Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 3.2


Chapter 3.2 - Betrayal (2)

     "She has been with me for 6 years, but I still kicked her out, do you know why?" The heat from his mouth swept past her lips, and she began to tremble, her hands and feet turning cold.
     "Do you like this vegetable?"
     He let go of her suddenly as if nothing had happened just now.
     She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes trembling slightly.
     She almost forgot how dangerous he is.
    DU of MH’s IBD and Yuan Shuai of GT’s FID[Financial Investment Decision] are both ruthless characters.
    Yuan Shuai is like an eagle in the sky, he soars in the blue sky and oversees everything under him. Once he spots his prey, he attacks like lightning.
    DU is like a tiger in the forest, quietly following behind the target, waiting for the prey to relax then strike.
     "Tell me about you," He asked someone to remove the dinner plate and brewed Biluochun.
     "What can I do? I am just an insignificant one."
     He laughed and got up and gave her a box. She glanced at it and knew it was a limited-edition cigar of the finest quality.
  Her love for cigars was because of him. The first time he handed her a cigar, she placed it straight into her mouth and looked for a lighter. He took out the cigar from her mouth and lit up a match. He held the cigar horizontally, slowly burning and rotating it above the matching fire, she watched him hold the blackened cigar and he slotted it back into her mouth. It turned out that it was so troublesome to start a cigar. She once found a same kind of matchstick from Yuan Shuai's pocket. The match was long and made of pinewood and she thought Yuan Shuai is also crazy for cigars. It was a pity that she used to use that lightstick to light scented candles in the bathroom. . . . 

Her thoughts were running wildly when the burning cigar was stuck into her mouth, and she took a deep breath. He immediately pulled out the cigar. She burst into tears and started coughing before she realized what was going on.
He handed her a handkerchief and started smoking happily to his cigar, waiting for her to be better. He demonstrated the correct method of enjoying that cigar of fine quality. She watched and learned and the cigar was returned back to her again. She took a taste of the cigar again. She started to enjoy the thick and mellow fragrance of the cigar. The cigar was taken away by him again. He gave her a box of matches and told her that he knew from the beginning she would enjoy it. 
    He is a very weird man, seducing her little by little until she can't stop being addicted. 
    She felt inexplicably restless, got up, and walked to the window. She looked down at the flowing river beneath. "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" He poured a cup of tea for her 

                "That’s none of your business."
                "You like girls?" He lowered his head, gently rubbing his lips against her earlobe. "Yes! So what?" She panicked and tried to turn away from him and he chuckled. He suddenly pressed her against the glass window. The scent of tobacco and a touch of sandalwood surrounded her. His nose against her, his eyelashes brushed over her eyelids, she saw flames in his eyes, she struggled but he locked her in place firmly. His breath fastened, and the scent of his breath was making her dizzy.
                "Then you must be P (The “wife” of a lesbian couple)." His hoarse voice came from beside her lips, "Why, why not a T (The “husband” of a lesbian couple)?" He took her breath. She opened her lips subconsciously and his hot tongue rushed into her mouth, without a trace of hesitation. He explored every part of her mouth. Her consciousness seemed to fly out of her body. His burning fingers scorched her skin, and the tip of his tongue swept her gums. "Alluring woman, give me your tongue." She shuddered and gave him her tongue. He kissed her fiercely. Digging into the deepest part of her mouth, she is attracted to him, her lips and body entangled with him madly.
     The phone rang suddenly, and she pushed him away stiffly. "Are you still working overtime?" Yuan Shuai's voice pulled back her senses.
     "Come back early, I'll wait for you"
     She hung up the phone, grabbed her purse and ran out. He grabbed her and dragged her back into his arms.
     "Let me go" She didn't look at him, struggling desperately "Just for a moment, really, I won't touch you, but let me hold you for a while" He enclosed his arms around her.
     "What do you think of me? Another Linda?" She choked, pressing against his chest. "You are not her." He released her, helped her gently organize her clothes, and sent her home.
   The car stopped at the entrance of the apartment, and she got out without hesitation. He chased her out, "Listen to me, I'm divorced, and I’m seeing no one, only you. Give me a chance, just once" He pulled her, his eyes were begging. She looked at him intently, his shirt was tucked messily, and the platinum cufflinks were dangling down. He shouldn't be like this, how could he look like this. She remembers his sharp eyes, tall nose with thin lips, handsome and dauntless, his expensive suits are always worn neatly, and his eyes are always firm and sharp. He is like a warrior, how can warriors have such an uneasy expression?
     She stretched out her hand and stroked his face to touch and confirm he is the DU she once knew. He placed his hand over her, and his cheek rubbed intimately in her palm.
     Her eyes crossed his shoulders, behind him. Yuan Shuai stood on the steps of the apartment, against the light. Is he watching them or gazing into the dark night.

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