Under The Power 锦衣之下 Chapter 2

Chapter 1.2

The man with the little hat snorted coldly and sighed: "Although the maid resembles you, she’s a virgin. The nuances are very different and do you think I can’t tell?

Cao Ge took out a few silver tickets[something like cash], twenty-one and fifty-two, and slowly put them on the table with trembling hands.

"These silvers are more than ten times more than the rewards, so please ask the official to let us go." He looked at him with begging eyes.

Seeing a stack of silver tickets, the little hat man’s eyes glowed, and he reached for the silver ticket and counted it twice, back and forth, and said with joy: "Three hundred and twenty-two!"

"Yes yes, please ask the official to keep it."

"How do you know that I'm short of money every month," the little hatted man said, "My brother's private school tuition should be paid again, and I bought a basket of charcoal to send to his teacher last month, making me penniless this month."

Cao Ge had just raised a ray of hope in his heart, but he saw that the little hatted man’s face was replaced with a melancholy look.

"I'm worried that if this matter spreads, I can't even keep my job. But I shouldn’t kill both of you to make sure no one knows I got bribed by you."

Cao Ge and his wife were shocked at the same time, their faces pale as paper.

The man with the little hat tilted his head, seriously thinking about the possibility of this matter, hesitantly said: "...Right?"

Seeing that there was no room for turning around, Cao Ge no longer hesitated, he was sitting at the window, taking advantage of the man with the little hat, still standing, he stood up, turned over the railing, and stepped on the tiles on the windowpane, strode forward ready to jump down...

"Cao[Last name] Lang [A word to call your husband. Direct translates to Husband Cao]!" Qi Qiu cried anxiously when he saw Cao Ge escaping for his own life.

Before Qi QIu’s words were heard, Cao Ge jumped down from the window without turning back.

The man with the little hat didn't worry at all. He continued to eat the food. He looked up and saw Qi Qiu's face. He shook his head and sighed, "You murdered your relatives to elope with Cao Ge. But it seems like he cared more for himself."

Qiqiu sat stunned, without saying a word.

Footsteps rang at the stairs. It wasn’t the Xiaoer, it was a tall man with Cao Ge limping beside him. Cao Ge probably slammed his feet or twisted his legs when he jumped down.

"Jin Xia, next time when you throw people down, please tell me in advance!" The big man lifted Cao Ge, and said to the man with the little hat.

"I didn't throw him down this time, really. He jumped down on his own." The man with the little hat tidied the dishes on the table with his chopsticks. "You are hungry, come and eat."

It happened that Xiaoer was trembling when he brought up six bowls of rice, and the man with the little hat handed over two bowls to the big man, left two bowls for himself, and then put a bowl of rice in front of Cao Ge and his wife. Using chopsticks, he urged: "Hurry up! From here, we have to take a couple of days to go back to Beijing. If you don’t eat now, no one can help you when you're hungry on our journey back."

Cao Ge's legs hurt and he yelled in pain. Qi Qiu's act as if she didn't hear it and started eating as her heart was hurt by him.

"This simmered saury... it was made by first scraping the fillet with a sharp knife, and then picking out the smaller bones." The big man picked a piece of the fish and chewed a few times. It is made with sausages and chicken soup but the fragrance of those actually overpowered the fish. In fact, the swordfish itself is already very delicious, as long as it is brewed with honey wine with clear sauce, and steamed."

He talked for a while, and the man with the little hat has eaten seven or eight more mouthfuls of rice. He said: "Look at you...you should be a cook instead of a constable."

"I think so too, but it's a pity that my dad..." The big man sighed, took the tofu, and then sighed again, "Tofu should be soaked in water from the well three times, and the bean curd should be removed. This tofu was soaked at most twice. How can this be served? And these fried bamboo shoots..."

He started talking about his food reviews while the man with the little hat finished his meal, and asked the shop's Xiaoer for some tea, and some water to wash his face.

"They have two huge carriages. Let's use their carriages. We can avoid eating dirt while riding on the horse backs." The man with the little hat hat carried a wet cloth towel. "I have been on the horseback for the past three days, and I feel so worned out. "

He wiped the cheeks to reveal the fair and pink skin. He took off the tight little hat, took out the wooden comb from his sleeve pocket, dipped it in water, and combed her hair, and braided it into a braid.

"You... are you a girl?" Qi Qiu froze, thinking that she was just an exceptionally handsome boy.

The girl who just revealed her gender raised an eyebrow: "Why not?"

"No, no, it doesn't mean that, but I didn't expect that there were girls in the Department Six."


She snorted, her real name is Yuan Jinxia, ​​eighteen years old, two years ago, she entered Department Six due to a coincidence; her peer is called Yang Yue, and she was two years older. Both of them were on duty in the Department Six of the capital.

After simple grooming, the wooden comb was put away, and Jin Xia sat idle, I looked at the silver tickets with sadness, sighed... and then sighed again, until Yang Yue's felt goosebumps on himself.

She quietly said: "Dayang..." [Direct translated to Big Yang, as Yang was Yang Yue’s last name]

Yang Yue swiftly took over the silver ticket and placed it into his pockets: "Let me keep it here, and later register them at the department head."

Jin Xia looked at him weeping softly, trying to grab for the silver: "I have a mother of 80 and..."

"Your mother isn’t even forty, be careful of her breaking your legs if she hears you say this." Yang Yue didn't even look at her.

Jin Xia said in confidence: "My mother is very understanding, knowing that I am undertaking this job and giving my sweat and tears for this job to earn money, let alone eighty, she will allow me to say she is eight thousand years old”

Yang Yue nodded: "Your leg will be fine, but my father will break my leg. For the sake of my leg, I can only ask your eight-thousand-year-old mother to bear a thought for me and let me hand this silver up."

Yang Yue's father is Yang Chengwan, not only is he the head of the “Department Six”, but also Yang Yue’s and Jin Xia’s superior. Jin Xia’s Kung fu, as well as tracking skills, were all taught by Yang Chengwan. For Jin Xia, Yang Cheng Wan is like a master and father to her and his commands are undefiable.