The Love Equations 舟而复始 (致我们甜甜的小美满) Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 - Sprinkle the World Net (1)

1st net: Casting the net

With the intention of ​​completing the task, Zhou Xiao forced herself to eat with Zhao Fanzhou. It’s nice to eat with a handsome guy, but it feels a bit weird to eat with a handsome guy who is someone’s husband.

So cruel, he had to choose such an expensive restaurant. I knew that she should not have accepted that seat that day.

After clenching her teeth and ordering food, she silently ate, too lazy to talk to a blackmailer.

Looking at her reluctant face, Zhao Fanzhou did not know what to say. Was he really that loathsome?

"Can I have the bill?" Zhou Xiao thought, finally can end this dinner.

"Miss, this gentleman has already paid the bill." Zhou Xiao looked at Zhao Fanzhou wonderingly, did he just pay when he went to the bathroom?

Zhao Fanzhou stood up and said, "Let's go."

Zhou Xiao hurriedly stood up as well, a little embarrassed. Just now she seemed to have gauge the heart of a gentleman with one's own mean measure. Something is amiss, why did he invite her to dinner? Unless ----he wants to cheat? 

No, why would he even choose her if he wants to cheat? This school is full of girls, and he looks so handsome, shouldn’t there be so many choices? Ah ---- she really wanted to look up to the sky and scream, So annoying!

Zhao Fanzhou watched her expression change constantly and felt it was very funny.

2nd Net

"Ah--" Zhou Xiao, who was sitting in front of the computer, sighed.

"A sigh will cause you bad luck for three years." Tao Ling said as she passed by.

"Cut~~Last time you said that breaking the mirror would also cause bad luck for three years." Zhou Xiao said indifferently.

"Why are you sighing?" Xiaolu asked, sticking her head out of the mosquito net.

"Remember last time I said I met a handsome guy on the bus? Later we had a meal together, and then I gave him my QQ number, and..."

"Then he keeps on Q you?"

"No, he only occasionally comes up to say two words, and there is no special content."

"Then what are you bothered about?" "He has a girlfriend, isn't this wrong?"

"Are you thinking too much, do you guys plan to do anything?"

"That's true. But I still feel like I have done something bad."

"Your moral sense is too flooded?"

"I am originally a moral saint." Others rolled their eyes collectively, moral saint? Yeah, right

3rd Net

"Dala la la la" the sound of the text message came, Zhou Xiao opened the text message,

Zhao Fanzhou
What are you doing?

Zhou Xiao quickly pressed the screen: "Self-study." After sending that, she felt a little guilty. In fact, she was not self studying, she was just looking for a quieter classroom to read novels.

Zhao Fanzhou
Which classroom?

She ran out and looked at the classroom number, and came back to press her cell phone: "Building 1, Classroom 109, do you want to come?"

After waiting for five minutes, he did not return a text message. She was a little unhappy in her heart, and lowered her head to read.

When Zhao Fanzhou entered the classroom, he saw that she was reading novels intently, still say she was self studying? She looked very focused. She tucked a few strands of hair hanging beside her eyes behind her ears, and soon those hairs fell again. She flicked her hair, a little annoyed, her eyes never leaving the novel.

He approached her softly and helped her put her hair behind her ears. She was startled and looked up at him. 

He stood in front of her, backlit, and the light haloed on his white sweater in a very faint yellow halo, which made him look very warm. She felt her heart skipped.