Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 13.1

Chapter 13.1 - The Zhou Family (1)

Everything Su Jinbei knew about the Zhou family of the imperial capital came from Zhao Xueyan. Zhao Xueyan once told her that Zhou's family business has been passed down for centuries. Whether it is business or politics, profound influence was accumulated with each generation.

There is no aristocratic family clan that does not know the Zhou family, but what the world understands about the Zhou family is only surface-level. Their power is deep-rooted, and it is not obvious to ordinary people. If it weren't for the previous generation of Mrs. Zhou and Mrs. Su accumulating life and friendship under the battlefield, the two Zhou and Su families, one south and one north, would have had no intersection.

    Zhao Xueyan told Su Jinbei that Old master Zhou saved her grandfather when he was young. At that time, her grandfather joked that he would marry his daughter to his son in return for gratitude. This was a joke, but Mr. Zhou took it seriously. The two brothers have a good relationship, it wasn’t a bad idea to strengthen it by a marriage between the families.

    However, the Zhou family is a very traditional family. There are many rules for marrying relatives. The traditions passed down by the ancestors of the Zhou family never changed easily. The children and grandchildren of Zhou's direct family are all paired by the fortune-telling master by calculating their birth date. If their fates were not aligned, there is no way of entering the Zhou Family.

    Unfortunately, Grandpa Su didn't have a daughter at the time, and neither did the birthdays of the Daughters of the Zhou family and the sons of the Su Family aligned. This matter would have ceased there, but Mr. Zhou did not give up.

    Many years later, Grandpa Zhou tried the birthdates of their grandchildren again. Su Jinbei, the granddaughter of the Su family, matched his second grandson Zhou Shiyun, and judging from the divinatory diagram, it roughly means: In perfect harmony, companions for a long time to come (琴瑟和鸣,与伴长久之)

    Because of this, Su Jinbei and Zhou Shiyun were engaged. Many years later, the elders of the Zhou and Su family thought of each other as relatives, although the two protagonists seemed to be outside this situation.

    Aristocratic family members always arrange for their children and grandchildren to marry the right people within the circle. In many cases, marriage is not the decision of the parties. In this world, power and assets can always make people do many things they are reluctant towards. Su Jinbei has always known this truth, but knowing does not mean that she will acknowledge it. So from a young age, she would roll her eyes at the thought of the superstitious matchmaking of the Zhou and Su Family. What century is it now, who still does such arranged betrothal of children?

  Towards the Zhou family, who are very traditional and even have a lot of shackling rules, Su Jinbei has always maintained a respectful attitude and kept her distance. In these years, when her mother Zhao Xueyan or grandpa went to visit the Zhou family, Su Jinbei was unwilling to follow even if she died.

    However, after seeing Zhou Shiyun, she felt that her attitude had changed a little. In Su Jinbei's vain mind, after knowing that her own fiance has such looks, it was a pity not to tease her fiance.

    "Sister, it's five o'clock now, and brother-in-law is almost here. Why are you still not coming out of the room?" Su Jianan leaned on the door, full of doubts.

    Su Jinbei had put on exquisitely makeup, and her red lips were gorgeous, and she turned around and asked, " Jianan, do I look good in this?" 

Su Jianan laughed, "How come you ask me this question today? No way, maybe it's because my brother-in-law is coming, you feel uneasy so you lost your confidence? "

 "Nonsense." Su Jinbei yelled, "Just recently I have been interacting with him day and night, how can I not be confident in front of him?"

    "Oh~ is that so."

    Su Jinbei gave him a glare. "Forget it, a little kid like you won’t understand"

    Su Jianan smiled happily. "Fine, I don't understand. I’ll go downstairs and wait for my brother-in-law."

    After saying, the person was gone. Su Jinbei glared at the door, and then her mouth bent up slightly again. Her brother calls him brother-in-law, pretty smoothly, it was nice to hear.

    Half an hour later, when Su Jinbei struggled between wearing her nude 8 cm high heels or strappy 10 cm high heels, the housekeeper at home knocked on her door, "Miss, Mr. Zhou is here. "

    Su Jinbei hurriedly put on the high-heels with straps. "Wait a moment, I’m coming."

    Su Jinbei turned around the full-length mirror a few times to make sure it was perfect before opening the door.

    When she walked down the stairs, she heard the voice of her mother's mother. Zhao Xueyan affectionately addressing him by “Shiyun”; as if she was very familiar with him.

    The living room scene gradually appeared in front of her. There are a lot of people, except for her big brother Su Xianyan who is not there, everyone else is here, even Su Yundong who is always partying out.

    However, Su Jinbei's eyes immediately looked towards Zhou Shiyun sitting on the sofa. Today, he changed his white doctor robe and wore a black knee-length coat with a white shirt. Casual but his simple dressing made him look very good.

    Strict, cold, and quiet like a statue.

    "Zhou Shiyun, you are here." Su Jinbei greeted first. She walked slowly to the living room and sat down beside him casually. "Very punctual."

    Zhou Shiyun nodded slightly, his eyes fell on her feet. on. He frowned slightly and thought to himself that she was still disobedient and wearing high heels again.