would already be in a relationship by now. Tang Tang has always been single. By coincidence, Xiong Yifan also heard that Tang Tang liked people older than her. Does that mean that the two are not dating?

   In a moment, another note from Ding Ming was thrown onto her table.

  There was one line on it: Do you remember the regularity of our exam venues?

   Xiong Yifan suddenly recalled or something and squashed the note into a ball tightly.

   The curriculum of the first grade and the curriculum of the second grade are almost the same. The first-year class (2) and the second-year class (2) take gym classes together. Also, the exam venues for monthly and midterm exams are chosen randomly. Furthermore, first-year students and second-year students sit in alternate rows and columns to prevent cheating. Therefore, there is a high chance that she will meet Yan Ke in the exam hall. 

   Xiong Yifan finally smiled and her moodiness was gone. She began to listen attentively to the teacher speaking on the stage.

   Qi Xiaosong was sitting in the last row of the class because of his tall height. He leaned his head on the table and stared at Xiong Yifan's back view, his forehead formed thin lines.

   He agreed that Xiong Yifan's new hairstyle looked pretty good, but he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. He didn’t want to admit too.

   He hoped that Xiong Yifan had not changed her hairstyle and remain looking so carefree like how she originally was. She always had a flamboyant personality, but friendly at the same time, she was ordinary looking and not fond of beauty. She didn’t have the kind of fuzz most girls had, and would not do things rashly like some guys. Most importantly, she loves to take care of others, which makes her friends with everyone.

   His fist clenched and loosened, loosened, and clenched again. He changed a posture and was ready to find a discrete way to go to sleep, but was hit by the chalk on his head thrown over by the teacher.

   "Pass it back to me." The teacher said.

Qi Xiaosong pouted his lips, walked to the podium, and put the chalk back into the teacher’s pen case. The rest of the class laughed. On his way back to his seat, he flicked Xiong Yifan's hair with a finger, making a small curl on her hair.

   Xiong Yifan glared at him angrily.

   She never thought that any boy would like her, so she never thought much about his actions.

   That made her seem indifferent about Qi Xiaosong’s feelings for her.

   Xiong Yifan paid attention to Yan Ke's every moves as if she had clairvoyant eyes and ears. Love, at first sight, unearthed her potential as a detective. In the crowded field, she can always spot him in a second; in the noisy cafeteria, she can always easily overhear things about Yan Ke.

        She learned that beneath the sports sportswear, Yan Ke always liked to wear a blue T-shirt or a plaid shirt; he has a pair of blue and white converse shoes and a pair of black and white travel shoes, which he will regularly switch up. He also purchased a new pair of brown skateboard shoes and wore them all for a week; in the cafeteria, he liked to listen to MP3, and only wears his headset on one side so that he can chat with his friends.

   She used to secretly line up behind Yan Ke in the cafeteria, fearing that Yan Ke would turn around, but at the same time, anticipating that he will turn back. She didn’t find a chance to make a move yet, but she felt nervous beside him. Her face will blush like a ripe red apple that even an apple would be ashamed of itself for not being ripe enough. Ding Ming will always coax her and push her forward. Once, Xiong Yifan almost hit Yan Ke. Her nose tip softly brushed his clothes and she smelled the light fragrance on him. It should be the smell of body lotion and the scent was very light. Yet, to Xiong Yifan, the scent of him was like the aroma of old wine, making her drunk and overwhelmed.

   She secretly found out what Yan Ke likes to eat. He would get two meat and two vegetables in the mixed rice store. He seemed to like eating sweet food, caramelized sweet potato in particular. He always had sufficient money in his meal card, unlike Xiong Yifan, who only had sufficient money at the beginning of the month.

   Once in the supermarket, Xiong Yifan finally brought her courage to pretend to buy something and got a step closer to Yan Ke to eavesdrop on the songs in Yan Ke's headphones. She only heard the melody but did not know what the song was. She went back to her dorm and hummed the melody to many people, searched on the Internet, and did thorough research on the song for two full days before finally finding the song’s name. It was a Violin music by David Garrett.

   This finding made Xiong Yifan ponder for a long time. There are songs on her mobile phone that she will listen to and most of them are very catchy. Her favorite song was "Jing Zhong Bao Guo"

  She and Yan Ke had such different tastes.

  She appeared so often around Yan Ke that she can recognize several of Yan Ke's friends.

   Soon, she found out one more thing. She was not the only one who had a crush on Yan Ke, many girls in the school were eyeing him and some began to take actions. For example, Yan Ke received three love letters one day. He looked through them when he was bored and out of curiosity, he took out his mobile phone and searched a few sentences up on Baidu. Eventually, he found similar lines that matched the love letter.

   His reply to the love letter was: shameless plagiarism.

   Such integrity!

   Xiong Yifan actually thought his reply was cute.

        As for Tang Tang, other than the first time Xiong Yifan saw her with Yan Ke at the school gate, she had never encountered them being together again. Tang Tang, as usual, would be busy studying in class, collecting love letters after class, avoiding the boys chasing after her during lunch break and be afraid of morons calling her name downstairs when she goes back to her dorm.

  This made Xiong Yifan relieved.


Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - Ruo River is Three Thousand Metres Long, You can Splash all you want (2)

    The teacher had just announced a ten minutes break, he turned over to ask: "Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?"

  Luo Zhi felt both annoyed yet funny:. "You seem to particularly wish I was hurt"

    The offender had nothing better to do but to come to join the fun and said with a grin: "You don't know this, my friend has a hot water complex. If I remember correctly, when he was in senior high, he came to know his first girlfriend just because he accidentally poured a cup of hot water on the girl and burned her. She scolded him angrily. Our young master happened to be a masochist. Ruo River is Three Thousand Metres Long, he was waiting for that one splash."

    Sheng Huainan did not respond as clearly as he did in a coffee shop this time, but just gave a feeling that he was already accustomed to old affairs being brought up, seems to have expected that the other party would expose him, smiled gently, did not deny, nor did he become angry.

    Luo Zhi froze for a moment, and immediately turned to look at the boy and said, "What do you want to imply? You also splashed me with hot water. So should I scold you now to prove the fate between us?!" 

The boy was embarrassed, his face flushed, and Sheng Huainan was already lying on the table laughing uncontrollably.

    "You really don’t like her?" While the old man continued to lecture, Zhang Mingrui asked inadvertently but did not smile.

    "What are you always asking me this?" Sheng Huainan bowed his head and carefully copied the notes.

    Zhang Mingrui's nib paused, raised his head to look at the podium, put on the pen cap, and asked casually, "You guys are high school classmates? What's her name?"

    Sheng Huainan glanced at him quickly.

    "Shall I introduce the configuration and model number, and how much is the budget?" He smiled at Zhang Mingrui, who was blushing.

    Few people could tell when Zhang Mingrui blushed because he was too dark.

    "Department of International Trade, School of Economics, Luo Zhi, Luo from Luoyang ancient city, Zhi, Zhi from uh...' Jusheng Huaibei Ze Zhi’... I think so." Sheng Huainan explained Luo Zhi's name in one fell swoop, and then paused for a moment, "And she is our high school flower (illa: campus belle) ---- at least on the school flower comprehensive ranking, she have both looks and character, I heard that she is still single, in terms of feasibility, you got game." 

Zhang Mingrui grinned reluctantly and did not respond.

    "Hey, why don't you talk, and what are you planning in your head?" Sheng Huainan laughed.

    He still didn't answer. This was the first time Sheng Huainan was so long-winded in front of him, making fun of him like a kid, but no matter what he did, he only gave him a reluctant grin.

    Sheng Huainan also stopped talking, and the two men quietly copied their notes.

    Zhang Mingrui is not a boy with a rough and carefree mental state. He heard clearly that something was slowly dying in their silence.

    After class, Luo Zhi was sorting out her schoolbag and saw the splashing boy turned to face her.

    “Let me treat you to ice cream to apologise for just now."

    Luo Zhi was surprised. She saw that Sheng Huainan's face was also filled with surprise, but only for a short moment, he immediately rolled the schoolbag on his shoulder and winked at her. He smiled and whispered into Zhang Mingrui's ear saying "Don't embarrass yourself", and then quickly left.

    "My name is Zhang Mingrui." The boy's cheeks were still crimson. He has tanned skin, his facial features were stretched out, and it looks pretty flattering.

    Luo Zhi took a few seconds to digest the situation, then sighed and said: "If it is for this dress and that cup of coffee, then I don't think it is necessary to apologise, I don't really mind. If it is for the fate of splashing hot water..."

    His face became redder.

    "Then it's even more unnecessary." She said in a joke, "I'm not familiar with Sheng Huainan in High School, but I have heard some rumours. His relationship with that girl was very interesting and unconventional, but they still broke up in the end. Since it is the same kind of beginning, it's bad luck. I think we should just forget it.”

    Despite smiling, the sense of distance was clearly shown in her eyes, she believed he could see it too.

    "Hah, it's okay, it's okay, don't misunderstand." The boy was embarrassed, Luo Zhi couldn't bear it, but she didn't want things to go too far, so it was better to make it clear from the beginning.

    Moreover, Sheng Huainan walked away as a matchmaker, she felt a little upset.

    "You are the girl I met that day right, your mouth is still so powerful. Sheng Huainan told me just now that you are the school flower of their high school, talented and good-looking. Sure enough, it really is well-deserved praise."

    Luo Zhi knows this is just Sheng Huainan's excuse in front of Zhang Mingrui.

    "You have been cheated. It's not me."

    He froze: "Ah?"

    "School Flower was the girl who was splashed with hot water by him." She didn't want to continue talking anymore, picked up her school bag and said to him, "See you soon" and went towards the back door.

    After walking a few steps, she suddenly heard a low call from behind.

    "Luo Zhi, right?"

    She looked back at him: "Yes, Sheng Huainan told you?"

    "You like Sheng Huainan, don't you." Zhang Mingrui stared at the table, not looking at her.

    Has she hit a ghost recently, why does everyone come to ask whether she likes Sheng Huainan, and moreover, all of them are complete strangers.

    "You'd better stop before going too far ." She neither denied nor admitted.

    Seeing him flushed, she slowed down and said softly, "Don't misunderstand, not all girls who talk to handsome guys want to get close to them."

    Although she is indeed one of those girls.

    "You must also like Sheng Huainan." Zhang Mingrui seems to be possessed.

    "Also?" Luo Zhi was startled, and vaguely saw something in his expression, and smiled, "Zhang Mingrui, did you like a girl, but she likes Sheng Huainan?”

    Zhang Mingrui's expression changed slightly, but Zhang Minrui didn't say anything, only lowered his head down and turned away.

    Luo Zhi was stunned, he didn't even bother to lie to cover up, it really made people speechless.

    The people around were all gone, only the two of them were left standing there. Luo Zhi thought about it and decided to walk over and said a little apologetically: "Treat me to ice cream. Take it as I said nothing just now. I'm sorry."

    He recovered and immediately smiled silly: "Okay."

    Luo Zhi admits, the fact that his thought pattern changes so easily, he is indeed a very cute person.

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