Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19.2 - A Jealous Call (2)

Meanwhile in the Zhou Residence in the Imperial Capital.

Zhou Shiyun frowned slightly when he remembered what the reporter said over the phone just now. Collaboration, she and Xu Jiawei?

He took away the small snacks in front of Wutong with his profound eyes and silently felt that at that time, Su Jinbei’s various expressions towards Xu Jiawei was dazzling. That woman, every expression she made was bewitching.

And Wutong who lost his food for no reason suddenly exploded, “Meow, meow, meow!!”

Zhou Shiyun stared at it, and said quite imposingly, “She said you have to lose weight, did you forget?”

Wutong was aggrieved: You gave me the snacks just now! I haven’t even finished and you took it away! Who did I offend?!

“Okay, I will head out first. I will see you next time.” Su Jinbei said to Xu Jiawei.

Xu Jiawei nodded, his smile stiff, “Goodbye.”

The driver opened the door for her, and Su Jinbei waved to Xu Jiawei and got in the car.

The car moved away, Xu Jiawei stared blankly at the direction she left. Every expression she made during her phone call made its way to his heart. Her bright smile, her shy smile, they were all clearly meant for a lover. Who was the person on the other end… who could make her smile wholeheartedly like that.

“Jiawei, what’s the matter, get in the car.” The manager sighed as he looked at his preoccupied state.

“Jiawei, you really shouldn’t focus on feelings now.”

Xu Jiawei, “… I didn’t.”

“Don’t hide from me, I know you like Su Jinbei, but I advise you to forget this idea. Think about it, for a woman in the entertainment industry to grow like her, is it possible that there is no one backing her?”

“What do you mean…”

“You don’t understand what I mean?” The manager patted his shoulder with a heavy heart. “Unspoken rules in the entertainment circle can be seen everywhere. Didn’t the news two days ago say that there was a man spending thousands on her… Jiawei, don’t just casually think of ​​falling in love with people in the circle. “

Xu Jiawei turned his head, not wanting to hear his manager talk about this anymore, and sat in the car sullenly.

During the period when Su Jinbei returned home for the New Year’s, her Grandpa and parents seemed to treat her much better, more precisely, their impression of her was much better. She thought that this must be because of her relationship with Zhou Shiyun.

Sure, it would be strange if her relatives weren’t happy that her relationship with her fiancé was suddenly better, and this was the same fiancé she refused contact with this entire time.

On the 6th day of the Lunar year.

“Jinbei, are you ready? I will pick you up at your house in half an hour.” He Di said over the phone.

Su Jinbei was sitting in front of the vanity mirror and applying lipstick, “Okay, just hurry up and come.”

“En, okay.” He Di snickered and suddenly asked, “Oh, by the way, how’s it going with Dr. Zhou, you made a special trip to Beijing, did you go to meet the elders?”

“What do you mean I made a special trip to Beijing? He begged me to go to Beijing.”

“Oh~ he begs you and you actually go. You’ve never gone before, why the sudden change of heart?”

Su Jinbei put down the lipstick and rubbed her lips together, “He was so passionate in begging me, I couldn’t bear to refuse. After all, he was also the doctor who saved me, right.”

He Di rolled her eyes on her end, “Su Jinbei, drop the act, just tell me that you are in love with him.”

Su Jinbei, “…”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, who was it who said she hated this kind of childhood engagement; that if you did get married in the future, you’ll mind your own business and he can mind his. You’re still going to be free as a bird, and you’re still going to like looking at fresh meat. You even said getting a husband was nothing. Su Jinbei, wasn’t this you? “

Su Jinbei supported her chin and thought for a while, “Yes, my philosophy has not changed a lot, but there is a small change, that is, getting a husband is now a thing. After all, my husband is so handsome, displaying him at home is bringing honour to my ancestors, no?”

He Di, “… Su Jinbei, does Dr. Zhou know that you are such a person.”

“He will know.”

He Di, “I suddenly pity Dr. Zhou.”

Su Jinbei sneered and hung up He Di’s call.

Displaying him at home? This was all talk, how could such a handsome husband only be kept for display at home!

Su Jinbei smiled and remembered the way he held her in the mall elevator that day. At that time, her heart was beating too fast, her heart had never beat that fast before.

Film and Television City, “Crisis City” crew.

Su Jinbei hurried to the crew after dropping all her luggage at the hotel. Because of time constraints, she couldn’t come to the booting ceremony, so she immediately joined the group now.

“Crisis City” was a new production by well-known director Zhang Xuecheng. The production team was excellent and it was an all-star cast. Su Jinbei was very happy to be selected as an important character in this drama.

Many actors competed with her for this role, even a few A-list actors, but in the end, she was picked by the director. Not because she was better than other actors in acting, after all, her main profession was not an actor, but because her temperament and face were most in line with the character in the movie.

Her character was a beautiful spy who had been trained since childhood and was finally chosen and sent to neighboring countries. Enchanting, charming, and smart, these were the things that this character needed to have, the smart part she needed to act, but the enchanting part… Su Jinbei was the textbook version of that word just by standing, it wouldn’t make sense not to hire her.

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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 8.4

Chapter 8.4 - 沉香 Agarwood (1)

      Shen Xifan thought carefully, "Maximilian Hecker, Winter Pills, Lene Marlin, Cranberries, well, there are many good ones. I can't remember them right away. When I have time, I’ll share them with you. ”

He Suye nodded, “Well, I'll add you when I go back at night. Are you used to using QQ or MSN? ”

   Shen Xifan suddenly remembered the embarrassment of wanting to become a penguin and go offline incognito when she met him in a restaurant last time and burst out laughing. He Suye asked her with interest, "Don't you use either of them?" 

   Shen Xifan changed the subject, “He Suye, the prescription you mentioned today seems to have agarwood in it. Why? ”

   He Suye was taken aback for a moment and then blurted out without even thinking about it, “I think you are like this medicine. ”

   She was curious, turned to wait for him, and then asked him cautiously, “Why do you say that?" 

  “Agarwood is agarwood, also known as daughter incense. It is not only a kind of high-grade wood but also traditional Chinese medicine. Agarwood has a fragrant smell and is mainly used for detoxification and dredging. It enters the kidney, spleen, and stomach meridians. It is the finest medicinal material in Qi medicine. The mysterious and strange fragrance of agarwood gathers the aura of heaven and earth for thousands of years, fragrant, elegant, and mellow. I feel it is very similar to you, and your character. The longer it takes the human body to experience it, and the more he digs, the more he feels happy. ”

   When he spoke, He Suye's face flushed slightly. It might be because of alcohol. He spoke boldly. If it were normal, he would never speak so directly. 

   But in fact, he didn't drink much, and he was still very sober. It was just that when he saw Shen Xifan for the first time today, his heart jumped for no reason, and then he looked at her bright smile, the cunning smile when cheating with him, the helplessness and mischief when losing the game, and the unexplained heartbeat when singing, these make his mood infinitely good, like a balloon being blown up, full of joy and expansion. 
   The street light caged Shen Xifan's whole body in a halo, with white clothes and a white dress, and then a long windbreaker. She seemed to be very afraid of the cold. She kept exhaling heat on her hands, walking dishonestly and liked to jump around, letting her black hair flutter in the wind. 

   He Suye suddenly had a strange feeling. He was always in a comfortable mood when he was with Shen Xifan. Whether it was her shrewd and capable side or her confused and helpless appearance, he found it interesting. The deeper he got to know her, the more he felt that she was rare and valuable, full of surprises. 

   Christmas Eve was really sensational. 
   Shen Xifan hesitated for a long time and finally said, “He Suye, I find that I am very happy when I’m with you. ”

  He laughed. Unexpectedly, didn't he know whenever her dripping eyes were turning, she liked to glance at him casually and then retract as if nothing had happened. Talking to him would be a bit inconsistent with the preface. After only getting along a few times, she showed her affection for him. He didn't repel her, and sometimes secretly hoped to for it to be more obvious. 

   Tonight, it is obvious enough. 

   Sometimes when he go downstairs to go shopping, he thinks, he don't know if Shen Xifan, the little girl, will be in the supermarket. She should eat more fruits instead of biscuits and the like; sometimes halfway through writing a thesis, he will look up and look out the window. Don't know where the little girl lives and the community is so big. He only noticed her walking to Area F that time; will the little girl have insomnia again, or suffer from some other illness, and run to see the doctor again. 

   He was a little surprised, but then he was relieved. Why bother to think so much about whether he should hang her onto his heart? Since it is hanging, just let it hang it. 

   It's just that he's not sure what kind of feeling this is. 
   For Zhang Yiling, he was a little dependent, because she was the one who pulled him out of the abyss and gave him warmth. In this love, they are both used to accepting each other's kindness, although, in comparison, she does not love him. 

   It's strange that for Shen Xifan, for the first time, he felt that he had something called responsibility. 

   Just because she is younger than him, just because she used to be his patient?

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 19.1

Chapter 19.1 - A Jealous call (1)

The meeting of two parties at the airport was purely an accident. Xu Jiawei was stunned. Su Jinbei also felt it was bizarre. Were they going to make headlines again?

The reporters had originally come to cover Xu Jiawei and totally didn’t expect to find Su Jinbei as well.

“Jiawei, did the two of you come together for a special purpose, did you make an appointment?”

“Are the two going to have a meal together after this?”

“Where will you go next?”

“Jinbei, Jinbei, what do you have to say about being photographed with another man in the mall the other day, was he really just a friend?”

Xu Jiawei and Su Jinbei faced each other across the throng of reporters.

“Please make way, make way, our Jiawei just came to work, there was no prior appointment.” Xu Jiawei’s manager said.

“But can there be such a coincidence, the two people clearly came out one after another.”

“This is really just a coincidence, Jiawei and Jinbei are just very good friends.”

“So Jiawei, do you know the stranger with Su Jinbei?”

Xu Jiawei paused slightly, looking at the camera, “I’m not clear on that.”

Finally, he walked in the direction of Su Jinbei. The reporter was happy to see the picture of the two people together, so he tacitly agreed to make way for the two people.

“What a coincidence.” Xu Jiawei said with a smile.

Su Jinbei smiled back, “Indeed, where did you come from?”

“Hainan, how about you?”

“I’m coming from Beijing, do you have work here?” Su Jinbei didn’t feel embarrassed to see him at this time. This wasn’t her first rodeo. With so many scandals, how could she be afraid of fresh meat like Xu Jiawei?

“En, a commercial.” Xu Jiawei’s eyes behind his sunglasses were firmly fixed on Su Jinbei. If there were not so many people around him, he would really like to ask her, who was the man from the scandal before.

Su Jinbei nodded her head. When she wanted to say something, the phone rang. She pointed to the phone and signaled that she was going to leave first. However, Xu Jiawei did not leave, and only said, “I’ll walk VIP with you.”

Su Jinbei had already answered the phone at this time so she only casually nodded.


“You’ve arrived.” Zhou Shiyun’s light voice came through the receiver. Su Jinbei suddenly smiled like a flower, “Of course, how can my phone be on otherwise.”

“En.” Zhou Shiyun paused, “Why is it so noisy.”

“You forgot who I am. So many people came to see me at the airport, how can it not be?”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

At this time, the reporter’s microphone passed over the surrounding security personnel to Su Jinbei, “Jinbei, I heard that you snagged Director Zhao’s movie. Will you be cooperating with Xu Jiawei in the future?”

Su Jinbei smiled apologetically to the reporter, clutching the phone, “It’s a little noisy. Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?”

Su Jinbei did not answer. The reporters had no choice but to turn to Xu Jiawei on the side. “Does Jiawei have plans to work with our goddess?”

Xu Jiawei’s manager blocked everyone, “Sorry, sorry, we’re not accepting any interviews at the moment, if there is news about work, we will inform everyone.”

“Eh, there is another question. Could you please answer it?”

Finally, the reporters were stopped outside, only Su Jinbei and Xu Jiawei entered the VIP passageway.

The surroundings became quiet, Su Jinbei no longer covered her cell phone, “Can you hear me now, hello?”


“Oh yes, what did you say just now, I didn’t catch it.”

Zhou Shiyun, “It’s nothing, Grandma just wanted to make sure you arrived.”

Su Jinbei cooed, “Only Grandma wanted to check on me, I thought you wanted to check on me too, I got excited for no reason.”

Zhou Shiyun was silent for a moment, and suddenly said, “Is there anyone else with you right now?”

“Yes, my mother asked someone to pick me up, oh… I also ran into Xu Jiawei at the airport, you remember him?”

On the other end, Zhou Shiyun caressed Wutong’s soft fur. Of course, he remembered, she even wanted the man to feed her back then in the hospital.

Not waiting for Zhou Shiyun’s answer, Su Jinbei said again, “When I first got off the plane, I thought it was strange that reporters knew I was coming back today. It turns out they were here for him.”

“Su Jinbei.” Zhou Shiyun interrupted her.


“Go back early.”

“Oh.” Su Jinbei wiggled her brows and asked deliberately and coquettishly, “Is this what you want or what Grandma wants?”

Zhou Shiyun, “… I’m hanging up.”


“Beep beep…”

Su Jinbei glanced at the disconnected cell phone and muttered, “I can’t believe he really hung up, is it so hard to say it was what he wanted?”

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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 8.3

Chapter 8.3 - 沉香 Agarwood (3)

   A small size boy suggested, “Let's play something, shall we play connect the word game?" ”

   The other said, "Okay, let's the topic be prescription, and those who lose will have to drink. Chivas Regal 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky Bottle. That should be fair punishment! ”

   Shen Xifan immediately lost spirit. What is “prescriptions”, she hadn't even heard of any and turned to He Suye for help. 

   He Suye stood up, motioned to Li Jie to move inside, and then sat next to Shen Xifan, he whispered to comfort her, “It's okay, I'll help you! ”

   Li Jie looked at them with a cunning smile, Fang Kexin was taken aback for a moment, his expression thoughtful. 
   “The four paintings begin, big brother, you first! ”

   “Wuling San Wan are - Guizhi, Atractylodes, Poria, Poria, Alisma, Zhang Ming, and the six paintings connect it ”

   “Peony and liquorice soup, white peony root, roasted liquorice, seven paintings, Shen Xifan. ”

  Everyone looked at Shen Xifan curiously, only to see her hesitating, “Liangfu Pills-galangal, Cyperus. ”

   Someone laughed immediately, "Big brother, you helped her cheat, no, you have to be punished! ”

   Li Jie waved his hand, “Just let the big brother help her, the big brother, you can say two by yourself, and then Shen Xifan, you have to remember both of them, everyone, try your best and knock the big brother down! ”
   She really didn't expect that there were so many traditional Chinese medicines, and some of the names were very strange. Around her mouth, she could only falter, “Agarwood relieves qi and disperses-agarwood, liquorice, sandalwood, cyperus. . . . . and. . . . . I can't remember. . . . ." She blinked helplessly at He Suye. He Suye was not annoyed but looked at her with a smile. 

   Everyone laughed, Li Jie pushed a small glass of wine in front of her, Shen Xifan frowned, and a hand next to her took it and drank it. She was surprised, “He Suye, I lost! ”

   Everyone could see the clues and urged He Suye one after another, "Big brother, love a fragrant jade-like maid! ”

Romuse:  love a fragrant jade-like maid - tenderness toward women

   Fang Kexin also joked, “Big brother, if my basic Chinese medicine teachers were like you, I wouldn't have to worry about my single-subject scholarship! ”

   Shen Xifan was embarrassed, secretly grateful in her heart, and muttered in a low voice, “I will definitely remember it next time. ”

   As if nothing had happened, He Suye reminded her, “It seems that I need to pick a simple name. You can't remember it if it is too long and annoying. ”

   She had no choice but to smile. 
   Later, she went to the cash counter to sing. 

   She didn't expect that people who studied medicine would be crazy once they started playing. Once the singing started, some people applauded and some people heckled, and the atmosphere became very lively, and Li Jie was one of them. 

  At that time, “吉祥三宝 Auspicious Three Treasures” was on the screen. Li Jie led a group of doctors to sing “Auspicious Three Treasures Doctor Edition": "Dad, did you go home when the sun went down?" ——No way! Where did you go when the stars came out? ——There is an emergency! Then why is there no overtime pay? ——Serve the people! ”

   Everyone laughed and fell on the sofa. Shen Xifan heard the live version for the first time. She didn't care about her image, so she shrank into a ball with a smile. 

   It wasn’t easy to change someone else to sing some sad love songs, but with the atmosphere that was stirred up just now, they couldn't sing out a heartbreaking taste, and then someone encouraged He Suye to sing. 

   He Suye looked embarrassed, “I really can't sing!”

   Someone shouted, “Big brother doesn't give face, I heard others say that you sing well. ”

   He waved his hand, “I really can't sing. . . . . “ Before the voice fell, Li Jie stuffed one microphone into his hand, and threw the other to Shen Xifan, "Big brother, male and female duet, see if you are still unwilling to sing." 

   Shen Xifan was taken aback all of a sudden, and looked at the screen, the familiar song title on it-" 再见北极雪 Goodbye Arctic Snow”. 

   It's not that she has never sung a song, but she has never sung a duet between a man and a woman. She started to sing very formally, but then she completely let go. She and He Suye looked at each other and smiled, and her confidence suddenly increased. 

   After singing, she realized that He Suye was really good at singing, and it was really stressful to sing with him. She turned her head to look back at him. In his eyes, she saw a deep smile, as well as her own flower-like smile. She felt that in her heart, there was a kind of soft warmth, similar to moving happiness. 

   Such a festival is very suitable for everyone to spend together. 
  The game didn't end until later than eleven o'clock. Shen Xifan didn't expect to get along with this group of people easily and happily. Probably most of the doctors are careful and serious, and those who study Chinese medicine are even more thoughtful and know how to think for others, so talking and getting along with them feels like being taken care of. 

   He Suye went home with her, Shen Xifan walked in front, turning around from time to time to talk to He Suye, “He Suye, I didn't expect you to sing so well! ”

   He smiled embarrassedly, “I listen to very little and generally don't sing much. This is the only song I can handle ”

   “What kind of songs do you usually like? Chinese, Cantonese, or English? ”

   “It's not limited, as long as it sounds nice. What good songs do you recommend? ”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 18.5

Chapter 18.5 – Her stay at Zhou Residence (5)

Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes and warned, “Stop pretending, that’s how you are.”

Wutong pawed its face, cuddled into Zhou Shiyun’s arms and didn’t make a sound.

Zhou Shiyun shook his head, slightly helpless, “If it doesn’t move next time just ignore it. Let it come back by itself.”

“That won’t do,” Su Jinbei squinted at him, “How about you follow us for a walk next time, Wutong will definitely listen to you.”

Zhou Shiyun was silent, “Alright.”

In the next two days, Zhou Shiyun really did keep his words and walked with them in the garden.

Wutong walked weakly in front, she and Zhou Shiyun followed behind.

“Don’t stop~ It’s only been five minutes.”

Wutong turned its head and gave Zhou Shiyun a sad look.

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth slightly ticked, “En, listen to her.”

“Meow!” Wutong turned back resentfully and continued to move reluctantly.

Su Jinbei proudly looked at its butt, “Sure enough, you’re the one with a deterrent effect. Zhou Shiyun, did you discipline it harshly before? Look, it’s so obedient with you.”

Zhou Shiyun, “It was really obedient with Mother before, too.”

Su Jinbei glared, “So, I’m the only one it bullies?”

Zhou Shiyun shook his head, “That’s not true, Wutong’s pretty disobedient in front of people other than Mother and I.”

“That’s too much.” Su Jinbei squatted down two steps forward, blocking Wutong’s road, “Fat cat, I have to remind you, don’t offend me. If you offend me, I won’t have anything good to feed you.”

“Meow.” It was extremely disdainful.

“You don’t believe me?” Su Jinbei grabbed its ears, “The Second Young Master you are afraid of also has to listen to me, do you dare not listen to me?”

Hearing this Zhou Shiyun was startled and looked at Su Jinbei as if he was a little puzzled. Where did she get her confidence?

“Zhou Shiyun, isn’t that right?”

She even dared ask him? Zhou Shiyun rewarded her with a cold look and walked forward indifferently.

“Hey, hey,” Su Jinbei caught up, “You shouldn’t give me that face in front of Wutong.”

Zhou Shiyun raised his eyebrows gently, “Wutong won’t believe your words either way.”

Su Jinbei, “…”

Su Jinbei lived well at the Zhou Residence, spending her time teasing Wutong and teasing Zhou Shiyun. Five days passed by quickly. Today was the day she returned to the Su Residence from the Imperial Capital.

Su Jinbei came with no luggage, but when she came back, she brought two large suitcases full of her recent loot. Some were sent by the Zhou family and some she bought herself.

“Wutong, remember to miss me.” Before getting in the car, Su Jinbei violated the big fat cat with reluctance.

“Meow.” Wutong was very intelligent. It could sense that Su Jinbei was about to leave, and its perpetually lazy eyes held a rare glint of emotion.

“If you like Wutong so much, tell Zhou Shiyun to bring it over to live with you next time.” Huo Wanjun said with a smile.

“Of course that would be great,” Su Jinbei’s eyes lit up, “Wutong, then I’ll see you next time.”


“Grandma, Elder Brother, then I will go first, you take care of your body.”

“Okay, be careful along the way.”

Su Jinbei nodded her head and finally looked at Zhou Shiyun. She didn’t say much, just gestured for him to give her a call. Huo Wanjun and Zhou Zhengxian laughed at this, and Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips. As always, there was no special expression.

Su Jinbei didn’t mind, anyway, she was long used to it. She got into the car, the driver of the Zhou family started the car, and gradually went away.

In front of the Zhou family mansion, Zhou Zhengxian stopped Zhou Shiyun who was about to leave.

“This time Jinbei came I forgot to give her this.” Zhou Zhengxian opened his hand and inside laid a teardrop-shaped emerald necklace, glittering and translucent. It was clear at first glance that it was valuable.

This emerald necklace was their mother’s. She had said that it was to be passed on to her daughter-in-law. Later, after their mother’s death, this object came into Zhou Zhengxian’s possession.

Zhou Shiyun looked at it with a faint smile. He didn’t think that Zhou Zhengxian would forget if he really wanted to give it to her himself.

Zhou Zhengxian looked at his expression and knew what he was thinking, so he said, “Give it to her this time when you go back, that’ll give you an excuse to see her. I know that you will definitely forget once you reach the hospital.”

“Keep it yourself.” Zhou Shiyun said.

“Why should I?” Zhou Zhengxian said, “I don’t have a wife.”

Zhou Shiyun choked.

“So I can only give it to you,” Zhou Zhengxian directly stuffed it in his hands, “Remember, give it to Jinbei personally.”

Without waiting for him to answer, Zhou Yan pushed Zhou Zhengxian inside.

Zhou Shiyun paused, looked down at the teardrop-shaped emerald necklace, he had to personally… give it to her.

Su Jinbei got off the plane and the person sent by Zhao Xueyan came to pick her up. She was dressed in low profile today, but she didn’t expect the cameras to flash waiting for her as soon as she came out.

Su Jinbei was surprised for a while. Today’s trip was quite confidential. How could there be reporters?

But the next second she knew why. Suddenly, there were screams at the airport, and Su Jinbei turned around and saw Xu Jiawei coming out with a crowd around him.

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Loving You is the Best Thing I have Done 爱你,是我做过最好的事 Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - 沉香 Agarwood (2)

   "Dongke" invited many dignitaries from the electronic software industry. She recognized several bosses who participated in the IT summit, and senior executives from Gunan Terrence were also invited to participate. 

   Compared to others, she is too quiet. Picking a corner and standing, she felt that the light was a little dazzling and felt a little daze. She suddenly remembered the sentence, Happiness is theirs, and I have nothing. 

  She has never liked to noise because she would lose herself in this way. 

   She always feels that she seems to be a bit out of place in the hotel. She does not have the courage and determination of Xu Xiangya, Ding Wei, and Lin Yishen. Some just have strength and ingenuity. 

   She really wants to go home, make a cup of jasmine tea, and then chat with her parents, or go out for a walk. Maybe she can meet He Suye again. Her uneasy mood is all revealed in those smart eyes, which are shining brightly. 

   The crystal chandelier scattered all the light, and the gold powder also spilled down and fell on her jet-black hair. This woman in white clothes and white dress stood quietly in a corner as if she had just walked out of an old ancient book, and she was so out of place with the laughter in the background. 

   A man looked back from time to time, but she didn't know it. 
   There was a commotion at the door, and Shen Xifan saw Cheng and other high-level officials immediately greeted him. Among the group, Yan Heng stood in the middle and politely shook hands, greeted, and laughed with them. 

   Did anyone tell her that Yan Heng was coming? If so, she would rather get sick and go home. 

   Mr. Cheng waved to her, but she had to bite the bullet and stepped forward, “Hello, Mr. Yan! ”

   Yan Heng was wearing a suit, no tie, and glasses. There was a hint of unruly civility in his manner. He stretched out his hand, “Manager Shen has worked hard. Thank you for your care these days. I will trouble you again sometime in the future.”

   His fingers were a little cold, as slender and powerful as she remembered. Once, this hand took her through the mood for love and blooming flowers, but she never thought that they would hold each other's hands again in such a manner.  

   She couldn't help but feel sweat oozing from the palm of her hand, and her face was still calm, “Mr. Yan is polite, I am happy to serve you. ” She wanted to take out her hand, but Yan Heng held it tightly, his posture seem like he would not let it go. 

  Shen Xifan looked at him generously, her gaze was a little stern, Yan Heng smiled slyly, and suddenly let go. She was calm on the surface and retreated safely, but something in her heart began to slowly disintegrate. After a while, it will collapse into an army. 

   Yan Heng, from last time till now, she has never been his opponent. 

   She thought of a sentence, “I can't afford to provoke or hide”, and she suddenly realized. 
   The bustling city is colourful and weird on Christmas Eve. Everyone's face is filled with smiles. Girls are holding their boyfriends coquettishly, parents are holding their children, children are clamouring for candy from Santa Claus, and little flower girls are shuttling through the crowd. 

   She slipped out of the cocktail party and was about to go straight home, but she felt a little lonely walking on the road. All the excitement around her seemed to be far away from her. Although she always liked to be alone, there would still be a lot of loneliness during such a happy holiday. 

   Suddenly, the phone rang, a strange number, but the voice was not unfamiliar, “Shen Xifan, guess who I am?" ”

   She was a little curious, “Li Jie, how do you know my number? ”

   There was an “oops” at the other end, “It's not fun, you guessed it so quickly, by the way, what are you doing now?" ”

   “On the way home. ”

   Li Jie sighed, “It's so boring, there is no activity tonight, so would you like to come over? My senior brother and I are playing in the tea bar, right at the 'erya‘ on Tianyuan Road. ”

   He Suye is also there? Shen Xifan thought for a moment, maybe there were other people, she didn't expect Li Jie to say first, “There are other people, but it's okay. I'll introduce you to the other later. Everyone gets along well. Don't hesitate, come here, we'll wait for you! ”

   She immediately agreed, “Okay, I'll be there right away. ”
   “Erya" is the kind of fresh bar that white-collar workers and petty bourgeoisie like to go to. 

  As soon as she entered the door, she saw a group of people sitting at the innermost carved wooden table, talking enthusiastically, and she recognized He Suye at a glance. He was elegant and handsome. He smiled with eyes like a crescent moon and deep single-sided dimples. It is really eye-catching in the crowd. 

   Li Jie saw her and beckoned to her, “Here here! ”

   She walked over and Li Jie introduced them one by one, “They are all the junior brothers of the big senior brother, and there is also a junior sister. ”

   Shen Xifan saw that there was only one girl among so many boys. She was very beautiful. She was the kind of publicity beauty. The beautiful woman stood up, “My name is Fang Kexin. I am the only junior sister here. I studied imaging and am now an intern Doctor. ”

   Shen Xifan was sitting next to Li Jie. She was familiar with herself and she even have a glasnost job at a hotel. She naturally spoke with humour and politeness. After a while, everyone became familiar. 

   He Suye looked at her, smiled slightly, and did not deliberately strike up a conversation with her, but his gaze never left her. 

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