Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.1 - Why Give Up (1)

The next afternoon, Luo Zhi picked up a transparent document bag with a copy of the registration form and transcripts and went out to apply for a double degree in the office building of the Law School.

    She walked forward along the path, always paying attention to the persimmon above her head, and finally reached the sunny open area. Many bicycles came and went on the road, then she suddenly heard the exclamation of the girls around her, and looked in the direction of everyone's gaze ----- a boy was riding a bicycle slowly, without a handlebar, holding a Master Kang noodle bucket in one hand and a fork in the other. Ride while eating, leisurely and steadily advancing at a uniform speed not far in front of Luo Zhi. The slow speed convinced Luo Zhi that it is not that he didn't have time to eat, but just being a SHOWOFF.

    Every time he passed a pedestrian, he asked with a smile on his face: "Have you eaten, want a taste? Master Kang, this is the taste!" A group of sneaky boys not far behind took pictures with a mobile phone video. Luo Zhi was more certain that he had lost his bet so he did such a thing.

    She thought so and laughed. The boy turned back and saw a pair of smiling eyes, and his hand slipped, noodles sprayed all over his body.

    His little brothers clapped their hands together. Luo Zhi grinned awkwardly and quickly escaped from the scene.

    She walked too quickly, and when she looked up, she found that she had deviated from the direction of the law school and walked to the small supermarket in front of the office building in Dongmen. She suddenly felt a little thirsty, so she went in to buy water.

    Just like that she saw Sheng Huainan.

    Luo Zhi even looked up at the hypothetical persimmon tree in fear at that moment.

    A person who seldom seen, suddenly apprears frequently within two consecutive days. She knows that it must be that God's little finger is starting to provoke trouble-whether it is a blessing or a curse, if it is a curse she cannot escape.

    It was the third time I saw him for a whole year in college. They grabbed the same bottle of afternoon tea ------- in fact Luo Zhi grabbed it deliberately. She didn't know where the guts came from. In short, she reached out without thinking. However, Sheng Huainan just let out an apology and let go, grabbing another bottle. When she panicked and smiled and said "It's okay", he had turned and walked towards the payment office. She didn't even hear his apology, but just logically judged that it should be a "sorry."

    It turned out he didn't know her. He really don't know.
    When she was in high school, she quietly speculated in her heart for three years, and guessed what the other party thought of her. After all, she always thought she was a not big and not small famous person — until this day, she finally got the answer.
    What famous person, she was only a person name.
    She grinned at the freezer, couldn't grin, then grinned again, and finally laughed.
    But this may be a special day, and she greeted him for the first time—although she was facing his back.
    The cashier shook her finger in front of her eyes before she recovered and hurriedly handed out the black tea in her hand.
    The bottle of black tea was her closest contact with him in her lifetime, but there was no description in the literary and artistic works such as "He has a cool finger and a dry touch when he brushed the back of my hand"--- her brain is blank and she can’t recall anything.
    The black tea couldn't be opened for a long time, even all the way till she walked to the front of the law school building. Her left and right palms were red, and her right hand was stamped with a thin vertical strip of the bottle cap.
  It was three o'clock when she finished the formalities from the law school. She loved this time, the sun was shining but not dazzling.

    Facing a row of bicycles in front of the building, from the corner of her eyes, she felt that someone was looking at her. A girl is smiling at her. The girl wore gold-framed eyes, and the two eyes seemed a little weird because they were too close apart. Wearing slightly whitened jeans and light purple long-sleeved T-shirts, she was a bit fat, and her jeans were stretched by her thighs.

    Luo Zhi remembered her name as Zheng Wenrui.

    "What are u standing there for?" Zheng Wenrui asked.

    "No, just thinking... what am I supposed to do." Her familiar tone made her a little surprised.

    "Have you eaten?"

    "Just going back to the dormitory to clean up and then go eat."

    "Then let's go together."

    Luo Zhi nodded subconsciously, okay.

    She went back to the dormitory, stepped on the chair and put the bottle of iced black tea on top of the cupboard, then went out to take a shower in the bathroom, change clothes and go to the appointed place.

    Luo Zhi didn't know Zheng Wenrui, but all students of Zhenhua High School will remember the girl in Class 3 who wore short-sleeved T-shirt, cropped trousers and sandals in class.

    It was on a cold day in March.

    Everyone turned to look in her direction as if they had cervical spondylosis. Luo Zhi only knows that this girl has always done very well, and now she is studying in the P university computing major department. Maybe that time, her behavior could be due to the quirks of a top student, she herself has quirks too.

    Zheng Wenrui has never ever spoken to her before, so the invitation seemed particularly strange.

    However, Zheng Wenrui asked her softly as soon as she sat at the barbecue restaurant, "I want to drink some wine, don't you mind?" Luo Zhi's heart felt relieved. She feels that the other party just grabbed a random person to accompany her to drink and relieve her worries. Thinking this way, Luo Zhi relaxed a lot.

    Zheng Wenrui did not speak, nor did she speak. Occasionally, she raised her head and saw Zheng Wenrui smiling slightly at her.

    The barbecue was served, and the beer came. So the two began to eat in silence, and Zheng Wenrui drank a glass of wine.

    It was a strange quiet atmosphere, until Zheng Wenrui drank a little too much.

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