Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 12.1

Chapter 12.1 - Going Home (1)

Zhou Shiyun hung up the phone and stared at his files for a long time.

    Su Jinbei has been in his life since he was born. When Grandpa was still alive, he often sat him on his lap and told him about the little girl of the Su family, and often show him her photos.

    Later, Grandpa passed away. But Su Jinbei's name still appears frequently in his life, and his family always seems to like to mention that girl.

    Zhou Shiyun has always known that the girl named Su Jinbei is very pretty, no, it should be very beautiful. From childhood to now, she has grown more and more outstanding and attracted more and more attention. Later, she appeared in the eyes of the public, she was carefree and comfortable on the stage, brazen and open-minded... She lived a very exciting life.

    It's not that the family hasn't tried to make the two people meet, but when it seems like it was about to happen, every time either he didn't show up or she slipped away first. Later, Zhou Shiyun came to know that the girl named Su Jinbei did not like the arranged marriage. She was like a canary flying out of the cage, and she didn't want to be imprisoned anymore.

    But it doesn't matter. In fact, he didn't care too much. He was used to his living life on this own and wasn’t accustomed to communicating with other people. If there was someone around in his life so early on, it will be very troublesome too.

    But some things are unavoidable.

    Zhou Shiyun thought that it was right that the Zhou family followed the advice of the spiritual master for hundreds of years. He and Su Jinbei had always been connected. Even if they didn't care about each other, they still ended up meeting at such an odd place and time.

    Zhou Shiyun closed the folder and raised his hand to massage his brow. For a moment, the figure seemed to appear in front of his eyes, pale skin like snow, cherry blossom red lips, and her natural seductive aura...

  Last time they only needed to record one episode of "Delicious Sunday" but they recorded three episodes this week. The last episode featured a Kung Fu star whom her friend Xue Ying liked very much, so Su Jinbei went to ask him for a signature after recording.

    "Mr Peng, thank you. My friend really likes you." Su JinBei waved the signature in her hand.

    Peng Zijie smiled, "My honor."

    Su Jinbei, "The next time I’ll treat Mr. Peng to dinner, really sorry I can’t today as I have a bit of a private matter today."

    "What are you saying, I should be the one treating, how can I let the beautiful lady treat me?" Peng Zijie is very masculine, not Su Jinbei's type, but she admires his temperament. Although he had blown up in Hollywood, but he didn’t let it get into his head.

    Su Jinbei was able to be easygoing while filming, even daring to eat Peng Zijie’s tofu. (illa: take advantage of someone) Of course, touching his abs was required by the program crew. In private, she is very respectful to seniors like Peng Zijie.

    "Right Beibei, have you contacted Jiawei recently?"

    Su Jinbei froze for a moment, and suddenly remembered the relationship between Xu Jiawei and Peng Zijie.

    "I didn't have the chance to as I was discharged from the hospital."

    Peng Zijie nodded. "Jia Wei may not have much free time while filming, but I’ve heard him mention you alot."

    Su Jinbei smiled and said frankly, "Jia Wei is a very cute person. We have also become very good friends since the car accident last time."

    "Oh? He doesn't just want to treat you as a friend." Peng Zijie has a deep meaning in his eyes.

    Su Jin's eyes flashed, "Mr. Peng is right, he can even treat me as his sister. I have a younger brother like him, and he is very cute."

    Signs, Little fresh meat, now problems can arise from just taking a few looks at them.

    Peng Zijie heard Su Jinbei say this, raised his eyebrows slightly, Sister? Jia Wei didn't think so. However, in this circle, there are some words that should not be said so casually as well. Peng Zijie also smiled, "That is good too."

    Near the end of the year, Zhao Xueyan made several calls to urge Su Jinbei to return home. Later, Zhao Xueyan probably felt that she could not be moved, and encouraged Su Jianan, the youngest brother of Su's family, to persuade her.

 Su Jianan is Su Jinbei’s cousin, and her family knows that she is very fond of this younger brother. If Su Jianan called to say he missed her and asked her to go back to Su Residence to see him there was no way she would not go back.

    So a week before New Year's Eve, Su Jinbei returned to Su Residence.

    Currently, the Su Residence lived Old Master of the Su family, the eldest son of the Su family and Su Jinbei's third uncle and his family. The third uncle's family originally lived abroad all year round, and lived here as they have just recently returned to China, while Su Jinbei's parents have another estate outside, they only come back on weekends and every new year.

    As soon as Su Jinbei entered the door, Su Jianan ran over, holding her hand warmly, "Big sister, you finally come back, I have returned to China for almost a week but I only saw you now."

    Su Jinbei patted her brother's head, "How are you?"

    Su Jianan smiled, "Very good."

    "That's good, where’s grandpa."

    "In the study."

    Su Jinbei nodded, "Auntie Chen, help me take my luggage to my room."

    "Ok, miss." The housekeeper approached her and took her luggage. Su Jinbei didn't stay much and went straight to knock on the study door.

    After greeting Old Master Su, Su Jinbei came out of the study. Su Jianan, "Big Sister, is aunt and uncle not coming back today?"

    "They’re busy, they’ll come tomorrow." Su Jinbei stretched, and walked up the stairs, "That’s good, you saved the day. Otherwise, I have to listen to their nagging after flying the whole day."

    "Then it’s been tough on you, rest early today"

    "Good Child." Su Jinbei pinched her brother's small face, "I’ll take you out to play tomorrow." 

Su Jianan raised his eyebrows, "No thanks, I don’t know what will happen if I do. Did you forget last year we were blocked by the crowd at the entrance of the mall."

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows. "Little man, that's because your sister is too popular."