Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 3.1


Chapter 3.1 - Betrayal (1)

            In the 7th year of her defection, Yuan Shuai told her that after all these years, they should go home. He has been by her side, guarding her like a beast. He was also atoning. He brought the catastrophe to her when the woman beside him told her, “I’m Qiao Na, your brother’s girlfriend.” 

    She turned her head and studied Yuan Shuai, who was driving, “What are you thinking?”  

     "I’m homesick"
     "Yeah, we are returning"
     "I wasn’t referring to the home here, it's that home in Beijing, our hometown, do you understand?"
     The tip of his nose has fine sweat despite the cold December weather. She leaned her head gently against his shoulder and said, "If grandpa beats me, you must help me."
     "Foolish girl!" He kissed her forehead sideways.
     "Shall we go back during Christmas? Your grandfather is still very agile, he won’t let you off so easily."
     "Stop gloating on my misfortune!"
     She turned and looked at the neon lights on the streets.
      She is afraid of any resentment and grudge left in my heart, but fortunately, everything has passed. She needs to let go of the past.
(End of flashback) 

     "I need an explanation!" She rushed into DU's [Du Lei] office and smashed the folder in front of him. "There’s no explanation, just do it." He shrugged his shoulders and casually leaned back on the chair without any expressions.
     She seemed extremely angry and started swearing. Sally could hear her near the door, and she gave a worried expression.
     The news quickly spread within the company, and the entire investment banking department was discussing the news of MH's DU and Juno's turning against each other.
    On Friday night, DU and Juno sat in the VIP room of the restaurant, slowly tasting the crab soup meatballs.
     "Do you think they will believe?"
     "Thanks to you, as long as they see my face, no matter how skeptical they are, they should believe it." He touched his half-swollen cheek helplessly. "You hit me really hard that my teeth are loose."
     "Oh, drink some soup. Can that group of people believe it if I didn’t hit you?" She held the bowl of chicken soup up for him. "Furthermore, you wanted me to be harsh. I have always been a good employee to follow instructions."
     He looked at her with a fake smile and his dark eyes were dark. "How come I feel that you are taking revenge on your private enmity?"
     "Hey, how’s that possible, drink your soup"
    . . . . . . . . .
    The recent “battle” between the C-levels of the company has become fierce. IBD, one of the most important departments of the company, became a focal point for their battles. Several arrangements were made on their manpower. 
    DU seemed indifferent to this arrangement, but Juno knew that he is waiting for an opportunity.
    He is ferocious, tough, and cold-blooded like them.
     "So, what are these guys up to?"
     "They go around to collect information. HR told me that the secretarial documents were taken out"

   He sneered disdainfully “Are they an obstruction to you?"
     "How can that be?" She raised her eyebrows. 

      “Indeed. Our Juno has no weaknesses, you can solve anything as long as you want, right?"
     "It really makes me feel uncomfortable when you praise me. Rest assured, that those cubs would not affect me a single bit"
     "How about those that helped them?"
     "I will make them hope they never live, you can expect that there will be many people who are resigning recently" She took a bite on her food. 

  "I heard that your assistant is going to be transferred to HR?"
     "Yes, is there that a problem?"
     He smiled and sipped the soup, "No wonder Linda “died” in your hands, you have learned a lot through these years. Gee, that girl had a tough time with you didn’t she."
     She put down the tableware, put her one hand on the chin, and blinked innocently like a child, "I think you played a bigger role in that incident."
     "If it weren’t you, I think she would not be in that state"
     "She made me do that, I just wanted her to leave MH, but you made her give up Investment Banking" she was excited.
     He leaned close to her, held her head, and forced her to look directly at his face. His eyes were fierce, like a hungry wolf.

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