Under The Power 锦衣之下 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Looking at the window of her mother’s room, Jin Xia sighed in her heart, and then took out the bag of sugar from her pocket and handed it to Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi opened it and complained, "I have grown up, how can you still treat me as a kid, sister?"

"Oh well" she stretched out a hand, "I will keep it for myself."

Yuan Yi quickly placed one candy into his mouth, and put the rest of the bag into his pocket.

"Leader Yang said that you went to Department Six to look for me a few times. What happened?" asked him Jin Xia.

Yuan Yi whispered, "mother wanted me to ask when you will come back."

"Is our family running short of money?"

"Dong Dadu, the one who collects renting fees, his son is getting married soon and mother said she must send a gift to them."

That surprised Jin Xia: "I remember his son married last year, how can he still get married?"

"He has four sons."


Jin Xia sighed helplessly, and suddenly thought of the stack of silver tickets that Cao Ge gave her and became more melancholy.

"Xia'er (An intimate way of calling Jin Xia), are you back?"

“Yes mother." Stepping into the room, Jin Xia saw Madam Yuan Chen's (Yuan was her husband's last name. Chen was her last name) getting up, "Mother, did I wake you up."

"It's okay, I should have gotten up." Madam Yuan Chen put on her grey-brown coat and looked at Jin Xia. "How was the trip? Didn't you get hurt?"

"No! Of course not." Laughed Jin Xia.

"Were the criminals caught??"

"Yes..." Jin Xia said softly.

Madam Yuan Chen's face was overjoyed, and her hand stretched out towards her immediately: "You said that those criminals were important, just in time, I can use it to buy a gift for Dong's family. ."

He said Jin Xia: "No... I didn't get the money. They were brought away to the North Town Protection Department as soon as we got back."

Yuan Chen was stunned for a moment, then said: "The North Town Protection Department should also give you money, you are the one who caught them!"

"That's right, but who can dare to ask the Embroidered Uniform Guard for reward." Jin Xia did not dare to look at her mother, lowering her head.

After listening to this, Yuan Chen stunned for a while before frowning: "Okay, go wash and change your clothes. These clothes are almost rancid. I have already told you, why would a girl want to be a constable? It’s hard and tiring. If you and your father were willing to listen to me, to marry you to the Sun family in the Northern streets of the city who makes pastries, at least our families can help each other. Though in the previous year, the Sun family fell was not rich, this year the Sun family made a fortune out of their peach blossoms buns. They also bought a shop in Xinfeng Bridge. If you were married to his family, you might live a great life now. Look. Do you know that Sun Jixing's (Son of the Sun family) wife is already pregnant..."

Jin Xia was so used to her mother’s naggings. She nodded and went to the kitchen to boil some water. Yuan Yi quietly made a face at her and followed.

"Sister, there is something else..." Yuan Yi followed into the stove and helped her scoop the water, with a mysterious look on her face, "Don't blame me for not telling you. Mother went to see matchmaker Wang."

Upon hearing this, Jin Xia raised her eyebrows lightly, staring at Yuan Yi with vigilance.

"I squatted under the window and listened for a while to get this news for you. I think our mother wanted you to match Mr. Yi's third son."

Frightened, Jin Xia raised her eyebrows even higher: "Mr. Yi?! Isn’t that... your teacher?"

Yuan Yi nodded.

Mr. Yi is the teacher of Yuan Yi's private school. The three sons in the family are all scholars. How could such a person fall in love with her?

Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1 - Going Home (1)

Zhou Shiyun hung up the phone and stared at his files for a long time.

    Su Jinbei has been in his life since he was born. When Grandpa was still alive, he often sat him on his lap and told him about the little girl of the Su family, and often show him her photos.

    Later, Grandpa passed away. But Su Jinbei's name still appears frequently in his life, and his family always seems to like to mention that girl.

    Zhou Shiyun has always known that the girl named Su Jinbei is very pretty, no, it should be very beautiful. From childhood to now, she has grown more and more outstanding and attracted more and more attention. Later, she appeared in the eyes of the public, she was carefree and comfortable on the stage, brazen and open-minded... She lived a very exciting life.

    It's not that the family hasn't tried to make the two people meet, but when it seems like it was about to happen, every time either he didn't show up or she slipped away first. Later, Zhou Shiyun came to know that the girl named Su Jinbei did not like the arranged marriage. She was like a canary flying out of the cage, and she didn't want to be imprisoned anymore.

    But it doesn't matter. In fact, he didn't care too much. He was used to his living life on this own and wasn’t accustomed to communicating with other people. If there was someone around in his life so early on, it will be very troublesome too.

    But some things are unavoidable.

    Zhou Shiyun thought that it was right that the Zhou family followed the advice of the spiritual master for hundreds of years. He and Su Jinbei had always been connected. Even if they didn't care about each other, they still ended up meeting at such an odd place and time.

    Zhou Shiyun closed the folder and raised his hand to massage his brow. For a moment, the figure seemed to appear in front of his eyes, pale skin like snow, cherry blossom red lips, and her natural seductive aura...

  Last time they only needed to record one episode of "Delicious Sunday" but they recorded three episodes this week. The last episode featured a Kung Fu star whom her friend Xue Ying liked very much, so Su Jinbei went to ask him for a signature after recording.

    "Mr Peng, thank you. My friend really likes you." Su JinBei waved the signature in her hand.

    Peng Zijie smiled, "My honor."

    Su Jinbei, "The next time I’ll treat Mr. Peng to dinner, really sorry I can’t today as I have a bit of a private matter today."

    "What are you saying, I should be the one treating, how can I let the beautiful lady treat me?" Peng Zijie is very masculine, not Su Jinbei's type, but she admires his temperament. Although he had blown up in Hollywood, but he didn’t let it get into his head.

    Su Jinbei was able to be easygoing while filming, even daring to eat Peng Zijie’s tofu. (illa: take advantage of someone) Of course, touching his abs was required by the program crew. In private, she is very respectful to seniors like Peng Zijie.

    "Right Beibei, have you contacted Jiawei recently?"

    Su Jinbei froze for a moment, and suddenly remembered the relationship between Xu Jiawei and Peng Zijie.

    "I didn't have the chance to as I was discharged from the hospital."

    Peng Zijie nodded. "Jia Wei may not have much free time while filming, but I’ve heard him mention you alot."

    Su Jinbei smiled and said frankly, "Jia Wei is a very cute person. We have also become very good friends since the car accident last time."

    "Oh? He doesn't just want to treat you as a friend." Peng Zijie has a deep meaning in his eyes.

    Su Jin's eyes flashed, "Mr. Peng is right, he can even treat me as his sister. I have a younger brother like him, and he is very cute."

    Signs, Little fresh meat, now problems can arise from just taking a few looks at them.

    Peng Zijie heard Su Jinbei say this, raised his eyebrows slightly, Sister? Jia Wei didn't think so. However, in this circle, there are some words that should not be said so casually as well. Peng Zijie also smiled, "That is good too."

    Near the end of the year, Zhao Xueyan made several calls to urge Su Jinbei to return home. Later, Zhao Xueyan probably felt that she could not be moved, and encouraged Su Jianan, the youngest brother of Su's family, to persuade her.

 Su Jianan is Su Jinbei’s cousin, and her family knows that she is very fond of this younger brother. If Su Jianan called to say he missed her and asked her to go back to Su Residence to see him there was no way she would not go back.

    So a week before New Year's Eve, Su Jinbei returned to Su Residence.

    Currently, the Su Residence lived Old Master of the Su family, the eldest son of the Su family and Su Jinbei's third uncle and his family. The third uncle's family originally lived abroad all year round, and lived here as they have just recently returned to China, while Su Jinbei's parents have another estate outside, they only come back on weekends and every new year.

    As soon as Su Jinbei entered the door, Su Jianan ran over, holding her hand warmly, "Big sister, you finally come back, I have returned to China for almost a week but I only saw you now."

    Su Jinbei patted her brother's head, "How are you?"

    Su Jianan smiled, "Very good."

    "That's good, where’s grandpa."

    "In the study."

    Su Jinbei nodded, "Auntie Chen, help me take my luggage to my room."

    "Ok, miss." The housekeeper approached her and took her luggage. Su Jinbei didn't stay much and went straight to knock on the study door.

    After greeting Old Master Su, Su Jinbei came out of the study. Su Jianan, "Big Sister, is aunt and uncle not coming back today?"

    "They’re busy, they’ll come tomorrow." Su Jinbei stretched, and walked up the stairs, "That’s good, you saved the day. Otherwise, I have to listen to their nagging after flying the whole day."

    "Then it’s been tough on you, rest early today"

    "Good Child." Su Jinbei pinched her brother's small face, "I’ll take you out to play tomorrow." 

Su Jianan raised his eyebrows, "No thanks, I don’t know what will happen if I do. Did you forget last year we were blocked by the crowd at the entrance of the mall."

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows. "Little man, that's because your sister is too popular."

Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 3.1


Chapter 3.1 - Betrayal (1)

            In the 7th year of her defection, Yuan Shuai told her that after all these years, they should go home. He has been by her side, guarding her like a beast. He was also atoning. He brought the catastrophe to her when the woman beside him told her, “I’m Qiao Na, your brother’s girlfriend.” 

    She turned her head and studied Yuan Shuai, who was driving, “What are you thinking?”  

     "I’m homesick"
     "Yeah, we are returning"
     "I wasn’t referring to the home here, it's that home in Beijing, our hometown, do you understand?"
     The tip of his nose has fine sweat despite the cold December weather. She leaned her head gently against his shoulder and said, "If grandpa beats me, you must help me."
     "Foolish girl!" He kissed her forehead sideways.
     "Shall we go back during Christmas? Your grandfather is still very agile, he won’t let you off so easily."
     "Stop gloating on my misfortune!"
     She turned and looked at the neon lights on the streets.
      She is afraid of any resentment and grudge left in my heart, but fortunately, everything has passed. She needs to let go of the past.
(End of flashback) 

     "I need an explanation!" She rushed into DU's [Du Lei] office and smashed the folder in front of him. "There’s no explanation, just do it." He shrugged his shoulders and casually leaned back on the chair without any expressions.
     She seemed extremely angry and started swearing. Sally could hear her near the door, and she gave a worried expression.
     The news quickly spread within the company, and the entire investment banking department was discussing the news of MH's DU and Juno's turning against each other.
    On Friday night, DU and Juno sat in the VIP room of the restaurant, slowly tasting the crab soup meatballs.
     "Do you think they will believe?"
     "Thanks to you, as long as they see my face, no matter how skeptical they are, they should believe it." He touched his half-swollen cheek helplessly. "You hit me really hard that my teeth are loose."
     "Oh, drink some soup. Can that group of people believe it if I didn’t hit you?" She held the bowl of chicken soup up for him. "Furthermore, you wanted me to be harsh. I have always been a good employee to follow instructions."
     He looked at her with a fake smile and his dark eyes were dark. "How come I feel that you are taking revenge on your private enmity?"
     "Hey, how’s that possible, drink your soup"
    . . . . . . . . .
    The recent “battle” between the C-levels of the company has become fierce. IBD, one of the most important departments of the company, became a focal point for their battles. Several arrangements were made on their manpower. 
    DU seemed indifferent to this arrangement, but Juno knew that he is waiting for an opportunity.
    He is ferocious, tough, and cold-blooded like them.
     "So, what are these guys up to?"
     "They go around to collect information. HR told me that the secretarial documents were taken out"

   He sneered disdainfully “Are they an obstruction to you?"
     "How can that be?" She raised her eyebrows. 

      “Indeed. Our Juno has no weaknesses, you can solve anything as long as you want, right?"
     "It really makes me feel uncomfortable when you praise me. Rest assured, that those cubs would not affect me a single bit"
     "How about those that helped them?"
     "I will make them hope they never live, you can expect that there will be many people who are resigning recently" She took a bite on her food. 

  "I heard that your assistant is going to be transferred to HR?"
     "Yes, is there that a problem?"
     He smiled and sipped the soup, "No wonder Linda “died” in your hands, you have learned a lot through these years. Gee, that girl had a tough time with you didn’t she."
     She put down the tableware, put her one hand on the chin, and blinked innocently like a child, "I think you played a bigger role in that incident."
     "If it weren’t you, I think she would not be in that state"
     "She made me do that, I just wanted her to leave MH, but you made her give up Investment Banking" she was excited.
     He leaned close to her, held her head, and forced her to look directly at his face. His eyes were fierce, like a hungry wolf.

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Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.2 - Why Give Up (2)

  "I used to be an ordinary person." This opening was as inexplicable as this meal. Luo Zhi quickly recovered from the daze and nodded, indicating that she was listening.

    "In order to get close to him, I studied hard. I entered the top five of the class. But so what if I enter the top five? I guess I have been killed by jokes people make on me? I despise myself.  Perverted or masochistic, I have done a lot of special things to punish myself. I have chopsticks in my left hand and pens in my right hand while reading and eating. During breaks, I played with a fake Swiss army knife by tossing it in the air, causing my tablemate to yell out of fright. I questioned the teacher’s teaching method loudly in the classroom, the Chinese teacher was so angry that he hit the table and left... completely ruining my image in his mind ----- if I even had an image. Looking back, I don’t know why I did all that, why did I hurt my image and reputation in that manner.”

    Luo Zhi looked at Zheng Wenrui with a confused face, but she just raised her head and stared into blank space, smiled bleakly, with no intention to explain.

    "Even if I become outstanding, there is still no way to approach him, so it is better to completely ruin all the ways of getting close to him. Then, I can give up." Zheng Wenrui laughed and drank the remaining wine in the glass at once, continued.

    "But I still can't give up. It has come to this point, yet I still can't give up."

    "I know he will never like me, but so what? If you have such a perfect person by your side, who is only a walkway away you, every day you can see him sitting upright and reading his book, or secretly playing NDS under the table during class. When he is called by the teacher, he can still answer all the questions. You can smell the fragrance of the fabric softener with just a little movement. You don’t smell any sweat even when he comes back from playing basketball. You muster up the courage to pass him the towel. You can hear his particularly nice voice saying thank you, and the eyes that smile at you when you smile ----how can I not like him? Yes, I’m ugly, I don’t deserve him, but God is unfair, should I give up because of it? Why should I like those who are not as good as him,  why do I only match those people who are worse than him? Why do I have to accept the situation and move on, and why should I settle for the second-best?!"

    Zheng Wenrui said more and became more agitated, tears fell like rain, staring hard at the roasted meat in front of her, her body trembling slightly. Luo Zhi had been resisting to laugh when she first heard her headless lyrical narration, thinking she was living life like a play. However, when she heard this, she unknowingly signed.

    Yeah, why give up. Heaven tortures people by showing them what is good with an evil intention, and then when they are immersed in that goodness, it then takes it back and tells you, stop dreaming, it has nothing to do with you.

    So that's why Zheng Wenrui doesn't give up. God is blatantly unfair. But mortals reserve the right to be prejudiced.

    While Luo Zhi thought about it,  she unconsciously felt a bit bitter.

    Luo Zhi now knows that the “he” Zheng Wenrui talked about is Sheng Huainan. Although she didn't mention his name from beginning to end.

    She loves him, but he doesn't love her. This is a very boring topic, and it was never-ending. Zheng Wenrui liked him when she was a freshman, confessed and was rejected. Later he had a girlfriend and she vowed to give up. Later when he broke up with his girlfriend at university, she once again found the courage to confess again, and was rejected with a "very gentle smile".

    What Luo Zhi did was to smile or sigh at the appropriate time, accompanied by movements such as shaking her head and nodding, and showing concern with her quiet eyes.

    Zheng Wenrui said that unrequited love was too painful. When she learned that he had a girlfriend, she let the teachers and students of the school watch her dress in very little clothes to exercise. She was laughed at but made her feel that she deserved it. Self-abuse made her very happy.

    That was the last time she acted stupidly in high school.

    But not the last time in this lifetime.

    She said that she thought she had forgotten and let go, but in university, she still unconsciously carefully studied the characteristics of the girl he loved and shaped herself into a lively girl.

    "I don’t have any dreams. My family doesn't have much expectation of me. Their expectations are all went to my younger brother. When I was admitted to such a good university, my family were very surprised. The people around me, including parents and younger brothers, are all mediocre people, the kind of person who would chatter about the price increase of eggs and the housework of neighbours for most of the day. I saw them and wanted to hide far away. However, he is the most perfect person I have met in my life, different from everyone I met in my life before entering high school. Many people persuaded me to give up and stop before going too far, but I just can’t let go, I just like him, why should I let go, why. Why should they laugh at me?"

    Luo Zhi couldn't help crying, but she felt a very gentle emotion in her heart. The strange girl didn't seem to know how to win the favour of others, but she didn't want to laugh at her foolish methods.

    Jie Mei Tao (illa: Chinese talk show) often gathers together to discuss how to help girlfriends keep or play with the heart of a boy, but Luo Zhi admired this stupid child who is fighting alone more. Cherishing a person’s lone courage, she thinks she finally understands its meaning

    Of course, she must admit, for someone who likes to watch tragic heroes, she did have a bit of the gloomy mentality of rejoicing in other people's misfortune.

    Afterwards, Zheng Wenrui was completely drunk and stopped talking about things like "I have woken up to reality, now I don't care about him anymore", words said just to save face, she no longer looked at her, but lay on the table whimpered. Luo Zhi finally took a breath and turned her gaze to the glass on the right, her expression relaxed and indifferent. The autumn evening in Beijing is still very cold, the barbecue shop is very hot, and water droplets have formed on the window.

    Luo Zhi tentatively picked up a glass of wine and swallowed it.

    Both of them are ones who are not loved, but she is not so valiant and brave, she can only drink in respect.

    There is always such a person in the world. For ordinary people, their existence is a kind of mocking.

    For example, Sheng Huainan.

    "By the way, you and his ex-girlfriend are classmates?"

    Luo Zhi thought that the person on the opposite side was already asleep so that sudden voice shocked her.


    "Is your relationship good?"

    "Not familiar."

    "Do you still contact each other now?"


    Zheng Wenrui suddenly giggled, "Liar."

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Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 3.2


Chapter 3.2 - Betrayal (2)

     "She has been with me for 6 years, but I still kicked her out, do you know why?" The heat from his mouth swept past her lips, and she began to tremble, her hands and feet turning cold.
     "Do you like this vegetable?"
     He let go of her suddenly as if nothing had happened just now.
     She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes trembling slightly.
     She almost forgot how dangerous he is.
    DU of MH’s IBD and Yuan Shuai of GT’s FID[Financial Investment Decision] are both ruthless characters.
    Yuan Shuai is like an eagle in the sky, he soars in the blue sky and oversees everything under him. Once he spots his prey, he attacks like lightning.
    DU is like a tiger in the forest, quietly following behind the target, waiting for the prey to relax then strike.
     "Tell me about you," He asked someone to remove the dinner plate and brewed Biluochun.
     "What can I do? I am just an insignificant one."
     He laughed and got up and gave her a box. She glanced at it and knew it was a limited-edition cigar of the finest quality.
  Her love for cigars was because of him. The first time he handed her a cigar, she placed it straight into her mouth and looked for a lighter. He took out the cigar from her mouth and lit up a match. He held the cigar horizontally, slowly burning and rotating it above the matching fire, she watched him hold the blackened cigar and he slotted it back into her mouth. It turned out that it was so troublesome to start a cigar. She once found a same kind of matchstick from Yuan Shuai's pocket. The match was long and made of pinewood and she thought Yuan Shuai is also crazy for cigars. It was a pity that she used to use that lightstick to light scented candles in the bathroom. . . . 

Her thoughts were running wildly when the burning cigar was stuck into her mouth, and she took a deep breath. He immediately pulled out the cigar. She burst into tears and started coughing before she realized what was going on.
He handed her a handkerchief and started smoking happily to his cigar, waiting for her to be better. He demonstrated the correct method of enjoying that cigar of fine quality. She watched and learned and the cigar was returned back to her again. She took a taste of the cigar again. She started to enjoy the thick and mellow fragrance of the cigar. The cigar was taken away by him again. He gave her a box of matches and told her that he knew from the beginning she would enjoy it. 
    He is a very weird man, seducing her little by little until she can't stop being addicted. 
    She felt inexplicably restless, got up, and walked to the window. She looked down at the flowing river beneath. "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" He poured a cup of tea for her 

                "That’s none of your business."
                "You like girls?" He lowered his head, gently rubbing his lips against her earlobe. "Yes! So what?" She panicked and tried to turn away from him and he chuckled. He suddenly pressed her against the glass window. The scent of tobacco and a touch of sandalwood surrounded her. His nose against her, his eyelashes brushed over her eyelids, she saw flames in his eyes, she struggled but he locked her in place firmly. His breath fastened, and the scent of his breath was making her dizzy.
                "Then you must be P (The “wife” of a lesbian couple)." His hoarse voice came from beside her lips, "Why, why not a T (The “husband” of a lesbian couple)?" He took her breath. She opened her lips subconsciously and his hot tongue rushed into her mouth, without a trace of hesitation. He explored every part of her mouth. Her consciousness seemed to fly out of her body. His burning fingers scorched her skin, and the tip of his tongue swept her gums. "Alluring woman, give me your tongue." She shuddered and gave him her tongue. He kissed her fiercely. Digging into the deepest part of her mouth, she is attracted to him, her lips and body entangled with him madly.
     The phone rang suddenly, and she pushed him away stiffly. "Are you still working overtime?" Yuan Shuai's voice pulled back her senses.
     "Come back early, I'll wait for you"
     She hung up the phone, grabbed her purse and ran out. He grabbed her and dragged her back into his arms.
     "Let me go" She didn't look at him, struggling desperately "Just for a moment, really, I won't touch you, but let me hold you for a while" He enclosed his arms around her.
     "What do you think of me? Another Linda?" She choked, pressing against his chest. "You are not her." He released her, helped her gently organize her clothes, and sent her home.
   The car stopped at the entrance of the apartment, and she got out without hesitation. He chased her out, "Listen to me, I'm divorced, and I’m seeing no one, only you. Give me a chance, just once" He pulled her, his eyes were begging. She looked at him intently, his shirt was tucked messily, and the platinum cufflinks were dangling down. He shouldn't be like this, how could he look like this. She remembers his sharp eyes, tall nose with thin lips, handsome and dauntless, his expensive suits are always worn neatly, and his eyes are always firm and sharp. He is like a warrior, how can warriors have such an uneasy expression?
     She stretched out her hand and stroked his face to touch and confirm he is the DU she once knew. He placed his hand over her, and his cheek rubbed intimately in her palm.
     Her eyes crossed his shoulders, behind him. Yuan Shuai stood on the steps of the apartment, against the light. Is he watching them or gazing into the dark night.

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The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2 - Remember Me (2)

Two days later, when Zhou Xiao was picking up a bunch of novels from the library, a golden couple walked towards her. She was lamenting the unfairness of God. Why is it that others can meet talented man or beautiful woman, she can only know a bunch of jackals and tigers? 

Wait a minute, that man seemed to be the real-life Lei Feng who gave his seat to her on the bus last time. What's his name again? Zhao...Forget it, don't test your brain capacity. Should she say hello? Maybe he has already forgotten her. Moreover, he has such a beautiful girlfriend next to him, it is not good to say hello, forget it, pretend that they don’t know each other.

He met her again, in fact, Zhao Fanzhou has already roughly mastered her life habits, and he roughly knows when and where she will appear. He saw her lowering her head, seemingly wanting to walk past him, did she not recognize him again? He felt slightly angry, "Classmate Zhou." Zhou Xiao's footsteps paused, he can possibly be calling her, right?

"Classmates? You know her?" Jia Yichun looked at him in doubt, rarely seeing him initiate greeting someone, besides that person was a girl.

Zhou Xiao raised her head carefully and saw that both of them looked at her. Alas, it is a 
Blessing is not a disaster, if it is a disaster it cannot be avoided. She quickly squeezed out a smiley face: "Ah, it's Classmate Zhao, hello, have you eaten yet?" Dead, the habits of the Chinese person came out again. Every time you have nothing to say, you instinctively ask if someone had eaten.

"No, would you like to treat me a meal?" Is he kidding? Zhou Xiao carefully observes his face, but she couldn't really see anything, deadpan face! Really must treat? He seemed to have given her a seat last time, but it wasn't serious enough to treat him to a meal?

Jia Yichun's alarm bell was ringing, and the girl's sixth sense made her feel that the girl in front of her was threatening. She turned around and said to Zhao Fanzhou: "Stop joking, you’re scaring the little junior sister." What junior sister! She is also a third-year student! Don't discriminate against baby faces!

"Oh, next time, next time I’ll surely treat,” She said while pretending to smile

"When is next time?" No way? Before, she just thought that he was real-life Lei Feng. I have never heard that Lei Feng will chase after someone to treat him to a meal.

"Give me your phone."

She took out her cell phone in a daze, and when he picked it up, he began to press it quickly. Only then did Zhou Xiao reacted. Why did she hand him the phone so stupidly? Is this a new type of scam? If so, it is really conscientious, first give her a seat on the bus, and then cheat her mobile phone on the school road, and they even went to find a pair of handsome men and pretty women, really invested a lot of money! Would she be on the news it if she was really robbed? The title would be: A third-year uni female cheated of her phone on the school road…

"Return you... what are you dumbfounded at" came a dissatisfied voice, interrupting her cranky thoughts.

"Oh, good, thank you." No! Why did she say thank you?

"You have my mobile number, please call me whenever you want to treat me to a meal."

"Okay." This time she really didn't know what to say except to say okay. How hungry is he? Didn't his girlfriend give him food? She looked at the girl next to her. She didn't look like that kind that won’t let her boyfriend eat. Does she not that her boyfriend is going around asking people to treat him to a meal?

"Then... see you next time, bye bye." Zhou Xiao said softly.

"Ok." They left without looking back, leaving Zhou Xiao standing still on the spot by herself. Had she just been extorted?

Jia Yichun secretly watched Zhao Fanzhou while walking. Were the corners of his mouth rising? "Who’s the girl just now?" "Friend." She almost knew all his friends. "What kind of friend?" She knew she asked a lot of questions, but she couldn't help asking. He gave her a strange look and said nothing more, and she dared not ask again.

This night.

Zhou Xiao looked at Zhao Fanzhou's phone number in her phone suspiciously, what should she do? Really asked him to come out for a meal? After ten minutes of annoyance, she decided to the sleep emperor is the greatest, so she shut her phone to sleep.

Zhao Fanzhou looked at his mobile phone for the 101st time, no missed calls or text messages. Forget it, it seems he was a bit domineering and impatient today, did he scare her?

Jia Yichun had insomnia that night. Lying down in the bed and all she can think of was the sight of Zhao Fanzhou raising the corners of his mouth, and felt very panicky.

My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5.2 - Man can’t overcome fate (2)

Half of Cong Rong's face was swollen. She felt pain when the corner of her mouth was pulled. She didn't even open her mouth fully. She squeezed a word from her throat and asked, “can I not remove it?"

"I can't extract it for you now. The surgery can only be done when the swelling has disappeared." He Wenjing suddenly stood up, 

"Wait a minute."

Dentist He Wenjing rushed into the corridor like a gust of wind and shouted. A group of students rushed into the treatment room Cong Rong is in. He Wenjing pointed to Cong Rong's wisdom teeth. "Look at this, the shape and position of this wisdom tooth are very unique. You all can take a look." After that, a group of people took out their phones to take pictures.

Cong Rong closed her mouth immediately, put on a mask, and sat up.

He Wenjing smiled and let her students out of the room: "I'll prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for you. If your swell is reduced, you will come to me again."

Cong Rong went out of the treatment room with a medicine list and then looked back at He Wenjing. She was skeptical. The person introduced by Zhong Zhen looked so unreliable like him (Referring to Wen Shaoqing). Shouldn’t a doctor be a serious person? Why does this look so...

Zhong Zhen was busy the entire afternoon, he finally got the time to take a rest. He planned to see Cong Rong. After a few steps, he suddenly remembered something. He returned and found Wen Shaoqing in the ward. “Dr. Chen is having an operation later, I want to watch to get some experience. Can you please help me take a look at my cousin later?"

Zhong Zhen has been mentioning her cousin in front of Wen Shaoqing a lot. Wen Shaoqing knew his intentions and replied with a grumpy smile: "I am not free."

Zhong Zhen frustrated, "please..."

The "Dr. Chen", Chen Chu, mentioned previously passed by. He saw Zhong Zhen's face and asked, "What's wrong? Do you need any help?" After looking at Wen Shaoqing, "Did you scold him again?"

Wen Shaoqing looked at Chen Chu and smiled slightly, "yes I need help, his cousin needs a man to get married. Will you offer to help?"

Everyone in the hospital, from doctors to nurses, regardless of sex, loves to be matchmakers. Chen Chu has been in the same situation in his early years. When he heard this, he quickly ran away. "Sorry, I can’t help. I have a girlfriend. I have an operation later as well and I'm going to make some preparations. You can discuss it."

"Fine," Wen Shaoqing looked at Zhong Zhen for a long while and finally sighed, "You should prepare as well, I will take a look at your cousin."

Zhong Zhen nodded and immediately ran away with joy.

It's a pity... that Zhong Zhen's plan to let his boss meet his cousin failed.

Wen Shaoqing stood in front of the oral treatment room and looked inside. He Wenjing greeted her: "Where is Zhong Zhen's cousin?"

He Wenjing has always looked up to this senior of hers, and responded very positively, "she left.""She left?" Wen Shaoqing asked smoothly, "How was it?"

He Wenjing thought about it very seriously and summed it up, "she is a beauty, and she looks professional, even though she has a swollen face."

Wen Shaoqing was speechless, "I’m asking you about her condition."

"She won’t die, inflammation, fever but not a big problem. It will be better after extraction but eating will be a problem."

He Wenjing has always been straight forward and clear cut during work hours. The two little nurses kept going in and out, glancing at her from time to time, and He Wenjing saw them and smiled at them.

Wen Shaoqing looked at it, "He Shi Mei (Shi Mei: female junior), if you continue to be so handsome and look like them like that, the little nurses will no longer be “straight”."

Mentioning this, He Wenjing asked, "Dear Shi Xiong (male senior), am I really not like a woman?"

Wen Shaoqing replied, "from a medical perspective, you are."

He Wenjing fluttered, "Shi Xiong, you’ve hurt my heart. The next time you introduce acquaintances to see me, I will extract all their teeth and put them back one by one!"

"Okay." Wen Shaoqing said as he went outside. "Remember to charge them twice the fees."

Cong Rong was about to get off work before remembering that she had forgotten to bring a document from her house and she sent a text message to Zhong Zhen saying that she would not return to his house that night.

After careful derivation and calculation, Cong Rong picked the time when Wen Shaoqing was least likely to come out, but when she stepped out of the elevator and prepared to trot home, the door from the opposite unit suddenly swung open, and Wen Shaoqing in light-colored clothes was carrying a garbage bag and was about to go out. Rang Yi Rang was behind him.

Sure enough, a man can't overcome his fate.