The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 9.2

Chapter 9.2 - Remember Me (2)

Two days later, when Zhou Xiao was picking up a bunch of novels from the library, a golden couple walked towards her. She was lamenting the unfairness of God. Why is it that others can meet talented man or beautiful woman, she can only know a bunch of jackals and tigers? 

Wait a minute, that man seemed to be the real-life Lei Feng who gave his seat to her on the bus last time. What's his name again? Zhao...Forget it, don't test your brain capacity. Should she say hello? Maybe he has already forgotten her. Moreover, he has such a beautiful girlfriend next to him, it is not good to say hello, forget it, pretend that they don’t know each other.

He met her again, in fact, Zhao Fanzhou has already roughly mastered her life habits, and he roughly knows when and where she will appear. He saw her lowering her head, seemingly wanting to walk past him, did she not recognize him again? He felt slightly angry, "Classmate Zhou." Zhou Xiao's footsteps paused, he can possibly be calling her, right?

"Classmates? You know her?" Jia Yichun looked at him in doubt, rarely seeing him initiate greeting someone, besides that person was a girl.

Zhou Xiao raised her head carefully and saw that both of them looked at her. Alas, it is a 
Blessing is not a disaster, if it is a disaster it cannot be avoided. She quickly squeezed out a smiley face: "Ah, it's Classmate Zhao, hello, have you eaten yet?" Dead, the habits of the Chinese person came out again. Every time you have nothing to say, you instinctively ask if someone had eaten.

"No, would you like to treat me a meal?" Is he kidding? Zhou Xiao carefully observes his face, but she couldn't really see anything, deadpan face! Really must treat? He seemed to have given her a seat last time, but it wasn't serious enough to treat him to a meal?

Jia Yichun's alarm bell was ringing, and the girl's sixth sense made her feel that the girl in front of her was threatening. She turned around and said to Zhao Fanzhou: "Stop joking, you’re scaring the little junior sister." What junior sister! She is also a third-year student! Don't discriminate against baby faces!

"Oh, next time, next time I’ll surely treat,” She said while pretending to smile

"When is next time?" No way? Before, she just thought that he was real-life Lei Feng. I have never heard that Lei Feng will chase after someone to treat him to a meal.

"Give me your phone."

She took out her cell phone in a daze, and when he picked it up, he began to press it quickly. Only then did Zhou Xiao reacted. Why did she hand him the phone so stupidly? Is this a new type of scam? If so, it is really conscientious, first give her a seat on the bus, and then cheat her mobile phone on the school road, and they even went to find a pair of handsome men and pretty women, really invested a lot of money! Would she be on the news it if she was really robbed? The title would be: A third-year uni female cheated of her phone on the school road…

"Return you... what are you dumbfounded at" came a dissatisfied voice, interrupting her cranky thoughts.

"Oh, good, thank you." No! Why did she say thank you?

"You have my mobile number, please call me whenever you want to treat me to a meal."

"Okay." This time she really didn't know what to say except to say okay. How hungry is he? Didn't his girlfriend give him food? She looked at the girl next to her. She didn't look like that kind that won’t let her boyfriend eat. Does she not that her boyfriend is going around asking people to treat him to a meal?

"Then... see you next time, bye bye." Zhou Xiao said softly.

"Ok." They left without looking back, leaving Zhou Xiao standing still on the spot by herself. Had she just been extorted?

Jia Yichun secretly watched Zhao Fanzhou while walking. Were the corners of his mouth rising? "Who’s the girl just now?" "Friend." She almost knew all his friends. "What kind of friend?" She knew she asked a lot of questions, but she couldn't help asking. He gave her a strange look and said nothing more, and she dared not ask again.

This night.

Zhou Xiao looked at Zhao Fanzhou's phone number in her phone suspiciously, what should she do? Really asked him to come out for a meal? After ten minutes of annoyance, she decided to the sleep emperor is the greatest, so she shut her phone to sleep.

Zhao Fanzhou looked at his mobile phone for the 101st time, no missed calls or text messages. Forget it, it seems he was a bit domineering and impatient today, did he scare her?

Jia Yichun had insomnia that night. Lying down in the bed and all she can think of was the sight of Zhao Fanzhou raising the corners of his mouth, and felt very panicky.