Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤 Chapter 4


Chapter 4 - Punishment

        Seeing Yuan Shuai leave, Juno suddenly felt an excruciating pain in her heart. She pushed away DU, and hurriedly followed him. She vaguely heard DU’s voice calling her, security guards were blocking him from entering but she could not care. She really couldn't care more.
   She rushed into the room, Yuan Shuai sat on the sofa in the living room, head buried under the pillow. She ran to pull him up, he looked up, almost like a stranger, she shivered. She tried to hug him but he ducked and walked into the room without turning back.
She walked into the bathroom blankly, rinsing herself over and over again with cold water until her skin felt numb and almost turned bluish. He kicked the door open and hugged her from behind, and his sharp teeth biting on her neck fiercely. She looked up, eyes cold, desperate, and lost. He helped her turn off the shower, wiped every drop of water on her with a towel, every inch of skin barely with any expression. He was quiet, without a trace of desire.
   They hugged and lay on the bed together. He felt her every exhalation of breath. He pressed his face to her chest. A warm sensation of liquid slowly penetrated her skin. One drop by one drop, it sinks into her heart. It was uncontrollable, pain erupted from within, and their blood boiled, roaring for relief.

        She turned over and looked for his lips eagerly. He hesitated. The next moment, his slender arms completely surrounded her, his tongue entwined hers tightly, and his handheld her, the tip of his tongue in her throat. She arches her body, and with his patient touch, their bodies combined. She let out a painful scream, he lifted her body to hold them closer together. They are so intimate, they are meant to be together, her body is so warm and soft and fits him perfectly. She wrapped around him like a vine and let him do what he wanted. She moaned like a kitten, he was bringing her to their happy land. At that moment, she was over the clouds, bright fireworks bloomed from within. He pressed against her body, calling her name crazily.
  She leaned in his arms and told him what happened to her in MH in recent years. Before that, she never talked to him about her work in MH. Although he has been paying attention to the woman named Juno, DU's right-hand man. GT has headhunted her several times offering a high salary but she rejected them. She has perfect appearance, perfect business ability, perfect character, perfect interpersonal skills, no relatives, no close boyfriend, no close girlfriend and they privately call her IBD queen.
   Juno was a strange woman to him, and his hands moved up and down her arms. Is he wrong?
At that time she was just a little girl, she lived in the garden of Eden they built for her, she called him brother, she fell in love with a strange man but he could not stop her from loving that man, he hated her, he hated that man, He hated the love they had.
   She wants no wings, no crown, just to be Eve. His family ruined her garden of Eden, he ruined her love, and he anticipated the moment she fell from the cloud, whether she will become a fairy or a demon.
   This is the punishment for her betrayal, and only then can he take her away.
He persuaded her to enter his work circle, he connected the two apartments they stayed in, he invested money to open a restaurant with her, he was familiar with every hobby in her life, the only thing that was unexpected and not in his plan was that she chose MH at the end of her MBA internship. Not only that, but she also chose the cruelest department. 

However, no newcomer can pass the DU’s devil-like test. Even a veteran with more than 2 years of work can’t complete what DU wants. In a world-class investment bank, there is no humanity, only interests, and they can only get to this position with hardship. 

In GT, he can help the woman he loves to adapt to her work slowly, but there is no reason for DU to do it? Maybe one month or more, his baby will be kicked out of the MH. At that time, he will comfort her like before and encourage her to let her be free from any harm under his protection.
  In the beginning, he watched her walking into the study room every night with her head low. He wanted to help her but she rejected him. She only slept for two or three hours a day. At night, she would yell in her dreams, "DU, you are a bastard."
  He never persuaded her to give up, because she never gives up until the end.
He really didn't expect that there was so much potential in her tiny body. He really didn't expect that DU would actually protect her, changing her into the person she is now, Juno. He almost lost her.
He bit on her earlobes angrily. She has already fallen asleep, she woke up and pinched his thighs in dissatisfaction. This chick always holds grudges. He continued to torture her earlobes, "Do you know why I named you Juno?” Holding her earlobe, he whispered. 

"Damn you!" She couldn't sleep because he was noisy. She sat up and pulled his ear. "You said I was born in the year of Zhu [Pig in chinese] and loved to sleep, so you called Juno (Similar to ZHU, pig in Chinese), I regret it now!! "She imitated her grandma called her English name in Southern dialect which made him laugh until his stomach hurts. He took out a hand and rubbed her face hard, "Is this the goddess' name?"
  Who cares to be a goddess! "She ignored him and turned to lie down, he closed his eyes and hugged her to sleep and time passed by. 

        Back to that sunny afternoon, he followed his grandfather into the mysterious red wall and saw her. She sat alone on the rockery in the yard, with thin ponytails, holding the doll and looking at him curiously.
  She said, "You are the grandson of my Yi Nai (grandma’s sister), is that considered as my brother?"
   She said, "Yi Nai is gone, will you come to my house in the future, okay? I ask my grandma to be your grandma"

   She said: "We have to play with each other in the future, OK? You are a father, I am a mother, this is our baby"
   She called him brother, she was his non-blood-related cousin.
   His English name is Zeus, Juno is the sister and wife of Zeus in ancient mythology.
(Flashback ends) 

  . . . . . . . He was relentless with his questions and said, "You haven't explained it to me, what happened today?"
   "What?" She tried to curl herself into a ball with a quilt. "Here". He pulled off her shield and bit her neck. 

        "Mosquito bite"
        "I forgot"
   "Then I will bite"
   "We only kissed" She covered her mouth before he covered them. He dragged her over and let her lie on his lap and spanked her butt.
   "‘Only’ a kiss? what else do you want to do?"
        "What else did you do?"
   "Nothing, really"
   "Lying.” He spanked her a few more times. "If you continue to hit, I will bite your “little brother”"
  He hit her a couple of times more "Hurry, he's waiting for you already"
   "No... well..."
   "What about this?"
   "What about this?"
   "Well, don't bite hard... it hurt"
   "Where else?"
   "Here, look here, and here, you see what you want to do."