Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 8.1

Chapter 8.1 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 4)

     Zeng Li's cell phone buzzed, she took it out of her pocket, and when she saw it, it was a text message from Ma Yiyi.:
     Then came another one, which was sent by Ma Yiyi.:
    Zeng Li glanced at Ai Jingchu while looking at her mobile phone, fearing that Ai Jingchu would not pay attention to her, and might leave her behind. 
     “Are you catching the sunrise tomorrow? ”she asked. 
     “As long as it's sunny. ”
     Zeng Li raised her eyes and looked around, feeling that she had to wait for the sky to clear, and there was little hope. At this moment, the branch of a tree in front of them was broken in the middle of the road, and they had to go around. 
     There was a thick layer of snow on the branches, and Zeng Li couldn't help but stretched out her hand and squeezed it in her hand. She walked very long with Ai Jingchu, and she was still sweating a little because of the uphill slope. At this moment, she didn't feel frozen while holding the snow. On the contrary, she found it interesting. 
     Ai Jingchu glanced sideways and saw the small movements in her hands. 
     She squeezed the handful of snow in her hand, and finally, it became an ice ball the size of a ping pong ball. 
     Zeng Li took it to the front of her nose and sniffed, then opened her mouth and took a bite. 
     That thing really froze the teeth and melted when it touched the tip of the tongue. It was cold and cold, without any taste. 
     Ai Jingchu glanced at her without stopping, "You...”
     She pursed her mouth and smiled embarrassedly. 
     He observed her for two or three seconds, then turned his head and continued walking forward. 
     Before Zeng Li threw away the snowball, she buried her head and took another sip secretly. After taking two steps, she suddenly heard a very subtle, subtle boom. 
     She was a little strange because the voice seemed to come from her mind, not thoughts, but real thoughts. She stopped and recalled carefully. It was a very strange feeling as if a string was broken, or a screw had fallen off. 
    She remembered the braces in her mouth nervously and checked it with her tongue. Not right. But she checked again with anxiety, only to find that the metal nail of the front tooth was loose. 
     Her stagnation made Ai Jingchu look back at her in doubt. Then, he saw Zeng Li who was standing on the spot, touching the appliance of her front teeth with her hand, with a bad expression on his face. 
     He walked back. 
     “Teacher Ai. "She looked at him with a look of great difficulty. 
     “Which one? ”He wanted to remind her just now that the sudden heat and cold would cause the steel wire to break, and sure enough. 
     “Front teeth. ”
     She was wearing flat-bottomed boots without high heels. Standing with her mouth open like this, Ai Jingchu still needed to lower his head to adjust the height difference. 
     He adjusted the aperture of the flashlight, looked at Zeng Li's mouth, and then found that the upper left bracket of the appliance that should have been glued to the teeth was loose, and the thin iron wire connected to it was also broken. 
     “Is there anything else? ”he asked. 
     “I don't know. ”
     He couldn't wash his hands and disinfect them, and he didn't have disposable rubber gloves, so he didn't dare to touch her mouth to check the condition of his mouth. He could only look at it with the light of a flashlight. The height between him and her is not appropriate, and the angle of vision and the light are somewhat biased. Even if he moves the flashlight, it will not help, and he is afraid that the strong light will hit her eyes and make her uncomfortable. So, he had to raise his hand and gently lift her chin with his index finger, and then tilt her to the upper right, now it was a little better. 
     His fingers were very hot, which was Zeng Li's only feeling except that she felt uncomfortable on her neck and back with her mouth open. 
    The skin is next to the skin, not the kind of warm touch, nor the dampness and heat of climbing mountains and sweating, but his body temperature is really hot so Zeng Li began to wonder, could it be that he was suffering from a high fever? 
     “Only one should have fallen,” he said. 
     “What should I do? ”
     “Re-stick next time. "Ai Jingchu retracted his hand and let her go. 
     “You have a fever. "Zeng Li said hesitatingly. 
     “Yes. "Ai Jingchu gave a faint response, then turned the aperture of the flashlight away, followed the road ahead, and continued walking as if nothing had happened. 

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