Autumn's Concerto / Next stop, happiness 下一站幸福 Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1.4 - 1st stop: Young Master and Bento girl * Encounter (4)

The prince's so-called date was actually taking her to the ice hockey stadium to watch him lead a group of players to practice the ball.

What the hell

Mu Cheng complained secretly in her heart, he is indeed handsome. But is it necessary to force an irrelevant girl to look at him act handsome?  Don’t know what he is trying to do. He somehow announced that he wanted to date her and caused a big issue on the campus. Even caused her little aunt's love for vanity to overflow.

``Come on! Mucheng, take advantage of this rare opportunity, Uncle Acai and I will depend on you in our next life.''

Early in the morning, the little aunt pulled her cheerfully to get up, carefully dressed her, and forced her to put on this thin strapless sleeveless dress, causing her to tremble in the ice rink.
How long more does he plan to practice?

Mu Chen frequently looked at her watch, she just wanted to end the date quickly and get back Tuo Ye’s book. She raised her eyes impatiently and happened to see him snatch the ball from the opponent's stick, skillfully slide past people, and score a goal.

Enthusiastic cheers suddenly sounded in the stadium, and the female students crowded into the stands to applaud him.

Strange, this miserable self-satisfied guy, how is this handsome?

Mu Cheng really didn't understand why the female students of this university loved Guangxi so much, she saw that he took off his protective mask and sent a kiss of victory towards the grandstand, and instantly captured countless hearts.

Mu Orange rolled her eyes and her eyes met with Guangxi. He seemed very angry with her and changed his face.

The referee blew the whistle and the game continued. Guangxi made a gesture to Jacko. Jacko acknowledged, slid across the ice and exerted his strength to bump into him.

He showed no resistance and fell to the ground.

What's going on? There were cries of shock on the court, when he continuously didn't get up, Mu Cheng couldn't help but feel a little worried, so she got up and looked around.

After the practice was suspended, the players helped Guangxi to leave the field, and the students who watched the game also scattered, leaving Mu Cheng alone in the stands.

What should she do now? Is he injured? Is he okay? Should she go to the lounge to check the situation?

While she was hesitating, a coat fell from behind her, warming her trembling body, and she looked back in amazement, and came face to face with Guangxi handsome's face.

"Are… hurt?"

He shrugged and handed her a cup of steaming coffee. ``I'm not as fragile as my car which is still in repair after getting hit''

He deliberately mentioned the sports car, does he want her to compensate again?

Mu Cheng frowned unpleasantly, before she could speak, Guangxi suddenly asked her. "There is no one on the court, do you want to try skating?"

"What?" She was stunned. "What are you trying to do?"

Guangxi mysteriously hooked her lips, pulled her into the court, and bent over to put help her put on skate shoes.

"We call this "ball cutter"." He explained with a smile. "Well, stand up and try it."

``I can't do it, I can't skate,'' she refused.

"Learn and you will know." He took her hand and slipped onto the ice indiscriminately. She was afraid of falling, so she had to hold him tightly. "Can you do it? I’m letting go now?"

He knew that her center of gravity is very unstable, he still disgustedly declared that he would let go.``No, no!'' she shook her head intuitively.

"Wow! Didn't I hear you wrong?" He raised an eyebrow. "Miss Liang, are you begging me to hold your hand? I don't mind holding your hand, but..."

Can't stand hearing his teasing, she pushed him away with anger, but soon she retaliated, her body flicked and almost slipped, but fortunately he reached out and hugged her waist in time.
``Be obedient, don't move,'' he whispered in her ear.

She shuddered and secretly prayed that her ears would not be red with indignation, struggling to raise her face and keep the fierce expressions.

“Ren Guangxi what do you want? You force me to go on a date with you, with the intention of bullying me right?”

"How can this be considered bullying?" He smiled coolly. "I am kindly teaching you to skate."

"I'm not interested in learning." Mu Cheng retorted. Struggling to get rid of his hand, he turned her back in a circle, holding her tightly from behind her.

``Actually, I want to apologize to you, bento girl,'' he clarified with a smile.

What did he say? Mu Cheng froze, unable to see his expression, coupled with the two's intimate posture, she felt even more disturbed.

``I want to apologize for your fish, your time, your innocence, I'm sorry.'' His voice was hoarse and his tone sounded sincere.

She couldn't help but accelerate her heart. "If you really want to apologize, let me go." He heard the words and let her go.

She stood in the same place, watching him goofy. He glided calmly on the ice, and then burst into a fierce sprint, and stopped right in front of her.

She was frightened by the rush, remembering that he had just violently collided with his team members. "Don’t you... don't you think this kind of exercise is dangerous? Aren’t you afraid?"

"It's true that there is a bit of professional injury, but this is what I like about hockey." He picked up an ice hockey and handed it to her. "Only when I am hit and hurt, then I feel like I am really alive. . I feel as if I’m dead when I’m not playing.

What? Mu Cheng was shocked, why does he think this way? Is he serious?

She looked at Guangxi in confusion, clearly saying things that made people feel sad, but with a lazy smile in the corner of his mouth, as if everything didn't matter.

Remembering in the police station, he mentioned that he had a childhood traumatic psychological disorder-is that really just a joke?

"Do you know Baha? Once he was performing in the palace, his cello was sabotaged. All the strings were broken except for the G string, and everyone was waiting for him to come out and perform." She murmured the story .

He raised his eyebrows strangely: "So? What about it then?"

``Later, Baha only used that G string and composed an entire song.The song is now the famous [Air on G String]."

Air on G-string? After hearing this title, Guang Xi's eyes dimmed for a while, and it was a while before he recovered his voice. ``Why are you saying this boring story for no reason?''

"This was what my dad told me." Somehow, she just wanted to share with him. Mu Cheng sighed with regret. "The most difficult time, as long as we have the heart, we can still play the most moving music. And life is the same.''

What is she trying to say? He stared at her gloomily.

``So even if you feel sad and very hurt, don't say that kind of things anymore.'' She smiled at him, so softly, so tenderly.

Guangxi's heartstrings tightened, and at this moment, he suddenly wondered whether he should continue to play this meaningless betting game, but within seconds, he suppressed the strange emotions.

Anyway, his life is meaningless…

As soon as he thought about this, his heart became cruel and ordered coldly. "Close your eyes!"

"Why?" Mu Cheng is lost.

He didn't explain, and in the next second, he slid in front of her at a thunderous speed, reached out to cover her eyes, leaned over and kissed her lips