Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 2.2


Chapter 2.2 - The Road to Heaven (2)

             "Who is this? She looks very familiar" He pointed to the girl next to him "This is his... girlfriend... called Qiao Na... also in America"
    Yuan Shuai embraced her and squeezed her nose hard: "Tell me, what are you going to do about it?"
    A year later, she went back to China, to the best university and the most popular course in China.
    She insisted on living in an 8-person dormitory in school. She shared 3 for 100Yuan white shirts with her classmates, ate lamb skewers that cost 50cents each, washed her own clothes, and used thermoses to fetch water in the water rooms.
     She wrote to tell Yuan Shuai that she saw herself in the public bathroom mirror and thought she was too flat. Her classmate called her Princess Taiping (Flat princess).
     A few days later, she received a letter from him and found two cushioned bras he bought for her.
     She put on a beautiful long skirt and admired her chest which no longer looks flat.
     She found Yin Zhe's timetable and secretly followed him, carefully stalking and recording his work and rest habits.
    She frequently appeared in the place where Yin Zhe will go, until he found her and call her name.
    Finally, their lives begin to intertwine and they are friends officially.
     "This is my sister, isn’t she beautiful," he will introduce her to his classmates.
     She played the role of being his sister, listened to him talk about the separation between him and Qiao Na, and shared all the joys and sorrows with her.
    She began to like Faye Wong (A famous singer). At that time, the woman had just changed her name from Wang Jingwen back to Faye Wong. She saw her in the newspaper and cried for a night. Because of her love for Dou Wei, Faye Wong used the public toilet in the alley. Jiang Jun, for her love for Yin Zhe, she made herself stay in a crowded dormitory of 8. She thinks Faye and her love resembles -- they can give up everything for love.
     She sent an email to Yuan Shuai to tell him that she was going to Hong Kong, going to watch Faye Wong's concert.
    Yuan Shuai wrote back and told her saying Dou Wei is not worth it for Faye Wong to go for. She deserved better.
     She ignored him and told him that they shall go to her concert together when he comes back.  
She asked friends from Hong Kong to help her buy Faye Wong’s CDs and magazines. She watched Faye Wong and Dou Wei’s separation and prayed that their love will be blessed. She thought that that was love.
    Dou Wei was attracted to another girl in his band. The same day she read it on news, Yin Zhe came to her, drunk, told her that Qiao Na fell in love with someone else and wanted to break up with him. Yin Zhe asked Jiang Jun, “Do you love me?”
     Jiang Jun told Yuan Shuai she confessed because her reply was “I love you”.
     Yin Zhe’s reply to her confession that day was “why did I not love you.”
    At that moment, she actually felt a sense of relief.
     Love is not a choice. Love is destined and she cannot choose not to love him.
    Yuan Shuai wrote back, saying she was a fool. “I love you” is not a confession, it is a vow!
    Yin Zhe and Jiang Jun got together eventually.
     Faye Wong and Dou Wei also remained together. She sent an email to Yuan Shuai and told him that Yin Zhe became her boyfriend.
    She waited many days for Yuan Shuai to reply. She called eventually and a girl answered the phone. She hung up without speaking.
    She told her grandmother that Yuanyuan Ge Ge (Brother Yuan. Something like Yuan Oppa) has a girlfriend, and she is going to have a sister-in-law.
    Yin Zhe took her to climb the mountain, carried her to the top of the mountain on his back, and slept in her arms.
     She went to his dormitory and washed off all of his sheets and quilts. He fed her with a spoon for dinner. They studied together every day. He sorted out the key points of ACCA's revision. She finished the assignments for further mathematics.
    He said why did I not find you so cute before?
    He gave her roses, he said I love you...
    Everything is so beautiful. But her idol, Faye Wong continued her bitter love with Dou Wei, she is a rising star, he is just a singer, their love was like clouds and mud, they are destined to separate.
She would not let such things happen to herself. Ying Zhe slowly learned that Jiang Jun’s parents worked in Shanghai for a long time. She lived with her grandparents near Lingjing Hutong. She had seen his family. She was wearing a cheap cotton shirt and was treated coldly by his mother and stepfather.
    He hugged her and said sorry, that he felt ashamed to have such a snobbish family.
     She expected it would be such a situation. Grandma said he was a good boy, but unfortunate to have such a family.
    Growing up in such an environment, he was able to hold on to his upright character and his smile was innocent. She falls for him deeply, his smile has charmed her.
    She became greedy and forgot the existence of God. She can’t wait to share the sweetness of love with him until the moment she falls off the cloud. She suddenly awakens from that good dream, it turns out that she has fallen in love with a devil with a good-looking smile.

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