First Romance 初恋了那么多年 Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2 - Love, like a fire burning in the heart, sometimes warms you, other times hurt you (1)

        Students waited anxiously at the bus station in the early morning.

   Despite it being the end of summer, there is still a hint of coolness in the morning. The air is slightly humid from the rain as it was a rainy season. The grass and trees emitted their fragrance, accompanied by the scent of the last few blooming flowers.

   Xiong Yifan tightened her school uniform, held her pancake in hand, blew on it a few times. Filling her mouth with it, her face bulged like a greedy mole.

   Beside her stood her friend Ding Ming. Compared with Yifan’s whose thin and tiny, Ding Ming's is curvier, her face is round, her eyes are big, and she is lovely. Ding Ming held a cup of soy milk and sucked it bit by bit, while she looked around to check on the coming bus.

   The two exchanged their breakfast to try each other’s food while they chatted from time to time.

  Not far behind them stood a young man at his teenage, wearing a new piece of uniform from the same school as them. The girls in the station would cast their eyes from time to time on the teenager. Among the group of students, the boy stood to outstand easily from the rest. It was probably because he had an extremely handsome face and fair skin. He tried to avoid everyone's gaze as he lowered his head slightly, and his long, thick eyelashes cast a shadow underneath those dark eyes. 

   His expression was extremely melancholy as if thinking about something, which made people wonder why he was so troubled. Actually, he just wanted to ask where to get those pancakes, but he was afraid that Xiong Yifan would misunderstand his intentions as flirting...

  He hesitated and contemplated deeply.

   The bus slowly stopped at the bus station. It was packed like sardines but it didn’t put down the will of passengers at the bus station to get on board. Instead, it ignited their spirit as they swarmed to its entrance, fearing that they would be abandoned by it.

  Ding Ming was gathering her strength as she picked up the suitcases and seeing she faced difficulty in handling them all, Xiong Yifan patted on her arm. Ding Ming understood her intentions and nodded. Xiong Yifan stuffed the remaining pancake into her mouth at one go, threw away its plastic bag, and wiped her hands clean on her school uniform. Swiftly, she tightened the heavy backpack already on her back and picked up the Ding Ming's suitcase.

   Ding Ming fished out the bus card from Xiong Yifan's pocket and said, "I will help you tap your bus card."

  The two got on the bus smoothly, indifferent about the other passenger’s shocking gaze.

   The young teenager opened his eyes wide and watched the two of them get on the bus. For a moment, he was left behind at the end of the queue. His movements were a bit slow, like an actor who was unable to get into his character and followed behind the queue without any “combat” power. The bus door closed in front of him. He thought that he was destined to have to wait for the next bus but all of a sudden, he heard Xiong Yifan's voice, "Bus uncle, wait a minute, there is still a student at the door. If he misses this bus, he will be late!"

   "Look at it, the bus is already full!" The driver's voice was loud like Xiong Yifan’s.

   "It's okay, I can try to pull him up."

  Xiong Yifan put down the suitcase and squeezed herself to the bus door. When the door opened again, he pulled the teenage boy into the car and stuffed him into the crowd. There were complaints surrounding her, but Xiong Yifan smiled brightly, just like a dazzling sun: "Everyone, let’s be considerate. Life is not easy for anyone."

   The elegant young man was pulled into a state of extreme embarrassment. The bus moved before he could standstill. When he looked up, Xiong Yifan had squeezed back beside Ding Ming, and Ding Ming was holding her to help her gain her balance. She didn't look at him again, and he also didn't have a chance to thank her.

   "Bus Uncle, let’s go, hurry, there is a green light in front!" Xiong Yifan shouted again, and the driver laughed.

  The teenager smiled and looked at his wrist covered with red fingerprints. It was as if he was wearing a red agate bracelet. Until the car drove to the school gate, the red mark did not fade. It was either because his skin was too delicate, or the girl has enormous strength.

   It was long before the teenager realize, that if he asked Xiong Yifan where he could buy pancakes, not only would she not misunderstand his behavior as flirting, she might even agree to help him get one next time.

   Xiong Yifan is a kind-hearted and kind-hearted, as well as a stranger.

   Not to mention, he definitely is a "stranger" to her.

   Sunlight shines into the classroom through the window, leaving mottled shadows on desks and the floor, just like a net interwoven between late summers and early autumns, which makes the atmosphere of the year two high school class, Class (2) even warmer.

   Xiong Yifan was sitting at her desk, staring at the "正" (zhèng) word on the blackboard. Her hands under the desk tightly held into a fist, making her fingertips turn slightly pink.

   She was aware of the many glances from her classmates at her from time to time and she smiled as naturally as possible at them. Yet, from the corner of her mouth, there was a trace of disappointment.

   Ding Ming glared angrily back at those casting glances at her friend which made them turn back immediately. Unfortunately, the situation could not be changed.

   Standing on the rostrum, Tang Tang, their class chairperson, wrote the word "正" with a marker pen. Her name made her seem like a sweet and loving woman.

   She is recognized as the hottest girl in school. Her skin is fair like crystal, her eyes are dark but clear, and she looks clever. Her facial features are extremely exquisite on her palmed sized small face. Her slender and fit figure makes one wonder if she is a model as not many can look good wearing the school uniform in plain blue and white.

   Although she was thin, she was curvy.

   Xiong Yifan is thin too, but she has no curves on her body.

   Perhaps, that was the difference.

   Xiong Yifan was also a candidate for the class chairperson. At first, she thought that Tang Tang was chosen to be the chairperson in year one because no one knew each other and they picked the one who looks better. Now that they are in year two, everyone was able to tell that Xiong Yifan was the one helping Tang Tang to deal with the internal matters of the class because Tang Tang could not cope with it alone. In addition, Xiong Yifan has been friends with all of her classmates, so she thought she would have been chosen as the chairperson this time, but… it turns out that she was way behind of Tang Tang in terms of votes. The person who promised to choose her previously chose Tang Tang instead. Most of them were guys.

   This made Xiong Yifan sigh even more: appearances determine fate.

   The voting session ended with a clear winner.

  Tang Tang looked at the voting results and smiled lightly. She said: "I am the chairperson again. I hope in this new year, we can take care of each other."

   Everyone applauded, and the form teacher smiled encouragingly.

   Xiong Yifan smiled but felt bitterness flowing in her heart. She has no one to share her feelings with at the moment.