Sweet Teeth / A Speck Amid The Dust of The World 世界微尘里 Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1 - An Unlockable Past (Part 2)

"What's the doctor's last name?" The mother was a little worried at the end, but questioned the doctor who came from the sky, "Do you really have experience? What school did you graduate from? What is the title? Is he an official teacher of University A? "

    Zeng Li couldn't help standing at the door and said, "Sister-in-law, I know that doctor. He is a professor of Dentistry at University A. It will take several days to get a number to see him. I promise, he is really a good doctor, you can rest assured.."

    In a short time, Ai Jingchu appeared with the manager Wen.

    He walked in a hurry and didn't notice Zeng Li in the corridor at all.

    Ai Jingchu entered the door and saw the child lying on the observation bed, comforted by his mother.

    He said coldly, "How can he lie down on his back? What happens if the blood chokes in his trachea when he cries?" Although he didn't make it clear who he was speaking to, there were only a few people in the room, the parents of the child surely did not understand, she definitely didn't understand, it was obvious that Ge Yi was negligent, she was embarrassed when she heard the words, and hurriedly changed it.

    When Zeng Li heard this sentence outside the door, she couldn't help shrinking his neck.

    Really a vicious person.

    Wu Wanxia asked, "Are all experts and famous doctors more temperamental?"

    Zeng Li smiled noncommittally, she was embarrassed to speak ill of Ai Jingchu behind his back.

    "You said just now that you knew a doctor, you were referring to him, right?"


    "So young, so handsome, it's worth it despite him being a little fierce." Wu Wanxia sighed.

    Although the infirmary has limited conditions, basic emergency equipment is still available.

    Ai Jingchu looked at the child's condition and said calmly: "The metal is inserted into the child's mouth and jaw, fortunately, it is not deep, and it can be pulled out, but it is not easy to stop the bleeding in the mouth, so we need a few stitches. It is better to go to the hospital if you can, but if you can't get down the mountain right now, this can also be carried out here."

    "No problem?" the child's mother asked.

    "No problem." Ai Jingchu replied with an unmistakable tone.

    Ai Jingchu carefully washed his hands, disinfected them, put on gloves, asked the child's father to hold the child in his arms, and asked Ge Yi to take an anesthetic. As soon as the child saw this scene, he was nervous and began to cry and struggle desperately. Zeng Li was worried when she heard it from a distance, but Ai Jingchu was unmoved and said to the parents, "We can't do general anesthesia debridement, we can only let you hold the child firmly." Then he gives a little anesthesia to the relevant parts of the child's mouth.

    Although the needle was extremely thin, it was painful, and the child twisted.

    The child's father added strength, the other hand controlled the child's chin, and the mother also held the child down, pressing it tightly in the father's arms.

    After a while, Ai Jingchu stretched out his hand and squeezed lightly, the fork was pulled out, and the blood from the wound gushed out. Zeng Li saw that his eyes flickered slightly, his face was terribly pale, and shook his head slightly in the meantime.

    Ge Yi covered the hemostatic cotton with pliers, and then disinfected and debrided it.

    It is estimated that the anesthesia has taken effect, the child did not feel much pain, and the crying gradually subsided, Zeng Li couldn't help but poked her head in.

    She saw that Ai Jingchu was doing stitches, the wound was inside the mouth, and the lighting was limited. As the child choked, his mouth would open and close. Under such circumstances, Ai Jingchu buried his head engrossed in it, his left and right tweezers alternated quickly, and a bloody thread was pulled up, Zeng Li didn't dare to look at it, and retracted her head again.

    The whole process was quick. After explaining some precautions and handing them over to Ge Yi, Ai Jingchu walked out of the infirmary.

    When he went out, he looked up and discovered Zeng Li.

    Just now Director Li saw that the child was fine, and asked everyone to go back to rest while expressing thanks in four dialects. Only Zeng Li was left waiting there.

    Zeng Li nodded at him as a greeting.

    "You are here too?" Ai Jingchu was a little surprised.

    "It's a colleague's child," Zeng Li explained.

    "The child is fine, for the time being. I'll go back to the hospital in the city tomorrow to have a further check on him."

    Zeng Li saw that Ai Jingchu's face turned from horrible white to flushed against the background of the light, and she remembered that he must have had a high fever that has not subsided. She remembers him saying that he would doze off immediately after taking the medicine, so maybe he just took the medicine and was sleeping warmly when someone woke him up.

    "Thank you for helping the child." Zeng Li said.

    She didn't know how many times to say thank you to him in one night.

    "举手之劳 Small matter." He still replied, but his tone sounded hazy.

    The two of them walked out of the corridor of the infirmary in the north building together. At the fork in the road, Ai Jingchu said to Zeng Li, "Stand in there and wait for me. I'll bring the bag and return it to you."

    The bag in his mouth refers to the one that Zeng Li gave him just now. If he doesn't return it to her now, he doesn't know when it will be delayed. If she needs it urgently, it will be troublesome.

    Zeng Li remembered that there were other people's things in the bag, " I'll go get it with you, anyway, even if I go back, I won't be able to sleep for a while."

    Ai Jingchu silently agreed.

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