Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9.3 - An Unlockable Past (Part 1)

    When she arrived at the hotel, the front desk said that there were no standard rooms and big bedrooms, and only business suites and above had vacancies. From the start, the price of this kind of exclusive business hotel in this scenic spot was not very friendly to the average person. Zeng Li looked at the Arabic numerals above and really felt a pain in her flesh.

    Ai Jingchu took out his wallet without saying a word.

    Zeng Li suddenly felt guilty. If it weren't for her, Ai Jingchu had returned to Dongping Temple and slept with a roof over his head. How could he have been tortured here?

    At this moment, a clear female voice called out tentatively: "Senior brother?"

    Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li looked back at the same time.

    After confirming that it was Ai Jingchu, the other party greeted him with a smile and said, "Senior brother, didn't you say you live in Dongping Temple?"

    "There are some problems, I can't go back temporarily, so I will stay here for one night." Ai Jingchu replied while watching the waiter register with his ID card.

    The visitor was named Ge Yi, who was Ai Jingchu's colleague at the medical school. Because she also returned to China after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she habitually called him senior brother. 

Ai Jingchu always felt that if it was a student, they can only call him a teacher, honor the teacher and respect his teaching. For others, he could be called Dr. Ai or Ai Jingchu, even his close friend also calls him a senior brother, it depends on the power of the opposite party.

    Ge Yi's father is one of the shareholders of the Dongshan Hotel. She happened to meet Ai Jingchu at the Dongshan toll station in the afternoon and found out where he lived. She originally invited him to play, but he said that he had other things and refused. She didn't expect to meet again by chance at night.

    The waiter returned the ID card to Ai Jingchu after registration, and then asked Zeng Li, "This lady, I need your ID."

    Zeng Li suddenly became embarrassed, blushed, and said, "We...we're not together."

    "She has a room." Ai Jingchu replied.

    The waiter nodded and began to explain the deposit, room fee, etc. to Ai Jingchu, and then Ai Jingchu handed the credit card to the other party.

    Seeing this, Ge Yi said to the waiter, "No need, I'll ask Manager Wen to take care of the bill later."

    "Don't bother." Ai Jingchu still insisted on handing over the card, but the waiter didn't dare to take it.

    Zeng Li stood on one side, it was Ai Jingchu's own matter to solve, however having someone call him a senior brother, allow him to avoid a four-digit bill and suffer losses, she felt more at peace, thus she said goodbye hastily and slipped back.

    Back in the West Building, most of her colleagues were still playing cards in full swing. Some of the children who were frantically surrounding the elevator just now had been coaxed to sleep, and there was a fat boy who was still jumping up and down tirelessly. That little fat boy was Director Li's son, and he was known to be notoriously mischievous.

While taking off her scarf and hat, she entered the elevator and was about to go back to sleep. 

She open up her mobile phone in the elevator and saw that it was only slightly after eleven o'clock, yet she felt like a century had passed.

    After taking a shower, she fell asleep because she was too tired. Not long after she fell asleep, she heard a noise in the corridor, accompanied by the crying of children and adults.

    Originally, she was confused and didn't want to pay attention, but there was too much movement. When she didn't know who passed by her room, she was caught by her doorknob and bumped hard.

    "Who can drive? Who can drive?" someone shouted.

    "We have a car at our hotel, but we can't drive down."

    Zeng Li finally put on her clothes and got up, opened the door, and saw Director Li holding his child and several people standing at the elevator entrance diagonally opposite. All the guests came out to see, and many of Zeng Li's colleagues were also anxiously surrounded... Zeng Li got closer and was stunned when she saw the child in his arms.

    The little fat boy actually had a stainless steel fork stuck in his mouth.

    He was held up to the sky by his mother, while Director Li squeezed his chin with his hands, fearing that he would bite back because of crying or discomfort. The child was crying loudly, but the mouth was clamped, making them cry even more distressing.

    "What happened? Wasn't he okay just now?" Zeng Li asked Wu Wanxia, ​​who was also anxious next to her.

    "I heard from Sister Yuan that everyone finished playing cards and gave Pang Dun'er a cake. He ran around with a fork and fell when he returned to the house."

    Everyone escorted the child downstairs with the hotel staff, but they were still helpless and called 120. The hospital said that the road was blocked by snow, the ambulance could not come, and the hotel car could not drive.

    The hotel also has an infirmary, but the doctor on duty, like Dr. Wang in their library, is an ordinary internal medicine doctor who is quite old. It's fine for him to cure a cold and have a headache, but she dare not say anything else.

    "I'll carry my son down the mountain." The child's mother said tearfully.

    "Aren't there any other doctors?" someone else asked.

    The man in the infirmary shook his head.

    Zeng Li suddenly said, "Yes." She thought that Ai Jingchu, a dentist, must be helpless, so she didn't open her mouth initially, but when she saw the child, she felt that she should not let go of every tiny hope. What if he can help?

    Hearing Zeng Li's words, all eyes were on Zeng Li.

    And in the next second, the hotel manager also thought of something and suddenly said: "There really is one..."

    Before he could finish speaking, another voice rang out, "I'm a doctor."

    Zeng Li heard the news and looked around, and the person who came was Ge Yi.

    Ge Yi asked someone to move the child to the hotel infirmary, and while turning on the lights for inspection, she said to Manager Wen next to her, "Please go and call the guest in Room 608 of the Administration Building."

    Out of duty, Manager Wen hesitated: "It's too late, will he be..."

    Ge Yi said, "It doesn't matter, you can just tell him the situation."

    The child's mother burst into tears, "Doctor, what's wrong? Is the child serious, or are you unwilling to help?"

    Ge Yi said: "I am a surgeon at the Medical College of University A, and the guest in Room 608 is my colleague. He is an expert in maxillofacial problems and has much more experience than me. It is definitely more appropriate to leave it to him. You can't be careless about children, right?"

    Ai Jingchu has been studying oral and maxillofacial surgery, and later turned to orthodontics. Ge Yi's teacher had taught Ai Jingchu, and he was full of praise every time he mentioned him. He especially liked to say that his acupuncture during the operation was flawless.

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