Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2.1 - The Road to Heaven (1)

    She was only 22 years old when she entered MH.
    She had both a master's degree in applied mathematics and an MBA, two prestigious school diplomas, and the experience of interning at the GT US headquarters.
    DU [Du Lei] interviewed her in person. He took only two hours to tell her that he welcomed her to join MH. He told her “whether IBD (Investment Banking Division) is heaven or hell is up to you.”
    She did not understand the sentence. But slowly, his action well explained his statement.
    Master of shit math, shit MBA, shit intern. . .
    DU [Du Lei] time and time again thrashed her papers, attacking her IQ and education with vicious language, and she began to wonder if she was really an idiot as he said.
    The bastard seemed to regret recruiting her into IBD (Investment Banking Division), and it seems like he wishes her to retreat after finding out how difficult the work is by all means. In addition to completing her own basic work, she had to do a lot of additional work, even the secretary's work. She didn't want to admit defeat and worked harder.
     Unfortunately, she is a newcomer. Her connections and resources cannot be compared with other veterans. Although she tried her best and many customers began to acknowledge her hard work, her work results were still lower than average. She knew that she could "Leave" like how he always shouted. She wanted to prove herself but couldn’t help to admit that work results in IBD (Investment Banking Division) is the most crucial thing.

    The then supervisor Linda hinted that she should resign voluntarily, and other departments had suggested she join them, but she was determined to stick to IBD. As long as she is not terminated, she will stay all the way.
    DU [Du Lei] didn’t fire her, he just suppressed her even more, and instructed Linda to assign her cases that others are unwilling to do. They are small projects with extremely difficult to handle clients, and some are complicated and cumbersome. What is worse is that she has to handle it all by herself. Her colleagues in the department are afraid to help her because they are afraid to DU [Du Lei]. She is hardworking, studying the stock data, analyzes the models, chooses the tools repeatedly, and rewrites papers over and over again. She worked 20 hours a day almost 24/7.
    Coincidentally, she heard that Linda is DU [Du Lei]'s mistress. She silently wished in her heart, dreaming that DU’s wife will lead dozens of gangsters to catch those two, thrash them, and put them into pig cages. After waking up from her dreams laughing, she continued to submit to the mistreatment by Linda and DU.
    Yuan Shuai wanted to help her but she refused. She chose her career, went to the most profitable department of the best investment bank to do the most critical business. She cherished it. No pain no gain, she always told herself. She does not want to be the best, but she doesn't want to give up either. It is said that the potential of human beings is infinite, and she became a testament to this. Every time she is put on tremendous stress, she is willing to accept the challenges, push her limit, and create miracles.
Diligence can help achieve success, and customers are very satisfied with her. They praised her for her work habits and a lot of small yet tricky cases came to her doors. The little cases she undertook added up. She saw the vitality, deliberately took up cases that others did not want, and cases that others find troublesome. IBD (Investment Banking Division) wasn’t heaven, but she is determined to build a happy land for herself.
     One day she finally began to have her own team. One day Yuan Shuai was very proud to tell her that GT wanted to headhunt MH IBD’s Juno. One day Juno's name finally firmly occupied the top position of the IBD’s performance list.
     The day she was officially appointed VP, she has been in MH for two years.
    DU [Du Lei] led her to the door of her new office with a smile and said: "Welcome to heaven"
     "Heaven or hell is up to you." He told her that when she first stepped into MH. He has pointed her to the direction to climb up the rocky path, watching her stepping on thorns and encountering challenges, step by step. Perseverance and giving up hell and heaven. It was all in one’s mind.
     She looked at her name Juno, printed in gold on her door, and turned to DU to shake hands with him. She wants to dig a blood hole through his palms with her nails.
    She was 25 years old that year. She created Juno Jiang, with 10 years of hardship.
    Goodbye Jiang Jun!
     At the age of 15, she had pink cheeks, just like the jasmine buds waiting to bloom. She is the carefree princess in a castle waiting to explore love for the first time, falling in love with someone who is destined to be someone else’s.
    He is in the same middle school as her, she is still a junior but he has already graduated.
     She was rushing home that day when she knocked him down accidentally. He was hurrying back to school. His white shirt was tainted with muddy water. She apologized. He smiled shyly, and she smelled the scent of the milk he was drinking in the air. She blushed...
    He got an almost perfect score for English. He said he would go to the United States to find his beloved girl after graduation.
    He said she received a full scholarship for three consecutive years studying abroad in a university and before she left, she washed all his clothes clean... When he said this, she saw sweetness and pride in his eyes.
    He treated her as a sister and showed her the photo of the girl he loved. They looked so close together under the sun, and their smile was so dazzling.
     She looked at the woman very carefully, the woman was small, thin, and wasn’t as pretty as her.
     She doesn't want to be treated as his sister, and she doesn’t want to treat him like his brother. She wants to be his girlfriend, and she wants to be the girl in the photo.
     The only thing she is not doing as well as her grades. She is poor in all subjects except mathematics. Her English is the worst.
     But it doesn't matter, she can put in hard work.
     She dropped out of school and ran to the United States to find Yuan Shuai. He was her best friend since childhood, someone she truly treats as a brother.
    Yuan Shuai was born into a soldier family. His grandpa and dad are generals, his aunt is a major general, and his uncle is a lieutenant general. He himself is "Mahjong". In order to completely run away from the “rulings” of the warlords, Yuanshuai gave up military service and went to the United States to study business with a full scholarship. 
     She showed Yuan Shuai a photo of her crush and told him that the boy’s name is Yin Zhe, who has good grades like him, studied at the best universities, and most popular colleges in China and that he Yin Zhe was his boyfriend. She thought she was proud when she was talking about him. “Look at my eyes, can you see something different in them?”
     Yuan Shuai looked carefully, looked seriously, frowned, and stretched out his hands, and pointed to the corner of her eyes. "Eye booger"

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