Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 11.2

Chapter 11.2 - Discharge (2)

Slowly, Su Jinbei's leg injury was completely cured, because she had to leave the hospital for work.

    "This week we must speed up the pace and record a few more episodes of "Delicious Sunday", and then prepare to enter the filming crew next month." He Di talked while packing her things.

    Su Jinbei, "Next month? I have to join the filming crew after New year’s?"

    "Yeah, Director Zhang's movie has already been finalized."

    "Fine." Su Jinbei put on her shoes and walked out after finishing.

    "Oh! Where are you going ah."

    Su Jinbei smile, "Before I leave, I want to see my family Dr Zhou."

    He Di froze for a moment, "...... it is my family now?"

    "Knock, knock."

    "Come in "

    Su Jinbei pushed the door open, and uttered lazily, "Zhou Shiyun."

    Zhou Shiyun raised his eyes and did not answer her, but his eyes fell on the ten centimeter black high heels on her feet.

    Su Jinbei's legs are straight and slender from the beginning. After wearing high-heeled shoes, she can make people, especially men's blood boil. After she noticed his sight, she immediately put on a look, "Does it look good?"

    Zhou Shiyun frowned, "Who told you that you can wear high-heels."

    "Well?" Su Jinbei paused, this man's pattern is still different from ordinary people, "What's wrong?"

    "Your leg may have healed, but it doesn’t mean you can walk around in heels like this." Zhou Shiyun's frowned, and finally, he spits out two words, "Strip off"

    Su Jinbei stunned and giggled. Sound, "Dr. Zhou, it isn't appropriate to strip off here." Su Jinbei emphasized the word "strip", which has a very ambiguous meaning.

    Zhou Shiyun's face changed slightly, he didn't want to bother with her anymore.

    Su Jinbei did not care, she swayed next to him, leaned down slightly and said, "I am here to tell you that I am going to be discharged."

    "Yes, I know."

    "I came to say goodbye to you, by the way, I also came to ask for your number."

    Zhou Shiyun glanced at her, "What for."

    "Of course to contact you, I am afraid of any side effects."

    "There won’t be, you can rest assured." Zhou Shiyun was unmoved.

    Su Jinbei knew he would say so, so she put a hand on his shoulder casually, "Hey, I'm not asking for your number as a patient, but as your fiancee,. Fiancee! Do you understand?"

    Zhou Shiyun finally responded. Su Jinbei was slightly pleased with herself. As expected, the members of the Zhou family of the imperial capital (illa: Beijing), really value commitment and identity. Now Zhou Shiyun may not seem to like her much, but he has already accepted in her heart that she is his fiancee.

    "But I don't necessarily have to ask you, If i ask your family, i can get your number in a minute. Maybe they will even be very excited that I am finally interested in you." Su Jinbei added.

    Zhou Shiyun uttered, "I have yours."

    "What?" Su Jinbei was confused this time, "Why do you have my number? Have I told you before?"

    "Your mother gave it."

    Su Jinbei raised her eyebrows, "Then you call me, I will save your number."

    "Next time."

    Su Jinbei did not believe him, will he even contact her after she leaves? If it were so easy, they would have already met in the past two decades.

    "Zhou Shiyun, don't fool me."

    Su Jinbei leaned on his desk a little thoughtlessly. She tilted her head and looked at him, a few strands of brown hairs were waving in front of him with the breeze. Zhou Shiyun's eyes were slightly narrowed, and finally, he took out his mobile phone and gave it to her with a straight face.

    Su Jinbei hooked her lips, "That's the way to go."

    Su Jinbei contentedly called her cell phone. But she can actually guess that Zhou Shiyun was willing to give her his number probably because after interacting with her for quite some time now, he knows her a little. He knew that if he was not willing to give, she will still find a way to get it, she will pester him for a long time until she succeeds.

    Zhou Shiyun's thought should be very simple, rather than wasting time, it is better to be straightforward.

    After getting his mobile phone number, Su Jinbei originally wanted to tease her family's Dr. Zhou, but He Di called and asked her to leave quickly. Su Jinbei had to leave his office reluctantly.

    Soon after Su Jinbei went away, Zhou Shiyun's mobile phone received text messages.

    Zhou Shiyun opened it, and the contact show "Su Jinbei" saying: Brother Shi Yun, wait for me to come back to find you~

    Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, and replied in a tone that a doctor would use on their patient, "Don't wear high heels for now."

    Su Jinbei: Since Brother Shi Yun says so, I would try to listen to you.

    Zhou Shiyun glanced and pressed the lock screen key.

    The phone was calm for a while, and after a few minutes, it showed an incoming call. But this time it was not Su Jinbei, but the current head of the Zhou family, Zhou Zhengxian.


    "Shi Yun,are you at the hospital?"

    Zhou Shi Yun hummed.

    The voice over the phone was low but gentle. "Remember to come home for Chinese New Year this year. Don't run abroad like last year."

    Zhou Shiyun didn't immediately respond.

    "Why, don't tell me you are not planning to come back." The other party pretended to be angry. "I haven't been feeling well recently. You should come back to see me."

    Zhou Shiyun flashed a rare smile in his eyes. They have a special family doctor at home, they didn’t need him but he didn’t force it, and only said, "Got it, brother."

    "Oh yes, and bring Miss Su's back home too."

    Zhou Shiyun paused. "Do I really need to?"

    "I heard that you two get along very well. Shi Yun, this marriage will happen sooner or later, since you two are satisfied with each other, you should bring her back to visit grandma for the New Year this year. And you should introduce her to your brother too."