Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 7.3

Chapter 7.3 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 3)

 He took another sip. 
     Before long, the second sign appears —2000 meters above sea level here. 
    As the mountains got higher and higher, the snowflakes would no longer melt when they fell to the ground. The dots of white piled up on the leaves of trees and grass, and the range became larger and larger and finally spread to the road. 
     Although Zeng Li has no experience in riding a car in the snow, she has learned a little bit from TV, the news, and the mouth of the driver who drove the black car just now. As the snow accumulated thicker and thicker, her mood gradually changed from curiosity to nervousness, and she forgot to continue counting the altitudes. 
     Finally, Ai Jingchu slowly pulled the car over and stopped, looked at the snow road in front of him and said, “I can't drive up anymore, it's not safe. ”
     Zeng Li was stunned and had no idea, “Then what should we do? ”
     He raised his hand and glanced at his watch, then sighed lightly, “Let's walk, it's not far from the hotel. ” After speaking, he got out of the car, walked to the back of the car, took out a flashlight from the toolbox, and tried it all. 

     Zeng Li then got out of the car and didn't know how cold it was outside until her feet landed. 
     Ai Jingchu locked the car and walked in front of the road with a flashlight. Without an umbrella in the car, Zeng Li put the hat on her down jacket over her head. Her hair was plump and long, tied into a high ponytail, and her hat was unstable, so she had to put her hair down first and put it on both sides. When she had done this, she found that Ai Jingchu had already walked several meters away. She was frightened and hurriedly stumbled to follow. 
     “Teacher Ai! ”She called him breathlessly. 
     He turned his head. 
     “I want to walk in front of you. ”
     He stopped and let her go first. 
    When she was a child, Zeng Li went home at night. There was a section of black road that had to be passed through. There were no lights or people on the road. She couldn't see her fingers. Adults could only use flashlights. Even if it is a large group of people walking together, Zeng Li must walk among everyone. She was timid and extremely afraid of the dark. At times like this, she imagined that something would quietly take her away from behind. The more she thought about it, the more creepy she felt, and she had to run to the front of the team in horror. But she was also afraid of the front because maybe a monster would come from the dark. If everyone turned around and ran back together, then she would go from the first to the last.……

     Later, Wu Ying frightened her: “In fact, the person in the middle is the worst. If someone comes who will eat people, the one in front is walking too fast, the preparations have not been done, and the one behind has not followed up, and the people in the middle are relatively packed, one by one, one by one… ”
     But now, there are only two people, she and Ai Jingchu, and she would rather choose the front and leave the safety of her back to him. 
     The main road is the main road. Although there is snow, it is not too difficult to walk. She was in front, and he walked behind with a flashlight. The light of the flashlight shone just behind Zeng Li, pulling out a long shadow on the snow ahead. 
     It was a very quiet snowy night. 
     It seemed that apart from the breathing of him and her, and the crunching sound of stepping on the snow, there was only the sound of snow falling. 
     Suddenly, Zeng Li's ears caught something strange in the woods, and her fear made her freeze. 
     She said, "Listen. ”There was something that sounded whining as if someone was crying. Thinking of this metaphor, Zeng Li's heart began to feel frightened. 
     Ai Jingchu also stopped. 
     “What's the sound? ”
    Ai Jingchu distinguished, “It should be an owl. ”
     General Zeng Li continued to walk suspiciously but felt that the voice seemed to be right in front of her. After taking a few steps, she couldn't take it anymore and walk beside Ai Jingchu. 
     In the past, when she felt scared, she sang in a low voice, but because Ai Jingchu was on the side, she couldn't help but pay attention to her image, so she spoke instead. 
     Zeng Li suddenly remembered the call just now. 
     “Do patients often call you during breaks? ”I talked for more than half an hour. 
     “Occasionally. ”
     “That person... what happened to her child? ”It sounds so sad, I cried on the phone. 
     “It's a pregnant woman, the fetus is more than six months old, and she was found to have a cleft lip and palate. ”
     “Huh? "Zeng Li asked, “Is that what everyone calls cleft lip?" ”
     “Yes. ”
     “What to do? ”
     “At first she wanted the baby to be born, but later her family objected. ”
     “Did she give up? ”
     “Yes,” he said. 
     “If the child is born, can he be cured? ”
     “It depends on what the standard of ‘good’ is. Just like you come to fix your teeth, if you only ask for 80 or 90 points for the result, maybe you will get 100 points in the end. Conversely, it means that you never feel that you are not perfect enough. ”
     The topic seems to be a bit heavy. 

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