Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 25.1

Chapter 25.1 - Spending the Night (1)

Su Jinbei’s entourage drove to the hotel, but they didn’t expect that a large group of people would gather around the car. It seemed that they were squatting. Obviously, they knew that they would come here.

A reporter holding a camera asked, “Jinbei, I believe you’ve seen the news, who is the man in the photo?”

“You were in his room for several hours, what were you doing?”

“I heard that this man was the fuerdai who spent a lot of money shopping with you in Beijing some time ago?”

Illa: The term fuerdai is a term referring to children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s 

“Are you two already together? How did you know each other?”

“The man is apparently really rich and already has a girlfriend. Did you come in later?”

Su Jinbei had been ignoring the comments of these reporters until she heard the phrase “come in later”. She stopped and looked at the ‘all-knowing’ reporter.

“What evidence do you have to say these things? Do you reporters not need the truth?”

The reporters were excited when they saw her talking, “This is what insiders are saying. Could there be other things hidden? Jinbei, can you talk about it?”

“An informant told us that you approached him with intent. What do they mean by that?”

“I heard that his girlfriend resentfully left because she couldn’t stand your involvement…”

The more they spoke the more outrageous the accusations became. Which idiot gave these reporters such news, they were completely baseless. They even believed it?

He saw that the reporters were getting aggressive and quickly signaled the security personnel to protect Su Jinbei back into the car.

“Jinbei, Jinbei, can you comment on it?”

He Di, “Sorry, we still have matters to attend to. Please make way.”

“Are you not replying because it’s the truth? Are you really a homewrecker?”

Su Jinbei’s face turned emotionless, and suddenly she turned around and said coldly, “Okay, since you want to know so badly, then I will tell you that he is my boyfriend. I am neither a mistress nor is there a mistress. Also, if I want to enter his room, I’ll enter his room. If I want him to buy me things, he’ll buy me things. Is that enough? Can you stop?”

The reporters were stunned, and even He Di was shocked. Su Jinbei never responded to these things, and even though bad scandals had surfaced in the past, she had been all smiles, but this time she was serious and she was directly confronting the reporters…

The reporters looked at each other, and at this moment, a bottle of mineral water flew in from somewhere and smashed into her, “Liar! You are obviously a mistress and slept your way to the top!”

The water bottle was thrown very accurately. It collided fiercely with Su Jinbei’s forehead and the spot immediately swelled.

“Assh*le! Who is it!” He Di was furious and quickly escorted Su Jinbei into the car.

The people who had come were not all reporters, there were also some bystanders. Now in addition to the sound of the reporter’s flashing lights, there was also provocation by the angry masses…

He Di felt something was off and quickly told the driver to start the car.

With much difficulty, the car drove away from the crowd. He Di was relieved and quickly went to check Su Jinbei’s injury, “How is it, does it hurt?”

“It’s fine.” Su Jinbei’ expression was cold, “Who were those people? We decided on the location last minute, how did they know we would be here.”

He Di frowned, “Other than the reporters, everyone else present seems to have come to make a fuss. Jinbei, someone must be behind all this.”

Xiao Wai, “Right? What mistress, what sleeping her way to the top? They’re all deliberately shaming you. Someone even dared get physical. Jinbei jie, this has never happened before.”

He Di, “We must investigate thoroughly this time!”

Su Jinbei furrowed her eyebrows, “Is anyone still tailing us?”

“They’ve done what they came for, they probably wouldn’t follow us anymore. Jinbei, let’s switch hotels.”

“Wait.” Su Jinbei interrupted, “I want to find Zhou Shiyun.”

“Ah?” He Di didn’t expect Su Jinbei to suddenly have this thought, “That’s not a good idea.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to his place, no one will know.”

“His house?!” He Di froze, “Do you know where his house is.”

Su Jinbei paused, that’s right, she didn’t know where his house was, but there must be someone who knew. Su Jinbei smiled faintly, took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, Mom, en… how have you been?”

A club in Beijing.

Gao Zitong sat on the sofa and looked at the latest news with a smile.

Su Jinbei, who told you to get involved with Xu Jiawei. B*tch, dealing with you is a snap of a finger to me. Tsk, why was she only hit slightly… These people, did they not know how to make things a little more extreme?

“Zitong, Suying is here.” One person informed her.

Gao Zitong was delighted and quickly looked up. At this time, Shao Suying was approaching her aggressively. Of course, Gao Zitong didn’t realize that and greeted her as usual. “Yingying, you’re here. Have you read the news? It’s pretty good, right.”

“Gao Zitong! Who told you to pull these tricks!” Shao Suying was not as happy as she had imagined, instead reprimanding her the moment she opened her mouth.

Gao Zitong froze for a while, “Didn’t we agree on this before, we wanted to teach Su Jinbei a lesson.”

“You! But you can’t do it like this.” Shao Suying looked worried. “What homewrecker, what guy cheated on his girlfriend for Su Jinbei. These things you made up can be easily discredited when they come out to clarify. “

Gao Zitong waved her hand dismissively, “Yingying, it’s not easy to clear your name on the internet these days. She can explain as much as she wants but not everyone will believe it. All I want to do is dirty her name for a while.”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24.2 - Cheeky (2)

Su Jinbei took the medicine box from him, “What time will you leave tomorrow?”

“Around nine o’clock.”

“Ah… I’d already be on set. I have to get up really early tomorrow.” Su Jinbei was really sorry, “We can’t have breakfast together, make sure to eat.” After saying this, she realized she didn’t have to say it in the first place. Zhou Shiyun was a very disciplined person, there was no need for her to remind him.

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her and said softly, “Okay, rest early.”

Su Jinbei walked out in three steps, Zhou Shiyun turned down the thermostat by two degrees after she left. The weather had been getting warmer and warmer.

Early the next morning, Xiao Wai came and knocked on Su Jinbei’s door. Su Jinbei struggled to get up from the bed and dawdled as she opened the door.

“Morning, Jinbei jie.”

“Oh, morning.” Su Jinbei looked at her confusedly, “What time is it.”

Xiao Wai looked at her watch, “6:10.”

Su Jinbei leaned against the door, “En… then he should still be sleeping…”

Xiao Wai, “Ah? Who?”

Su Jinbei coughed, “No one, come in quickly, let’s get ready and leave.”


Over the next few days, Su Jinbei’s schedule was full. She seriously filmed the movie and carefully followed Zhou Shiyun’s medical advice.

Finally, Su Jinbei finished filming “Crisis City”. At noon that day, she packed her bags and planned to leave. In the past, she would return to the Su Residence after work, but this time she chose to go to the city where Zhou Shiyun was.

He Di didn’t realize in the beginning either. Su Jinbei usually stayed in either city during her time off because one city had family and the other had friends. But after arriving, Su Jinbei asked her to drive to the hospital. She was shocked. This lady obviously came to see her sweetheart!

“Wait! Driver, stop first.” Halfway there, He Di was suddenly startled.

Su Jinbei, “What’s wrong.”

He Di looked at the phone in shock. She didn’t answer Su Jinbei, but made a call first, “What? It’s totally impossible… What did you say? Wait, I need to confirm this…”

Su Jinbei saw that He Di’s expression was not right, and finally asked seriously, “What happened.”

He Di hung up her phone and stared at Su Jinbei, “I knew you were up to something when you sent Xiao Wai and I away, turns out Dr. Zhou came!”

Su Jinbei froze for a while, “Ah… you found out.”

“You! It doesn’t matter if he comes, but why did you make it such a big spectacle?!”

Su Jinbei blinked, her face innocent, “When did we make it a big spectacle.”

“Look!” He Di handed her mobile phone to her. “Brazenly going to his room, the reporters got a clear shot.”

“F*ck.” Su Jinbei couldn’t help but burst out swearing, “I was very low-key, how could there be someone following me!”

“Who knows, it’s really bad this time. They got quite a good shot of Dr. Zhou’s face. People who knew him would definitely recognize him!”

Su Jinbei clicked into pictures.

Zhou Shiyun was sitting in the car, she was standing outside the car, and the two were making ‘lovey-dovey’ eyes at each other through the window.

They were in the hotel parking lot. The two got out of the car together and got into the elevator together.

Zhou Shiyun opened the door to her room, she entered, it looked like they were about to ‘spend the night together’?

“Driver, drive to the hotel.” He Di said, “Don’t go to the hospital now, who knows if anyone followed us.”

Su Jinbei bitterly said, “Okay, it’s the only way.”

At the First Affiliated Hospital of Jingli Medical College, several nurses huddled up and chatted together.

“Hey, what are you guys looking at?” Lin Qingwei happened to pass by and tapped a familiar nurse.

“Dr. Lin.” The nurses’ eyes lit up when they saw him, “Dr. Lin, did you see today’s entertainment headlines?”

Lin Qingwei shrugged, “No, what happened.”

“Then, come and look!” The little nurse quickly pulled him over, “Is this person Dr. Zhou?”

Lin Qingwei, “Senior Brother? Entertainment headlines?”

“Yeah, looks like it.”

Lin Qingwei was in disbelief. He clicked the picture on the phone and zoomed it to the maximum. Slowly, he widened his eyes, “There’s… some similarity.”

“Right! You also think so!” The little nurse looked excited. “So Dr. Zhou really got together with Miss Su. Oh, my god, love blossomed from him treating her.”

Lin Qingwei read the article from the beginning to the end, “How, how can that be, how can Senior Brother…”

“Why not, Miss Su looks so beautiful, I used to think that there was something between those two, who would have thought.”

Lin Qingwei put the mobile phone in the nurse’s hand and hurried towards the place where Zhou Shiyun was.

“Senior Brother!” Lin Qingwei even forgot to knock and went straight in. Inside, Zhou Shiyun and Xiao Yuansong were discussing a random incurable disease.

“Qingwei, how many times do I have to tell you, don’t make a fuss.” Xiao Yuansong rebuked.

“I know, but this time there is an emergency.” Lin Qing grabbed Zhou Shiyun’s arm, “Senior Brother, you, you got a room with Su Jinbei?!”

Zhou Shiyun, “…”

Xiao Yuansong, “…”

“I saw the news, you guys were photographed at the hotel by paparazzi, is this true?”

Xiao Yuansong looked at Zhou Shiyun in surprise, “Hotel? Shiyun, you and Miss Su…”

Zhou Shiyun was a little surprised, but he quickly dismissed his thoughts. It wasn’t the first time he had gotten photographed anyway.

“Senior Brother, amazing. You actually got together with Su Jinbei. So… when did it start?”

“When?” Zhou Shiyun paused and said, “More than twenty years ago.”

Lin Qingwei, “En?”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.1 - Cheeky (1)

A feast to the eye? Zhou Shiyun suddenly raised his lips. This was the Su Jinbei he knew, teasing people without a care. She had been quiet just now, so unlike her.

“What are you laughing at?” Su Jinbei wondered.

Zhou Shiyun slightly collected himself, “Oh, I’m afraid you’ll suffer from a food coma.”

Su Jinbei, “?”

Zhou Shiyun was telling jokes now? No, it was more like Zhou Shiyun was now capable of complimenting himself?

After eating, Su Jinbei sat in the living room and turned on the TV with ease.

“You’re… not going back?” Zhou Shiyun looked down at her.

Su Jinbei was puzzled, “You haven’t treated my wounds yet, why should I go back?”

Zhou Shiyun was even more baffled, “Why am I treating your wounds?”

Su Jinbei pouted, suddenly acting pitiful, “You are a doctor, of course, you have to treat people’s wounds.”

Zhou Shiyun paused, “It’s not very appropriate, you should…”

“How is it inappropriate.” Su Jinbei glanced at him and opened the medicine container by herself, “And you haven’t told me how to use these things, I don’t know which comes first.”

Perhaps Su Jinbei’s words made sense, Zhou Shiyun became silent for a moment, and came over to sit down, “Then watch carefully, this is for disinfecting, this is anti-inflammatory, this is for bruises, this…”

“Help me with it.” As soon as the words fell, Su Jinbei unexpectedly raised her legs and lifted her skirt under Zhou Shiyun’s eyes…

The black skirt originally reached her ankles, but after sliding it up, it stopped directly over her knee. As a result, Su Jinbei’s two pale, long, delicate legs were exposed to the air.

Zhou Shiyun was startled and almost immediately turned away.

Su Jinbei glanced at him, and her eyes flashed slyly, “Look, it’s all swollen here, it hurts. Hurry, treat them, please.” After saying that, she found that the latter’s eyes were fixed on the coffee table. She scooted over to him, “What’s the matter? Oh~ No way, are you embarrassed? Gosh, Zhou Shiyun, you’ve touched my chest countless times before, yet you’re still scared of looking at my legs.”

Zhou Shiyun’s mouth twitched slightly, this woman was so cheeky!

Su Jinbei smiled happily. You finally can’t hold it anymore, right? I really don’t believe that I, this jiejie, can’t seduce you!

“Forget it, I won’t make things hard for you seeing as you’re so shy.” Su Jinbei rested her legs on the coffee table and arranged herself in the most beautiful posture, “I’ll do it myself.”

The cheeky woman was quietly applying medicine. Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, looking at her carefully smearing the ointment on her legs.

Up close, the wounds of Su Jinbei’s legs looked more shocking than in the photos she sent. She was slathering it too carefully, her movements were awkward and clumsy.




With her application method, disinfecting her knee might take half a day.

“Give it here.” Zhou Shiyun finally couldn’t bear it, he took the disinfectant from her hand, stretched his hand to hook around her ankle and swiveled her leg to face him.

Su Jinbei was shocked at first, and then giggled very happily, “I knew you wouldn’t ignore me.”

Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, “With your speed, I won’t be able to sleep at night.”

“Oh, then you do it since you’re so professional.”

Zhou Shiyun snorted coldly and put on the medicine intently.

“Why didn’t you deal with it yesterday, do you think inflammation is a trivial matter?” There was a lot of dust in the gash on her knee, and it was impossible to get them all out with a simple cleanup.

Great Master Su Jinbei leaned on the sofa, “I told you already, I had no way to deal with it.”

“There is a pharmacy next to the hotel.” Zhou Shiyun straightforwardly pierced her with his words.

Su Jinbei blinked and perfunctorily said, “Really, I didn’t know. Ah! It hurts…”

Zhou Shiyun paused, his brows furrowed, “I’ll be gentle, bear with it a little.”

Su Jinbei pursed her lips and murmured to herself.

Perhaps he was unaware that he was inexplicably gentle when he said this sentence. She was accustomed to his silence and indifference, seeing this little bit of gentleness from him made him all the more attractive.

Su Jinbei stared at his profile and slowly forgot to make any sounds although she was in pain.

“Done.” Zhou Shiyun finished applying the ointment on the last bruise and turned his head to look at Su Jinbei.

But he didn’t expect that Su Jinbei had unconsciously moved closer to him because she wanted to take a more careful look at him. As he turned his head, their eyes met, and if they were even a little bit closer, their cheeks would have touched.

Because of this distance, Zhou Shiyun could clearly smell the faint scent of her body, floral, not overpowering, but like her, secretly bewitching…

The thermostat in the room was turned on too high. Zhou Shiyun backed away, his heart restless for some reason.

“Don’t wear tight-fitting pants over the next few days, treat your wounds every day in the order that I demonstrated just now.” He turned around and instructed as he packed up the medicine box.

Su Jinbei smiled and pulled down the skirt.

“Go back first.”

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Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 23.2

Chapter 23.2 - The Heirloom (2)

Su Jinbei ran back to her room, laid on the bed and waited for time to pass. The reason why she didn’t leave with him just now was there were people coming and going at the hotel. She would be easily recognised. If photos were taken, it might disturb Zhou Shiyun, although that person didn’t seem to care.

At five o’clock, Su Jinbei put on a mask and a hat on time and sneaked out of the room. She sneakily went to the room Zhou Shiyun messaged her about and rang the doorbell.

The door opened quickly. Zhou Shiyun stood behind the door and looked at her indifferently.

“Hurry up and let me in.”

Su Jinbei squeezed in through the door. Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, reached out and pushed the door closed.

“Did you order food, I’m hungry.” Su Jinbei sat on the sofa carelessly, “Did you order steak?”

“Done.” Shi Zhouyun pointed to the medicine container then to another small box on the side table. “Take it away later, this one too.”

“What’s this.” Su Jinbei was attracted to this small wooden box, “Is it a gift?”

Zhou Shiyun, “I guess so.”

Su Jinbei opened the box and froze at first glance, “A gem?”

Her mouth slowly curved up, and couldn’t close in the end, “Zhou Shiyun, this, this is too polite, gifting a gem without a word.”

Zhou Shiyun paused slightly, his eyes on her pale pink lips.

She smiled with no restraint, her teeth shining brightly. For a moment, he looked away and said lightly, “This is from Elder Brother, it’s something Mother left.”

“Ah?” Su Jinbei blinked, “An heirloom?”

“No, my mother left it, she wanted to leave it for her future…” Zhou Shiyun stopped in time and didn’t continue. Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows knowingly, “I understand, it’s for her daughter-in-law.”

As she was speaking, Su Jinbei took the emerald necklace out of the box, “Help me put it on.”

Zhou Shiyun looked at her back, and for some reason felt he didn’t know where to start. She lifted her hair up, her white and slender neck facing him, and she had no sense of precaution against him. No, it’s not that she didn’t have a sense of precaution, but she didn’t care about these small details.

Zhou Shiyun suddenly wondered if she was the same with other men.

“What are you doing, hurry up.” Su Jinbei was just about to turn her head to look at him when suddenly there was a slightly cool feeling at the back of her neck. She was stunned for a moment and suddenly became quiet. His hands were a bit icy, and when they touched her skin, she couldn’t help but shudder. It was obviously a bit cold, but Su Jinbei felt her face burning badly.

“Ba-dump, ba-dump.” Her heart began to beat very fast, just like last time in the elevator, the rhythm uncontrollable.

“All done.”

“Oh.” Su Jinbei turned around and looked down at the emerald necklace on her chest. “… It looks really good.”

The voice was low, unlike Su Jinbei, Zhou Shiyun looked at her doubtfully, “You really like it?”

“I quite, quite like it.”

“That’s good.”

Suddenly the hotel room fell into silence. The moment Su Jinbei stopped talking, the environment became very quiet.

Zhou Shiyun looked at her profile and felt it was really strange that Su Jinbei was so quiet. At this moment, she reached out to touch the gem, who knew what she was thinking.

At this time, the doorbell rang again. It was an employee delivering their meal. To block the employee from seeing Su Jinbei, Zhou Shiyun himself walked over to the door and pushed the meal cart in.

“Your steak, let’s eat.”

Su Jinbei coughed, “Oh.”

The two sat face-to-face at the table, each with a steak in front of them, eating very quietly.

Su Jinbei certainly did not forget to watch him while eating. Probably because of the Zhou family’s strict early education, Zhou Shiyun’s dining etiquette was extremely proper. He would drink soup without a sound and there would be no clanging of tableware. He also looked very good while eating, leisurely, like an aristocratic young master from the feudal era.

Sigh, they were both human, but why was the difference so big. Think about her older brother, the playboy, unconventional and unrestrained, he wouldn’t even look one-fifth as good as Zhou Shiyun while eating…

“What are you staring at, eat.” Zhou Shiyun opened his mouth in a rare occurrence.

Su Jinbei blurted out, “You’re a feast to the eye, I’m full just by looking at you.”

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