Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 8.2

Chapter 8.2 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 4)

    “Are you okay? " Zeng Li followed and asked. 
     “I'm okay. ” He replied. 
     Every time she has a cold, she has a cough and a runny nose. Occasionally, she has a fever once or twice when it is very serious. Once it burns, she feels dizzy, her hands and feet are sore, and she walks as if she is going to fall down at any time. How bad does that feel? Very bad
     She was a little worried about Ai Jingchu, but because of the difference between men and women, and because they were not familiar with each other. For Zeng Li's character, asking her to ask “does it matter” is already her limit. So, she stood up in silence and did not pull him to ask again, consuming his energy in vain. 

     She slowed down, and he slowed down cooperatively. 
     Fortunately, after turning a corner, Zeng Li saw the long-lost lights of the hotel in front of her. 
     “We reached! ”Her mood became joyful. 
     Hearing this, Ai Jingchu raised his eyes and looked at the bright place. 
     The two walked to the gate, and the security guard on duty looked at them in disbelief. 
    Dongshan Hotel has four courtyard houses, divided into southeast, west, and north. The north building is the main building, with a courtyard garden and entertainment area in the middle. Behind the south building is a hot spring, and behind it is a single-family villa.
     Zeng Li asked, “Our units all live in the West Building, which side do you live on? ”
     Ai Jingchu said, "Let’s go to the West Building. ”
     He followed her to the outside of the downstairs entrance hall of the West Building. On the first floor was the bar and entertainment room, and there seemed to be many people inside. A short, stocky man in his 30s and 40s came outside and saw Zeng Li when he went out and went down the stairs. He greeted him and said, “Xiao Zeng, I was talking about you just now. Where did you hide? ”
     “Director Li. "Zeng Li smiled. 
     “Hurry up, everyone is playing cards inside. "After speaking, the man went to the other side. 
     “They are all your colleagues? "Ai Jingchu asked, looking at the figures coming and going inside. 
     “That's right. "Zeng Li then walked forward, took a few steps, and found that Ai Jingchu did not follow. 
     “Since you arrive, then I will go back. "Ai Jingchu stood a few steps away and said to her. 
     “Thank you.”
     He nodded and returned the same way. Zeng Li looked at his back and felt that he was going further in the wrong direction, and he was heading outside the hotel. 
     “Teacher Ai, where do you live? "Zeng Li chased after him suspiciously and asked. 
     “Dongping Temple,” he said. 
     At this moment, Zeng Li was stunned. 
    She never asked him whether he was going to drive up the mountain or where he lived. Because the uncle said that he was going back to the mountains, the hotels in the entire Dongshan Scenic Area that took the road were able to accommodate people. Except for the Dongshan Hotel, she couldn't find a second one, so she didn't mention it, she didn't ask, and she never doubted it. 
     Never thought that he would not go to the same place with her. 
     Dongping Temple. 
     Zeng Li knew this place, even if she only remembered it roughly before, she could clearly know the section of the road just now. Because she counted the first altitude marker in the car, which said “1800 meters” at the fork in the road, to the right is Dongshan Hotel, and less than 500 meters to the left is Dongping Temple. 
     Ai Jingchu had actually arrived at that time. 
     But he didn't say anything and drove her up the mountain until the car couldn't get in. He had a high fever and yet still walked with her in the snow to her destination until he pass her over to her colleague. 
     For a while, Zeng Li had mixed feelings and had a thousand thoughts. She didn't know what to do. If she asks to send him back or asks him to stay. It seemed that he would not agree. 
     Finally, Zeng Li said, "You wait for me, and I will get you an umbrella. ”
     After speaking, she quickly ran into the West Building and pressed the elevator button. The elevator stopped on the fourth floor and did not come down. In a hurry, she ran up the stairs by herself. The West Building has six floors, and she lives on the sixth floor. She climbed up in one breath, took out the room card, opened the duffel bag on the dressing table, pulled out the umbrella she had prepared, and then ran down the stairs without closing the door. 
     When she returned to the place where Ai Jingchu had just stood, he was no longer there.

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