First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 The favorite person in the world (Prologue)

        The summer is hot and the sun is scorching, leaving sunburns of pink on the skin, fastening the evaporation of sweat. The weather is humid, making the buildings look like twisted mirages. Even the asphalt roads looked weird under the humidity. There were no water stains on the ground but faint white light was reflected from it.

  Even cicadas seemed to be afraid of this summer, humming trembling and weak tunes, which sounds agitating to people.

   The city is bustling with all kinds of people. In the corner of a square, a girl wearing a milky-white lace skirt seems particularly eye-catching. Her stylishly curled voluminous hair spread over her shoulders as if a piece of art.

  However, she was shaking her head desperately, messing up the piece of artwork.

  She had light makeup on her face, but they smudged on her face because of tears, just like a piece of accidentally torn paper, showing a zig-zag shape. She didn't have time to take care of it, she was yelling at her phone: "Enough! Enough! I know! I know how you feel about me, and I know myself, so shall I give up on us then? You are torturing me! Will your world be quieter if I give you up? Well then, I will leave you alone!"

   Her high-heels made it hard for her to balance herself as she swayed uneasily while screaming into the phone. It was easier to run a marathon than to wear high-heels even for just ten minutes.

   It seems stupid to dress up now. The higher the expectation, the more disappointed. No one pitied her humble love. In the eyes of some, pursuing a person wholeheartedly for three years has nothing to do with them and it might be more meaningful to think about what to eat for dinner instead.

   She wanted to escape and wanted to leave immediately. But she felt like a gecko with a broken tail, embarrassed and painful.

   There was only a very slight sigh from the end of the phone, but she was sharp to capture it. It followed by "Stupid..."

   The voice was enough to make her chest numb.

   It was the person she loved. She was greedily in love with his appearance, voice, and personality.

   "Yes, I'm stupid to like you for so many years, but you won't even come to see me."

   Her love started from high school to college, has it all gone to waste?

   "You are mad because of this?"

   "Isn't this situation enough to make me mad?"

   There was a burst of clear laughter on the end of the phone, and from time to time, the sound on the other end was accompanied by the sound of the car horns, synchronized with the sound of the place where the girl was.

   Finally, his voice sounded again: "you don’t suit the white skirt, and your feet have bruises wearing those shoes, I refuse to meet you like this."

   The girl stopped crying instantly, and she turned back...

  Many people may have the experience of wholeheartedly caring for a person who would never fall in love with them.

  The majority of them will regret their persistence after being embarrassed or hurt by their love, thereby hating their past.

   And there are always the minor group of stubborn ones, knowing that the path before them is full of danger, and if they would retreat, they would have a better life, they still insisted on going forward despite the disappointment and challenges. She is one of them.

   She does this for him, only him...

   Her favorite person in the world.