Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 11.1

Chapter 11.1 - Discharge (1)

Su Jinbei wore a mask and walked with crutches towards the place where Xiao Yuansong said, but she didn't see Zhou Shiyun's figure for a long time.

    Just as she dismissed her thoughts and went back to the room, a 6- to 7-year-old girl ran and ran to a small corner and shouted: "Brother Shi Yun, Wenwen is very good today, and my mother even rewarded me a lollipop. Look at Brother Shiyun." The child's crisp and soft voice was particularly clear in the empty corridor. Su Jinbei walked around the corner and looked in the direction of the child.

    In the afternoon the sun was just right, and the light fell through the yellow, green leaves outside and fell on two people, one tall and one short.

    The little girl was innocent and cute, holding a pink candy and trying to lift it to the man. However, she was not tall enough..

    Just when the little girl was tired and wanted to put down her hand, Su Jinbei saw the man in white squatted down. He stretched out his hand and held her candy. A rare smile appeared on his usually indifferent face, and he bent down. The corners of his lips and eyebrows actually revealed some gentleness.

    Su Jinbei froze, she never saw him laugh before. At that moment, his face was cold yet bright and charming.

    Su Jinbei does not know how to describe her feelings at this moment, her heart was soft, shocked and pounding. It turns out that a person who doesn't laugh often will look so beautiful when smiling.

    "Brother Shiyun, that person has been watching you." The little girl suddenly turned around and pointed at Su Jinbei.

    Su Jinbei suddenly recovered, "Cough cough, I was walking around casually and I bumped into you, what a coincidence."

    Zhou Shiyun stood up, he restored his silent composure, he said to the child, " Eat less sugar, you will have tooth decay." 

The little girl grunted. "I will eat this just this one time…..."

    Zhou Shiyun seemed to think about it seriously. "Fine, then" 

The little girl smiled. , "I promise, I will not eat candies for a long and long time."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded slightly.

    Su Jinbei slightly smiled, how to put it, she used to think that Zhou Shiyun had an aura that makes him seem like he is not from this world, he doesn’t laugh or making noise, as if he had no feelings. But after the smile just now, she finally felt that he was also a human, and that he was a human with good medical skills and cares greatly about his patients.

    "Brother Shiyun, that older sister is still looking at you." The little girl said suddenly.

    Zhou Shiyun already looked towards her direction. Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows and stepped forward with her cane. "Little sister, he is so good looking. It’s if normal for people to starel." 

The little girl widened her eyes and nodded in agreement. "Brother Shi Yun" It’s the most handsome  person I’ve ever seen, better than the stars on TV.”

    Su Jinbei touched her head, “I think so too.” 

The little girl smiled smugly, “So I told my mother yesterday, Wenwen is going to marry Brother Shiyun, and my mother was still very happy."

    Su Jinbei stumbled, almost not standing, she narrowed her eyes, "Little sister, what are you talking about." 

The little girl blinked her eyes, thinking this strange older sister’s eyes were a little scary, but she insisted, “I said, I’m going to marry Brother Shiyun...”

    After that, the little girl felt that the strange older sister’s eyes were more scary, and then she listened to her, “Little Sister, that’s not good.” 

The little girl looked naively. “Why not?”

    Su Jinbei hooked her lips and winked. “Because Brother Shiyun is mine.” 

The little girl’s pouted. “No way."

    "Why not, you ask him yourself." Su Jinbei reached out and took a hand of a certain someone standing beside her. "Brother Shi Yun, tell me, will you marry anyone other than me?"

    Little girl’s eyes stared at Zhou Shiyun.

    Zhou Shiyun paused, looking at Su Jinbei, who was smiling, and said after two seconds of silence, "If you are quiet, I won't."

    The little girl froze for a while, slowly reflecting what her brother Shi Yun meant, then, "hum hum ...... waaaaa!"

    The little girl burst into tears and ran away, a pink lollipop left forgotten on the ground.

    Su Jinbei opened her mouth and quickly shouted at the little figure, "Hey, Wenwen? Wenwen! Don't cry, your sister will buy you sweets, and you will be fine when you get over Brother Shi Yun..."

    Unfortunately, the small figure did not listen to her persuasion and still ran away. Su Jinbei pursed her lips helplessly, nudged her head towards someone who was indifferent, "Hey, how can you bully a child."

    Zhou Shiyun refuted calmly, "You are the one bullying a child."

    "When did I bully a child?" "Su Jinbei stroked her long hair on her shoulders, and her eyes seemed to twinkle in the light. She smiled lightly, "It's you, you said you will never leave me, and this hurt her heart."

    Zhou Shiyun looked at her eyes. His eyes looked away awkwardly. This woman's eyes always made him feel strange inside.

    "I didn’t mean that, I was realistically speaking." Zhou Shiyun said, and walked forward.

    Su Jinbei was caught off guard and quickly leaned on a cane. "Hey, wait, wait for me, Zhou Shiyun, I am your patient!"

    "You can walk slowly."

    "Come support me."

    "You have clutches."

    "I may also fall with a clutch, help me."

    "Since you know, you shouldn't go out."