Under The Power 锦衣之下 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Looking at the window of her mother’s room, Jin Xia sighed in her heart, and then took out the bag of sugar from her pocket and handed it to Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi opened it and complained, "I have grown up, how can you still treat me as a kid, sister?"

"Oh well" she stretched out a hand, "I will keep it for myself."

Yuan Yi quickly placed one candy into his mouth, and put the rest of the bag into his pocket.

"Leader Yang said that you went to Department Six to look for me a few times. What happened?" asked him Jin Xia.

Yuan Yi whispered, "mother wanted me to ask when you will come back."

"Is our family running short of money?"

"Dong Dadu, the one who collects renting fees, his son is getting married soon and mother said she must send a gift to them."

That surprised Jin Xia: "I remember his son married last year, how can he still get married?"

"He has four sons."


Jin Xia sighed helplessly, and suddenly thought of the stack of silver tickets that Cao Ge gave her and became more melancholy.

"Xia'er (An intimate way of calling Jin Xia), are you back?"

“Yes mother." Stepping into the room, Jin Xia saw Madam Yuan Chen's (Yuan was her husband's last name. Chen was her last name) getting up, "Mother, did I wake you up."

"It's okay, I should have gotten up." Madam Yuan Chen put on her grey-brown coat and looked at Jin Xia. "How was the trip? Didn't you get hurt?"

"No! Of course not." Laughed Jin Xia.

"Were the criminals caught??"

"Yes..." Jin Xia said softly.

Madam Yuan Chen's face was overjoyed, and her hand stretched out towards her immediately: "You said that those criminals were important, just in time, I can use it to buy a gift for Dong's family. ."

He said Jin Xia: "No... I didn't get the money. They were brought away to the North Town Protection Department as soon as we got back."

Yuan Chen was stunned for a moment, then said: "The North Town Protection Department should also give you money, you are the one who caught them!"

"That's right, but who can dare to ask the Embroidered Uniform Guard for reward." Jin Xia did not dare to look at her mother, lowering her head.

After listening to this, Yuan Chen stunned for a while before frowning: "Okay, go wash and change your clothes. These clothes are almost rancid. I have already told you, why would a girl want to be a constable? It’s hard and tiring. If you and your father were willing to listen to me, to marry you to the Sun family in the Northern streets of the city who makes pastries, at least our families can help each other. Though in the previous year, the Sun family fell was not rich, this year the Sun family made a fortune out of their peach blossoms buns. They also bought a shop in Xinfeng Bridge. If you were married to his family, you might live a great life now. Look. Do you know that Sun Jixing's (Son of the Sun family) wife is already pregnant..."

Jin Xia was so used to her mother’s naggings. She nodded and went to the kitchen to boil some water. Yuan Yi quietly made a face at her and followed.

"Sister, there is something else..." Yuan Yi followed into the stove and helped her scoop the water, with a mysterious look on her face, "Don't blame me for not telling you. Mother went to see matchmaker Wang."

Upon hearing this, Jin Xia raised her eyebrows lightly, staring at Yuan Yi with vigilance.

"I squatted under the window and listened for a while to get this news for you. I think our mother wanted you to match Mr. Yi's third son."

Frightened, Jin Xia raised her eyebrows even higher: "Mr. Yi?! Isn’t that... your teacher?"

Yuan Yi nodded.

Mr. Yi is the teacher of Yuan Yi's private school. The three sons in the family are all scholars. How could such a person fall in love with her?