Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.1 - What I Most Wish to See (1)

 Luo Zhi didn't speak, glanced at her quickly, her eyes gradually cooled down, and the opposite Zheng Wenrui still kept her posture against the table, giggling.

    "Liar." She said again.

    Luo Zhi frowned, and immediately turned around to tell the boss to check out. Zheng Wenrui suddenly said loudly, "She's not worthy! Liar!"

   Her hands which were halfway in the air, shrank . “She”? Anyway, the "she" isn't referring to her—Luo Zhi felt a little more comfortable, but she was still worried that Zheng Wenrui ,who was fooling around, would attract everyone’s attention. She continued to call the waiter to check out, but the business was very good at this moment, and no one noticed her.

    "It's all an act, it's all an act."

    "It's no use shouting at me." Luo Zhi couldn't help but want to tell her to exercise a little restraint.

    "She's coming back, She regrets it. I only knew yesterday, She regrets it." Zheng Wenrui's tears fell like it cost no money, Luo Zhi suddenly understood why the two of them appeared here tonight.

    "She” has come back. So the hopes that had been slim in front of Zheng Wenrui turned directly into despair.

    Luo Zhi originally wanted to tell Zheng Wenrui, "Even if she comes back, the person you like already rejected you, this is originally a two unrelated matter", but ultimately stopped herself from saying it. Just now Zheng Wenrui cried and complained for a long time, resentful people have always persuaded her to retreat and give up as soon as possible, how can she still hit the gun.

    Luo Zhi's silence did attract Zheng Wenrui to stare at her with red eyes, saying, "What do you think?"

    "I have no thoughts."

    "I don't believe it. Liar."

    Luo Zhi finally admitted to herself today, it was stupid to agree to eat with her.

    "Say it, tell me, I know you are not without thoughts, don't you like him? He is so good."

    "So I should like him?"

    "Don't you like him?"

    Luo Zhi was slightly dizzy. After so many years, someone finally asked her clearly if she liked Sheng Huainan. However, this question was actually asked by a drunk person, and still in the noisy barbecue restaurant full of oily smell, it really made the scenery.

    She naturally would not answer. A question almost blurted out, "Who is he?"--- Anyways, Zheng Wenrui has been concealing and not saying who is the object of her crush, she can simply ignore the other party and then quickly go to check out and retreat. 

But she abruptly swallowed the question back into her stomach..

    Just now, Zheng Wenrui asked her if she was a classmate of his ex-girlfriend. She gave an affirmative answer without hesitation. Obviously, she admitted that she had guessed the object of her crush through Zheng Wenrui's description. It would be impossible if she pretend to be stupid again.


    Luo Zhi gathered her senses and looked seriously at the girl with red eyes waiting for an answer, and suddenly felt a chill in her back.

    Is this person really drunk?

    "Do you like him?" Zheng Wenrui still clenched.

    Luo Zhi's cell phone rang at that very moment, and her heart fell back into her chest, and she picked up the call without looking at the screen.

    It’s Baili. I forgot to bring the key, and the head of the building is no longer open for me to borrow a spare key.

    Luo Zhi seized the opportunity and chatted for a while before hanging up. The person on the other side collapsed on the table again, and the topic just now ended with no definite answer

Zheng Wenrui still did not wake up when she was at the checkout. Luo Zhi paid the money, woke her up, and dragged her out of the restaurant. Zheng Wenrui leaned her heavy body on her, reeking of alcohol, continually whispering nonsense to her. Luo Zhi walked forward slantingly and stiffly, feeling that she was so utterly unlucky.

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