Intense Love / Fall In Love with My Doctor 韫色过浓 – Chapter 9.2

Intense love

Chapter 9.2 - Satisfied (2)

  "Zhou Shiyun, where do you live, my mother seemed to have told me before, but I didn't care about it and forgot."

    Zhou Shiyun did not answer, and said after a while, "Su Jinbei."

    "Eh!" It seemed that he had never called her by her name, Su Jinbei was happy, waiting for his next sentence.

    "You want to marry me because you want us to not interfere with each other, you want to continue your current job, and you don't want your family to bother you."

    Su Jinbei was stunned for a moment, but she didn't expect him to investigate her in private, "So."

    "I thought you would run away if you knew who I was."

    "What about you, do you want me to run far away?" Su Jinbei gathered her curly hair and said, "Zhou Shiyun, I don't think you particularly disapprove of me."

    Zhou Shiyun paused, "You are the most suitable woman for me, according to the Zhou family."

    Su Jinbei said with joy, "Then do you think it's correct?"

    Zhou Shiyun said indifferently and conscientiously, "I know you do not like for us to interfere with each other, I am very satisfied with this. So marrying you should be good."

    "This is the reason why you don't refuse ..." Su Jinbei was stunned, which coincided with her previous thoughts, but wait!

    "Now do you still think this way?"

    Zhou Shiyun thought about it for a moment, and when he nodded, he saw the woman in front of him, and squeezed his chin with her left hand, "Don’t nod!"

    Zhou Shiyun, "..."

    "Zhou Shiyun, let’ me tell you, getting married comes with responsibility, your casual behaviour is unreasonable!" Su JInbei completely forgot how unreasonable she was just now...

    Zhou Shiyun held the pen and pried SuJinbei's hand with the pen. "Well, I will be responsible. I will try my best to do what I can."

    "Try your best, eh?" Su JinBei raised an eyebrow, "fulfilling the husband's responsibilities ... Let me hug you?"

    Zhou Shiyun frowned slightly, how inappropriate.

    "Hold hands?"

    The frown deepened, how very inappropriate.

    "Or do you want to take advantage of me like last time?"

    Zhou Shiyun finally couldn't help saying, "Last time?"

    "Oh, you forgot." Su Jinbei's eyes were full of 'you just pretend to be innocent”, "Who touched it ... eh?" Her eyes glanced at his chest.

    Zhou Shiyun was stunned for a moment, and the soft arc suddenly appeared in his mind. But when he looked up at this wanton woman, his tone was still very calm. "The chest portion of the body is made up of mostly fat, and the second-largest component of the mammary gland is at the breast. In medical school, the professor will use the chest of the female body to explain illness and surgery, not only the external, but the internal components are also important. I touch you ... sorry, I don’t mean to be disrespectful. "

    In a word, Su Jinbei rarely froze. She thought, if she understood correctly, the meaning of this doctor Zhou is that I touched more, what the hell!


    "Senior brother!" The office door was suddenly broken into.

    Lin Qingwei opened the door and looked at the scene in front of him in a dazed expression. The enchanting Miss Su stood on the ground with one foot, and her entire body was lying on the desk of Senior Brother, and Senior Brother, without any discomfort, allowed her to "play around".

    Lin Qingwei blinked, not right, how did senior brother allow Miss Su to attack his office again.

    "What's the matter." Zhou Shiyun looked back at him.

    "Oh ... Director Yang said that he has something to ask you so go find him."

    "Okay." Zhou Shiyun stood up, took two steps and looked back at Su Jinbei, "Miss Su, please go back to the ward."

    Su Jinbei rolled her eyes when they weren't watching, endure and endure, and finally turned back brightly, "Okay, Dr. Zhou please go."

    Zhou Shiyun pursed his lips, and this woman was sullen one moment and bright the next. He once again doubted the eyes of her elders and the hexagram master.

    He Di said that Xu Jiawei's answer about Su Jinbei in an interview was a bit ambiguous.

    Su Jinbei tilted her feet and asked slowly, "What is ambiguous."

    He Di showed the news to her, "The reporters interviewed before, and his agent said that you only finished recording the show that night. Everyone had to eat supper together. Xu Jiawei took your car. As a result, there was a car accident on the road, but the two of you have nothing going on."

    "Originally, this matter has calmed down, but who knows yesterday Xu Jiawei himself was asked which star in the circle he most admired and he said your name. You say, how is this not trouble. The scandal barely went down and this happened  ... "

    Su Jinbei listened to He Di's words while watching the interview. The reporter asked Xu Jiawei why he admired him the most. Xu Jiawei said that she was easy to get along with, she was very kind, and she was very dedicated ...

    Netizens comment:

    "Xu Jiawei was obviously blushed when he said this, Does he secretly like her?"

    "The guy’s talented and the girl’s pretty, in fact, they quite match, as long as he likes it, I guess."

    "Those who say that Wei Wei is confessing to her will die! Our Wei Wei can't like that bitch!"

    "Steal my male god, I am turning into Su Jinbei’s anti !!"

    "Take my Su Baby,  we didn’t agree on this?"


    Su Jinbei went through it and yawned, "He Di, did you just see Zhou Shiyun walking in this ward area."

    He Di didn't expect that this is the first sentence that she would ask after looking at the article for a long time, "Ah? No, no."

    Su Jinbei threw away her mobile phone and lay lazily on the pillow. "He Di, did you say that I was in a car accident? Did my charm reduce? Am I getting a lot fatter?"

    "No." He Di told the truth, she raised a few pounds, but it definitely did not affect her appearance.

    Su Jinbei narrowed her eyes, "Then why I dressed so beautifully today, Zhou Shiyun didn't say anything at all."

    He Di, "..."

    At this moment, He Di has only one idea, that is, the Xiao Xian Rou (illa: pretty boy) in her Su Jinbei's heart has changed, and this time, it is not because of a TV series.

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