Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2 - An Encounter in the Snow (Part 3)

“Yea. ”
     “Are you accompanying your girlfriend to Dongshan for vacation, or are you also here for a club activity like me?" ”
     “I’m not. ”
     He solved her three questions in three word, so she turned her head and did not ask again, nor did she continue to talk to him and bring contempt upon herself. 
     The female singer was still singing the song in her unique hoarse voice, and the wiper in front of the glass was also swaying rhythmically in front of her, but the air in the car was slightly different from just now because of the smell of tobacco on his body. . 
     After a while, he said, “I came with my family, staying for a few days. ”
     It was pitch black outside the window, and there was nothing to see except the vegetation lighted up by the car lights. On a foggy and rainy night, it was too frightening. Occasionally when the car drove into a corner, it would suddenly encounter a cloud of white smoke intertwined with rain and mist blocking the road in front of it, which frightened Zeng Li several times. The scene resembled the kind of wild place infested by fox immortals and ghosts described in Land of Liaozhai.
     Ai Jingchu looked ahead calmly with his eyes, still driving the car steadily. 
     After turning another corner and reaching a fork in the road, Zeng Li saw a sign on the top right—1800 meters above sea level. 
     Slowly, the rain seemed to slow down, and the speed at which it hit the windshield decreased, but the raindrops turned into large pieces. After a while, Zeng Li suddenly has a realisation when she saw the scenery next to her, it was not rain, it was snow. 
     “It's really snowing, I haven't seen heavy snow yet. "Zeng Li put her face on the side window and looked out of the car curiously. As soon as she exhaled from her nose, the glass was covered with a mist. After wiping it with her hands, she looked out again. 
    Ai Jingchu glanced at her and said nothing. 
     Zeng Li said to himself alone, "Is the snow on the mountain heavier?" ”
     At this moment, Zeng Li's cell phone rang, and it was Ma Yiyi who called, and Ai Jingchu turned off the stereo. 
     “Xiaoyu, have you gone back? "Ma Yiyi asked. The sound of Zeng Li's mobile phone handset was not loud at first, but it seemed unusually clear in this quiet and small space. 
     “I reached way earlier." Zeng Li said, “ in the hotel room." ”
     “Is the colleague who drove you back a man or a woman? "Ma Yiyi asked with a grin. 
     Zeng Li thought, if it weren't for her, could she be in such a difficult position? Turns out she is still interested in looking for gossip? In order to quickly extinguish Ma Yiyi's boring imagination, Zeng Li planned to answer “It's a woman.” 
     Ke Zeng Li glanced awkwardly at Ai Jingchu next to her. She bet that he would be able to hear every word they said clearly, so she reluctantly explained: “Male. ”
     “Handsome? "Ma Yiyi chased after her desperately. 
     “Oh. "Zeng Li responded casually and pretended to be calm, but her heart was about to collapse, and she wanted to strangle her on the spot. 
     “You just say ’oh', is he handsome or not? " Ma Yiyi pushed her to a desperate situation. 
     “Is your grandma okay? "Zeng Li wanted to change the subject desperately. 
     “It was scary. She went to the toilet alone, but she couldn't get up when she sat on the ground. When we called her, she didn't respond, only stared which scared my parents to death. As a result, she was sent to Wu Ying’s hospital, and they calmed down as soon as they saw the doctor. The doctor asked her about her condition, and she said she didn't hurt anywhere. ”
    “Then will you come tomorrow? They arranged for you to live with me in the afternoon, and I will be alone if you don't come. ”
     “I'll go if you introduce me to a handsome guy. "Ma Yiyi's mood is the same as her grandmother's condition, and she has improved significantly. After listening to Zeng Li's hesitations, she continued, “We agreed before, don't eat alone (illa: not to feast on handsome man alone) ”
     “Bah! "Zeng Li barely cut off the phone. 
     Zeng Li was so guilty that she could hardly imagine Ai Jingchu's expression. 
     She, Ma Yiyi and Wu Ying often get together to comment and point fingers at the appearance of men, but those are all girls' private conversations. Who would have thought that the client would sit next to them? 
     While Zeng Li was thinking a lot, Ai Jingchu coughed. At first, he still coughed twice, but then he coughed continuously for a long time, and even the car was forced to stop. 
     Zeng Li said, “Did you go to buy cold medicine just now? If you have any, eat it first. ”
     Ai Jingchu calmed down and waved his hand, “Go back then eat, or else I will fall asleep. ”
     “Oh. “Zeng Li didn't know how to answer. After all, he was the doctor. She suddenly remembered, "Then you drink water and moisten your throat." "After speaking, she unscrewed the lid of the mineral water she had been holding in her hand and handed it to him, and added, “It shouldn't be cold.” ”
     Ai Jingchu took it and drank two sips. 
     Sure enough, it's not cold at all. 
     The water was covered in her arms all the way. It had been a long time since it touched her body temperature, and it was very warm. 

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