The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.1 - Remember Me (1)


It makes no sense that only I pay attention to you, but you treat me as air~~

On Sunday afternoon, Zhou Xiao finished his tutoring and got on the bus. There were not many people on the bus, but there were still no empty seats. The bus in this city can often scare people to death, especially during commuting hours with its unstoppable momentum. Zhou Xiao remembers that once she was squeezed until her whole body was stuck on the glass of the door, the scene really looked like those shown in movies. Fortunately, there were not many people today. She was relieved, after three hours of tutoring, she really didn't want to be squeezed likes sardines.

When she got into the bus, she held onto a pillar and her whole body leaned on it. She was exhausted and wanted to sleep. Is this driver drunk? The car was jolting around, and she became more and more nauseous.

What happened to her, her face seems to be turning green? Zhao Fanzhou sitting next to her noticed her as soon as she got on the bus.

"Classmate, are you okay?" Zhao Fanzhou cannot help but ask.

Zhou Xiao turned her head, is he talking to her? What classmates? Do people nowadays like to acknowledge people as classmates on the bus? She looked at him cautiously, quite handsome, but Chairman Mao said, one needs to be careful of the enemy's sugar-coating.

Looking at her little Red Riding Hood's (illa: suspicious) expression, Zhao Fanzhou knew she must not recognize him.

He pointed helplessly at her bag, which had the school badge of her school on it, which was pinned during a certain class activity, and she later forgot to take it off, saying: "I am also from Uni X, from the School of Economics and Trade." Zhou Xiao smiled embarrassedly, as if she was a soldier, shook her head and said, "It's okay." 

"Your face is turning green, you can have the seat." He stood up after he finished. "Ah? No need, no need ......" Zhou Xiao little overwhelmed and waved her hands. He didn't say anything anymore and just stood there holding the ring handle on the top bar. It is good to be tall, unlike her, she has to stand on tiptoe every time she wanted to hold the ring handle. Since he insisted, she would give him face, and thanked him and sat down.

Sure enough, after sitting down, she was much more comfortable. She began to take random peeks. He looks so handsome. Who said there are no good people in this society? All handsome guys are all real-life Lei Feng. (illa: a People’s Liberation Army soldier who was famous for his loyalty and for his selfless acts of helping others)  

It's really rare that she has got to meet this kind of people, let's try to strike up a conversation, taking liberties with handsome guys is also a big joy in life.

"Classmate, what grade are you in?"

"Third year."

"What a coincidence, I'm also in the third year." After saying, she really wanted to bite her tongue off. What must she say the word "coincidence"!

He looked at her annoyed expression, felt it was a little funny, "Which school are you from?"

"Ah? Oh, School of Chinese Language." Actually, he already knew she was from the School of Chinese Language. From the third time he met her in the corridor of the teaching building, he noticed which classroom she entered, and then checked the school's classroom arrangement schedule, and found out that she was from the School of Chinese Language, and he was quite gloomy when he checked, why did he even bother to check it!

"Zhao Fanzhou. You?" Zhou Xiao didn’t react for a while before she realized that he was asking for her name. How could this person be so lazy with his speech? If you don't want to ask, you don't need to ask. Why ask with a tone that made people feel like they owe him 800 yuan.

"Zhou Xiao 周筱. Xiao with the 竹字头, not Xiao from 大小, nor is it the Xiao with the 日字旁." Look at her, how careful she is with her speech, feeling guilty?

Silence, all the way till she got off the bus. Zhou Xiao said goodbye to him, he nodded and they parted ways.