Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 12.2

Chapter 12.2 - Going Home (2)

    As soon as she finished speaking, there was a footstep on the staircase, and then a black silhouette appeared at the stairwell. Su JinBei composed herself and siad, "Big Brother."

    Su Xianyan looked at her and nodded slightly, "You’re  back."

 "Well, I didn’t know that Big Brother is at home today?"

    "Getting something."


    It was a simple conversation, Su Xianyan did not stay much, turned a corner and walked to the promenade on the other side, and returned to his room.

    Su Jinbei shrugged his shoulders, used to the cold reaction of this cousin. At this moment, she suddenly remembered Zhou Shiyun, the two were equally cold and indifferent, isolated from the world.

    However, the two are quite different. Su Xianyan's coldness contains a sense of chill and a killer aura which makes people dare not get close easily. But Zhou Shiyun's indifference was completely natural. He wasn’t intentionally doing it. He was just used to it. It is an inborn trait.

    Therefore, Su Jinbei would not go close to Su Xianyan, but she dared to "move the earth" with Zhou Shiyun. She knew that Zhou Shiyun would not hurt her, because he was just like that.

    "Sister, why are you smiling happily?" Su Jianan wondered.

    Su Jinbei touched her face. Did she?

    She knocked on Su Jianan's head, "What are you talking about, go back to your room."

    Su Jinbei said as she took out her mobile phone, she was so busy during this time that she forgot to call and harass him.

    After returning to the room, Su JinBei lay lazily on the bed. She held up her mobile phone and typed a few sentences, but then thought that Zhou Shiyun might not reply to her message if it were just normal texts, so she wrote what Zhou Shiyun was most likely to reply..

    "Zhou Shiyun, my stomach hurts a lot, tell me what happened to me." After a minute, he really returned the text message, but it was a very cold, very short, "Which part?"

    Su Jinbei smiled and wrote, "On the right, what kind of illness might I have?"

    "If it hurts in the lower right, it may be the appendix, but it doesn't rule out other reasons. Go to the hospital."

    Su Jinbei lay on the bed, "Oh, I suddenly found out that the left side is also very painful, Oh no, my entire stomach is in pain, I hope it’s not serious.”

    This time Zhou Shiyun didn’t reply to the text message for a long time. Su Jinbei waited a long time and sent him a message again, “Dr. Zhou, stomach hurts, waiting for treatment. "

    After a long time, he replied with a word, "Hospital."

    Su Jinbei chuckled and lay on the bed in a different posture. Two long, white, straight legs were circling in the air.

    "I prefer Dr. Zhou to give me treatment, I don’t really want to go to the hospital."


    Just one word?

    Su Jinbei humphed, and finally called him directly. After the call was connected, she asked pretending to be weak, "Zhou Shiyun, your future wife is about to die from pain and this is how you react?"

    From Zhou Shiyun’s side, the sound of paper flipping was heard, "Listening to your voice, it's no big deal."

    "My voice is so weak and you say it is no big deal? It's a big deal."

    Zhou Shiyun's tone was faint. "In that case, instead of wasting time calling me, you should Call 120 (illa: ambulance) for help."

    "You’re useless." Su Jinbei secretly hooked her lips, deliberately lowering her voice, "Actually, my stomach is hurting because I was missing you, other doctors can't cure it." 

On the other end of the phone, Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, he could imagine Su Jinbei's cunning and hooliganism when she said this sentence.

    "Su Jinbei."


    "Tomorrow, I will go to the Su Residence."

    Su Jinbei smiled, she didn't respond. She did not expect Zhou Shiyun to suddenly say this, "What?"

    "Tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the evening, you will go to Beijing with me."

    "Wait, what?" Su JinBei sat up from the bed, "What plane, what Beijing, me and you?"

    "Well, of course, I will inform your family." Zhou Shiyun is still as casual as ever.

    Su Jinbei was surprised, "Wait, why should I go to Beijing with you."

    "Well..." Zhou Shiyun switched his ear that was listening to the phone and said indifferently, "Didn’t you say your stomach hurts because you missed me, then, let’s meet."

    Su Jinbei, "..."

    Shit, did Zhou Shiyun learn from her and started telling cold jokes?

    Su Jinbei did not expect Zhou Shiyun to suddenly say that he would take her back to Zhou Residence. She indeed likes Zhou Shiyun very much recently, but she thinks she hasn’t seduced him yet? Why would he bring her home...

    At first, Su Jinbei was confused, but later she thought about it a little bit more and understood. During her stay in the hospital, her mother didn't bother her at all. That clearly means handing her over to Zhou Shiyun. Her mother probably thought they were already together.

    And if her mother thinks so, then the people over the Zhou family must have the same idea... Zhou Shiyun wanting to bring her back must be the elder's wishes.

    Su Jinbei got up and opened the closet Since that’s the case...

    What should she wear tomorrow?

    Su Jinbei, who was seriously picking her clothes, didn't realize that, the thought of dislike towards going to Zhou Residence since young, seems to vanish like smoke in thin air.